President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas answers straight forward questions from Pain in the Ass Blogger about Tropical Storm Arthur 10 days after it left the area!!!!!

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Deux Acadiens Tetues a Fredericton!!!

Blogger is stressed out!!!! He needs a break!!!!!


I took this picture today!!! Where was this taken???


The Natives will save New Brunswick from being destroyed by Shale Gas!!


It was Cold this morning in Fredericton.....


R.C.M.P. return to my place this morning!!!!

They seem to be a little more cautious this time...Their eyes were focus on my camera!

So? What did they want???

Click below -

Media working for New Brunswickers!!!!!

I'm the lowest paid one there!!...:(




He said that he will hardly spend any money during the by-election. He'll go by his record.

I had to choose between Pictures or videos because the Fredericton Police Stole my other camera.


Here's the Premier arriving at Government House.


Here's come the Premier to face the Media -

I decided to question the Premier -

Will the Boaters have a safe summer???


Blogger goes with a Blowhorn to denounce the actions of the Police and is arrested and jailed while the Cops denounced the Blogger to the whole province vis their scanner and that's ok!!!


Why would they get away in calling me a Loud Mouth and get away with it???

The New Brunswick Police Commission must investigate this one but of course nothing will be done!!!

What a system we live in eh???

Ever wondered how Cable Television came to New Brunswick????

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Should Cst. Danielle Carmichael from the Fredericton Police Force be suspended for arresting Blogger at the New Brunswick Legislature????


She lead the attack and watched while two Goons assaulted me!!!

What kind of cop is she???

Dan Bussieres SS team???

A rare moment of watching Fascist Tyrant Dan Bussieres smile!!!


Fascist Tyrant Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres deep in thought!!!!


If you wish to read more about Blogger Charles Leblanc????

Lots of work into this one!!! Wow!!!!

Click below -

The History of Charles LeBlanc as a Blogger!!!!

Can the Fredericton Police Force think for Themselves????

danbussieres 555

Fredericton Police Force have cross the line over Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!


The Police wants to play games??? I love games!!!

Today, a few people approached me and told me they heard on the Police Scanner my name and called me - A Loud Mouth!!!!

At first, I was surprise that a Police Officer would insult a citizen over a Police Scanner!!!!

I love games!!! I'm going to talk to my supporters and lawyer over this issue.

I am going to make a complaint to the New Brunswick Police Commission!!!

We sure cannot allow Cops insulting the citizens over the air where everyone can hear....

Let the Games begin!!!!


Fascist Tyrant Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres to order the Fredericton Police Force to arrest the Blogger for graffiti???


Is this guy right about my arrest at the New Brunswick Legislature????


Two R.C.M.P. Officers asked Blogger Charles LeBlanc to go for a ride!!!!

OVER 100 VIEWED ALREADY??? You beter listen to it before my lawyer asked me to remove it!!!!


Just happened this morning!!!

What do you think???

Click below -

Two R.C.M.P. officers just came to my door!!!

I had my video on...stay tuned!!!

It was EXACTLY 19 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that The Fredericton Police raided my little place and I got my computer back!!!!

I got my computer parts back!!!! My lawyer went at the Police Station and picked it up!!!!

It was EXACTLY 18 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that The Fredericton Police raided my little place!!


But the Cops still have my camera and Blowhorn!!!! They are trying to destroy Freedom of Speech in the Capital!!!!

Maybe it's time to move the Capital somewhere else???


Here's the story -

I was told that the Police are deleting some vidoes I made of the cops arresting people especially the one of the Staford brutality assaulting the soldiers.

But as the law is. The Cops can keep all my computer equipment for years!!!

What a bunch eh??

Thank God that my native friend was here because I could have been killed.


Everything was ok until 8 to 10 members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my place with guns!!!

Click below for sad story -

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Click below -

Still no speakers or my external Hard Drives....:(

Some News -

CCLA keeps watch as Fredericton Police Chief attends to information request
March 21st, 2012

The Fredericton Police Chief recently sent word to the CCLA that he intends to fulfill its Request for Information with respect to criminal defamation investigations in the jurisdiction.

On February 29th, 2012, following the arrest of blogger Charles LeBlanc under criminal defamation provisions, CCLA sent the Police Chief a formal Request for Information under New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. CCLA asked for information on the number of criminal defamation investigations the Fredericton Police Force has undertaken in the last five years, as well as the number of criminal defamation charges it has laid and the disposition of those charges. The Police Chief’s office confirmed receipt of the faxed request on March 1, 2012. On March 7, 2012, CCLA received notice from the Police Chief that data is currently being gathered in view of responding to the formal request.

CCLA expects to receive a response within the required 30 days.
Read more on this case here.

Click below -


Accident at Corner of Cliffe Street and MacLaren Avenue in Fredericton last night!!!

I was enjoying taking pictures of the sunset and river until I heard all this rack-ass!!!


I quickly began to go and see what was going on???

Here's a couple of videos -


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My case was adjourned till July!!!!


It was nice to see my supporters showing up in Court. < A few more are not in the picture >

I strongly believe the Prosecutor should have dropped the charges...I noticed a cute little church girl who is going to be the main witness against me.....

Should be interesting....the rich against the poor!!



Still a popular guy in Fredericton!!!

Take a look at the guy in red.....lol


This City of Fredericton Prosecutor is pushing the Courts to silent freedom of speech in the Capital!!!


He didn't sound too please in Court!!!

Who is he???

Quebec are arresting thousands of students and Fredericton have this guy!!!

In my humble opinion? The City should have drop the charges especially after what happened since the Blow horn days!!

I guess this guy wish to pursue this very anti-democratic system!!!!!!!

Who is he???

Is he from Russia???

It's The Irvings fault that Blogger Charles LeBlanc is banned for life from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


This is from the Irving's Editorial!!


Nice of them to 'recap', and my aren't they condescending. I agree, its not just YOU who thinks the banning from the legislature was unjust. They make it sound like you carried in a pipe bomb and can't understand why you aren't allowed back again!

They might as well say "Charles, why don't you just get the hell out of Fredericton, then it will all be over".

For those who don't know any better, IF the police are 'out to get you' then there are dozens, if not hundreds of ways they can ticket you. This is a frequent complaint of poverty organizations, as many homeless people will get hundreds of dollars worth of 'loitering' tickets just for walking down the street.

And police are usually up front about it-the purpose isn't to thrown them in jail but to control their behaviour-to keep them away from certain areas. And quite often those orders come from local businesses who want their area 'cleaned up'.

That's not always the case, I remember when Dudley George's brother (the native who was killed at Ipperwash) came to a talk in Kitchener years ago. He was literally ticketed a dozen times before getting out of town. They were all bogus of course, and he challenged them all in court, but the point was clear-'don't come back'.

The bullhorn issue was pretty clear cut, and even the helmet ticket was easily explained. The cycling on the sidewalk has SOME precedence, so it COULD be coincidence. But after the criminal libel charge and the arrest for trespassing it seems fairly clear SOMEBODY has a bug up their butt about charles.

My point is that even IF Charles 'behaved himself' and even obeyed that charter destroying regulation keeping him away from the PEOPLE"S house, then there is no guarantee that he won't wind up in trouble with the law.

Nice of Irving to attempt to sound diplomatic, but it was Irving that stopped CHarles from getting a media pass YEARS ago, back when Charles wasn't posting pictures of anybody and actually had a pretty serious blog. Had Charles gotten a media pass then he could not be banned (without it being in the media). So really, its IRving's fault this whole issue has come to pass:)

Have the Irving's Papers turn against the Blogger????


They are publishing some nasty letters and the latest editorial has this Blogger and others confuse!!

I'm not sure what they are saying in today's editorial?

They didn't write about Section 301 or other issues.

They wrote that I should stay away from the Legislature!!! Why??? I have been there over 1,000 time and interviewed the Premier and others on the ground with any trouble.

But maybe the editorial is trying to find peace?

The only way we will come to a peaceful ending is to have A PUBLIC PROVINCIAL INQUIRY ON THE ISSUE!!!!!

This is not a Circus!!! I will ask the question AGAIN??? If this happened to me? What other poor soul have this happened to that we will never hear of???

That's the emotional question???

Here's the editorial....please tell me what you think???

Who wrote this one??? A cop???? A politician???

It's today's editorial from the Daily Gleaner!!!

Enjoy -


We need a truce between police, LeBlanc


23 May 2012 03:15AM

By his own admission, Charles LeBlanc has issues that make him do impulsive and stupid things.

Though it hasn’t admitted it publicly, the Fredericton Police Force also has done some questionable things in handling its multitude of run-ins with Mr. LeBlanc.

The run-ins, which have become the staple of community conversation of late, continued last week as the Fredericton Police Force arrested Mr. LeBlanc on the grounds of the legislature and charged him with “trespass by assault.”

It’s all become quite a circus. Mr. LeBlanc does something impulsive — impulsivity is a hallmark of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which he has — the police are called, they arrive and take him away, he’s processed and released a few hours later, and then Mr. LeBlanc documents the whole encounter on his blog.

It’s popular entertainment in this city.

Mr. LeBlanc is banned from the legislature grounds after many run-ins with security there, but he questions the legitimacy of the ban, which began in 2006. So he pops by now and then, pushing his luck.

His love-hate relationship with the legislature began nine years ago when he pitched a tent on the legislature lawn to protest the fact that ADHD kids were being fed Ritalin too frequently, too quickly and for too long.

“I was the guy that was protesting in the tent for six months,” he said in a letter to the editor of The Daily Gleaner in November 2004.

So when the big story of the resignation of Energy Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney came to light on Wednesday morning, nothing doing, Mr. LeBlanc had to head to the legislature to try to catch an interview with her. He is, after all, a blogger.

This time, his luck ran out, and the police were called.

“I’m afraid of you guys, OK. I don’t want to go to the police station,” Mr. LeBlanc told four officers before being taken away in a police car.

This latest follows incidents of riding a bike without a helmet, riding a bike on the sidewalk, causing a disturbance outside the police station with a megaphone on numerous occasions, capturing on video what appeared to be a Fredericton police officer beating up a bar patron in 2009 (the officer was subsequently found not guilty), and a 2006 run-in with police in Saint John during a large business conference, where the police took his camera.

The court outcome there pronounced him a member of the media — a genuine blogger.

And this winter, his apartment was raided by police after he posted a sexual accusation against a member of the Fredericton Police Force.

That was eventually thrown out, and now the RCMP are involved in the latest investigation of trespassing, since the local police are too close to the situation.

Mr. LeBlanc has become the unlikely star of downtown Fredericton justice. Some love to read his blog, some feel sorry for him, some think he gets far too much attention, and some just find him oddly entertaining. It would be great reality TV.

But Mr. LeBlanc, it’s gone on long enough. So we humbly ask that you behave yourself, stay away from the legislature, wear a bike helmet, stay off the sidewalks with your bike and not do anything that would in any way tempt the police to put the cuffs on you and take you to the station.

And members of the Fredericton Police Force, might we ask for some peacemaking and sensitivity when dealing with a man who sometimes gets caught up in the situation and loses perspective?

This circus has been performing long enough.