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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I heard from many people of the possibility of a Serial Killer on the loose in Fredericton???

I'm going to mention a few names and let the readers do the blogging!!!

Matt Sloan was last seen during the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton. He was found days later in the St.John River!! Many are still asking some questions about his death.




Greg Wry from Woodstock was last seen in a motel in Fredericton and body was never found.



This woman have been missing since November 10, 2008!! What's her name again???



Scotty vanished in 2006 and the police never asked the public for help!! Here's Scotty panhandling for a few bucks in 2006!!


 Picture 018

Elisabeth < Beth > Fellows was last seen at the Liquor Store near Giant Tiger and her Body was found behind the store months later!!! One strange issue is the Family had to put her missing on Kijiji before the rest of the media took notice. The Cops never took her missing seriously!! Why wasn't there a proper search of the area or was there???



Michael John Lyons went missing and I heard last week that once his body was found in the river? There were three other missing bodies near-by. I guess all these bodies were label as suicides but were they???



Ricky Champion was announced missing to the police but was found weeks later in the Basement of his Apartment Building. Family members told the media that something was very wrong in this case!!!



Now there's John Crabbe in which the Cops took their time in searching for this guy.




I predict he'll be found in O'dell Park in the Spring!!

Alicia Dawn Boone body was found outside of the City Limit but I'm certain she was killed in Fredericton. To this day the Police never made public how she died?



As a matter of fact, they can't investigate inside this City because it's an area where our Racist Police Force are in control of!!!

So??? These are the names that I know of??? Are there more people missing out there that the Police refuse to tell the Public??

Is there truly a Serial Killer out there???

What do you think??? 






Anonymous said...

"You could take up the case Charles. It would be more investigation than the F'ton City Police would do. Too much paperwork y'know ;)"

Anonymous said...

It's FPF's new clean up project the police are doing the killing just like the RCMP in Alberta use to drive the less fortunate out of town in the middle of winter and abandon them to die.

mikel said...

Good post Charles, and very interesting. I certainly don't agree with the above comment (not without some evidence or at least hearing the other side of the story first).

But I thought it was very well done with some important issues. See how easy it is to sound professional:)

Anonymous said...

Charles the real story here is death by addiction in most of the cases you've listed.....we have a serial killer on the lose alright....and the body count keeps rising each year....it's life style plus addiction to drugs (yes alcohol is a drug also)....even most of the stories you post about panhandlers...they are out there looking to support a habit and you know this as well as I do.
Do a story on the availability of treatment....long term second stage housing and support for people trying to recover from addictions. I know the personal stories of several of the cases you sighted...ALL of them had on several occasions tried to get clean and sober.....there is a story Charles but it's not as glamorous as you liked to portray it.....it's a sad story of people losing the battle to drugs.booze and hopelessness.

Anonymous said...

Ok just to clear things up here...Elisabeth fellows WASN'T murdered...so you can take her out of your possible serial killer theory.

I do agree that the police and media really shit the bed on a lot of these cases including my moms (beth)..and i definitely think its ridiculous how long it took to find her ... it took them 26 days to find her 300 meters from where she was last seen..in my opinion: unacceptable! Changes definitely need to be made

Anonymous said...

The missing lady from 2008 is Baokun Fu I think. Was she ever found? After the story broke - never heard anything else.

Anonymous said...

Please take down the photo of the november 10th, 2008 woman. It would mean a lot to me.

Charles LeBlanc said...


email me at oldmaison@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

If someone dies mysteriously her picture should not be taken down until the death is solved. Does it hurt because you should have helped her more 10.47?

tellingmytales said...

you can add Gen Cormier, Shelby Williams and Yeonshee Choi. They all went missing in St. John approx 6 months apart, all were found in the water, very close to each other.

The police have said "no foul play" is suspected, however I do not believe that.

Anonymous said...

Hey charles could you do us a follow up on Alicia and others thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Hey charles could you do us a follow up on Alicia and others thanks so much

Anonymous said...

I think if there is hes not just in fred hes probably the one doing it all over eastern new brunswick. I heard that in 30 years 5 women or something close to that number went missing and were found dead, most of those all happened this year. I do not believe all of them ending up in the water to be a coincidence, like gena cormier everyone said she was a drug addict she smoked marijuana when she was a teenager hell i smoked it with her and now im an advocate against drugs. Theres no way she killed herself. Also the girl who had a child and a troubled past the blonde, who cares if she had a troubled past i had a troubled past and it hurts me to think if i went missing the police would conclude that i was once a recreational drug user who has had a few arrests as a youth.. Why they aren't disclosing the truth to the public is beyond me.