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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Blogger Charles LeBlanc filed a complaint with The New Brunswick Police Commission against Fredericton Police Officer Danielle Carmichael but is met by a VERY rude Snobby Bureaucrat!!!



I believe my complaint will be thrown in the garbage bin!!!!  My God???? I couldn't get my services in English!!!! What's going on here anyway???? Quebecois Snobby Bureaucrats?????

I better contact the Permier's office about this Snob!!

Here's the video -

Here's my complaint -

To whom it may concern,        March 4th, 2013

On May 16th, I was attack and assaulted by Fredericton  Police Officer Const Danielle Carmichael at the New Brunswick Legislature.

Herself and two male security staff from the New Brunswick Legislature came outside and attack me for no reason at all.

I have been in that area hundreds of times and never had any problems.

The Fredericton Police Force are working overtime for the Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Daniel Bussieres.

They are always following his orders. They even hunted me down on the streets in 2011 to give me a ticket for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk. < 9 days earlier > Dan Bussieres called them to tell them he saw me riding a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Here's a video -


I want the Commission to investigate the manner the Fredericton Police are following orders from Dan Bussieres.

I might add the R.C.M.P. demanded that the Crown charge me with assault. I want to know how they came to this verdict?

I was assaulted by Danielle Carmichael and I might add she just watched while the Security Staff grabbed me.

Isn't this Police Force suppose to serve and protect?


If you want Pictures and Videos of the assault?

Here's a link -


Charles LeBlanc
145 Westmorland Street
New Brunswick
E3B 3L4


Anonymous said...

like your so proud of saying Charles....you are everybody favorite pain in the ass....can't expect them to love to see you coming.

Anonymous said...

I am glad they are showing their true colours. Thes people are public servants paid in tax dollars and they have a duty to serve and be impartial. This woman is failing miserably and I think that is cudos to Charles - they s**t themselves when he turns up. Way to go Charlie!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Pauline is a bitch. I am sure she won't destroy the complaint - she will pass it on to someone else to destroy...

Anonymous said...

Charles I'm not sing this to be mean but, you get what you give out.

mikel said...

Two things, you should lodge a complaint that you could not get service in english (or were you demanding chiac?). Under the law the government is required to give you service in english just as if you were french and couldn't get served in french.

But again, I know its wasted space but we already know the answers to most of your questions. You saw the paper banning you, it was signed by the legislative assembly. The fact you weren't arrested before is irrelevant.

Your problems do NOT include Dan Brussiere's, who is doing his job. Your problem is with the Legislative Assembly which allows this. As has been said since day one, in the past security ALWAYS wanted draconian security procedures to keep people away but the elected officials refused.

You have the signature of 11 elected members from both parties who agreed that you should be banned. If anything, Dan was being nice for all those years by not enforcing it. A cop car can drive behind you doing 10 km/hour over the speed limit and not stop you for years, but on the day he does, you can't complain that you've been breaking the law for years.

And if anything YOU could have been charged with assault because ANY resistance to police is grounds for an assault charge.

I really don't know the reason why you focus on Dan Brussiere's while the legislature laughs at you because you largely ignore political matters to focus on him. And the police officer who arrested you, again, was simply doing their job. They actually could have been a LOT rougher, which they usually are at any sign of resistance.

Anonymous said...

Her bosses teach her how to treat the public. Go higher, Charles, go higher. Terrible for an uncivil servant!

Anonymous said...

In all fairness to Pauline - Charles your first words to her were in the French language and so she responded in French. You have a reputation for demanding "chiac" and you've said so on this blog. And now you want service in English? Either one is your right but it seemed as if you were screwing with her. That along with the camera and I am sure any person in any workplace would have showed some resistance.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I asked the woman to speak English because my cameraman spoke English only.

P.S I always make an entrance en Francais ou en Chiac...:P

Anonymous said...

Ok, I believe you Charles that your camera person would have wanted to understand what you were saying :) But she likely didn't know that. Thank you for clarifying. Still, showing up with the camera can be taken as an intimidation tactic and I only wonder if you can try to understand that.

Anonymous said...

@ Mikel,would love to see the banning members sign the order?? I would really like to see them answer to this in court and the specific reasons why a person is banned from a government office and who gets sued first!

I think your argument would get filled with holes in a court. there's a reason why the police and crown keep losing to this because Charles should have been charged multiple times by now??

Dan is a Dog and will bite whoever hes told to but this has become a personal thing between him and Charles for a long while.

And the civil servant being that rude on camera ,I know how ignorant they can be without one but it was a good try.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Plus....I knew it was going to go into my blog and the majority of the readers are English....

Understand why I have a camera?

Ever since the sad day that Fred L'oiseau approached me and touched my balls?

It changed everything and I never received an apology from the Cops!

This is War!!!!

Every instance I have to deal or make a complaint about the cops! The Camera will always be on because they are not going to change the story.

Video do not lie!!!!


Anonymous said...

No public servant should be intimidated by a camera - unless they are doing, or intending to do, something wrong or inappropriate. Government transparency is supposed to be what we get - but it is not.