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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can a person truly get his ticket to Heaven via a Website???


This guy stopped me today and asked me if I have my ticket to Heaven?

I replied - Ohhhh..I have my own little belief on this issue!!

Here's the guy's Website!!

Welcome to the website of Ticket to Heaven!

Have you ever wondered what God says about getting into Heaven?

If you want to know what God says about getting your Ticket to Heaven please click the link of your preferred language. (only English available at this time). 

The website Ticket To Heaven goal is to help you get your Ticket to Heaven,  God's way,  and be 100% sure of going to Heaven when you die.  God wants us to know 100% sure we are going to Heaven when we obtain our Ticket to Heaven His way. 

God is Truth and God has one way for you to get into Heaven!  God has only one way, one way only and you will be surprised what God says on the matter! 
You're only 10  minutes away from receiving the greatest gift you'll ever get in your life, I call it , Ticket to Heaven.  You can only receive God's gift if you believe God's truth rather than believing the lies of the devil.  The gift is real and is the best gift you will ever get in your life. 

Please note, this is only effective if you have had some teachings from a religion that teaches the truth about God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit such as  Amish, Anglican, Baptist, Brethren, Catholic, Mennonites, Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Wesleyan, etc.


Get your ticket to Heaven

So? The real stuff or Nutcase????


Anonymous said...

Religion has caused more wars, killed more people and harmed this planet, than any army ever did or will do, or any environmental,disaster society has caused.

All in the name of God, who doesn't exist. Yes, humanity is pretty dumb.

Anonymous said...

Religion at its core has not caused wars. Its people's interpretation of religion that has caused wars.

I don't consider myself religious, but I am not an Atheist, I don't go to church, but I believe in a higher power

Anonymous said...

Shit Yah! I'm counting on it. =p

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Site!

Very logical and simple.

Great find!

Anonymous said...

Well hey man, if it's that easy, maybe we could even find our winning ticket in a box Cracker Jacks. Suppose???

Anonymous said...

You can only get saved ( ticket to heaven ) if God has chosen you and you believe God what He said how to get saved.

Anonymous said...

All liar will have their place in the lake of fire. Must be a nut. If that was true everyone would be going to hell. Heaven would be almost empty.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture that I believe was Jesus praying to God the Father and asking Him if there was any other way that the selected could be saved another way besides the cross? Amazing love that God the Father and God the Son had for us sinners.

Great picture of Jesus praying and I like the stairs to heaven. Two great pictures. The website has the message of Jesus and what God says how one can obtain salvation/redeemed or like the website says ticket to heaven. Love the website great message also love the page link to bless. Nice personal touch to have video of people.

Anonymous said...

Hey 109

Read Revelation 21:8 which states all liars will have their place in the lake of fire.

Unless you have God's approval (be righteous)

Yes a multitude (billions) will be going to hell.

Anonymous said...

Very appropriate for the Christmas celebration.
Was it not why Jesus came? to provide a way to have all our sins forgiven and to have God living in us.
Is that not what real Christians are? Sinners forgiven and having a journey with Jesus.
Nice blog Charles. Find us some more good ones.
Merry Christmas to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Charles
Long but message was easy to understand. Great message and since I already have my Ticket to Heaven I can say that the message does tell anyone who is looking for an answer that this website explains the good news very well.
I was blessed by the links the website has on amazing videos. Just amazing video links. Well done Charles and great link.
Thanks Charles for sharing a gem of a website.