Hey Charles,

Bernard Richard has completely contradicted Staff Sgt Daniel Copp's testimony under oath at my hearing on 29th March 2012, (I think you were there) where Copp said the Fredericton City Police have no policies for forced entry or dealing with mentally ill people like me.  He stated under oath that the FPF officers were trained in the law itself ... !!!!!!!  And now Bernard Richard says the police are not lawyers trained in the law so they did not need to understand the implications of an unconstitutional piece of legislation!

I am going to order the transcript for you to give as evidence in your claim for compensation - both Mr Richard and the Police are lying and making this up as they go along to knit ass covers for the police.

The police are instruments, and enforcers, of legislation - it is their job to know the law before they violate someone's Charter rights by invading their home and seizing their property without following due diligence.

The charges were invalid, they were dropped and it took the Crown until May to decide that.  The trouble is the police and Crown are too used to violating people's Charter Rights and Freedoms but they are not used to the media coverage and scrutiny that you created.

It is interesting that Cst Frederik L'Oiseau, the "injured party" who filed the s. 301 complaints against Charles, is one of the FPF officers who was filmed by Charles in the assault of Luc Begin that led to a FPF police officer being criminally charged. 

The CCLA considered this a conflict of interest, since L'Oiseau was already in a conflict with Charles in this video that lead to him being the subject of a civil legal action by Mr Begin (ongoing), and Mr Richard's review does not consider this. 

The FPF claimed there had been no "McNeil" issues (complaints and/or disciplinary matters regarding this officer) when there was at least one Civil action filed against him for negligence. 

This is a seriously flawed report by Mr Richard.

Way to go - keep on truckin'.

Sally brooks, Wingnut.