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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ain't she sweet at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton...


Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres agrees to meet with Blogger at a certain Location near the Quebec Border!!!


22 year old female who was strangled to death by a 17 year old Male at the Saint John Regional Hospital was buried last night!!!


I was just told this sad story.

The woman that was found dead at the Saint John Regional Hospital this week was indeed murdered.

She was a patient on the 4th Floor < Mental Ward >

She had mental issues but she didn't need this.

She was strangled by a 17 year old male < who also had mental issues > with a red belt from a night Coat.

The young offender was arrested and will appear in court shortly.

This is very sad!! Don't they have Proper Security in these Mental ward?

You go there seeking help for mental issues and get strangled to death???

I really feel for the Family and the Government better launch an inquiry as soon as possible!!!!

Stay tuned for more info!!!

P.S I just learned that a lady in her 60s was beaten to death 2 years ago at the hospital!!!

What's going on in there??? No Security???

Another question that I'm asking???

What are Women and Men doing in the same Mental Ward???

Shouldn't they be separated???

Friday, February 17, 2012

Donnie Acker was laid to rest this afternoon....

This afternoon, I made a stopover at the Brunswick Baptist Church in trying to get some info on the funeral of Donnie Acker.


I was surprised once I was told that he was laid to rest at the York Funeral Home in the North Side between 2:00pm and 4:00pm this afternoon. < No funeral or service >

I'm certain not too many people have made it because it's way too far.

There was nothing in the Irving papers and I didn't received any info.

Good Bye Donnie and it was nice knowing ya and your death was as strange as your life.....:( ....

May you find Peace in death because you sure didn't find it in life...:(


Bye bye....


A few little rules while posting in this Blog!!

I noticed someone is trying to post with the nick - Vote NO to Woodside or Vote Woodside Out!!!

Sorry....you have a political Beef with the Mayor? Go tell him!!!

The comment will be rejected!!!

Another issue is swearing is not allowed in this Blog....

The only individual who is fucking allowed to fucking swear is moi!!!!



NEW POLL - Where do you go to check for News in Fredericton???

Irving Website?


Irving Paper?




Blogger Charles LeBlanc?


I don't care for News!! I came to this Blog by mistake and not coming back!!!

Just for the record? Blogger has never made a complaint against the Fredericton Police to the New Brunswick Police Commission!!!New Brun


Many readers believe that I'm responsible for many of the complaints but I never made one.

As a matter of fact, the last time I was in their office to complain that A Cop from the Saint John Police Force lied on the stand to convict me? I might add they deleted close to 200 pictures from my camera.

saint john police force

The Commission called the Fredericton Police because of my attitude.

A snobby bureaucrat told me- We only investigate issues that's in a criminal matter!!


I was very upset and never been in their office since.

The R.C.M.P. latter came out with a report that Cops can lie on the stand to convict New Brunswickers!!!!

I guess the Fredericton Police Force has been doing that a lot....

But when this is over? I plan to make many complaints to the Commission and someone will be filming me for just in case the Fredericton Police comes to arrest me for voicing my opinion.

Stay tuned!!!

Get a Grip!!!


Click below for her Blog -

Get a Grip People!

This isn't about liking or siding with anyone, nor does anyone's personal opinion matter in regards to Charles Leblanc, his social status,source of income,etc. It's about OUR civil rights, everyone , Charles just happens to be the one facing up to two years in jail at the moment.

Have you or someone in your home committed criminal libel?

Have you ever got pissed off online and called someone a name on facebook? Maybe it was in a public forum for all to read, or in a blog. Perhaps your son or daughter has, or will, or might. Maybe you know of some comments that you've already read online that, in this sense, could be considered libel. Your probably thinking to yourself, yes, people get called names all the time online.

Consider this.
If they (the victim) keep a copy of it, technically, the way Fredericton Police are currently operating, you can print it out, take it in , maybe as easy as email it to them, they can raid and confiscate all electronic devices, monitors and speakers included, and your DSL modem/router, killing your access to the internet, unless you go get a replacement which is your own cost. (well, that's what they did in this case)


The problem is, it's a police officer who complained about the libel quoted in the search warrant. The ITO (bits and pieces of it) that was released/quoted in the paper, The Daily Gleaner, suggests the witness are also police officers. (based on the limited information quoted) Very unique and troubling.

If you or I went to the police with proof of libel, they'd tell us to go get a lawyer and sue. In this case the Fredericton police for chose to use a rarely used section of the criminal code that has already been deemed unconstitutional. The officer could sue Charles, but that would be silly/useless. Charles is on social assistance and the officer wouldn't get a dime. You can't get blood from a stone, but perhaps you can send it to jail for a while to shut it up.

That is why the Canadian Civil Liberties Association is concerned about this case.

Here is the CBC Information Morning interview with the CCLA.

So, Fredericton, do you believe in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I do, fiercely.
Perhaps people take their rights and freedoms for granted, life is good , but consider that there are times that civil liberties are being denied, and when that happens, we all need to be concerned, no matter what your opinion is regarding the particular person whose rights are being violated.

Another great example of Charles Leblanc being singled out by the police unjustly at the Atlantica demonstration in Saint John.

Eric Megarity, Councillor Ward: Four (South Devon Area) is confronted by the Blogger!!


This was the very first time that I sat and chatted with the guy! I found him very easily to communicate with and he's a very good listener.

I didn't know he was a first time Councillor.

Here's the I made and we chatted afterwards.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Flintstones have just landed in Fredericton!!!!


Enjoying some Beers and delicious Ribs at the Montana's Restaurant in Fredericton!!!



I had the all you can eat menu!!!

UGH!!!! FULL!!!!

I wonder if I can walk the bridges tonight???

Sally the "Wingnut" views on Fredericton Police Force Barry MacKnight!!!



Complaints against the Fredericton Police Force were measured in the same way as those against other forces. If multiple offences within a complaint are counted as one complaint Barry MacKnight's force would still be streets ahead of all the others in the negative! Chief MacKnight needs to suck it up and explain how he is going to change things...

A great concern of mine, as a mentally ill person, is how people are sucked into a police "intervention" that almost always ends badly and the network of public agencies that seem to work with the police against the public interest is disturbing. CHIMO, for example, are supposed to support and help suicidal people but they actually do nothing at all except send the police to cart you off to hospital. There is no discussion, no help, no support, no follow-up, no counselling, no actual interest in the person or the reasons for their distress at all. They seem to work closely with the police with no agenda to actually help people and the police treat you like a criminal because you are ill! These people made me more ill than I already was and caused me to be hospitalised for two weeks - they should not be allowed to deal with mentilly distressed people.

Over the last two years I have been asking for copies of the Fredericton Police policies, protocols, mandates - anything - to explain their procedures when dealing with such vulnerable members of society and they have refused to provide such basic information, which they are required to have in place and provide to complainants under section 25 of the Police act NB. I guess they just don't care!

I would be very interested to hear other people's views and experiences.

Sally the "Wingnut"



Hi, Charles.

Someone from the FB page for Beth Fellows said I should send you a copy of the email I sent to the Telegraph Journal, but I didn't have a draft copy; I sent it through their new website.

The issue is the lack of media coverage. When the lady in Moncton went missing, it was all over the papers, radio, TV...every day, 100 times a day.

The telegraph Journal has not even mentioned Beth once!!!!!!

She deserves the same attention as the other lady.

The media is very elitist.

They only report rich missing people, it seems.

I know they are going to ignore my letter, because they always ignore me and snub me, because John Barry said he didn't like my first name.

I posted on the "please help find my mother" Facebook group page.

If you could join the group and give your feedback and suggestions, it would be a great help. Thank you.




I always said - I don't watch Baseball anymore because who wants to watch a Millionaire swinging a piece of stick??

But Gary Catcher was a great athlete!!!!

Very sad....



Click below -

Still no computer, speakers, keyboard, modenm or Monitor!!!

The memory in this computer is getting ow....I wish the Cops would give me my external Hard drive back!

Soon....I won't be able to download pictures or videos....:(

I might add that I just haven't been the same ever since that scary issue happened.

You newcomers can read about the raid bu clicking below -

Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Gestapo Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!

Street Lights are different colors in the Downtown area of Fredericton!!!

I wonder why??

Made this one two nights ago...watch this one -

Blogger received another Stress Reliever!!! NEW BRUNSWICK STYLE!!!


How many Parking Commissioners does it takes to give a Ticket in Fredericton?


Fredericton is melting but very dangerous in the evenings!!!!


Walked the bridges last night but it wasat a very slow pace...melts during the day and freezes at night!!

Fredericton Police Force went after Panhandlers yesterday afternoon!!


They were questioning all the panhandlers in the Downtown area.....Here we go!!

Are they going to arrest them all???

Natives are ready to fight to save the Environment from Shale Gas in Kent County!!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is this suppose to be about Fredericton???


Stopping the spreading of the Flu in New Brunswick!!


The Calm before the Storm in Fredericton???


Mikel's views!!

I didn't say they arrested him to teach him a lesson, I said that an arrest is pretty much the only way to get Charles to change his behaviour, so I can see 'one' point of his arrest.

The reality of WHY he was arrested is pretty clear, and pretty clearly 'libelous'. I agree that its an abuse of power, I thought I was pretty clear on that. If I can't charge Vic Toews with criminal libel, neither should charles be charged. And like I said at the time, Charles bullhorn could have simply been taken from him and it would have had the same result.


I'm not 'siding' with the police, if anything I am pointing out that IF there are tools around that police CAN use, they WILL use them, which is why Bill C-52 is so dangerous. People should keep in mind that police also 'kept tabs' on Tommy Douglas and currently that lady who works with native children as a 'watchdog'.

So again I remind readers AND Charles, ESPECIALLY Charles, that his beef is NOT with police, who in Fredericton haven't done anything wrong with regards to him. Who he has a problem with are the LEGISLATORS that he is so chummy with. If he has problems with the bicycling law then talk to Brad Woodside and his friends on council. If he has problems with the helmet law and being banned from the legislature, bring it up during one of his heart to hearts with David Alward.


I can't help but notice that despite his chats with Alward, he's no closer to getting re-admitted to the legislature than he ever was.


But to steal a theme from the other threads, its NOT true that just because you've had no dealings with police then you've got nothing to fear. There are two VERY different kinds of people police are interested in -criminals and protestors. In fact they usually pay even more attention to the protestors. So IF you've never had a run in with police it simply means you've never done anything to try to change our society.

These arguments should NOT be "police are great-you're a jerk" or "police are thugs-you're an idiot". Like any organization there are things wrong with them and attention needs to be paid to both the content of the complaints and HOW to deal with them. Interesting that there is a whole thread of comments about the police complaint story, yet nobody even knows what the complaints ARE.

Blogger Charles LeBlanc appeals Guilty Plea!!!


Here I am with the media after I pleaded Guilty!

On January 18th, I blogged that I was going to appeal this Guilty Plea!!! There was something that just wasn't right in that Justice Building.....

Click below -

What was the members of the Fredericton Police Force doing beside my home???

The next day my place was raided by the 8 to 10 Police Officers from the Fredericton Force.

Click below for that sad scary story -

Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Gestapo Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!

Should be interesting???

Stay tuned!!!

Fascist Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres sets up meeting with Blogger???


Fredericton Police Number one in New Brunswick for complaints!!


You know what? I'm not saying word......< Time to bring in the R.C.M.P >