Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Four Youths drowns near Tracadie!!!!

C'est pas la bonne nouvelle de Tracadie.


Quatres jeunes mort jusque avant Noel...tres triste....:(

Mes Sympathies a les Familles et Amies...:(


Which one plays a better role as a undercover Journalist at the Farmer's market in Fredericton???


Friday, December 21, 2012


I'm not one for rap Music but this is pretty good stuff and my Fredericton!!!

I might add it was filmed on my favorite Spot in Fredericton!!  Needham Street!!!!


 So?? What do you think of our latest Local Rapper???

Click below -

Here's one I made...I call it the ADHD Rapper!!! You newcomers must watch this Nut!!!!


Click below -





Just came from there!!!! A native gave me an extra large triple triple by mistake!!!!

The poor tree seller had to listened to me for 45 minutes..yak..yak..yak...

He paid the price so I decided to blog him!!

He's there till Sunday < I think? >


You'll get one!!!!

Right across from the St.Mary's Super Market!!!!

Click below -

St.Mary's First Nation Blockade are confronted by Racist Fredericton Police Officer Sgt River Rat Matt Myers!!!!!


A native grabbed me from my place and dropped me on the reserve. Stay tuned!!!!

Blogger spotted with a weapon near the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!!


Carl Urquhart MLA for York is confronted by the blogger of banning Natives from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!!

Racist Tyrant Dan Bussieres Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature refuse to step outside to meet the Native Lieutenant Governor!!!!

We know that he threatened two sweet Native women to jail time if they didn't leave the people's house.
Of course he has the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force at his command. Yesterday...he refused to come out to meet the Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas.

Click below -

Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud is confronted by the Blogger of Quebec Security and Dan Bussieres threatened the Natives with Jail Time!!!!

Premier David Alward chat with Blogger after the Christmas Session is over!!!

Macdonald's Super Fries sure isn't like the old days eh???


Bought this one at King's Place but I must say their coffee are the best!!!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 St.Mary's Festival of Lights visited by Blogger!!!


Cindy Miles in Fredericton is confronted by the Blogger of Ringing of Church Bells for connect the Dots was a sucess!!!!


Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force shouldn't be at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


I find it VERY disturbing that the Natives are not allowed in the People's House!!!!

Is this Constable Karla Forsythe from the Fredericton Police Force???


Must make sure before I go to the New Brunswick Police Commission to make a complaint against this Racist Cop!!!!

Can good ever beat Good ever Beat Evil at the New Brunswick Legislature???


Racist Quebecois Tyrant Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres is my Odeur of the week!!!!

Since he decided to change from a Fascist to a Racist??? I give him this great honour!!!!


Felicitation Daniel!!!!


Fascist Tyrant Dan Bussieres Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature turns into a Racist???

Very scary stuff with the support of the Fredericton Police Force.

The Cops are known to be racists against the Natives anyway!!!!

But anyone who walks into the People's House will be arrested and Jailed by Quebecois Staff!!!!

I will asked the MLA'S today of their views on this anyway????

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Radical Edge Adventure Shop on Westmorland Street in Fredericton should be congratulated for a job VERY well done!!


They showed up this morning on CBC Information Morning and gave the Food banks in this area $1,000.00!!!!!

Truly showing they are part of the Community!!!!

They're the best anyway!!..:)

Here's their website -

The Radical Edge Store in Fredericton!!!!

Here's some info -

Where it all began
Q:What makes us rad?
A: YOU do!

The Radical Edge is one of The Maritimes longest standing adventure gear sources, with 20 years in the business of cycling, paddling, running, rock climbing and whatever else it takes to get you in touch with your inner child.  If adventure and pushing the limits is your game, then we've got your gear. We've always had it!  In 20 years we've seen bike frames move from steel to aluminum to carbon fibre, skis from wood to fibreglass to honeycomb core.  We were there to see your tech wear get lighter and drier, and were there to see the fluorescent hues of sport styles fade... thank goodness!  All along the way we embraced sport and adventure on a deeply personal and professional level, and we did it with you!  You can be assured that we'll always be there with you, no matter where your nose for adventure takes you in the future, even when hot pink comes back into fashion.

Our Queen Street location has been an impressive mainstay in downtown Fredericton, NB with accolades and awards for store front design and curbside beautification; sometimes, it's not just what's on the inside.  But wow, look what's on the inside!  Now that the crusty mountain bikes are out of the way, you have all kinds of space to try on that perfectly fitted Arc'teryx climbing jacket or test out as many hiking boots, as it takes to find the perfect pair.  Not to mention the room it left to display the latest in kayaks, paddles and water sport equipment.  Chariot strollers and packs make sure the whole family can go anywhere with ease and style.

With the opening of our Westmorland Street Ski and Bike Centre we've got your needs covered even more toroughly.  1000's sq. feet of shop space dedicated to to the best bikes brands in the world: Trek, Kona, Cannondale, Santa Cruz, Niner, Felt and CervĂ©lo!  The biggest improvement is in the belly of the beast, though; nine foot ceiling clearance and ??? sq. feet of wrenching space gives Cameron space to stretch out, and pump out tune-ups.  We can turn over tune-ups faster and get you rolling sooner!  Come see what we've come to realize with our second location opening: Change is GOOD!  come ski season you'll find the ample parking a real pro for quick ski drop-offs and getting the family in to be fit for our Alpin and xc ski lease program.

The reason we've always stayed at the top of our field is not so much us, as it is YOU, the customer. Service is not another product for us it's our primary mandate. Our care for you and your shiney, new bike or first kayak purchase doesn't stop when you roll out the door.  We will make sure that it fits well and performs the way it should for years to come.

We respect your needs for not only top of the line gear to give you your best in performance, but also venues for you to test your mettle and see what the gear will do for you.  That's why we sponsor local events, clubs and athletes.  Anyone can put shoes on you feet, but The Radical Edge wants to put a smile on your face and some grit between your teeth.  We are rooted in your community.

Did Michael (Mike) Robert Olscamp MLA for Tantramar did the right thing in speaking out against Stephen Harper for the E.I. changes???

I noticed Mike Olscamp yesterday but I didn't know much about the issue. He spoke against the changes at a meeting in Shediac!!! Here he is -

The Liberals have been bringing up this issue for the last 2 days in the Chambers so I decided to hunt me down a Liberal MLA and it didn't take long till I found one!!! Click below -

Nobody around from the P.C.'s to hunt down but I manage to get one!!!!

So??? If there something wrong with a Provincial P.C. MLA speaking OUT against the policies of the Federal Party???

Noel on the move....


Racists members of the Fredericton Police Force rushing towards the New Brunswick Legislature by orders of Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres???

While chatting with someone, I heard sirens from a distance so I quickly went for my weapon ..Opppss...I mean camera....

Blogger will not see it any other way!!!



Who's this Native???

30 to 40 Natives protesting against Stephen Harper in Fredericton!!


They walked by 30 minutes ago and they're zig zagging the streets in the Capital.

I had a few Natives asking me to cover their Protest but I refuse.

They're a way too touchy bunch for this Blogger.

Shale issues are ok but the rest? Nope!!!

Former Racist Fredericton Police Chief Barry MacKnight returns for one last final Christmas Dance with Sexual Pervert Fred L'oiseau and Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres!!!!

How come the Blogger don't cover events at Odell Park???


Hello charles,

How are u doin, i was just curious, you are all over the city reporting great info btw lol, why is it that ur never over at odell park gathering information, with all the activities going on over there, caretaker has a pretty interesting life, sheds full of ski doo's, hot from what i hear, selling stuff off the property, using odell park for his own curriculum activities that are floating around Fredericton, just wondering how come ur not on that yet, city is talking but no charles reporting, i laughed when this was addressed to me lol, Merry xmas Charles xo

I don't know why but I always enjoyed being close to the water...I love walking the two bridges....Odell Park is fine but I love the water better...:)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Supreme Court Justice Richard Wagner must read my Blog???

I have been saying this for months!!!! Our Justice system in New Brunswick can't be trusted!!!!

Time to screen these Judges!!!!

Never mind who you sleep with!!! We need to have hearings to understand the way of thinking of these appointed people.

Something is VERY wrong with our Justice system in this Province. Many innocent people are going to jail because the Cops and the Justice system are working together against the accuse. 


What's the name of this Female Racist Cop from the Fredericton Police Force???

I have to filled in a complaint to the New Brunswick Police Commission against this Cop!!!!


But I need a name???

What's her name???

What do you do with someone on welfare in Fredericton who becomes homeless after a fire???


First you grab him from the streets!!


You bring him over your place-


Then you put him to work-


Christmas Lights -


Looks good -


Have to feed those homeless people -


Get the frustration out -


Nice meal -


and afterwards? The desert!!!!


The rest of the evening was great!!


Singing away Christmas Songs at King's Place in Fredericton!!!!


Do you want Bread??? Go at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!!

Costco is VERY generous with this needy Place!!!


I believe it's time the Soup Kitchen gets some new kitchen tables no???


Public Safety Minister Robert Trevors is hunt down by the Blogger on the Streets in Fredericton of Mandatory Drug Testing of the Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!!

Public Safety Minister Robert Trevors supports Child Sexual exploitation false charge against Blogger and other citizens???


Does Tyrant Quebecois Dan Bussieres have way too much power???


FAPO at King's Place in Fredericton!!!


Two hours later they were gone!!!!