Plead Guilty or go to Campbellton for a Psychiatric Evaluation
It is very evident that Jenn Wambolt is an enemy of the Fredericton Police Department and the Legal System.  Note, I don’t say Justice System, because often, that it not what is served up at the Fredericton Courthouse.  If you have ever needed psychiatric care, especially psychiatric care that is caused by treatment by the FPF, you may not be handled judicially. This woman is charged with a breach of probation.  
In court, the Crown Attorney, Claude Hache, said there was reasonable grounds to send her to Campbellton for Psychiatric evaluation but presented no evident to support that claim.   (He could have a degree in Psychiatry, but this evidence was not submitted to the court.)  He objected to a further adjournment of the case.
The judge, Pierre Dube, agreed with the defendant’s lawyer, L.A. Henry, and said the defendant has a legitimate defence, as she presently is under the treatment of a psychiatrist.  The Crown continued to make his objections, and the judge cut him off.
The judge ordered a new date be found for the continuation of the Hearing and after some delay the date of May 30, 2013 was provided by Court Cst. Estey.
Really would like to say that was it, but as we were leaving the courtroom (where Sheriff’s officers had been positioned on either side of the doors, in anticipation of an order to take the accused to Campbellton), Jenn’s husband was confronted and told that he had to pay a $25.00 parking fine or be taken to jail forthwith.
When did parking fines merit a jail term?  Isn’t Legal Aid provided if there is a possibility of Jail for a crime? When did a parking ticket become a criminal offence? This sounds like blackmail and/or revenge. 
May I say how happy most of us will be when the new police chief is chosen?  Hopefully, it will be someone from another Province where the corruption that we see now will be eradicated.
By Superwoman