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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fredericton Candidate for Ward Six Ian LeTourneau wants to meet you!!!




I heard someone screaming and I quickly went for my weapon...opppsss...I mean my camera!!!

I saw the whole thing and the guy almost ran her baby over.

I could bring this to the Police.


But Racist Fredericton Police Chief made himself very clear that third Party complaint will only be accepted if they're against the less fortunate!!!


The real stuff or a fraud???


Didn't the producer have a nervous breakdown in California???

Walking around naked on the streets???


Why are the Eggs from Stanley the best???


I told the individual who sold me the eggs that they were the best!!

I can't seem to forget these eggs...leaves a craving for eggs....


Fredericton Downtown Sidewalks are not safe!!!


Many people are getting seriously injured!!!

Sunday is what in Fredericton???


Fredericton Police Force are making good money but are not doing their jobs in the Downtown Area!!!!

My song of the day....

Blogger needs a little vacation...


Saint John Mayor Ivan Court is confronted by the Blogger about the Transit system in Saint John!!!


Here's the Protesters -

Here's the Mayor!!!

Here's the rest -


Click below -

Here's the rest!!

ivan Click below -


Part one -


Click below -

car accident and car on its side at the corner of york and king college in Fredericton!!!

Got a picture? Email it to me at


Friday, April 20, 2012

BREAKING: Freddy MweneNgabo ends hunger strike in Fredericton after 40+ days!!!!


That's good News!!!! I was supposed to attend a News conference this morning that he was going to end the hunger strike but he cancelled.

Just minutes ago.....CTV Journalist Andy Campbell announced that it was over!!


High School Principal of North and South Esk Regional High School 37-year-old Kirk Matheson of Miramichi charged in Porn Charges!!!


I found out today, the idiot lives with his Parents which is located next door to the Miramichi Leader.

All the Irving Journalists noticed all the R.C.M.P. Cruisers next door so they rushed outside to snap some pictures.

They didn't have to go very far for a story eh???

A Principal??? So young!!! How did he go up the ladder so fast???

Hang the bastard!!!

Opppssssss....Innocent till proven guilty....:P

My song of the Day!!!

Celebrating 420 in Fredericton by smoking Marijuana in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


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UNB Law ProfessorJula Hughes on the arrest of Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!

Are the Fredericton Police allow to do anything they wish???


American Tourists might not come to Fredericton???


Ten Speed Charlie should plan another trip???


First Boat of the season!!!


Pick it up by Ducks Unlimited in the North Side!!!


Whick drink is good for you???


One of them cost 5 bucks!!!!

Fredericton Police Force don't care???


Hey Charles,

I just called the FPF to ask for their policy re: the suicide issue as posted on your blog by them and the name of the constable who was on your website for suicide liaison and ... Corporal Chandler had no idea who or what I was talking about and told me to call 911!!! I said I have no problem I just want to know the FPF policy and he said "Daniel Copp told you"!!! I guess that means Copp saying under oath in court 29th March there are no FPF policies and Huckins doesn't exist! Corporal Chandler called me "Sarah" even though I did not tell them who I am....then he hung up on me.

F,,,, Police.Tell people Huckins is a front and there is still no policy or interest in human life...

Am tipsy but the truth comes out.

Is Blogger Journalist Charles LeBlanc a Hero????


Check out Peter Dauphinee's Blog by clicking below - < Pretty good >

Justice Blog!!!

Peter Dauphinee has left a new comment on your post "It was EXACTLY 13 weeks ago this morning at 10:30a...":

As I have said before, Charles Leblanc is a hero for the work he does in reporting on and standing up for our civil rights.

The ongoing official harassment of Charles (behind hypocritical words of friendship or support from political authorities who have the power to do the right thing, right away) is an affront to justice and democracy. Every day it continues is a fresh lesson to citizens to NOT trust your police and NOT trust the people who were elected to safeguard our rights.

We will never be told the truth of what has happened here. This is not democracy. And democracy will never occur as long as we tolerate unaccountable and unrepresentative political authorities who hide behind formalism to avoid doing the right thing.

After a full three months of police "investigating" by pouring through his email and any private and confidential matters he may keep on his computer, Charles is still without his computer and still faces the possibility of fighting charges brought by a police force on a flimsy complaint of one of their own. As if any regular citizen could ever conceivably expect such protection at state expense!

The delay in the April 20 Court appearance, compounds the damage to Charles and gives rise to grave concerns that rather than do the right thing, the state may actually intend to somehow deepen the aggravation and persecution of a decent man who does a great service to the community.

For what it is worth, the trend toward arbitrary, undemocratic, authoritarian government is catching on. In Toronto, the trial of Byron Sonne (http://freebyron.org/index.php/Main_Page) has just concluded. Another outrageous abuse of authority.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

NB Power, Grand Lake Plant Stack Demolition !!

As CTV Journalist Nick Moore said tonight- It has seen his last sunrise!!! < Good line >


Jenn Wambolt continues interview with Blogger about the time she asked for Mental Help at the E.R. in Fredericton and was attack by Two R.C.M.P. Officers!!!


Click below -

Here's the rest -


Click below -


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Sally the "Wingnut" Brooks views on Fredericton Police Force Barry MacKnight!!!



I was thinking about the timing of the release of Brry MacKnight's letters tothe CCLA. They seem to have only pposted them on 4th April and I think they gave him and the GNB time to do the honourable thing and drop the charges. Since the honourable thing was not done I think the CCLA are now kicking in to expose this.
That is the only reason I can think the letters were not previoulsy published and if the CCLA have posted them you can always just send a linjk to their post if you don't want to publish the FPF replies. It is here: http://ccla.org/2012/03/07ccla-continues-to-deman-answers-in-frederictoncriminal-libel-case/

Thank you so much for listening to me today. You always apologise and say you talk more than listen but that is so not true. In you videos, emails, blogs and interviews you listen and you are entitled to also be heard - and peole like to hear what you have to say.

Hopefully this link wil take you to the CCLA page that offers links to both of MacKnight's letters....you may have to copy and paste it as I don'[t seem to be good at passing on live links...


Blogger Charles LeBlanc and Lawyer Steven Foulds speaks to the Media


When will Blogger get his computer back from the Fredericton Police??? In the year 2525????


Charles: So happy to hear the news that there will be no court tomorrow. We will have to start a letter-writing campaign to get your computer equipment returned.

(Not to forget that we still have another court date on May 23, 2012 at 1:30 for blow horn issues unless you have worked some magic to get rid of that one too.)

Good for you on the defamation one. I will be reading their excuses in the press.

Charles, I may not always agree with you and some of your ideas, (especially how you objectify women) but I know that you are a good man and have a good heart. Please do not give the police an excuse to harass you again. I think the public have its eyes opened on some of the things that go on in this City and by the way, the body language on Brad Woodside after Mark's talk at City Council was enough to show us all whose side he is on and it is definitely not on the environment or the less fortunate in this place. He is definitely part of the 99%.

Didn't mean to go on like this but sometimes I need to vent.

Good luck Charles - you had some good people behind you.

Best regards,

Shitting and Pissing on Dan Bussieres and the MLA's at the New Brunswick Legislature!!


It was EXACTLY 13 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that The Fredericton Police raided my little place!!!!


Everything was ok until 8 to 10 members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my place with guns!!!

Click below for sad story -

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Click below -

Still no speakers or my external Hard Drives....:(

Some News -

CCLA keeps watch as Fredericton Police Chief attends to information request
March 21st, 2012

The Fredericton Police Chief recently sent word to the CCLA that he intends to fulfill its Request for Information with respect to criminal defamation investigations in the jurisdiction.

On February 29th, 2012, following the arrest of blogger Charles LeBlanc under criminal defamation provisions, CCLA sent the Police Chief a formal Request for Information under New Brunswick’s Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act. CCLA asked for information on the number of criminal defamation investigations the Fredericton Police Force has undertaken in the last five years, as well as the number of criminal defamation charges it has laid and the disposition of those charges. The Police Chief’s office confirmed receipt of the faxed request on March 1, 2012. On March 7, 2012, CCLA received notice from the Police Chief that data is currently being gathered in view of responding to the formal request.

CCLA expects to receive a response within the required 30 days.
Read more on this case here.

Click below -


Any media who wish to talk to me about the delay in Court of my case? I'll be at Tim's Horton's on Regent Street with my lawyer at 10:00am!!!


I am very disappointed!!! The Fredericton Police could keep my computer and Monitor for months or years!!!

This is not right!!!

The Provincial Government must launch an inquiry in this case!!!

The Less fortunate in this City are in grave danger!!!!

I'll be at Tim's Horton at 10:00am if any media have any questions???