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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Code for Radio Scanner in Fredericton!!!!

A fan of this Blog approached me last night at the FREX and he wanted me to post the frequency codes in this Blog! < as a manner of speaking >

Here they are -

Popple Hill 860.0375 362 - Control Channel
Popple Hill 860.2875 372
Popple Hill 860.5375 382
Popple Hill 860.7875 392
Maryland Hill 860.1875 368 - Control Channel
Maryland Hill 860.4375 378
Maryland Hill 860.6875 388
Maryland Hill 860.9375 398
Maryland Hill 861.1875 408
Maryland Hill 861.4375 418
Silverwood 861.3375 414 - Control Channel
Silverwood 861.5875 424
Silverwood 861.8375 434
Silverwood 862.0875 444

Who do you trust the most for accurate News from Fredericton??? CBC Journalist Roy Gjelstad or the Blogger????


Fascist Tyrant Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres spotted at the 2012 FREX in Fredericton!!!



Idiot with a Guitar!!!!!!!


Pretty good....

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery in Fredericton is visited by the Blogger!!!!


Went there today!!!

Click below -

Friday, September 07, 2012

2012 FREX WAS GREAT!!!!!


There should be more Bloggers in our New Brunswick Court!!!!!



That IS the problem with Charles 'reporting' now, but we really can't SEE the court documents-I searched at Canlii and couldn't find them, so unless the above poster is a lawyer with some access, its a 'he said...he said' scenario.

The stories are never quite as bad as Charles portrays, but he always has a point. The coverage was very good, and people who actually care about human rights should be appalled that police would gather in court like that and talk so loud that interested people cannot even find out what is being said in the court.

And Charles is right about the working issue, I've seen that again and again in court documents where SOME people are given leeway because of their job-the judge even says so.

And of course that principal in Miramichi has been found guilty, and he sits at home until his incarceration.

I don't think a lot of people have much empathy in them, but it doesn't take much to realize just what a psychological toll it causes a person to abide by court restrictions. Jail should be the LAST resort, so what we see here is that a young man wants to be in the company of his partner, who seems all right with that. He has a beer or two, as many people do, and he 'stays out late', which is pretty understandable. Finally, he doesn't 'check in' with his 'babysitters', who, at the very least, sound like a bunch of assholes.

So to put a person guilty of THAT in prison is absurd. Community service is one thing, but thinking a person is going to rehabilitate by robbing them of other freedoms is simply insane.

However, we really don't know this whole story, only one side. There could be violence involved, we really don't know, and that changes things. But again, this is not exclusive to NB or Fredericton, and there are even more benign cases. Like I've said, Dudley George's brother has come to K-W to give talks and was given a dozen tickets which were absurd, but reinforced the point of 'don't come back'.

In Ottawa the MAYOR has referred to homeless people as 'human pigeons' and their police chief is essentially rounding them up. Its gotten so bad that homeless people joined a union and started a 'copwatch' program, and there's pretty good evidence that government officials from either the police or city government hacked into a protestor's email and changed their wikipedia articles and their websites.

On the plus side they've organized enough to have a 'ticket defense program' which sounds like its sorely needed in NB.

But its stories like this that SHOULD be the hallmark of Charles' blog, with perhaps a little more objectivity. There are numerous benefits to that, the most obvious one being that judges, lawyers, and police tend to behave better when they know their actions will be public.

Hope we see a lot more posts like this, and thats why I criticize charles so much, because his blog is literally the ONLY place where such stories can come out. They certainly aren't as bad as 'nazi germany', as anybody that knows even a little history knows, but people should not under rate the effect that problems within the judicial system have on people's lives.

Loyal Taxi in Fredericton was robbed this Morning????

As usual the Cops want the Public help but they refuse to tell the public wish business was robbed!!!

But they want the Public help????


Blogger's rant on the Fredericton Police Force free coffee at Tim Horton's!!!!



Here's a youtube on B.J'S Mom -

bj I showed up there this morning but I had some company. I asked my two wingnuts friends to witness the hearing of B.J. Wolfe. IMGP0607 Once there, I never seen so many members of the Racist Fredericton Police Force. My God??? River Rat SGT Matt Mayers was at his best talking to people in the hallway. You know??? Brainwashing them to plead guilty as he did to me in January!!!! sgtmattmyers This Jackass should be demoted from the Police Force!!!! Do you wish to listen to my views about this Rat??? Click below - PUBLIC BEWARE!!!!! You see this Racist Cop in front of you asking questions??? sgtmattmayers DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!!!! He's as phoney as they come!! Another Cop told me that I aged!!!! I replied - When I have to deal with a Racist Police Force? That's what happens!!!! By the way??? One Cop was surprise that I didn't talk to him??? He reads my blog < that's his job > I have a message for you!!! Anyone mentioned in my raid of my place? I will no longer associate myself with you assholes!!!! < Do you understand now? > Ok....calm down Charles....never mind..me me me,,,, I noticed Racist Prosecutor Hilary Drain walking into the Gestapo headquarters....oppppsss the Fredericton Police Room. This is where they do their dirty work against the less fortunate. The decision of the Court are made in this room and not the Justice Court Room. ...and B.J being a Native? They will make sure he stays in jail. We sure can't have a Native with a success story can we??? Of course not!!!! B.J began his walk in shackles towards the Court Room. He noticed me and said - Mr.Blogger!!! No longer Mr.LeBlanc but Mr.Blogger!!! I noticed his Mother wasn't present. I never said much but I was surprised that he changed his plea into Guilty!!! bjwolfe The Court began and the Cops stood in the hallway chatting loudly away. I couldn't hear the proceeding so I decided to shut the door but was told that I couldn't!!! Are the cops doing do on purpose???? We need some headphones in our Court Rooms!! He had a different lawyer and it looks like everything was set in advance. < Usually is! > B.J pleaded guilty and Judge Mary Jane Richards < Same one that knew when I pleaded Guilty on January 16th that my place would be raided on January 19th > ....ok..ok...Charles..never mind me me me!!! The Judge made herself VERY clear that she had the final say in the verdict and this is VERY scary!!!!! She ordered that B.J be held in custody pending his sentence on September 18th at 11:00am!!!! B.J. looked different today and I approached him in the hallway asking - You happy with the hearings B.J?? He quickly shot back!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! So??? The public are not allowed to speak to B.J.!! Only the lawyers, Police and Judges are allowed. Something is not right here!!! Was B.J. drugged or beat up in the Saint John Correctional Centre into pleading guilty???? Something is not right in this case!!!! People with money are set loose while the Natives are jailed!!!! One thing is certain!!! I will be doing an interview with B.J. Wolfe once he is freed!!!! I believe the Justice Minister Marie-Claude Blais must launch an Provincial Public Inquiry on the Justice System!!!! It's like old Germany all over again!!! madeleinedube There were no Irving's Reporters in the Court Room so Sally < Wingnut > Brooks will have to do!!! donmacphersonsallybrooks Here's her views!!! Hi Charles, A few of us were in Fredericton Provincial Court this morning to show support for B.J. Wolfe, who has apparently been incarcerated since April for a breach of undertaking. His mother expressed dissatisfaction with his Legal Aid lawyer at the last hearing and Justice Dickson stated Mr Smith was a fine lawyer and that fine lawyer was nowhere to be seen at today’s hearing. Has yet another Legal Aid lawyer bailed on his client? This seems to happen all the time, especially when they are representing the innocent - and what gave Dickson the right to pass judgement on whether a lawyer is any good or not? Interestingly, Julian Dickson seems to have recused himself as the presiding judge and tossed it over to Mary Jane Richards. Maybe he has been involved in too many cases recently that have resulted in complaints to the New Brunswick Judicial Council against him – I have been informed of at least six this year and that is just from people I know personally. So, B.J. has been incarcerated with no hearing to validate whether the undertaking he was forced to sign was actually necessary or valid and he has now changed his plea against the original charge of assault which we have been told his girlfriend had denied and told the police she did not wish to press charges, which the Fredericton Police Force apparently ignored. Today the docket said sentencing for the change of plea to guilty but when his case was called the Crown Prosecutor, Hilary Drain, asked for that to be postponed for a victim impact statement. So, have they “got” to the girlfriend? Did they threaten to charge her with filing a false report? Have they forced B.J. to change his plea on threat of being incarcerated until he does? What happened to B.J.’s Constitutional right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty? If I had been incarcerated for almost six months I am pretty sure I would do, say or sign anything to get out, even if I was innocent. There was word that he had been told his sentence could be time already served but the judge then made it very clear that she would have the final say in his sentencing regardless of anything agreed between his counsel and the Crown. I find that pretty disgusting and have to say he will be screwed over – the Crown do not keep their word and this is another case where they need to look as though they were right all along. There is a lot more to this story that needs to be investigated and I know Charles will continue to cover it. Shamefully there was no journalist from the Gleaner or any other local news organization. Sally Brooks,


I'll be there with a few witnesses. The last time I was there Racist Chief Prosecutor Hilary Drain told the Mother to shut up < as a matter of speaking > because she spoke her Native Toungue.....Racism? Yep!!! What bothers me is a Pedophile Principal from the area of the Miramichi is free pending his sentence while this Native have been in jail since May!!! Racism???? Yep!!!! Here's a blog I wrote - bjIMGP0144

Here's a blog I wrote July 18th -

I heard this sad news a few days ago and debated and debated weather to blog this story???? I decided to give it a shot!!

Here we go!!!

I heard many sad stories that the Fredericton Police Force are racist against the Natives in this Province and this issue might just prove their point.

Who's B.J you asked????

Maybe you saw him at the Royal Bank on Queen Street? I met him a few years ago and I found him VERY polite!!!

It was always- Mr.LeBlanc...Mr.LeBlanc and Mr.LeBlanc!!

Very polite worker and I would always make certain that I would go to his counter for my monthly service.

B.J. had one bad habit!!!


I would drive the poor guy insane by telling him that he's a success story for the Natives!!! QUIT SMOKING!!!!! Why let the White Man kill you with his cigarettes??

Boy?? Did I ever give the guy a hard time!!!

I noticed during my last few trips to the Royal Bank; I never saw B.J around?

As a matter of fact, I never saw the guy walking the streets.

I asked someone at the bank and was told that he no longer works at the Royal Bank!

I found it strange because he was so polite.

Maybe he landed a job with more pay???

A few days ago, I found out that he was in jail for guess what???


The story I'm getting is he was involved in a Domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

The girl told the cops that it wasn't a big deal but the Cops insisted that he be arrested!!

He showed up in court < Breaking of an undertaking > and the Bank officials quickly fired him!!!

Success story down the drain because of the Racists Cops in Fredericton!!

So??? Will B.J. Wolfe be murdered in jail as with many others???


Did the Police go out of their way to ruined this Native career???

I say the Government should get involved and release all the prisoners who are in our jail system because of their stupid undertaking!!

FUCK!!!! They wanted me to sign papers not to cross the Westmorland Bridge and I refuse so I was jailed for two days!!!

I predict the Cops will make certain B.J. dies in Prison!!

They ordered my medications be cut off so therefore anything can happened!!

I will confront the Minister of Public Safety with this issue!!

Stay tuned!!!

P.S To all the racist comment that were denied? Please meet with me and I'll video your views for a youtube ok?

But Idiots Cowards Jerkface are too afraid to voice their concern in public.

Chicken shit!!!



A couple of weeks ago, I learned that B.J. Wolfe was going to show up in Court so I decided to make a presence.

I noticed an elder who was walking around like a lost soul.

I waited in the Hallway and B.J. Wolfe showed up in shackles with a bunch of Sheriff all around him.

The Mother tried to hug him but was ordered back!!!

B.J? As polite as he was behind the Counter at the Bank was surprise to see me in the Justice Building. He said- Hello Mr.LeBlanc!!!

Polite right till the end.

I was surprised that the Mother was the only one there. So I decided to stick around and find out what's going on?

The Mother was speaking Melicite to her Son and Chief Prosecutor Hilary Drain shouted in a racist manner - WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY????

The Judge wasn't present and the Mother never replied back.

The Racist Prosecutor ordered the Native woman from Toubique to sit down!!!!

I knew this woman was a racist against the less fortunate but the Natives also??? No wonder there's so many Natives in Jail from the area of Fredericton!!

Judge Julian Dickson came out and we know how he is!!!

He asked B.J. if he was working?

B.J. told the Judge that he wasn't!!

I said to myself - You mean a working person could be free from jail????

The debate began and it look as if the Judge would release B.J. Wolfe from custody because he has been behind bars for 2 months.

But from what I can understand the appointed judge said - If he's found guilty? He would already have his time served.

I was sure that he was going to be release but he has a problem?

He was represented by Doug Smith who's a duty Counsel.

He's totally useless!! He's the same guy who agreed that I should sign papers not to cross the Westmorland Bridge.

I refused and was Jailed and cut off my medication for two days!!!

I almost died!!!

The mother wanted to say something and the appointed Judge allowed her to speak - She told the Judge that Doug Smith was no good and she wanted a different lawyer!!!

The Judge turned angry against the elder Native and praised the Lawyer for his fine work in defending people.

I don't think he's that good because during a recess for my helmet? The Judge told me to talk to the lawyer but he was too busy to go outside for a smoke!!!

Doug Smith even told the mother outside of the Courtroom that B.J. will be in Jail till December!!!

B.J. pleaded Guilty to breaching the undertaking but not guilty to the assault!!!

The Judge shouted at the Female Elder - THE LAW IS THE LAW!!!!

This is what I can understand in this case. Breaching an undertaking is more serious than the charge itself.

So these Racists Cops make certain they add all kinds of conditions and they know you'll break one so they put you in jail for months and months!!!

Is B.J. a threat to Society? OF COURSE NOT!!!

What really Fucking pisses my off is you have a Principal from the Miramichi School is charge of lurking kids on the internet. < asking them for naked pictures of themselves >

The Principal is set free but B.J. < Indian > have been in jail for months!!

I guess B.J was fighting with his girl over a video game?

The Mother mentioned Graydon Nicholas in the hallway....


Something is very wrong here!!!!

His next Court appearance is September 7th at 9:30am!

Here's a video I made with the Mother -

Walked the Bridges last night for the first time in a while......

IMGP0587 This was the first was the first time I walked the Bridges since I went under the knife. frederictonpoliceforce.force Here's a video of a VERY nosy Blogger interviewing a citizen - It wasn't an easy walk..puff..puff..puff...first time since August 14th! What's this guy's name anyway??? Enjoy -

Where was this picture taken???


I learned something new yesterday....Guess what??


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Where was this picture taken???


Should Squatters be allow in New Brunswick????

IMGP0536 I believe it's disgusting!!!!

Should Dan Boussieres be mentally examined???

IMGP4807 Charles: Do you have any rights to have Dan Boussieres mentally examined? I think he is definitely loosing it and I cannot believe that he, as a private citizen, can have you charged under Section 300. Now my understanding of French is not that good, so I am not sure if I got the interviews correctly.

Ex Marine tells Blogger no Bicycle Helmet needed in Wyoming!!!

Only in New Brunswick is the less fortunate dare to exercise on the streets? They will be jailed!!!! IMGP0526 IMGP0525 My best video yet!!!

It was EXACTLY 34 weeks ago this morning the Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my little place.....

Everything was ok until 8 to 10 members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my place with guns!!!

IMGP0073 Click below for sad story -

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Click below -

Still no speakers or my external Hard Drives....:(

Some News -

CCLA keeps watch as Fredericton Police Chief attends to information request
March 21st, 2012

The Fredericton Police Chief recently sent word to the CCLA that he intends to fulfill its Request for Information with respect to criminal defamation investigations in the jurisdiction.

On February 29th, 2012, following the arrest of blogger Charles LeBlanc under criminal defamation provisions, CCLA sent the Police Chief a formal Request for Information under New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. CCLA asked for information on the number of criminal defamation investigations the Fredericton Police Force has undertaken in the last five years, as well as the number of criminal defamation charges it has laid and the disposition of those charges. The Police Chief’s office confirmed receipt of the faxed request on March 1, 2012. On March 7, 2012, CCLA received notice from the Police Chief that data is currently being gathered in view of responding to the formal request.

CCLA expects to receive a response within the required 30 days.
Read more on this case here.

Click below -




Click below for story -



CCLA are very concern!!



Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force jailed Robbie AGAIN!!!

IMGP0503 Of course many people will say - Lock this guy up forever!!! ...and they would say the same about this Blogger!!! Yesterday, Robbie was high and telling me that the Cops caught him with a prescription pill. He's no Saint but I believe Jail is not the answer for people like him. In Ontario they would bring him to a mental hospital where he or she could be helped. But not here in Fredericton!! They arrest you and cut you off from your prescription. Once the person dies? They say - Heart Failure. Yesterday, I heard on the scanner that Robbie was arrested one hour after I took that picture and they were making fun of him on the scanner...Not good!!! I made this interview with Robbie last May - This is what happens when you have a racist Police Force who pushes a double Standard System!!! We need to get the R.C.M.P. in this City!!!

First less fortunate jailed for the 2012 Snobby Harvest & Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton???

frederictonpolice I find it strange that all the panhandlers are appearing in court a week before this Snobby Event begins??? Yes...it is an Snobby event!!!!

Hillbilly Pizza still going at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!


Fascist Tyrant Dan Bussieres Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature have Sharp Shooters around the People's House???


Is the Construction Industry alive in New Brunswick???


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Romeo Cormier loses Appeal!!!

IMGP4214 I wrote this one in April - I just came from there….Man…Those Jailhouse Lawyers are something else…..But he speaks well in court…..I might add that I believe he has ADHD!!! UPDATE - Anyone who hasn’t heard about this case must have been living under a rock. He was sentenced to 18 years in jail for kidnapping a woman in Moncton. I found out this morning that he was in the Justice Building for his appeal. I decided to make a stopover. There he was from the prisoner’s Box making his plea to the three appeal Judges. Not a bad idea. You can hear everything that was said in the courtroom compared to the trials that the prosecutors speaks so low that nobody can hear what’s going on??? I noticed that Romeo Cormier was looking at the St John River while giving his speech. I had a chance to talk to the guy while he waited for the Judges to return. I first asked in French – Where are you born???? He told me that he was born in Saint John but moved to Moncton when he was 2 years old. I asked – Where are you jailed??? In Renous!!! I added that he was looking at the St John River while speaking to the Judges. He added that it is the only pretty site that he has seen seen being jailed. So true….the guy was going here and there. I know he’ll lose his appeal but one issue bothered this blogger. I noticed that if all the media left the room? There would be nobody around to listen to his appeal. He would have been sentence to 17 years in jail and that would have been that!! Sort of reminded me of my arrest in September by the Fredericton Police. Click below - Blogger arrested!! I just realized that I never blogged my arrest….sighhhh…..and my experience in the Saint John Correctional Centre. Anyway……there I was in Court with two Prosecutors and 4 Cops!!!! No witnesses..no media…no nothing!!! If I would have been homeless? I would have been sentenced to 5 years in jail and nobody would have known. Of course, I was sentenced to two days in jail and my medications was cut off. I almost died but I survived…. Our Justice system is so corrupt that it’s scary!!! Last week, A Native was beat up in jail by two white men and the prosecutor insisted the Judge return him to jail. Yes….our Justice system needs a huge wake up call because there are many people in our jail system who shouldn’t be there. Yes…I wonder how many people appeals their sentence but nobody showed up to witness the ms-Justice??? Scary question???

The fighters for Justice in Fredericton!!!!




There's three Parts!!! < Happened late today >

Part one -

Click below -

Part two -

Part three -

The guy just came to my door!!!

Orders from the Fredericton Police Force.

So the Cops are still using Code 300 and 301 from the Criminal Code to silent Canadians eh???

This one here is from Dan Bussieres!!!!


Of course, I have the whole conversation on video...

Stay tuned!!!!

Update -

What I don't understand is that part of the Criminal Code is for Police Officers only.

Why is Dan Bussieres allowed to used this Code against me???

Why did the Fredericton Police Force allowed this???

Just doesn't make any sense.

Yes...we need a Provincial Public Inquiry!!!!!

Media should investigate this one.....The Fredericton Police are going to raid my place AGAIN???


IMGP5762 Do your part to keep Burton safe! by Laurie Manzer on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 3:18pm · Three attempts were made in one week to break into my home. 27 Aug - 11pm, 1 Sep - 1130 pm and 3 Sep - 11pm. Three males, approx 18-22 years old wearing hoodies, one with shoulder length dark hair slightly wavy were seen. In the first case, a getaway vehicle was spotted in the dark parked at the corner of Alexander/Hennick facing West. It is described as a loose sounding jalopy, with a unique loud muffler. They attempted to break the door in and caused damage until they were confronted with a show of force in the stairwell. In the second case they were seen entering the front door as the occupants sat there. The three men were chased down Henniock and East down Alexander Street to River Road. On the third date, 3 men were observed walking West up Alexander Street and blocked off Hennick Ct with bricks/cement from the old Marilyns to impede police response time. A small pickup (S10 style) was seen around Marilyns earlier. All 3 approached the front door on the steps as an alarm system activated. One of the culprits on Monday night may have severe injuries on his forarms/shoulder as he fell onto a rock wall trying to run away, he is the one with long hair. Talk to your neighbours and kids about it and keep your property secured. Please contact Cst Lesage (RCMP) 357-

No hate speech in this Blog!!! JUST FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles, No, YOUR problems all began with Dan Brussiere's and L'oiseau. All those laws you NOW complain about have been on the books for YEARS. And again, YOUR problems really began with the Saint John police force and then with elected officials that got you banned. As far as I know that ban is still in effect even though government lawyers say they won't prosecute you for it. So it seems SOME snobs are on your side. However, this is getting ridiculous. A month ago you said you weren't going to mention Dan Brussiere's again, and now its virtually every day. And now you are railing against people from Quebec (and you are right MOST New Brunswickers ARE 'fine with it'). The same thing happened years ago with teachers-they simply couldn't find enough bilingual teachers so hired from outside the province. In Alberta they can't find enough workers, so they came to New Brunswick for a job fair. How do you think it would look in Alberta if they started railing against easterners? You are getting very close to promoting hate speech about a canadian minority population, and thats VERY dangerous-just ask Ernst Zundel. They can definitely shut down your blog for that, in fact I'd say they SHOULD shut it down. There are serious problems with policing in Canada, VERY few come down to the actions of individuals officers, and those need to be dealt with by changes in policies. That's a big problem that protestors and civil liberties groups have been fighting for years-you are hardly the first. These are serious issues and you are turning them into a personal vendetta that masks the REAL problems. If you think policing was 'better' back before there were Quebecers on the force your crazy. The problems are with elected officials. They have the power to make changes, not individual officers. Gee, I thought I heard a rumour that Alward lived much of his life in the States-where are the blogs about him? In fact, where are the elected officials at all? They seem to have vanished from your blog even though they are the ones responsible for all the laws you hate so much.

Newly elected Quebec premier Rushed Off Stage During Speech After Shots Fire!!!


IMGP1004 Yes,,,my sources told me this last week but I never paid much attention to it but I guess it's true. All for Insurance money I guess??? Funny how a story can change eh??? I never met the guy but many told me he was a VERY opinionated individual so therefore he had it coming to him.....< no excuse to killed someone because of an attitude > but the true story seem to be coming out.... Stay tuned....

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The Parti Quebecois is the new Government so why don't we send all the Quebecois in Nouveau-Brunswick back to Quebec???

We have Dan Bussieres who's on a power trip and the Racist members of the Fredericton Police Force obeys his every command!!!! img_0335 2613769547_03836787a0_z We have cowards Quebecois security at the Legislature attacking New Brunswickers!!! IMGP6785 Then have have idiot Quebecois Fred L'oiseau who suffers from being short all his life!!! IMGP1117 Why do we allow these Maudit Quebecois to work in this Province. Since we are not allowed to work in their Province? Why are we allowing them here??? The Legislature and Government jobs are full of Maudit Quebecois and we New Brunswickers seem to be ok with this. Mark my word!!!! If this happened in Quebec? There would be a revolution!!! The Acadians in our Police Force have turned against the Acadians in this City!!! Yves Despres and Martin Gaudet have decided to follow the Quebecois style of policing!!! 524210765_47057e3ad4IMGP7234 These Acadians are turncoats and should be labelled as Quebecois!!!! Traitors!!!! Yes....With the Parti Quebecois in Power...lets take all these maudit Quebecois together and send them back to Quebec where they belong!!! Lets not forget that all the problems with the fredericton Police Force all began with Dan Bussieres and Fred L'Oiseau!! Clive, Colin (Frankenstein)_02 No maudit Quebecois around? No problem!!!! But I seem to to be the only individual who thinks this way??? Sigh.....