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Monday, March 04, 2013

Fredericton Police Force are not Racists!!! THEY'RE DICK HEADS!!!!


Just got this one tonight!!!!


I was just looking at videos on Youtube and typed in Fredericton and it popped up.

I heard about the whole selling gas thing & the natives being angry..But it also makes me angry that our government are douche bags and our police officers are dicks.

I've encountered dick police officers..

One time I was buzzing off alcohol walking across the bridge to go home minding my own business and a police officer stopped me on the bridge and asked if I had been drinking and I said yes I'm just walking home and they both grabbed me over the guard rail and threw me onto the pavement and I was all scratched up and bruised and gave me a concussion cause they threw me into the cell and I hit my head off of the cement ledge in the cell.

Just because they have power they believe they can treat us all like garbage and like we don't matter. Its sickening. They've even beat people downtown too in front of the bars.

A concern Citizen.

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mikel said...

Unfortunately if you were drunk enough for officers to ask if you were drunk, then chances are your memory isn't the most reliable.

There's no doubt police CAN be pricks, a lot of jurisdictions don't press this issue because the result is people will feel that they are better off drinking and driving (which is far worse).

What is especially problematic in New Brunswick is, once again, VERY lazy legislation which dates from 1970 and hasn't been challenged simply because, well I don't know, but I suspect simply because nobody has challenged it.

This is the only law I could find on the matter:

"Where a peace officer finds in a place to which the public has access a person who is intoxicated he may take that person into custody."

So 'technically' there is no law that says you can't be publicly intoxicated (that I could find, NB doesn't seem to have a 'provincial offences act'), only that the police CAN arrest you...if they want.

I doubt very much that would hold up in court since it doesn't say what YOUR legal obligations are. If it doesn't say anywhere that it is illegal, then the public can't be expected to abide by it. The criminal code says its illegal to kill somebody, it doesn't say 'if police see somebody get murdered they MAY arrest them'.

That's another law that probably wouldn't hold up to a charter challenge. Take the situation where you are at a legal bar and consume too much-something which government ownership of liquor outlets at the very least gives its blessings to.

Once the bar closes, you discover that there are no cabs and the owner of the bar says you cannot stay on his premises. In short, you are FORCED to break the law. I've read that most challenges to this charge don't stick in other provinces, probably because courts KNOW it wouldn't stick, and that people will start talking publicly about how they are safer driving drunk.

As for your rights, police can use what is 'reasonable' force.