Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fredericton Police Force apologized and gives Blogger a High paying job for life!!!!!

I believe it's very nice of the Fredericton Police Force to apologize and I just LOVE my new Job!!!

Off Social Assistance for Life!!!


Click below for Job Description -

After a very hectic week in the media? Blogger finally locate two citizens to share his views with!!!


Who's this guy???

opppss typo...oh well


Enjoyed talking politics in Fredericton!!!


Yes....sitting down and debate the Election in a friendly way!!! A person must love to live in Fredericton eh???



I enjoy talking politics! In countries like The Netherlands, people embrace speaking about the issues that affect their lives. They also expect and demand a free press.

Reader supports Blogger but......


Dear Charles,

I supported you in your battle against police action since the beginning of the section 301 arrest and search. As you know, I supported you from principle, knowing virtually nothing about you before. You have now been vindicated, the police action universally condemned, and I am pleased at the outcome.
As I looked into the past actions against you by public officials, I believed that in those dealings with the governments and police, you acted upon sound principles such as environmental protection, decent social assistance, and fair and equal justice.

Your recent endorsement of Mayor Woodside for another term of office seems based entirely on unsubstantial grounds and even contrary to principles you claim to stand for.

Brad Woodside has been Mayor of Fredericton for 28 years. He has obviously done a lot for the City, and has many accomplishments to be proud of. However, the world has changed quite dramatically in recent years and Mayor Woodside is n longer the most appropriate candidate for the job. There are a number of serious missteps recently that can be traced to Mayor Woodside’s inabilities.

First, it is clear that Woodside neither understands nor properly executes his role in supervising the Fredericton Police Force. He has a legal responsibility to ensure that Council establishes and supervises the operations of the Police Force. Council has failed in this, and that failing falls principally on Woodside. Worse, Woodside has seriously equivocated, on one hand affirming a close relationship with the Police Chief, on the other hand distancing himself from police actions when they turn out to be unpopular.

Second, Woodside has shown a lack of understanding of and disdain for the law. Again, he wishes to flout the law when it is popular to do so, yet tacitly appeal to law against an unpopular cause. In a nutshell, Woodside flouted the law in evicting the Occupy protestors without proper legal authority or Court sanction. Yet, because the eviction of Occupy was popular, he acts as if they are miscreants, whereas the best advice that has been presented to the public is that the Occupiers broke no laws at all. They were acting within their rights as citizens.

Third, Woodside effectively stood by while your rights were blatantly abused by the Fredericton Police. He hid behind legality where common sense and a small bit of courage may have enhanced his reputation and saved a great deal of grief and expense for the City of Fredericton, not to mention your dignity and peace of mind. Who would have complained had he intervened to end a reckless and illegal action by police against a citizen of the City?

Finally and more generally, Woodside is clearly out of touch with the expectations of accountability and transparency that suit the current age. He has equivocated on shale gas and on providing decent care to the disadvantaged in the City. He has engaged in real estate adventures of debatable merit or worse without sufficient, disinterested citizen engagement to enable public assessment of merit.

In conclusion, Charles, it looks to me like you have supported the Mayor based mainly on your personal interests and contrary to principles that I thought we hold in common. Of course it is your absolute right to have and share your own opinions regardless of any cost in esteem from me and any others that may find the reasons you give for your endorsement to be trivial and essentially self serving.


Peter Dauphinee
May 11, 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012



Pas pire....

Criminologist Michael Boudreau and Law Professor Jula Hughes gives their views on Blogger's case!!!

Sheetal Rawal from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association views on Blogger Charles LeBlanc case!!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc very excited of receiving a letter from the City of Fredericton!!!

Mother very concern about the issue of Shale Gas in New Brunswick!!!


The issue is getting bigger and bigger!!!

Click below -

Fredericton Mayoral Candidate Matthew Hayes educating himself about the issue of Shale Gas!!!


Made this one last night -

Blogger and Natives from St.Mary's First Nation predicting the future on Shale Gas!!!


New Brunswick could be heading for a rough time this summer with the issue of Shale Gas!!!

I made this one last night!!!

Candidate for Ward 10 in Fredericton Ryan Jacobson is confronted by the Blogger!!!


Made this one last night!!

Sounds like an honest guy......:)..He's running in my Ward!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Frank Branch pleads Guilty!!!


Wish him the best....

Provincial Judge Mary Jane Richards to sentence Jenn Wambolt from Fredericton to Jail in the morning???

Click below to read her sad story -

Jenn Wambolt from Fredericton wondered why it took 5 men to remove her Bra????


Sad story but always the same...no lawyer given and at the mercy of the Court....The Justice system does not work.

Very scary stuff in this case because the Judicial Council told the Courts that if a person with a mental disability asked a question in Court?

They will be Jailed!!!

This is the reason we need a Public Inquiry....Jenn could be sentence to jail and cut off her medications!

Yes....I'll be there in the morning to report my finding to my readers.

Stay tuned!!

Fredericton Police chief hands over LeBlanc file!!!!

Breaking News!! stay tuned!!!

Public Debate on Shale Gas is tonight in Fredericton!


Public Debate on Shale Gas is tonight in Fredericton!

Thursday, May 10th @ 7pm, Cathedral Memorial Hall, 168 Church St, Fredericton. (across the street and around the corner from Christ Church Cathedral).

It was EXACTLY 17 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that The Fredericton Police raided my little place!! AND I STILL DON'T HAVE MY COMPUTER PARTS!!!

I was told that the Police are deleting some vidoes I made of the cops arresting people especially the one of the Staford brutality assaulting the soldiers.

But as the law is. The Cops can keep all my computer equipment for years!!!

What a bunch eh??

Thank God that my native friend was here because I could have been killed.


Everything was ok until 8 to 10 members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my place with guns!!!

Click below for sad story -

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Click below -

Still no speakers or my external Hard Drives....:(

Some News -

CCLA keeps watch as Fredericton Police Chief attends to information request
March 21st, 2012

The Fredericton Police Chief recently sent word to the CCLA that he intends to fulfill its Request for Information with respect to criminal defamation investigations in the jurisdiction.

On February 29th, 2012, following the arrest of blogger Charles LeBlanc under criminal defamation provisions, CCLA sent the Police Chief a formal Request for Information under New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. CCLA asked for information on the number of criminal defamation investigations the Fredericton Police Force has undertaken in the last five years, as well as the number of criminal defamation charges it has laid and the disposition of those charges. The Police Chief’s office confirmed receipt of the faxed request on March 1, 2012. On March 7, 2012, CCLA received notice from the Police Chief that data is currently being gathered in view of responding to the formal request.

CCLA expects to receive a response within the required 30 days.
Read more on this case here.

Click below -


The Battle for Mayor of Fredericton!!!! Matthew Hayes and Brad Woodside?? Blogger supports Brad Woodside!!!!


Many people are approaching me and asking me for my views of the Municipal Election?

There's more action than the last one in 2008.


Matthew Hayes is a very good candidate and he has bought up a lot of issues to the Public eye.


Brad Woodside has been there for a very long time and many people say that he's no longer in touch with many issues such as Shale Gas.

This Blogger first met Brad Woodside in 2004 and I always had a good relation with the Mayor.

I watched him in action especially when the information highway came in full swing.

He runs a very popular Twitter account and used it almost daily!!!

Woodside is very very WELL known for speaking his mind. This is the reason I love to interview the guy because you don't know what's going to come out of his mouth?

Our sit down year end interviews are classics.....he always asked me before we begin - What are you going to asks me???

I replied- You know the rules!!

We don't plan the interview and it's pretty good!

Click below for some interviews -

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside sits down with Blogger!!!

Of course he's not as bad as he used to be. I was glad and surprised when he raised the Gay Flag at City Hall! He faced the media and that was that!!!


We know the guy is not a Saint < Who is? > but he's all over the place. Public event, Birthday Parties, Meetings and other ceremonies.


Matthew Hayes showed up in the Public eye a few months ago and I find him a very smart individual.


I believe that he will be a politician of the future but not this time.

I sat down with Matthew Hayes and found him a very good individual that I can sit down and have a chat over a cold beer!!!

Here's a final interview -

Here's the rest of the interviews -

Matthew Hayes sits down with Blogger!

But his opponent is Woodside and I truly believe we need someone who's in the know for the next 4 years because I believe the Province is heading towards a crisis.

Another reason that I would support Woodside is the media all love to interview this guy because you never never what's going to come out of his mouth?? This Blogger loves to make fun of him in my little political cartoon.


I believe the best one was this Blog -


Click below - funny at hell..close to 40 comments....lol I'm still laughing....it was a nice long weekend and the Mayor was sitting in his patio and then suddenly he began receiving emails, tweets and phone calls from people angry over spending $50,000 on fireworks for his Birthday!!!


Click below for story -


He takes good pictures for my funny or not so funny work.

He's the only that I love to interview who insults me all the time and I do the same.....look at this one -

During the construction of the Convention and told me that I wasn't invited at the opening!!!

But of I course I was there and insulted AGAIN!!...:P

But he's a good speaker and he speaks from the heart and sometime this can land him in trouble.

I hope that Brad Woodside wins by the littlest of margin Monday night. He will looked at the media and say - It was a close one and I got the message from the voters Loud and Clear!!!!

Of course this Blogger will remind him of the close election for the next 4 years as I do with Premier David Alward. I always remind the Premier that he won because of Shawn Graham and not because of him.

I hope that Matthew Hayes stays in the public eye and try again for Public office because I believe the Citizens will appreciate his talent.


Go cast your vote on May 14th!!!!

P.S. I'm not kissing ass...I'm just calling it as I see it!


Who is Irving Newspaper HERE Editor Charles Mandel anyway????


This was bought to my attention!!

Click below -

It's all about him.

I always seem to received bad comments from this Irving Magazine. I remember this had a poll in 2006.

One question was - Who's your citizen of year?

I didn't know anything of this poll but I was shown the results and I won!!!

It was because of my Court Trial in Saint John.

Anyway...the HERE Magazine blasted the voters who voted for me...lol

So? Irving Employee Charles Mandel wrote that this issue is all about me me me!! Sorry but this is not the case....the whole system is in chaos and only a Public Inquiry will regain the faith in the Justice System and Police!

Charles Mandel wrote a word - Pricking!!

Is that a word???


Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Made this one today!!!!

Premier David Alward arrange PEACE between Blogger, Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres, Police Chief Barry Macknight, and Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau!!!!!


Time to turn the page -

Are people going to Jail in New Brunswick because they broke a by-law???



Its VERY true just because something is a 'law' it means nothing about morality. I've posted before that the Supreme Court of Canada has maintained that panhandling, or 'begging' is protected by freedom of speech.

But you live in a province where BY LAW that freedom is 'against the law'. The municipalities act clearly says 'begging' is illegal, and just a couple of weeks ago Charles had a picture of another person who, like Charles, had his rights LEGALLY infringed upon. But like charles, he has no money to challenge this in court, and unlike charles, he has no blog, so off to jail he goes.

So you can stop comparing hypotheticals past and present. In New BRunswick a person can LEGALLY be ticketed and arrested for something that the Charter of Rights says is a protected freedom.

That DOES differentiate New Brunswick, and like the Residential Tenants Act and the bicycling helmet law, and the sidewalk by law, it is something that makes New Brunswick look backward, and frankly, is quite embarassing.

But it's ludicrous to think that a call centre is going to think the police are going to come in under such circumstances. Heck, the FEDS are pretty lazy at enforcement, but it took the DFO to come in when lobsters were dying in the Bay of Fundy-the provincial police couldn't have cared less. And it was the feds that raided another company, I can't remember the name of it, maybe it was an Irving company?

And as posted before, in Alberta a guilty charge was handed down on a case almost identical to this, and in Ottawa there was also a charge which was ultimately dropped.

I wasn't surprised when Charles was charged, although I thought the complainant would be Dan Brussiere's. I'm not sure what a public inquiry would bring up, the facts pretty much speak for themselves. As to whether there needs to be a new police chief, or a look at the judge that issued the warrant, thats another question.

Danelle Titus enjoying a walk in Fredericton....


CTV Nick Moore covers Blogger Charles LeBlanc asking for Provincial Public Inquiry!!!!

CBC Television covers the views of Blogger Charles LeBlanc for a Provincial Public Inquiry

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Blogger covering Premier David Alward News Conference!!!


The Irvings and the Blogger!!! The beginning of a beautiful Friendship???


Yes....I have been very critical of the Irving media and I even appeared in front of the Senate Committee blasting the Irving's Monopoly!

But I must give credit where it's due.

Every since the Fredericton Police Force raided my little place. The Irvings have been publishing some very good editorials supporting the Blogger!

Here's the one in today's paper!!! I had the two others but I did something wrong!

Here's today's

Police need to answer questions in blogger case


08 May 2012 03:31AM

The last time we wrote an editorial about local blogger Charles LeBlanc, we pondered who was the victim and who was the aggressor in the libel case against him.

And we asked readers to stay tuned, because it might be the courts that eventually answered that question.

But it turns out the court won’t be touching that question with a 10-foot pole.

On Friday we learned the Department of Justice would not proceed with the charge of criminal libel under section 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada, mainly because section 301 has been deemed unconstitutional in three provinces.

But the real issue is why there was a case in the first place. Was it revenge, incompetence, a lack of professionalism?

The Fredericton Police Force arrested Mr. LeBlanc and investigated him under section 301 back in January. A search warrant brought several officers to Mr. LeBlanc’s apartment, where they seized his computer, and handcuffed, arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and jailed him for about six hours.

It was big news, although the force and its chief, Barry MacKnight, barely uttered a public word about the very public search and seizure.

They withstood backlash from Mr. LeBlanc himself, plus questions and harsh criticism from legal experts, one city councillor and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

The fact that Mr. LeBlanc does not always know when to use discretion, or turn off his computer, gets under some people’s skin, and we can probably include the Fredericton Police Force in that group.

The force and Mr. LeBlanc have a history of mutual dislike. Last summer Mr. LeBlanc used a megaphone on the street outside the police station to badmouth the police, and he is alleged to have called a police officer a sex pervert in his blog — and those are just two among many other issues.

It was the sex accusation that led to the criminal libel case, just dismissed last week.

No doubt the officer in question was angry and wanted a solution. Who wouldn’t?

But when a person is suspected to have libeled another, the usual action is a civil lawsuit, not a criminal libel charge.

But suing Charles LeBlanc certainly wouldn’t have amounted to much in the way of vindication and punitive damages, since he has no fortune with which to part.

This whole case has a legal stench about it. We can’t help but pose a few questions to the Fredericton Police Force related to the conduct of its members and leadership:

• Why choose a section of the Criminal Code on which to base your case that has three times been flagged as unconstitutional?

• Was your thinking clear and unbiased when you made the decision to seek a search warrant?

• Did you go ahead with it, not because it was legally sound and justifiable, but because you could use your power to intimidate a man who slammed one of your police officers and who regularly pushes your buttons?

• Was the negative attention you’ve received for an obviously flawed decision worth the trouble you’ve caused Mr. LeBlanc?

• How much time and taxpayer money was spent on this fruitless case?

• How much communication was there between police and the Crown prosecutor’s office?

• How do you defend your reputation as a police force that is doomed without the public’s co-operation and respect?

The mayor has called for an independent review of the case, and to his credit, Chief MacKnight has agreed. We look forward to it.

We know Charles LeBlanc is no saint, but a review might elevate him from blogger to victim-turned-folk hero — surely not the desired outcome the Fredericton Police Force was seeking.

and other -

Copy of IMGP1853

So? To the Irvings? Merci Beaucoup!!...:)




For the past few months, my Rogers Bill went up for 85 bucks to 130!!!!

I believe that it was because I used way too much time to upload my videos.

I was going to stop uploading these videos because I just couldn't afford it!

50 bucks is a lot of money for this Blogger.

I believe it was a decision that might have come from the CRTC that would allow Rogers to increase the internet cost.

Anyway...it was bought up to my attention this evening that I'm paying rental to the new modem I received from Rogers and I'm also paying for the one the Cops have since January!!!

I will say this - I AM PISSED OFF!!!!!

I am paying for a modem that the Police with their high paying salaries have in their station???

Now??? Let me promise you one thing??? AND I MEAN IT!!!!

When those Cops bring my computer back? They better AND I MEAN BETTER have some money to pay the extra money on my Bill!!!

If they dare to say - NO???

I will have to appear in front of the new Council and explain why the City own me money!!!

This will be a case where the very little guy fights the heavyweight.

If you believe I'm bluffing???

I have this Message for the Cops -

Truly stay tuned!!!!

The National Union of Public and General Employees applauds decision to drop criminal libel charge against N.B. blogger!!!

NUPGE applauds decision to drop criminal libel charge against N.B. blogger


Libel charge against blogger who criticized a Fredericton police officer dropped.

Ottawa (07 May 2012) – The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) applauds the decision of crown prosecutors in New Brunswick to drop criminal libel charge against blogger Charles LeBlanc.

Libel cases are normally tried in civil court. However, a rarely used section of the Criminal Code allows police to press criminal charges. Section 301 of the Criminal Code says that someone who is found guilty of criminal libel charges can be imprisoned for up to two years.

Mr. LeBlanc, a community activist and critic of the Fredericton police force, was charged in January 2012, under Section 301 of the Criminal Code, for comments he posted on his blog about a city police officer.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), a group of legal scholars at the University of New Brunswick and NUPGE have all publicly questioned the charge against Mr. LeBlanc.

NUPGE argued that the charge violated Section 2 (b) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which protects the fundamental freedom of expression.

In fact, Section 301 of the Criminal Code has already been found to be unconstitutional by courts in three other provinces.

NUPGE also expressed concern that Mr. LeBlanc's arrest was not in the public interest because it would discourage other people from publicly criticizing the police, even when such criticisms are valid and would ultimately benefit the public.

NUPGE is pleased the charges against Mr. LeBlanc have been dropped but remains concerned that police continue to lay charges under Section 301 when several jurisdictions have ruled the law is unconstitutional.

NUPGE is now calling on the federal government to review this section of the Criminal Code and take the necessary legislative steps to ensure freedom of expression is protected and scarce public resources are not wasted on charges and prosecutions that are not in the public interest.


The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) is one of Canada's largest labour organizations with over 340,000 members. Our mission is to improve the lives of working families and to build a stronger Canada by ensuring our common wealth is used for the common good. NUPGE

Lawyer Steven Foulds and New Brunswick Blogger Charles LeBlanc face Media in Fredericton!!!


All the detail interview < ONLY HERE!! >

Fredericton Police Chief Barry MacKnight is interviewed by CBC Information Morning Host Terry Seguin about Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!

What do you think about this one???

Click below -

Monday, May 07, 2012

Bottle Drive Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Patient Heather Stewart from Fredericton set for June 2th!!!!!


Where: Hub City Auto Paints (23 Durelle Street)

o When: Saturday, June 2, 2012

o Time: 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

We are holding a bottle drive for Heather Stewart who was diagnosed in December 2011 with Stage 3 aggressive cancer. Heather has lost one breast to this cancer and is now going through Chemotherapy which is making her too sick to work. She has worked hard all her life and needs a little bit of help getting through this difficult time. So please collect all your bottles, and bring them over to Hub City Auto Paints (23 Durelle Street, off Bishop Drive. If you would like to donate bottles but can’t make it to the Bottle Drive please contact us at ftonbottledrive@hotmail.com to arrange a pick-up time. We will come to you at your convenience.

Also if you can please take the covers off the bottles, as the redemption center will not take bottles if the covers are on them.

Thank you!

CBC Super Journalist Jacques Poitras and Boy Wonder Ed Hunter interviews Blogger for Tonight News at 5:00pm or 6:00pm!!!


Interview this morning -

Television tonight -

New Brunswick Dental Society signed Contract!!!!


NB Dental Society - contract signed
: Société dentaire du NouveauBrunswick - contrat signé

 This is a good news day for the more than 51,000 Social Development clients who are eligible for dental services.
 Il s’agit d'une bonne nouvelle pour les quelque 51 000 clients de Développement social admissibles aux services dentaires.

 This contract achieves a good balance between managing the province’s finances responsibly and providing a deal that recognizes the important work of dentists. With this contract, we are enhancing the quality of life of our clients, while living within our means.
 Le contrat établit un bon équilibre entre la gestion responsable des finances du gouvernement et l'établissement d’une entente qui reconnaît l’important travail des dentistes. Grâce à ce contrat, nous améliorons la qualité de vie de nos clients tout en vivant selon nos moyens.
 Over the term of the contract the Department of Social Development will invest an estimated $21 million for dental services to clients of Social Development.
 Pendant la durée du contrat, le ministère du Développement social investira une somme estimative de 21 millions de dollars dans les services dentaires offerts à ses clients.

 Throughout the process, our goal has been to reach an agreement that was fair to the dental society and took into account the fiscal situation of the province. There have been twists and turns over the past several months, but at the end of the day we’ve come together in the best interest of the clients.
 Durant le processus, notre objectif était de conclure une entente qui soit juste pour la Société dentaire et qui tienne compte de la situation financière de la province. Ce dossier a connu plusieurs rebondissements au cours des derniers mois, mais en fin de compte, nous avons agi dans le meilleur intérêt des clients.

Full Moon rise in Fredericton...

Fredericton Information Morning host Terry Seguin questioned Woodside and Hayes about Blogger Charles LeBlanc case???

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Female Blogger Lands in Fredericton during the Super Full Moon!!!

Something tells me this one is a little more straight Forward with her views!!!..:P

Makes me look like a Saint!!!




So tell me this..how did this opinionated Quebecois idiot get so much power?

The former Sgt at Arms Boyd Ring was a very honourable and eficient, non power tripping individual.

What happened?

This dude is an ass clown, worthy of rebuke.

His perceived influence on the FPF is intolerable and needs to be discontinued immediately.

Premier elect Alward reads this blog and affords time to give Charles, The Blogger, interviews and an opportunity to spectate on what is going on in this province.

It is now time to review the effectiveness of this publicly funded person, namely, the Sgt of Arms.

As said, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck. What is this Bussiere's agenda anyway? Has he not crossed the line? Tax Payer John

Councillor Mike O'Brien and Blogger debate the issue of Boring Candidate for Mayor Lecture!!!