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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Two Jolly guys enjoying the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!




New Brunswick Government Communication Worker Marc Belliveau and Blogger Clashed at the 2012 Exploration, Mining and Petroleum New Brunswick conference at the Delta in Fredericton!!!!


We all know that some issues the Government are handling can be VERY touchy.

Especially the issue of Mines or Shale Gas.


Well....after what happened to me last Tuesday, the Government and future Governments in the future MUST change their ways of communicating with the Public.

Every Government Department have in place a Communication process. These workers are suppose to give the media all the info of the Event or Conference.

The media reads the brochures and away they go to give the News to the Public.

Well these days it's a little different because we have the information highway.

Last Tuesday after I made my presentation to City Council of my concerns of the Police going after the less fortunate who rides a bicycle?


I was asked to show up at the Delta. I let that event go for the last two days.

I'm not sure what the event was all about but I guess it was suppose to be a huge display by these Companies to mine this Province looking for Shale and other issues.

Possibly the Environment could be destroyed forever???

Who truly knows???

Someone gave me two tickets for a couple of free drinks at the Event but I didn't bother!!! IMGP5969 I was tired and wasn't really interested in attending the showcase at the Delta but myself and a buddy decided to go.

It took 10 to 15 minutes to locate a parking spot. While heading to the event, I told my friend that we will just have a look around and leave. I was tired and didn't feel like interviewing anyone.

We noticed many showcase but once we were ready to have a look? We were quickly stopped in our tracks by Security.


He asked for our registration Pass. I knew you had to pay $130.00 to attend this event but as a Media Blogger? I believe that I could have a look around?

The guy was stern and I was tired. I quickly went for my camera. < My friend never noticed I had my camera on >

Then I came face to face with a Communication Guy name Marc Belliveau!!!


Here's the video -


He totally ignored me so I gave the camera to my buddy and made this video!!! On the spot video!! Very angry!!!

Click below -


So? Is Marc Belliveau the French Version of Tim Porter???


Never have I been so upset!!!

He could have given me a little tour explaining that Mining in New Brunswick is not a bad thing!!!

You educating the Blogger on the issue in hand but sadly this never happens and now I must confront the Ministers and Premier about this meeting? What's going on? Secrecy behind close doors???


I made a complaint to the Government about this Jackass!!!!

Government must have Communication People that are good at Public Ralation. As a matter of fact, I know a couple of people who are looking for work that are very pleasants.

Now I'm starting to understand the reason KHJ Journalist Randy McKeen is always speaking out against this Communication Department.


Yes....with Social Media around these days? The old days of recognizing The Irving media, CBC, CTV or Global as the only way to spread your message to the public is over!!!

I mean especially when you have the biggest Blogger and biggest Bullshitter walking inside a Building. It's not like they don't know me.

So? Since I wasn't allowed inside and Marc Belliveau refuse to give me any information on the event?

What's all the secrecy? What were these companies showing? If is time to protest the Government on their secret agenda???? 


Does anyone know???

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Friday, November 09, 2012

Lay back and relax.....

Was Coutroom Daily Gleaner Journalist Don MacPherson fair to metioned Alicia Dawn Boone bad past behavior????


A few people told me that it was poor taste and I will have to agree.....


I mean the woman was just identified yesterday.....

What do you think???

The issue of Copyright Infringement of the Poppy continues in Fredericton!!!!


  1.  IMGP5944

                                                                    Click below -

Blogger to expose Possible Drug Dealer within the Fredericton Police Force in the near future.

I have been holding on to that story for a while but I believe it's time for the Public to know what's going on within our so called force!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Will the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force allow the R.C.M.P to make an honest investigation of the murder of Alicia Dawn Boone????

  1.  IMGP5940

Since the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force are enforcing their Double Standard policy against the drug ussers or the less fortunate in this City.

I don't believe this murder will be solve because I don't believe our Racists Cops will allow the R.C.M.P. to make a true investigation in this City.

The Racists members of the Fredericton are way out of touch with the Citizens of Fredericton such as the time they couldn't locate the bodies of Rick Champion and Elisabeth Fellows!


If these people would have been with the Elitists and the rich? It's a known facts their bodies would have been found at a much faster rate.

This is what happens once the Police Chief announce an Double Standard Policy!!!

Yep....I believe it's time for our City Officials to work hard in removing the Idiots from our Police Force and replace them with the R.C.M.P.!!!!

 The Government must order the Fredericton Police Force to let the R.C.M.P. find the Murderer of Alicia Dawn Boone

Fredericton Deputy Mayor Stephen Chase and Blogger debate issues about Remembrance Day!!!

I love to interview this guy!!!!

Blogger appears in front of the Public Safety Committee in Fredericton!!!!


Way too many Cops in that small room for this Blogger. I quickly left after my presentation.


The media was there....they couldn't pay me enough money to stay there....


What did I accomplished??? Not sure but I will do a follow up with the Mayor and Councillors!!!

I might add the food was great!!!



I didn't know there was a Harry Potter Book for Adults???


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Now I know why kids are so fat at Fredericton High School these days????

I made a stopover at McDonald's today and would met by this mod!!!!!


All from Fredericton High School!!! Any lunchroom in that school???

Heavy rain for a walk around the Bridges in Fredericton Tonight!!!!


Is the city of Fredericton adopt New york's policy on Food donation to the homeless???

The rationale that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives for outlawing food donations to the homeless is that his department cannot assess the salt content in the food.  That makes a lot of  sense; let people starve to death rather than take a chance that they will have a higher salt content in their blood.   that's as bad as throwing Fredericton panhandlers in jail, by levying fines that they can't pay so they go to jail.

Read full story below


The Dan Bussieres and Blogger Show is coming on November 27th!!!


I wonder what's going to happened this time????



Maybe a Quebecois Language Programme is needed in New Brunswick???


I sure can't understand their language....:(

I still say Bilingualism is here for Quebecois to work here.

Look at the New Brunswick Legislature???

Full of maudit Quebecois!!!


Does a Moncton Transit Bus Driver deserve to make $60,000 per year???


Aren't the drivers being a little greedy???

The Body discovered on the side of Killarney Road was Alicia Dawn Boone!!!

7 months pregnant...sad....

Blogger should apply for the Job???

 Absolutely Charlie, ole buddy, ole pal. There aint no-one in this city or, indeed in this province who would even come close to being as worthy, qualified or capable of carrying out the duties associated with this truly honorable and highly, highly esteemed position. You have been simply amazing in doing nothing short of giving your absolute all to the people of this province. And you have done it, my friend with so much grace and dignity, it would make anyone green with envy.
No-one else, Charlie, could ever dream of holding a candle to you in how you single-handedly brought down the government to it's very knees and out the door, a one man coup-de-tat, wich has never, ever, before or since, been pulled off in the province of New Brunswick. And as if that wasn't enough, ole pal, you oversaw the demise of the chief-of-police along with one or two of his associates, and all the while, causing great havoc and making life an absolute living hell for members of the local constabulary.
And with all you have had on your plate in handlin' all of this, Charlie, you have still performed absolutely magnificently in carrying out your duties in covering all the activities and shananigans taking place in, around, in front of, behind or in otherwise close proximity to, the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick, The Peoples House, MOI MAISON!!!! (do you need a light, mon ami??). And, oh yes, then there was the fall from grace of the legislative clerk, as well.
My God, man they're fallin' like flies, aren't they?? Charlie the human fly swatter!!
So, in answer to your question, my good and decent friend, you are, indeed, very, very qualified and totally worthy and deserving of carrying out the duties which this very distinguished position entails.
  1. And the thing that tops the whole damn thing off, ole boy, is that YOU WOULD BE DAN'S BOSS!!!! Now, wouldn't tht be ironic. I do believe I sence another banishment in the offing.

Researcher / Policy Analyst
Position Summary:
The Office of The Official Opposition is seeking applicants for the position of Researcher / Policy Analyst in Fredericton to function as a member of a team providing support to elected members of the Legislative Assembly.
Essential Skills and Qualifications:
The successful candidate will demonstrate a general knowledge of the administration of government including knowledge of government policy development and will have familiarity with the function and processes of the Legislative Assembly. Superior verbal and written communication skills are essential together with strong research, organizational, numerical and analytical skills and the ability to work independently.
Additional Assets:
Demonstrated ability with online research, knowledge and experience with social media and specialized computer software including database maintenance and management.
Commensurate with qualifications and experience
Written applications and resume may be submitted in an envelope post-marked no later than Tuesday, November 13th, 2012, to:
Office of the Official Opposition
P.O. Box 6000
Fredericton, NB
E3B 5H1
Electronically: lindahache@gnb.ca

Saron Perry from Fredericton died suddenly!!!!

  1.     sharonperry
 Sad to hear...she worked at FAPO and she was always friendly.

My deepest sympathy to her family and Friends...

  1. IMG_5766

It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Sharon Elsa Perry (April 10th, 1957 – Nov. 5th, 2012). 

Sharon was a true original and a free spirit. She loved nature, fishing, art, music and movies and always took time to enjoy the beauty around her. She was wise and generous and she loved her family and friends with her whole heart and soul. 

Sharon’s sense of humor and her mischievous spirit will be forever missed, but the joy that her memory brings will live on forever in those fortunate enough to have had her in their lives.

Sharon leaves behind her son Christopher Perry, her daughter Christa Blizzard (Perry) and her son-in-law JD. She also leaves behind sisters Myrtle and Sandra as well as her brothers Thomas, Philip, Robert, Bradford, Richard and Gordon. She also leaves behind many in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews, all of whom she loved very much.

Sharon was predeceased by her father Arnold Perry and her mother, Lillian Perry (Marr).

Sharon's family and friends will be celebrating her life as she would have wanted, with colors, music, stories and food. This event is open to all who knew her and will be taking place at The Kinsmen Centre, 141 School St., Fredericton on Saturday, November 10, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. "Don't dress up, wear color."                    
Online condolences and the sharing of memories may be expressed through www.bishopsfuneralhome.com

Coach Potato in New Brunswick???