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Monday, February 10, 2014

Blogger lands in the Hospital for three days and we need to protect our Health Care!!!!

P.S. I never even re-read this Blog before posting...I must go outside..will correct later.....

It happened AGAIN on Wednesday evening that I fainted. There was no use to run at the Hospital but I did get up early to visit my Doctor early on Thursday morning.

I took the Fredericton Transit. I taught I was in China. Big Crowd!!!

I showed up but the Doctor wasn't in because his wife just had a Baby.....


So...I walked across the Street and walked into the Dr Chalmers Everett Hospital!!!

I wasn't sure if this was the right place???? The area was empty!!!

They took me right in and I forgot to take a picture of the time I first came at the hospital. It was fast!!!

While sitting there I couldn't but noticed the staff walking by the door.

I mean these workers sure moves fast!!!!!

Everyone has a job to do. They go from Point A to Point B. They have everything under control.

Thank God that I can listen to the CBC while waiting for the Doctor.

They connect me to this machine so they could detect any problems with my heart.

My God?? They have large Fire Alarm in here eh????

This is where this Blogger got a reality Check!!!! 

While going for my Cat Scan in my head, I noticed this guy sitting with his head down. I said to myself - This guy is a Snob. 

Sure enough, he got up and came back from the changing room with a government tag. 

Yes....from snobs to the less fortunate? It doesn't matter!!! We are all going to end up in the same place.

I found out that I was going to be admitted. I said - How about I go back home and change??? 

Sorry...it doesn't work that way!!! Once you're admitted? You're admitted!!!

I might add they was the first time in 30 years I have been admitted in a hospital for a few days. 

Thank God that I had a friend in the building so the outside world can know that I'm stuck in a Hospital!

From what I meant by the outside world is my friends over my place. Thank God I left a spare key with one of them so I can get some clothes.

While being wheeled in for a EGG, I noticed this young girl in a room while a huge I phone < whatever you call it? > while texting with her hand.

Yes....what do you do in a hospital when you're addicted to the information highway????

Opppssss...the infamous hospital meals.....

AGAIN in the hallway everyone moves fast!!! Laundry, cafeteria or Medical workers...everyone have a job to do and they do it well!!!


They finally found me a room in the cardiac section. Sure brings you down to reality in this area. Can't help to think - If he or she have their health? They shouldn't bitch!!!!

Sure feel like going home and shut down the Blog!!!

Another good meal!!!

My friend came over and drop me a bag for of clothes.

Now...what does a person with ADHD do in a hospital bed???? Can't drive the staff nuts???

Hey??? Television!!!!

There!!!! That should keep me out of trouble.

Nice to know what's going on in the outside world eh???

Then came the wake up call!!! A woman came over and asked if I wanted the television? It would cost me $10.45!!!

Thank God that I happen to have a few bucks in my wallet but that's a lot of money for cable eh????

It was worth it to see Jay Leno signing off!!!!

I quickly noticed that I wasn't there to lay down and watch television. The medical staff began walking in and doing all kinds of test in this blogger.

What I find amazing is the friendly attitude of the Staff. They would walk into a patient room and call them by first name. I might add with a nice smile.

My God..they follow this procedure over and over.....I sure couldn't do it because they have to deal with people with different mentality in this Hospital.

Example....some patients will refuse to take a shower...or the case of a patient sitting on a chair in the hallway hardly be able to walk. < in his 40s > This case is a sad one because special care homes decides who goes in their building and I guess this individual is a little difficult to deal with. Been there for over a year I guess.

A huge walk up call was a old woman in her 80s sitting in a sofa chair. They made her as comfortable as possible. But she was shaking and you could tell she was waiting for death to come and get her!!!

Scares the shit out of me from getting old!!!!


Oh..oh????? I never watch Voice of the Province but what the hell!!!!

Shale Gas is going to be a hot topic this Summer!!!

Another nice meal!!!

I watched the Olympics.....

It was Friday evening and I quickly noticed that I might be staying in the hospital for the weekend? I was told that I could go for an evening snack.

No Buffalo Sausage at the Farmer's Market this Saturday for this guy!!!

This grabbed my attention!!!

Yes.....sadly I'm heading towards that direction....but not walking is not a problem of mine.....

I can just watch so much television??? There must be something else for a person with ADHD to do in a Hospital????


The Hospital always offers Bilingual Service everywhere < which I believe is bullshit >

I would rather have professional service than a half and half bilingual staffer....

Get this? The Bible is french and English!!!!

I never read the bible at length but I quickly found out that Jesus is more stern in English than he is en Francais?

Jesus never said- Please do this....JUST DO IT OR ELSE!!!!


Not bad....

I guess my snoring was a little too much for the Medical Staff.....:P

I have been here since Thursday morning and time seem to go a little faster...

Saturday still no contact with the outside world. Someone noticed that I wasn't blogging so he knew there was something wrong. Him and his wife tracked me at the Hospital.

I told someone to leave a note on the Blog that I was at the Hospital and I was OK!!!

It's funny....I don't have a phone...I always make my contact via email so therefore I don't know any phone numbers from my head.

This waiting game is starting to get to me but I learned to relax and relax I must do!!!!

The medical staff kept on coming doing their test and as downstairs. They sure move!!!! Everyone knows their job and they do it right!!!

A friend dropped by two Irving Newspapers!!!! 

Not a fan of the Irving media but I must find out what's going on in the outside world???

Time for a diet????

I could live on this Hospital Food!!!

Huge fire around the corner but I can't even go outside to take a picture.

Now....the lady came by for more money for my television. Another $10.45!!!

Lucky I just happen to have a few bucks in my wallet but what about other people that had no money???

I noticed a guy who has been here for over two months. He has Prostate and Bone Cancer. I noticed he didn't have a television. Could it be that he can't afford it??? It's VERY sad if someone have to be stuck in a bed for months without television. Something is not right in this case. 

Are there special cases for certain patients????

Cannot believe that I'm still here on Sunday!!!!!1...:(

Of course, the tests continue and the waiting game was still on.....

I haven't had any fresh air since Thursday morning......

Word started to come out that I was admitted to the Hospital.

Wish I could get out but must wait from what they call - Doctor's Orders!!!!


Next thing you know my television shut down!!!! I paid for service but I have none.

A doctor came in late in the day and told me they couldn't find anything wrong with me. < Physically that is! > but as a per-caution they took my driver's license away until they find out what is wrong?
She told me that I could go home!!!!

On that minute, a fan of the Blog showed up from Kent County to visit me. He offered to drive me home.

Before I left, I thanked the staff for their help!!!

Once outside, my friends were waiting!!!


We went for a nice Tim Horton's Coffee!!!

We finished it with a nice hot meals at Molly's on Queen Street.

Very nice of the guy to pick me up and have lunch....:)

Yes...we have a VERY good group of unsung Heroes working at the Hospital.

I just heard on CBC that many Registrar Nurses are being laid off.
Not good!!! We must protect our Health Care at any cost!!!!
Thanks for all the emails...:)


Anonymous said...

You should probably grab a 24 of Canadian to celebrate getting released.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the outside world ole boy, 'cause as our beloved and most highly esteemed mayor told you, you missed one helluva lot of action.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Charles, I hope you get this problem sorted out.