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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Citizen is VERY concern of the attitude of Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres against Blogger!!!


Well Charlie,

Here we are. The weekend is upon us again. Time to sit back, relax, put your feet up, watch the world go by, keep the odd eye out for some idiotic police servilence, suck back those beers that you picked up and tell the rest of the world to kiss your fat ass.

Because you can rest assured, old pal, that your old side kick, brother Dan, is doin' the same damn thing. IN SPADES!!!!

Intimidation, my friend, seems to be the boy's idea of exciting things to do.

As for a lawsuit against you, what to hell does he think he is gonna get out of you?

He's got one helluva bark, ain't he?

I would, none-the-less, from now on, if I were you, watch myself, very, very, very carefully at intersections, cross walks, side walks or just about anywhere you go.

Make sure you have your camera running at all times, my friend, as journalists of your high and esteemed stature always do anyway.

I mean, really, what to hell more can you say about some idiot who who takes it upon himself to be judge, jury and executioner of someone riding down the street on his bicycle, minding his own damn business, enjoying a nice sunny day, simply and solely because he is riding on the sidewalk.

And, on top of all that, when trial day arrives, he don't even have the balls to show up as the prosecution's star witness.

Speaks volumes to me, my boy. He, quite obviously to everyone, has far, far more time on his hands than you do.

And I can see the day coming, Charlie, in the not too distant future, when he is gonna lay some sort of lawsuit or another against Santa Claus for flyin' too damn close too the legislature dome, or even for the reindeer shittin' all over the lawn. IT'S GONNA HAPPEN, MARK MY WORDS!!!

And, as is evidenced by history, my friend, having a title after your name does not, at all, make you a complete asshole. As we all can recall very clearly from a number of years ago, a highly regarded employee of the provincial government in the province of Quebec, took it upon himself to enter the legislative chamber of the Quebec legislature, where sat one Denis Lortie.

In the Speakers chair firing of round after round from a sub-machine gun, stood there and talked to this gunman, soldier to soldier, and never once flinched in the process.

And he succeeded in calming him down and getting him outta there.

This man just so happened, at the time, to carry the title of Sergeant-at-Arms and was considered then, and is even today, a national hero.

Which only goes to show us, old buddy, that not all Quebecois Sergeants-at-Arms are complete idiots and tyrants. FAR, FAR FROM IT!!!!

Love ya Buddy.

i-Rock Bouncers in Fredericton goes after Blogger!!!


Wow!!! This hasn't happened since the Liberal Christmas Party!!!

Will blog more later!!

City Municipal Candidate Cindy Myles orders????

I guess the New Brunswick Liberal Party haven't change at all!!!

Click below for story when the last time I was at the i-rock and the Liberals sent bouncers to beat me up!!!

Liberals wish to battle the less fortunate???

Bring it on!!!!

Bouncers goes after Blogger!!!

P.S If you are a high ranking member of the Liberal Party and you're reading this? Please find out what's going on because the last time it happened in 2007? I made it an election issue in 2010 and I promise and I mean PROMISE that I will make it an election issue again with the new Liberal Leader and in the next election election of 2014!!!

But...If we're dealing with snobs? I will once again be ignore and the WAR will be on in 2014!!!

Stay tuned!!!

It's 10:00am and I never received any email on this issue from the Liberals....To show that I mean business? I will confronted the Liberal MLA;S on this Fascist issue next week at the Legislature!!!

Blogger needs HUGE Stress Reliever!!!!


I can't afford it but I must do what a Blogger must do!!!

A cop coming at my Place last weekend and a bunch of them today???

I might add that I had a VERY hectic day!!

Plus my BIG day is set for Friday morning at 9:30am!!1

...and tyrant Dan Bussieres didn't help the situation....

I need to relax.....

So here comes the beers!!!!


If you're suicidal? Cst Phil Huckins from the Fredericton Police Force wants to talk to you!!!

Met him today and a very nice person to talk with so if you're down on life?

Give him a call....

Click below -

Fredericton Police goes after Monkey at the Farmer's Market!!

Picture 042

Will get more info later.....

Hot in Fredericton....


Suicider note gets replied!!

I'm just not going to touch this issue and I was told that this little note that I blogged could have saved the poor soul life.....

No more suicide stories in this blog!!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The monks have return to Fredericton!!!!


Biologist Minister Bruce Fitch will save water from Shale Gas in New Brunswick!!!!

Very good sales at River Valley Footwear on Queen Street in Fredericton!!!


I am not one for movies but I must see this one!!!

Sitting benches are out in Fredericton!!! Beautiful weather just around the corner!!!


Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres threatened Blogger on the streets of Fredericton!!!!!


Just happened 30 minutes ago.....I told you that I should have stayed home on Friday the 13th!!!!


I'm going to the Police with this one!!!!

Here's a video -

May God protect the Blogger on this Friday the 13th!!

Picture 240

I always seem to have bad luck on this day!!


My song of the day!!!

Finance Minister Blaine Higgs is asked about the Pension issue in Saint John!!!!

The David Alward Government will help Voice Print to re-locate!!!

This is Voice Print. A place where the physically Handicap can read their News!


Click below -

Getting ready for the hot summer protest against Shale Gas in New Brunswick!!!!


Made this one yesterday with Bruce Northrup....

Click below -

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What does this means anyway????


Titanic sank 100 years ago tonight!!!!

Pere Emery Brien 1


Matthew Hayes unveils transportation agenda!!!

April 12, 2012
Matthew Hayes unveils transportation agenda

This week, mayoral candidate Matthew Hayes held three campaign events to release the details of two platform points, Public Transit and Walkability. He spent Tuesday and Thursday morning by the King’s Place Mall, discussing with residents about Fredericton’s current transit system.

“Fredericton is a small city with big city traffic,” he said. “I see an opportunity to increase ridership on Fredericton transit, which would help reduce traffic at rush hour and save everybody money.”

Currently, only 3.7 per cent of Frederictonians use public transit to commute to work. Hayes wants to raise that percentage to at least 10 per cent. This potential could be reached by addressing the issues residents have with the transit system.

“Right now, the transit schedule is designed to cover a growing suburban base, which increases the operational costs of the bus system without providing incentives to use it,” Hayes says.

“As mayor, I would work to reorganize this system. I would be City Hall’s champion of transit.”

In front of the Devon Plaza on Thursday, Hayes also outlined his plan for improving Fredericton’s pedestrian base. “Fredericton is very pedestrian-friendly, but there is always room for improvement.”

He pointed out Union Street as an example. “The recurring concern that arises among residents here is how in 1.7 kilometres, there is nowhere for pedestrians to cross the street.”

These major thoroughfares are the places that City Hall needs to reconsider in their transportation agenda, Hayes says.

For more information on Matthew Hayes and his campaign, visit www.hayesformayor.ca.
Media contact

To arrange an interview with Matthew Hayes, contact:

Alix Saulnier


(506) 476-6929
Matthew Hayes for Mayor

Where am I?


Hello Charles.

Have you ever watched those folks that walk, head down, eyes glued to their electronic world?

Man, thats scary stuff.Texting, talking,watching movies.


You just have to wonder if they know where they are and how they got there sometimes. I wonder how many bump into things, or worse have near clashes with cars, buses etc as they cross streets etc..scary stuff.

How about Facebook..the new all around soap opera for all, Gossip central,old time party phone line,time waster extraordinaire?

Wonder how much time is "spent" on this daily, let alone whats wasted in cyber loafing on the bosses quarter at work? Crazy times.

Seems we are getting more American by the week, here in little NB.Whats next?

Wonder how many actually cook and clean anymore, what with all the time posting,waiting for replies and on and on? How about those parents and their kids, which gets the most attention?

Post it, await the reply..meantime little Johny has crossed the street without being seen,scary stuff.


Kinda like a scene from the Jetsons, minus the flying cars, yet.


I suppose all those natural gas zillions that the Government talk about, not unlike the Clampets finding oil, of Beverly Hills fame, will bring flying cars with all the other "riches" to NB.


Makes one wonder whats next? Ever get behind one of those "buzy" types in line at the Walmart? Texting, looking for the plastic card to pay with, meanwhile back to the texter, then mis cues the card number repeatedly, BUT all attention is fully given to the device when it chimes a new message incoming?

Crazy crazy stuff.

Well, that may be enough of this seemingly geriatric rant.Just thought id throw that your way, im sure you see a lot of it daily as you make your rounds.

Have a great day.

Signed, pen and paper still work on the farm.

How come the main stream media haven't covered the closing of the Billing Centre at NB POWER???


This is going to affect over 3,000 people!!

Where's the media????

Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature Carl Urquhart is confronted by the Blogger about Fascist Agenda at the People's House!!!


Click below - < Funny >

Government Services Minister Craig Leonard is confronted by the Blogger about his new Job!!!


Click below -

Devil Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres walks the streets at night in Fredericton???


It was EXACTLY 12 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that The Fredericton Police Squad raided my little place!!!!


Everything was ok until 8 to 10 members of the Fredericton Police Force raided my place!!!

Click below for sad story -

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Click below -

Still no speakers, monitor, keyboard, modem or my external Hard Drives....:(


The Police or Crown still haven't charge me with anything!!! Still waiting and it's driving me nuts because I have LOTS to blog about when this is over!!! I'll find out when I show up in Court on April 20th at 9:30am!!!!

Stay tuned!!

Here's an story a Fisherman wrote about the raid -


Simply Amazing Charles,

It wasn’t until I read a few of the latest comments by some of you contributors that I became aware of the “Paid Duty” aspect of what happens at the legislature. I checked into this for accuracy and sure enough.

I had been wondering how it was that the Sergeant at Arms Dan Bussieres, had that much power over these police officers. The officers all appeared to be running and jumping like, “petit marionette.” I hadn’t really seen police officers do that before. “For such trivial matters as Charles’s existence on a piece of public property, when he really wasn’t doing anything other than clearly blogging / reporting news.” For a police officer to be enforcing a property ban, whether it was legitimate or not, seemed a trivial thing to be doing when Charles wasn’t doing anything. He wasn’t harassing any public servants. On every one of these encounters he was trying to capture a story from an MLA, so he could blog to the issue at hand. I now see why. If someone is prepared to pay off duty wages to hang around and chase away Charles, then I guess that’s why Charles has been confronted so affirmatively.

For the police officer the extra cash is great. That would be a nice “paid duty”. But it’s when the paid duty becomes a public disgrace for public viewing, like in the cases when Charles videos his encounters, that’s when the paid duty becomes something else altogether. (Nightmare)

The scenario will be on the Chief’s desk before morning. That’s the first thing the Chief does. He wants to know what happened over night that he is going to have to answer for. He needs this matter looked into and a briefing prepared so he can answer for it. This means the officer involved has to be brought in and questioned, and depending on the circumstances, the officer feels the pressure associated to the situation immediately.

For Officer Fred L’Ouiseau that nightmare came when he had to answer to the Chief, or at least the Deputy as to why he confronted Charles to the extent he did. He had identified himself as a police officer for Fredericton and of course the Blogged video shows the rest. (Chief wants answers) (No fun for the officer).... It doesn’t matter who is at fault here... The Fredericton Police Force have to wear the EGG, and shit flows downhill.

Let’s move on to the bicycle caper. >>>>>

Of course Police Officer Fred L’Ouiseau was calm and appeared professional. He was the instigator and he knew he was on video. He was getting his pound of flesh. Nobody said that Fred L'Ouiseau was a dummy. Far from it. He's no doubt cagier than a fox. But he's a punk for doing what he did, when he was obviously doing something else more important. He had responded with three other cruisers to another issue of no doubt more importance. He saw his victim. He also knows that Charles has issues with ADHD, and knows this is likely to set Charles off. Only punks do that, and of course if you were in a school yard you would be called a bully....

What I was surprised with, is that Charles managed not to do anything other than to run off at the mouth. He somehow regained his composure to some degree, and didn't get hauled in for disturbance. I'm pleased he didn't, but the fact is that the police bully had already gotten his pound of flesh (ticket) and he was happy inside.

Officer Fred L’Ouiseau had a good day that day, or at least for the moment. The Chief is going to see that blog and he isn’t going to be happy. I know what the Chief is going to say, and so do the rest of you. Here is the CHIEF.... “Why would you get yourself into a confrontation with Charles Leblanc, knowing full well he is going to make us look bad....”Real Bad”. And for what, “a bicycle infraction”, a municipal by-law violation.”

The Chief would be pulling his hair out.........LOL

Then we have the blow horn caper. The Fredericton City Police were not going to do a darn thing until the complaints came in from across the street and they had to act. That’s why they bargained with you Charles. I don’t think they were really trying to put you away. It all looked bad, when you ended up spending a few days for that one, but at least they made up for it when they helped you out with the plea bargain. That’s not a matter to appeal. That’s a situation that you should thank your lucky stars. It’s now over and you got nothing.

The next issue is where you have the right to stomp your feet and more and I’m glad you have.

Right or wrong, I believe a pattern has developed, that the Fredericton City Police are going to have to apologize for.

They have allowed the emotions of one of their officer's to boil over and create this mess. He is the person who lodged a complaint against Charles. Without his complaint they wouldn’t have gone near you. It obviously wasn’t looking good for the police officer, who had to explain his foolishness to the CHIEF at least twice now.... He's pissed now.

Freddy olde boy has no doubt been blaming this whole thing on Charles and has been stomping up and down that he was called a ??????, a quebecquois, a facist and a gestapo, but is totally unprepared to take any heat for his actions. That’s the behaviour of a school yard bully.

He got off on the complaint that was made by Charles that he .... Charles in the ....., but he knows this is going to come back up in court on traffic ticket day....

Now... How does Officer Freddy L'Oiseau have that much clout over the FPF for them to pull last weeks escapade???.... I’m not sure what the answer for that one is, but it’s there. Common sense says it has to be. Did the CHIEF not know or was he away.....??? One thing is for sure, he has been answering for it ever since.

For the Chief , it would be “no backing down now troops. Half of his police force was involved in this faux pas and we look like hell.

That is an answer for the courts I guess... Over zealous police forces or police officers are crucified in the courts on matters like this and the Dept of Justice knows that.

Do they think all of the evidence won't come out? The police may think they can compartmentalize these issues, but the truth is everything will come out and regardless of how and what Charles looks like, the police look just as bad. They are the ones in authority and clearly they have bullied Charles this last few time. It’s on tape. The complaint doesn’t lye. It was L’Oiseau that lodged the complaint.

Not a good case to take to court, I assure you, and on the balance of probability as to conviction the DOJ will shut this down, if they haven't already.....

I know they don't run the investigations but they don't like the bad publicity.

They will likely wait until April for the court date to arrive and then try and plea bargain with Charles.. "But not this time"...

The Fredericton Police can recover from this, I’m certain. They need only stop what they are doing. They need to conclude this matter as unfounded, just like they did with Charles’ complaint of getting kneed in the ....... They need to look Officer L’Oiseau in the face and set him straight on the facts of real life. If they don’t do it today, how are they ever going to control this officer in the future. They don’t have to tell anyone how they dealt with their employee. They just need to conclude this right now. Court Day will be too late....... more later......

The Fisherman

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside is always calm.....


Saint John Mayor Ivan Court is confronted by the Blogger about the Irvings!!!!


Click below -

Here's the rest!!

ivan Click below -


Part one -


Click below -

Is the Trial of former Saint John councillor John Ferguson a good thing or a Soap opera???


What's going on here anyway???

Lawyers are going to make a killing!!!

My song of the day.....

Fredericton Hunger striker Freddy Mwenengabo rushed to Hospital!!!

This is a strange one indeed!!!


Awesome yard sale at 314 Willingdon (top of smythe st) - wicker furniture
- she's moving and has fabulous stuff. Starts at 7 am. It's on kijiji.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - IT'S OFFICIAL!!! Fredericton Councillor Tony Whalen will not re-offer in Ward 8 will not re-offer!!!


Made this one this morning!!!

Click below -


Minister Craig Leonard defends his Executive Assistant Jacob Baisley during interview with Blogger!!!!!

Made this one yesterday....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matthew Hayes for Mayor - Campaign Events



Matthew Hayes for Mayor - Campaign Events

WHAT: Matthew Hayes, mayoral candidate for Fredericton, is holding two campaign events this week, during which he will highlight his platform points on Public Transit and Walkability. There will be opportunity at these events to interview and photograph Hayes.

WHO: Matthew Hayes is a passionate Frederictonian with a responsible and positive vision for our city. He has a track record of leadership in the public sector and works with grassroots community groups. In the 1990s he worked in Parliament and currently teaches about economics, politics, and how globalization affects local communities. Like many New Brunswickers who have returned to the province, Hayes wants to be part of a community where we want to raise children, where people know and trust their neighbours, and where healthy lifestyles are part of the very fabric of the city. His Fredericton roots run deep.

WHEN: Canvassing – Thursday, April 12th, 2012 from 8:00 to 9:00 AM

A Conversation with Matthew Hayes – Thursday, April 12th, 2012 at 2:00 PM

WHERE: Canvassing – Kings Place Mall, 440 King Street

A Conversation with Matthew Hayes – New England Pizza, Devon Plaza, 612 Union Street

WHY: Public Transit – Fredericton is a small city with big city traffic issues. Currently, the transit system is designed to take infrequent and inconvenient routes to the downtown hub. There is an opportunity to make transit the better choice, not the last choice, by revising this approach.

Walkability – Fredericton is organized in a way that demands residents to drive everywhere and spend increasingly on gas. By making Fredericton’s infrastructure more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly, Hayes wants to encourage a more affordable and active lifestyle.
Media contact

To schedule an interview with Matthew Hayes, please contact Alix Saulnier, alix.saulnier@gmail.com, (506) 476-6929

Matthew Hayes for Mayor


2 females available golden retriever mix with black lab pups come with 1st needles dewormed 3 times raised in the house with 5 kids born Feb 9 2012 ready to go asking $100.00 If interested you can email me at lisachamberlain@hotmail.ca

DSCF9264 (Large)DSCF9268 (Large)



Scary stuff especially a lot of people showed up for a good debate on this emotional issue.

The resolution was read and it was seconded and over in 1:06...tout fini!!!

No debate no nothing!!!

I interview Councillor Stephen Kelly this afternoon and here's his words -


Click below -

Here's the vote!!!! SHORTEST ONE ON RECORD???

But not one single Councillor said a word tonight!!!...more videos and pictures to come...

Mayor Brad Woodside meets the media afterwards!!!!