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Saturday, March 24, 2012



Blogger to protest with a new style of Blowhorn at the New Brunswick Legislature next week!!!


The NDP leadership Convention is very slow to vote via the Information Highway!!!


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Huge changes in Fredericton during the last 48 hours!!!

48 hours ago!!






What is it???

I don't know....:(

I received this email this morning...

You don't know me but I'm a long time follower.
There's going to be an event at City Hall today (outside) at 12:00 noon. You should be there with your camera. I'm not associated with it but I know someone associated with it. It's not a protest or anything but should be fun :)

Since I have been fighting with the Cops? I wasn't sure if this was a joke???

I might add that I received a few nasty emails lately.....so I showed up 5 minutes late but I got this!!

I didn't what to expect??? A hit-man??? Many Hit-men???

I noticed people watching towards City Hall so I put my camera on!!!


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So what is this all about anyway???

Please tell!!!

Kim Kardashian and Charles LeBlanc!!!



Kim Kardashian and Charles LeBlanc
Posted on March 24, 2012

OK, now that you read the headline, what on earth do Charles and the Kardashain’s have in common? The simple fact is publicity! Kim is not pressing charges against the woman who threw flour on her. WHY? Because doing so would further the lady’s protest about anti-furs.

The Fredericton Police were not smart enough to realize this. If Cst Fred L’Oiseau and his boss Chief Barry McKnight had settled this like gentlemen, it wouldn’t have shown the rest of Canada what an incompetent police force we have in Fredericton. Gentlemen, I can drop off my daughter’s used gossip magazines if you need a lesson or two in publicity management.

I talked to Charles about his involvement with the Freddy Police and said speculated that there would be no charge of criminal libel, why, because any idiot knows that usually a charge like this brings more attention than good. Remember the fictional characters Bob and Doug MacKenzie? They put a dead mouse in a beer bottle to get free beer from the company? In these cases, if prosecution follows, it will cause more damage to a company even if it is NOT true. Maybe the Chief should watch COPS more to get a few tips!

If you don’t know the Charles Leblanc story, Google him or search my posts on him.

Kim K. calls flour bomber ‘bully’

By WENN.com

Kim Kardashian has spoken out against the woman who attacked her with flour during a red carpet appearance on Thursday, insisting the incident was a form of bullying.

The reality TV star was promoting her new fragrance, True Reflection, at a charity event for women’s organisation Dress For Success at the London Hotel in West Hollywood when an unidentified animal rights campaigner threw white powder at her as she posed for photos and chatted to reporters.

The socialite, who was targeted over her love of fur, admits she was stunned by the incident but she was determined to brush herself off and return to the event out of respect for the party’s organizers and their guests.

She tells TMZ.com, “What was sad about the event was we were supporting Dress For Success… I didn’t want their organization to be overshadowed by this… It’s just sad when someone, you know, whatever your beliefs are, if you’re acting in a violent way and doing something that is illegal, that’s not OK and that’s bullying and I don’t promote that.”

The attacker was detained by police but Kardashian declined to press charges – because she’s got too many other legal issues to resolve.

She quips, “Don’t I have one too many lawsuits going on right now? Do you think I really need to add another one? I mean I thought about it, but to be honest, it would have taken (too long). I would have had to go down there (to the police station), wasted about an hour and a half of the event… and I didn’t wanna hold up the event, so it was really me respecting other people’s time, even though I don’t think that someone like that should get away with those types of actions.”

Kardashian has now vowed to employ extra security guards to protect her from any similar incidents in future, but she insists the animal rights activist’s messy protest won’t stop her from wearing fur: “What I choose to do in my personal life, I think is a personal choice and that’s that… At the end of the day, if you’re trying to promote non-violence towards animals, why are you trying to be violent towards humans?”

The good old days...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Where is this located???


Went all over the building but nobody was home...:(

Fredericton Police Force and Dan Bussieres hard at work for the taxpayers of Fredericton!!


Fredericton Police Force are good....

Hi Charles,

I found out what the Fredericton City Police are good at. When we had the power outage today they were really good at directing the traffic! They should stick to what they are good at...

Have a great weekend


Where was this picture taken???


Fredericton Municipal Election is in full swing!!!


Let it be fair and fun!!!



Power goes out in Fredericton!!! CITY IS LIKE THE SAHARA DESERT!!!!


Snobby Fredericton Airport Strikers hits the Downtown area but still refuse to tell the public what they are striking about????


OK Charlie. I am "who is that woman" and no, I am not a union leader, just a staff person. The reason I do not speak on behalf of the union members is because they are always in a better position to speak on their behalf. I try to stay out of the media, because it's the story of the employees who work at the Fredericton Airport, it is not my story. It is the story of those who are presently on strike. They are not asking for 75% or 100% wage increase. Had they stayed with Transport Canada, they would be making $10,000 to $15,000 more than they are now. They are asking to make the same wages as the Moncton and Saint John airport employees who settled their contract just recently. They don't want to lose their sick leave or other benefits that they presently have. They are sick and tired of being bullied day after day by this CEO. These are good people Charlie, they are your neighbours, they are not snobby but they have endured years of abuse. An employee was taken to the hospital by ambulance because he was sick only to be fired by the employer when his wife opened the door to a cab carrying his termination papers. They refer to be fired as being cabbed. This happened again only a few weeks ago. This employer will try anything to break the union. They may not speak much, but you have to wonder why and believe me it is not because they are snobs, it is because they have been and are being bullied. You've always fought for the underdog, don't stop now. Call the members of the Board of Director for the Fredericton Airport, who also may be bullied and tell them to stand up to David Innes and put an end to this strike. Merci.

I'm a strong supporter of the Union but this bunch is something else!!!

I chatted with someone who told me they wanted a 100% raise in their pay. I guess it would bring them up to $75,000 per year!!!

Weirdest bunch of strikers I ever met!!

Here's today's video -

Here's the blog from last week!!


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We all know that I'm a Union supporter so therefore I was very surprise of the attitude of the Strikers at the Fredericton Airport.

I was asked to cover their strike so I decided to go but maybe I should have stayed home???

Who's this woman???


She was a Leader for the Union but wouldn't give me any comments!!!

I showed up and one said- - OHH..It's you....and turned their back on me....


Not sure what they meant by that line???

I told someone - Are we dealing with Snobs Striking Workers here???


If I would have had my own Vehicle? I would have quickly left the area but c'est la Vie!!!

What are they striking about??? I heard they wanted a 75% raise??? Is this true???

They're want to be paid - $75,000 per year??

Is this true???

What's the story in this case???

Please let me know....

The Union organized a little support the Union Day < I think? > but who's the genius who sets this up for 5:00pm when all the media goes home???

The Irvings were there!!!


Just a Beautiful Day in Fredericton yesterday!!!


Occupy Politics: Getting the Democracy We Want in New Brunswick!!


Occupy Politics: Getting the Democracy We Want in New Brunswick!!

7:30pm until 10:00pm

Public Forum - Come out and have your say!

Many New Brunswickers are working for social and ecological justice. Too often, politics are a barrier, rather than a help, to these efforts. How can this change? Participate in the discussion.

Jean-Claude Basque, Common Front for Social Justice,
Matthew Hayes, Occupy New Brunswick, Our Fredericton,
Julia Linke, Anti-Fracking activist,
David Coon, CCNB Action,
Roy Ries, Democracy for NB
Leah Levac, Renaissance College

Hosted by the Green Party of NB.

The annual sugar bush will be held at Kings Landing Historical Settlement from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, and Sunday, March 25. A pancake breakfast will be served each day from 8:30 until 1:30 p.m. to support the York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue!!!!

The York Sunbury Ground Search and Rescue needs your help!!!

Click below for website -

Annual sugar bush to be held at Kings Landing

I went there last weekend and had a wonderful time!!

Click below for a couple of videos -


Go for a nice walk at King's Landing!!