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Saturday, March 10, 2012

What the hell is this???


ATTN: Manager/Owner

Hello how are you doing today my name is Jason Scott My Dad birthday
is coming up on the 24th of March and i will like to place an order for
150 grilled chicken salad in individual pack for the 150 guest, it
will be pick up by 3pm on the given date and i will like to inform you
that am ready to make the full payment with my credit card today so
can i know the total cost for the order plus tax.....get back to me
with this following information below.
Restaurant address:
Personal cell number:
Total cost for my order plus tax:
Type of the credit card you accept:


Serving the best Meat in Fredericton????


Does Minister of Energy Craig Leonard fly now???

Where was this picture taken???


Vehicle just hit a Pole across from the Bucket Club!!!

Just heard it on the scanner...

Beth Fellows is still remembered in Fredericton


Made this one yesterday -


She must have had her last walk in this area....



Watch this video -



Click below for website -

Please help Baby Avery!!!

Baby Avery is the new son of Holly McKay & Jeff Brown. On January 30th, 2012 he was born, 13 weeks+ early than he was suppose to be born. Avery is currently in the NICU at the DECH. Unfortunately, Holly & Jeff don't have a whole lot for Baby Avery when he comes home as this was very unexpected.

The event will be held on March 10th, 2012 at Winners Lounge (Tier 2) on the exhibition grounds from 12-4.

AVON, Tupperware, Epicure, Brace Yourself, Little Lexis Bowtique, Lastasia, Hats & Things, Eco Freak,The Twins Cozy, Nothing to Yarn About, Little Miss Tutu, Arbonne, It Works, Massages, etc.

We also have donations from many local businesses to raffle off. Tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5 or 10 for $10. If you're a business & would like to get involved in this fundraiser, please feel free to contact me.

Love For Baby Avery - Benefit/Fundraiser 12-4pm (was rescheduled to today because of a storm).

Baby Avery is the new son of Holly McKay & Jeff Brown. On January 30th, 2012 he was born 3 months premature. Avery is currently in the NICU at the DECH. Unfortunately, Holly & Jeff don't have a whole lot for Baby Avery when he comes home as th

is was very unexpected. This benefit/fundraiser will be to help this family with extra expenses while Baby Avery is in hospital but also to help them prepare for his arrival home.

Currently 20 local vendors will be on site at Winner's Lounge (Upstairs) . A bake sale will also be taking place & a HUGE raffle as well donated by many generous companies here in the Fredericton area. To get a list of the vendors so far & a list of donators, please see the "Love For Baby Avery - Benefit/Fundraiser" event on Facebook for more details.

What a waste of trees......


Friday, March 09, 2012

It was exactly 4 years I face death by Maudit Quebecois!!!!


Originally uploaded by Oldmaison
I found this old blog....lol....

This is one time that all of my five ADHD brains were focus on one issue...lol


Originally uploaded by Oldmaison.
Charles being naive, not observant or just plain stupid?


I don’t know?

Anyway, I was outside of the City and noticed a snowmobile pulling a skier up a hill.

I told the guy to stop the car so I could take a few pictures.

I walked up the hill and I noticed a group of youths.

I began chatting with them until I noticed a very strong French accent.

I quickly said - You from Quebec?

Yes, they were all from Quebec.

I quickly replied- Ahhh..... Tous des maudit Quebecois!!!

They were all from the Canadian Army.

So? I explain to them that I was a blogger and if they would go up the hill so I could take a few shots for my blog?

Now? This is where it gets interesting!!!!

I taught the guy on the snowboard was just going to ski like a water skier would do in the water.


He would zig zag down the hill with the two dogs following close by.
Good shot eh?

Well???? I was 100% wrong!!!

The snowmobile began coming down the hill and he was going faster and faster.


I might add that the guy wasn’t zig zagging!!

The driver was moving very fast and the guy was right behind him.

I could tell by the look on the driver’s eyes that he was concentrating on the road ahead of him and he was moving very very very fast!!!


I wasn’t certain where he was going?

I began thinking - Is this payback time for saying - Les Maudit Quebecois????

It was too late for me to move because I wasn’t sure what was going on???

I was in the middle of a field with no where to jump on turn?? For once my ADHD would be no good to me in this situation.

If I moved right or left? That machine would hit me head on and it would be Bye Bye Charles!!!!

I said to myself - This is it!!!! It’s over!!!!

At the last second, the guy let go of the rope and headed towards a man made ski jump!!!


The snowmobile missed me by inches!!!! I took one last shot!


I never noticed the ski jump and I missed a good shot!!!!

My God? I almost took a heart attack.

I began laughing telling the youths that I didn’t know what was going on???

They were nice enough to do the routine one last time and this time around I took a nice shot of the guy jumping freely in the sky!


Lesson well learn!!!! I will never say to a bunch of youths - Les Maudit Quebecois in a open field again!!!! lol

By the way? They were a nice bunch of kids!!!!

Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres new security set for the end of March!!!


Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms Dan Bussieres in training for the many Tee Pees to be set up at the New Brunswick Legislature to Protest against Shale Gas!!!


Where is this Journalist these days???


Blogger heading for a Depression???


This is my 3rd evening in a row that I didn't go for my walk!!!

I wonder what's wrong???

Just want to stay home...:(

Computer and Television!!

Where's that Moosehead Movie????


Where is this guy these days???


Who is Brian Irving,the general manager of the Saint John Industrial Parks???


I never heard of the guy until he hit the news this week. He wants to be able to float products from West Saint John to the rest of the world.

One question??

I never heard of this guy before.

Any relation to the Irving Billionaire Family???

Does anyone out there know???

Please let me know...

Idiot driver in Fredericton!!!


Which one is better??


Someone grabbed my camera from my pouch and took this shot...



Riding a Bicycle across the walking Trail Bridge in Fredericton!!!

Bathurst Mothers To Appear before NB EUB Hearing on 15 Passenger Vans Say Hearing a Turning Point in Canadian Transportation History!!!!


View presentation on line at http://www.VanAngels.ca

(Bathurst, NB - March 9, 2012) - Two mothers from Bathurst who lost
their sons in the Boys In Red tragedy four years ago will appear
before a public hearing in Saint John Monday morning to object to a
PEI company's application for a permit to use 15 passenger vans to
transport students in NB and PEI.

The mothers say the 15 passenger vans used by Advanced Shuttle Services
are "death traps" that were never designed to transport human beings.
They also object to the PEI company's use of Class 4 licensed drivers
who do not have the training, skills development and experience of the
professional, unionized, Class 2 drivers employed by Acadian Coach

Isabelle Hains and Ana Acevedo released their presentation to the New
Brunswick Energy and Utilities Board on their website www.VanAngels.ca
today. They say it took the deaths of eight people in Bathurst on
January 12, 2008 to focus the country's attention on the dangerous of
15 passenger vans and they do not want their sons' deaths to be in

"We believe that this application for a permit to use 15-passenger vans
to transport passengers in NB and PEI represents a turning point in
Canadian transportation history. In this hearing today we have an
opportunity to shape the future of safe passenger transportation and
for New Brunswick to become a symbol of the new direction our country
must take. "

- 30 -

For further information, please contact:

Isabelle Hains and Ana Acevedo
Tel: 506-546-6370
Email: info@vanangels.ca



Even students were denied entry at the New Brunswick Legislature....I might add there are other people who are Banned without providing the evidence!!

Click below -

Here's the results -

Should New Brunswick Legislative Clerk Loredana Catalli Sonier resign from her post???

Of course she should because she lied to the media!!!

37 (51%)

Of course not because that would leave Fascist Dan Bussieres all alone!!!!

7 (9%)

Her position should be eliminated because it cost way too much money!!

8 (11%)

Who is she?????

20 (27%)

Here's the blog I wrote -

I'm still upset that the Clerk broke the Privacy Law in this Province.

The day that I was release from Jail?

She phoned the CBC and told the Journalists of how of a bad person that I was close to 6 years ago!!!

She even told the CBC audience that I assaulted a security guy!!! That was a complete Lie!!! Why did she lied??? Why??? What did she plan to gain by phoning the CBC??? Lots of questions!!!

Listen to her words!!

Click below -

Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and legislature blast Blogger!!!

Of course, I couldn't believe it once I heard her words on CBC so I asked for qual time!!!

Here's my views -

Blogger fights back against Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick!!!

Of course, I made a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner < A waste of time > and they told me the Clerk is allowed to break privacy laws.

It was one year ago that tragedy hit Japan....:(


There's nothing on television...I pray that everything is ok????


There are two sets of parents in New Brunswick!! One for coaching and the other at home!!!


Lately, I have been hearing a lot of stories about Coaches and Parents.

I guess Parents Allen and Tisha LeBreton in Hampton were all upset because a coach grabbed their son.


Click below for story -

Parents say 14-year-old son assaulted by hockey coach

Well....I coached Goalies for for to 10 years and yes I did grabbed my goalies once in a while if I noticed they weren't paying attention.


I would coached Provincial Teams and before the season began I had a little meeting with my goalies. I was very straight forward. I promised them that if they listen to my training? They would become very good goalies and sure enough they did!!!

It was very hard training but they loved it!!!

While in Saint John, I only coached for one year because there was too much politics in hockey.


I had the same problem in Memramcook where a young kid point blank told me - I don't have to listen to you because my Father is Vice President of the Hockey Association.

This Parent had power and I wanted to cut his son because they scored 7 goals on him. He just wouldn't listen.

At the end, he was cut and a drunken Father told me - I will never forget what you did to my son. There will be some changes here next year.

Sure enough, the next year, I was told that I wasn't allowed to coach the goalies in hockey but after the parents revolted? I was asked to return.

In Saint John, I remember we made the Provincial Championship and one goalie wasn't up to par so I told the coach to bench the Goalie.

The Coach quickly told me that he wasn't going to bench the goalie because of orders from the Father who was involved in the Saint John Minor Hockey Association.

I told the Coach - I know my Goalies and if we lose the Game? < Semi Finals > Don't blame me!

We lost the Semi Final and missed a chance for the kids to go into the provincial Championship.

Ohhhh well....

On another occasion, one drunken parent grabbed me after I shouted at one of my goalies.

I quickly quit afterwards but was encouraged to return.

The young Goalie < 11 year old > quickly apologized on behalf of his Father.

I found that action very nice and we return to business and that was learning how to play goalie.

Bottom line of this story is some parents should be force to watch the game from behind a window in the arena so you can't hear them.

If you can't handle a way a coach disciplines your son? Go out of your way and coach your own kid.

Yes...there's definitely two sets of parents when your son or daughter is involved in any Sports!

Enough said!!!

Found this old letter to the editor -