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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Is Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussières of the New Brunswick Legislature an Angel???



Two things, you should lodge a complaint that you could not get service in english (or were you demanding chiac?). Under the law the government is required to give you service in english just as if you were french and couldn't get served in french.

But again, I know its wasted space but we already know the answers to most of your questions. You saw the paper banning you, it was signed by the legislative assembly. The fact you weren't arrested before is irrelevant.

Your problems do NOT include Dan Brussiere's, who is doing his job. Your problem is with the Legislative Assembly which allows this. As has been said since day one, in the past security ALWAYS wanted draconian security procedures to keep people away but the elected officials refused.

You have the signature of 11 elected members from both parties who agreed that you should be banned. If anything, Dan was being nice for all those years by not enforcing it. A cop car can drive behind you doing 10 km/hour over the speed limit and not stop you for years, but on the day he does, you can't complain that you've been breaking the law for years.

And if anything YOU could have been charged with assault because ANY resistance to police is grounds for an assault charge.

I really don't know the reason why you focus on Dan Brussiere's while the legislature laughs at you because you largely ignore political matters to focus on him. And the police officer who arrested you, again, was simply doing their job. They actually could have been a LOT rougher, which they usually are at any sign of resistance.

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mikel said...

I didn't say he was an angel Charles, just that he's not your problem. He wanted you banned, but he's not the only one. In case you've forgotten even the union said that workers inside wanted you gone. So that's hardly just Dan Brussiere's.

I know you've said that he got you fired from your job there, but we only have one side of that story. And no doubt he wanted a little payback and admitted that he filed a complaint that you were biking on the sidewalk. But then, YOU are no stranger to making complaints.

So he may be no angel, but he's certainly no devil. Ask your pal David Alward how its going on rescinding your ban now that the crown has said that it refuses to prosecute you for it. That's a pretty strange situation where a legislative committee has a permanent ban on you, yet the crown has said that it won't prosecute you.