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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Allan Maher Chairman of the New Brunswick Electoral Boundaries and Representation Commission hidden agenda is to destroy the Acadian Culture in Memramcook???


This appointed body showed up at the Delta today and I decided to maybe land an interview with someone from the Commission???


I walked over the Hotel and I noticed Allan Maher.

I approached the Former McKenna Finance Minister for a little interview but was denied!!!

He sat down and continue yapping with the other people at the table. This went on for 15 minutes. My God? All I wanted was 5 minutes!!! He won't talk to Acadians I guess???


I was told the commission will be open to the media in 2 hours!!!

There's no way that I was going to hang around for 2 hours!!  I don't get paid for this shit!!

Here's my views < if you're interested > on the matter Allan Maher and the other members on that Commission are set to destroy the Acadian Culture!!!

Click below -

Here's the boring part....

Can't wait to question the Premier on this one!!!!

Stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it should stay like it is..... Your right Charles they can't split Memramcook can they now?

Anonymous said...

Les fucking maudit de tĂȘte carrĂ©! Might as well they give Memramcook and Sackville to Nova Scotia while there at it.

Anonymous said...

Charles, perhaps if your blog didn't continually contain "authority bashing" posts/cartoons, you could get some worthwhile interviews. Your blog is very good, with the exception of your "hatred" to the police, and Dan B.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Nahhhhhh....Once I asked for an interview and they deny moi?

This means that I can blog my views on the Commission.

I still say this group main goal is to destroy the Acadian Culture forever.

I cannot asked if this is true?

Just as my interview with the Mayor?

It was cut short so I have many more questions to asked such as Panhandlers, Are immigrants welcome and the issue of the less fortunate.

I would say it's much better to answer my questions than letting me answer for them....

Anonymous said...

You are right Mr. LeBlanc.

When the liberal approved to bring in the cancer I mean casino I figured they would try to put it in Dieppe. Did small research and was told the liberals tried to put it in Dieppe. Nice way to destroy the largest Acadian population.

Why in Dieppe you might ask? Put a cancer in the largest Acadian population and the cancer will destroy the Town.

Glad the good Catholics of Dieppe were not going for the bribes.

Why put any liberals doing work in NB when they do bad job. Bad enough when they're in power and trying to destroy NB, but when the Conservative's are in power, makes no sense?

Result will be bad for NB and like you mentioned Acadians.

May I mention Fredericton is the worse City for Acadians. Don't know if it is for Immigrants yet.

I agree with your opinion, hidden agenda here for sure.

Many Acadians are not smart either supporting the liberals who wants to destroy Acadians? You would think the liberal record is enough to wake Acadians up. We are no longer in the Robichaud era, that has long gone and have been taken over by anti Acadians.

Keep up your great work.

Have a great day