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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Never to be seen in Fredericton again!!!


Will Elizabeth Weir be known as a Great Politician or a Big Sell out???


I say - Sell Out!!!!


Elisabeth did not sell out, given that she is a biological and psychological unit she had not choice according the principles that govern human behaviour.

Why Elizabeth Weir resigned as provincial NDP party leader and accepted a high paying position with benefits from the Bernard Lord government was because she was too good as party leader. Similar to Elizabeth, Ed Broadbent under the Brian Mulroney government resigned as federal NDP party leader to accept a high paying position with unimaginable benefits from the Mulroney government.

Both, Elizabeth and Ed, escalated the popularity of their respective parties to a level where the likely hood of an NDP election victory could have become a reality.

In order for both the Lord government and the Mulroney government to win the election of the day, they had to find a strategy that would effectively remove these two politicians out of the political arena. Since neither had any scandals to use against them, the only solution that was available was to offer Weir and Broadbent an offer they could not refuse.

There is an old saying that “Every person their price”. While the price threshold varies from individual to individual, there is that point where a person can be ”bought off”. Unless you are Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Charles Leblanc or a Tibetan Monk, but for most the potential of being bought out is great.

To understand why people can be bought off and deviate from their beliefs, you have to understand what motives and drives people’s behaviour to behave in the way that they do.

Everything we do is based upon satisfying the innate hidden primary drives, which are the drive for survival, such as, hunger, thirst, sleep and reproduction. According to Dollar and Miller, the secondary drives (the learned drives) are the drives that are responsible for the manifestation of complex behaviours that the human species emits to satisfy the primary drives, and by satisfying these primary drives we get to state of no worries, “Hakuna Matata” (Lion King).

What the government offered Elizabeth Weir and Ed Broadbent was opportunity for Hakuna Matata, and according to “Game Theory” was logically accepted. Had Jack Layton not passed away, I suspect that Harper may have made that offer to Layton, or would have made that offer, but that is something that only Harper knows.

The future creates much uncertainty which creates stress and anxiety. The fear of not being able to satisfy those primary drives will in all likely hood motivate us to behave in a way to satisfy those drives, thus reducing the stress and anxiety.

I close with a question, if someone offered you the opportunity for the greatest probability of attaining “no worries” would you accept it?

We need more independent Media in Fredericton to investigate the Racist Police Force!!!!


Fredericton Police Force are once again showing the public that they are idiots!!!! No comment on dead Female body found in Fredericton!!!!


Are the residents in this City in Danger??? Should the citizens stay home this weekend????

We will only get some answers next week!

We need to get rid of this Racist Police Force!!! We need the R.C.M.P.!!!!


Life Legacy


The unexpected passing of Holly Annette (White) Lamoreau of Fredericton, NB, girlfriend of Dennis Gullison, occurred on Friday, March 1, 2013. Born on November 25, 1974 in Woodstock, NB she was the daughter of Llew and Heather (Cogswell) White. Holly worked 6 years at Kaycan as an office manager and was an affiliate member of Sunset Church. She lived life to its fullest.
Holly is survived by her children, twins, Conner and Madison (16 years old) and Paris (14 years old); paternal grandparents, Ray and Marie White; brothers, Dane (Cortney) and Chance (Tonia); she will be sadly missed by several nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. Holly was predeceased by her maternal grandparents, Paul and Bertha Cogswell.
Visitation will take place at York Funeral Home, 302 Brookside Drive on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pm. A Funeral Service will be held from Sunset Church on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 2 pm with Pastor Ron Austin officiating. In lieu of flowers, remembrances may be made to the charity of the donor’s choice. Personal condolences may be offered through www.yorkfh.com

Which reason New Brunswickers will never forget the date March 11th, 2013?????


It's the day Saint John Pedophile Councillor Donnie Snook pleaded Guilty!!!!


It's the day Former Premier Shawn Graham left politics for good!!!!

For which individual this date will live for infamy??


Another one???? My Police Scanner broke down 5 weeks ago so I didn't know what was going on???

Does anybody have any info???

Please tell or email me at



CBC Journalist Catherine Harrop is 29 years old today!!!

IMGP9833 Bonne Fete Catherine!!!!

Is it time for the R.C.M.P to take over this City???


The calm before the storm at the New Brunswick Legislature....


I can't wait because I do have a couple of questions that demands some answers?

Especially the one of the Fredericton Police Chief Force fooling my internet Provider by telling them that I was into child Porn?

If the Cops lied to get evidence? They must be lying in Court???

Of course the issue of Bicycle Helmet will be on the agenda. These are going to be issues that demands answers!!!

As for the child porn issue? Darn shame the local media isn't going after the Police on this one???

But if it happened to one them? It would be a total different ballgame!!!

Truly stay tuned!!!

Always looking for the perfect shot....


Walking up Regent Street in Fredericton....

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?


I need to return to Mount Carleton to calm down!!!

It's the highest peak in New Brunswick!!!!


Friday, March 01, 2013

Will the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force give roll up the Rim prize to Charity???

Huge Breakdown in Communication in the English Language!!!


I had a chat on facebook with a friend and a HUGE breakdown in Communication issues!!! We met in person and I still don't understand the difference.

Here's the individual view -

Can someone PLEASE PLEASE explain the difference between these 2 sentences to Charles??

- I forgot to give you your money.
- I forgot I owed you money.

I wonder how the Anti-Shale Protesters and the Irvings manage to reach an agreement to work together against Shale Gas???


Should have these kids from St.Thomas have been allow to go see Justin Trudeau???


I don't know what's the big deal but the Teachers or Professors at St.Thomas might be afraid of Stephen Harper?


Jean-Paul Boudreau de Gayton was the best....


I wish they would have used this picture I took.


Bring on Summer but the Tourists are not welcome to Fredericton!!!!


But the City of Fredericton are sending a message out that the Tourists are not welcome in this City!!!

The Tourists must know that they could be attack by the Racist Police Force if they visit Fredericton especially those ones who rides a bicycle.

Four tourists were confronted last summer and they are not coming back!!!

Too bad that my interview with the Mayor was cut short because I wanted to question him on this issue.

Fredericton have lots of money!! We don't need the Tourists!!!!

Will Tyrant Dan Bussieres head for a nervous breakdown when the House re-opens in March??


Last year he ended up in the hospital because of chest pain after I was arrested at the Legislature.

Members of the Fredericton Police Force quickly traveled to the hospital to visit their Master.

I guess he wanted me charge with - Attempted Murder??

I wonder what's going to happen this time??

Will the Welfare Office in Fredericton ever return to the Downtown area?


Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 years before I was even born....

Someone mentioned Ants today and I quickly got a flashback....

Darn brain cells...

They sure don't make them like they used to eh......

Enough!!! Bring on Summer!!!


Odell Park in Fredericton is beautiful this time of year!!!!


Blogger needs to go ON HEAVY DIET or Die!!!!

You know it's time when -


Saw my Doctor this morning and I couldn't believe when I hit the scale...

250 POUNDS????


Well...that's what happens when the Government says the less fortunate are not allow to exercise < ride a bicycle >

I might add this issue is going to be on the main front burner with this Blogger. < The New Brunswick Legislature opens >

Stay tuned!!!

Will Tyrant Fascist Dan Bussieres and Quebec Security Staff at the New Brunswick Legislature ever give up???


Beautiful Fredericton before the White Elephant landed!!!


Jesus showed up in my picture 6 years ago....What do you think???

Notice the old abandon Church in the background???


What ever happened to the Cafe Kebab Regent Convenience Store in Fredericton???

Saw this while walking by this morning -


I took these pictures 5 years ago!!!



  Originally uploaded by Oldmaison


They even have a place where you can connect to Fred e-Zone!!!


The owners sounded like very good people.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maudit Quebecois Dan Bussieres and Frederick L'oiseau rescues Blogger stuck on the St.John River in Fredericton!!!!


What's the difference between these two guys anyway???


Please explain????

Comments -..lol


Anonymous said...
well charles if you really think about it,there is NO DIFFERENCE.it all about money money money once they get in they seem to FORGET the onces that bust there ass helping them..
Anonymous said...
one is in prison and the other should be
Anonymous said...
You do realize that the letters in ATCON stand for the first name of Shawn's family members don't you?

Dan F said...
I'd say only a matter of scale (17 times more population in IL vs. NB, Chicago the 3rd biggest city in the US vs. Moncton/SJ 29th & 31st biggest cities in Canada).

Illinois certainly is known for endless corruption, with Chicago recently named the most corrupt city in America (and 4th most miserable).

However, this is likely more a matter of perception - the types of corruption found in NB are usually smaller scale but occur likely only slightly less frequently than in the big states/cities.

I'd say that up until the recent Liberal downfall in NB, the major difference was a lack of awareness by the populace of how badly their so called leaders were swindling them.

My 2 cents...
Eric said...
One parts his hair on the left. the other, on the right.
Anonymous said...

Both cheats, liars. Shawn Graham needs to pay bigger fine. he got off too easy, and then there are others still under the rock that snake Graham crawled out of.
Anonymous said...
No difference at all. Two scandalous, corrupted, communist Bobbsey twins. They sure as hell look like identicals to me.