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What's the website of the Christmas Lights in Lincoln???

Here's a story -


I was there tonight and he gave me the website but I can't find?

I believe he said- Lincolnlightshow.ca???

Can someone help moi???

Bernard Richard questions the scope of search warrants for digital information

by Andre Faust
Reprint: The Left Eye

Bernard Richard’s review of the circumstances surrounding the libel charges against Charles LeBlanc by the Fredericton City Police revealed several l weaknesses in the operations of the police in this matter. Blogger Charles Leblanc on many occasions has posted on his blog satirical commentaries and illustrations against the city police, the sergeant at arms Dan Bussieres, and other political figures.

The consequence of his posts resulted in a warrant issued to confiscate his computer and all associated hardware in January of 2012. Leblanc was then arrested for defamatory libel under section 301 of the criminal code which has been found unconstitutional in three jurisdictions. The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and members of the legal academic communities questioned the actions of the Fredericton police in the arrest of Charles LeBlanc and the confiscation of his computer and peripherals.

Subsequently, an independent review of the Fredericton City Police was initiated to see whether or not the Fredericton police force conducted its self appropriately in regards to Charles LeBlanc case.

It was the finding of the review that the Fredericton City Police did follow protocol in obtaining the search and seizure warrant to confiscate Leblanc’s computer and related equipment; however the review identified several weaknesses in the enforcement and judicial system. Three of the seven recommendations address how the police conduct themselves with unique personality types in the community.

Two of the recommendations were in reference to the scope of the search and seizure and the altering of a document to obtain private information about Charles from Rogers’s Cable his internet service provider.

The investigator Bernard Richard expressed great concerned of the broad scope of the search and seizure policy. According to Richard, when it comes necessary to issue a warrant to confiscate computers or other digital information stored in electronic hardware the scope that authorizes the warrant should be limited only to collection of information that is relative to the matter under investigation.
“If you get a search warrant to seize a computer you seize everything, everything that is in there, you have access to everything, in my view it’s a bit much.”
Richard recognizes that the current law has not caught up with the information highway and nor with the technology that exists to store personal and not personal information Bernard Richards further adds to his verbal report;
“I think a more specific request when you are obtaining a search warrant for a computer or electronic equipment because there are things that you are computer investing a particular complaint you don't need everything that is in the computer but if you have a search warrant to seize a computer you have everything. so it opens upon all kinds of thoughts, intrusions into a person’s personal life totally unrelated to the investigation taking place, it is also a license to search for stuff.”
From this rational Richards makes the following recommendation “that in all FPF requests for search warrants respecting computer data, every effort should be made to specifically describe the information sought, in addition the Fredericton Police Force provide to all its members a briefing with clear instructions relating to the proper use of the “Letter of request for account information regarding a child sexual exploitation investigation”.

Acting Police Chief Leanne Fitch agreed with Richard’s comment her response to Richards was;
“We have strict parameters in in our court system, I think Mr. Richard raises and very interesting point. that in this day and age of computers and social media, this is something new and we have to catch up in terms of narrowing that scope, the only analogy that I can make is that if we have a search warrant to going into a specific location to finds something specific its very narrow on the search warrant, in this case we have a search warrant to seize a computer so I think there is room for improvement in that area to narrow those fields.”
Other courts in Canada have questioned extent of a search warrant in R. v. Jones, 2011 ONCA 632 ruled in regards to computer and data seizure authorizing a search of the contents of a computer is not unlike authorizing a search of another “place” or of a more expansive search of the same “place”. There seems to be no reason in principle why the state should be any more entitled to roam around through the contents of a person’s computer in an indiscriminate faction that it would be to do so in a person’s home without further authorization.

Fucking Asshole shooter in Newton Connecticut!!!!

Why is the media covering this issue anyway???

The idiot will be News for weeks therefore giving others some bright ideas!!!

The right to bare Arms???

Yeah right!!!

My deepest sympathy to all the familes...:(

Picture 096

It was exactly one week ago at 2:30pm my place caught on fire....

Thank God nobody got killed....:)

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New Brunswick Legislature is full of Scotsmen!!!!


KHJ Journalist Randy McKeen on Bernard Richard Review on Blogger and Fredericton Police Force!!!!


NB Energy Minister, Craig Leonard makes false assumtions on the Cleary shale gas report

By André Faust

Energy Minister Hon, Craig Leonard appears to have missed the point in regards to Dr. Eilish Cleary New Brunswick Depart of Health Chief Medical Officer of Health in his interpretation of the Cleary Report on shale gas development in the province. On Nov 28th, 2012 the Government of New Brunswick ruled out a moratorium based the conclusion from both Dr. Louis LaPierre’s and Dr. Eilish Cleary’s reports. In his presentation to the house his Hon. Craig Leonard told the house.
“We also recently received reports by Dr. Louis LaPierre and Dr. Eilish Cleary that have identified issues other jurisdictions have faced with gas extraction from shale formations and how they can be mitigated. Both reports came to the same conclusion - a moratorium on shale gas exploration was neither required nor desirable in New Brunswick as it would effectively limit the research and exploration required to learn more about the potential of the industry.”
During an interview on Voice of the Province hosted by Phil Vincent, the minister was told that Dr. Cleary had not made any references to a moratorium in her report and that she has publicly stated that she is taking no position either for or against a moratorium on shale gas development... The answer that the minister gave is from a previous conference Dr. Cleary claimed that a moratorium is moot point, because more research is involved and that her report suggest more research so from that he assumed that it is not desirable to have a moratorium, because you want that research before acting. Dr. Cleary held a public meeting at UNB to discuss her report, during question and answer Dr. Cleary was asked the following question.

“A few minutes ago, Mr. Leonard was asked to explain his statement that Dr. Cleary's report comes to the conclusion that a moratorium was neither required nor desirable in New Brunswick. Mr. Leonard answered that because Dr. Cleary stated in an interview that a moratorium is a 'moot' point, he assumes Dr. Cleary agrees that a moratorium is neither required nor desirable. What is your response to Mr. Leonard's statement?"
Dr. Clear explicitly said What was quoted by the minister was not a conclusion in my report.
“Mr. Leonard's comment was not accurate. What was quoted was not a conclusion expressed in my report. I purposefully did not take a stance for or against shale gas development but rather focused on what needs to be done to protect public health IF this industry is to proceed in New Brunswick….Any inferred comment on a moratorium was not the intention or the point of my report.“