In 2008, the Government mandated FacilicorpNB to manage laundry services in the New Brunswick health system.
The services provided by FacilicorpNB to health facilities in the province include laundry pick-up, cleaning and delivery to facilities.
FacilicorpNB provides a complete range of products including white linen, surgical gowns, drapes, scrubs, incontinent care products, and a surgical pack service.
NOW the HORIZON HEALTH NETWORK wants to switch from reusable operating room linen to disposable operating room linen.  That’s a move that would be bad for our environment and our economy!
Don’t kid yourself, there’s no such thing as disposable linen:
-Disposable doesn’t mean biodegradable.
-Disposable gowns and drapes generate 99% more environmental waste.  Disposable products can remain in our landfills for more than 400 years!
-Some landfills will not accept disposable gowns unless they have been sterilized – they are considered hazardous waste.
-disposable gowns will need to be transported to various landfills which will increase our environmental footprint.
-As much as 700 disposable gowns a day could end up in the landfill.
-Disposable gowns are not manufactured in Canada – they will have to be shipped from Mexico or China.
The impact on our economy:
-Reusable linen keep laundry service jobs in Saint John and Fredericton.
-Reusable linen keeps manufacturing jobs in Canada.
-Reusable linen allows workers to retrieve medical instruments accidently tossed with soiled linen.
Say NO to disposable linen in our hospitals!