President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas answers straight forward questions from Pain in the Ass Blogger about Tropical Storm Arthur 10 days after it left the area!!!!!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Singer Whitney Houston has died at age 48!!!!




It is a loss very beautiful voice, we'll I guess that great choir in the sky has gotten new talent....

Blogger is truly Allergic to Snobs in Fredericton.....


Very bad sneezing Day in Fredericton!!

The great White North Version in Fredericton!!!!


Paid $700,00 from a Puppy Mill!!!


But close to $3,000.00 in medical needs!!!!!

The poor Pup is only 19 weeks old.

Lots of Puppy Mills in the Fredericton Area???

Unlike these ones with needles and papers....


Private Investigator Shawn Fitch died last night at the age of 52!!!

Who was this guy???

Please tell....



I didn't even buy one when I made the Front page....but when someone asked me today - Did you sent a Threaten letter to the Cops???


I had to buy one!!! Over two bucks!!

Oh well...they have been good to me lately....

Rapper at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!


Click below -

Personally? I hate Rap music but he's not as hyper as the ADHD Rapper!!!

You newcomers must watch this Nut!!!!


Click below -



Clowning around at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!


Where's the Flintstones Website again???

A reader left me the site last month but after the Cops raided my place and took everything?

I lost the website.

So? Reader? Where's that site that I can watch all those Flintstones Cartoons??


Friday, February 10, 2012

Greatest Toronto Maple Leaf Fan but when they lose???





Well here we go again. First the police force in Saint John who almost killed Mr. Charles LeBlanc.

Five years ago in a Saint John location while the blogger was attending a quiet demonstation to take pictures an army of police officer jumped an innocent Canadian citizens and tackled Mr. LeBlanc on the ground being broadcast live on TV.

A a few police officers held Charles down while one put his knew on his temple. Putting 200 lbs. of pressure on Charles skull on his temple could have killed him. I truly believe God protected Mr. LeBlanc that day.

Almost like the Vancouver incident where 4 police officer tazered a man who came from another country.

From the time I first saw the broadcast from CBC I have not been able to erase the awful images of the worst cruelty broadcast from NB. The incident is believable for China, North Korea, Russia, Ian, Irag etc but not in NB. Wow! How could politician allow such actions on a citizen of NB who was doing nothing wrong. Why no apology? In NB?

Charles has requested an investigation of the episode that occurred in Saint John 5 years ago but Mr. LeBlanc did not receive justice or an apology. Saint John police do have a terrible reputation.

With all the good police officers in Fredericton this last action is tarnishing the good guys in the police force. Fredericton does have a huge problem and it's not the soldiers who do the work but seems like the upper level of management.

The City needs to change their attitude towards Mr. LeBlanc and all French speaking individuls. All minority group living in Fredericton could also be a target.

The City of Fredericton is acting like a Nazis communist country and I hope that no other City in NB will ever follow the terrible example that the city of Fredericton is showing towards Mr. LeBlanc.

I feel proud that one councilor was man enough to stand for a democratic society rather than stumbling towards communist Nazis regime.

I would hope that some day our provincial government would step in and punish any city in NB for acting so irresponsibly towards a good standing citizen who has been harassed and abused for too many years..

I am also happy to see Liberty group asking questions on this army of officers storming in on Mr. LeBlanc resident. This could happen to anyone of us in the future.

Very concerned that not more politician is getting involved in a sure case of cruel treatment towards Mr. LeBlanc.

What is more important than to protect citizens of NB from such blantant abuse from the city!

Concerned citizen of NB 20

Blogger might approached Fredericton Firefighters for protection???


Sounds good to moi!!!

Click below -


This is good!!!

Donald Arseneault Liberal MLA for Dalhousie-Restigouche East.and Blogger debate issues of the David Alward Government!!!

Made this one yesterday -

Suicide is the coward way out of here!!!

There was a man who lost one of his arms in an accident.

He became very depressed because he loved to play Golf .

One day in his despair, he decided to commit suicide.

He got on an elevator and went to the top of a building to jump off.

He was standing on the ledge looking down and saw this man skipping along, whooping and kicking up his heels.

He looked closer and saw that this man didn't have any arms at all.

He started thinking, what am I doing up here feeling sorry for myself, I still have one good arm to do things with.

There goes a man with no arms skipping down the sidewalk so happy, and going on with his life.

He hurried down and caught up with the man with no arms.

He told him how glad he was to see him because he lost one of his arms and felt useless and was going to kill himself.

He thanked him again for saving his life and said he knew he could make it with one arm if that guy could go on with no arms.

The man with no arms began dancing and whooping and kicking up his heels again.

He asked, 'Why are you so happy anyway?'

He said, 'I'm NOT happy.

My Balls itch."

How much more can Debby the Caretaker at the Rooming House at 72 Regent Street in Fredericton take??


Her live in Boyfriend of over 10 years died a few weeks ago and yesterday her room was destroyed because of a fire!!!

Poor girl.....:(...how much more can the poor woman take??

Fascist Tyrant Quebecois Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres must see everything!!!


The Fredericton Local Wingnuts Comeback!!!!


Hey Charles,

It's the "Wingnuts" - Evelyn and Sally. We were delighted at the dialogue and informed responses we got through the blog spot you gave us. We would love to renew the blog to keep the dialogue open and encourage more people to post their thoughts and experiences that are overlapping with your own current issues with the "authorities". Some people may take a while to feel confident or trusting enough to contribute but I am sure many will appreciate knowing they are not the only ones who have been treated badly by the very persons legislated to protect and serve us. We need change!

One item on our agenda is to encourage people to come forward in confidence if they are interested in participating in a class action (there should be no legal cost as we will look for contingency fees) for wrongs by the police/city/gnb against them. If there is any interest parties can send a brief description of their issues by email to canbus33@yahoo.ca and we will go from there. We are particularly interested in experiences of police harassment, false charges, falsified police reports, perjured testimony, refusal to investigate complaints, non-action by the Police Commission and City and Crown Prosecution Services prosecuting without sufficient grounds. Send questions anonymously by the blog if you prefer. Please do not be afraid to speak up by email or send your comments!

Kind regards from

Sally and Evelyn, "Wingnuts" and proud of it!

DANGEROUS???? I say - OUI!!!


Blogger arrest by the Fredericton Police Force continues to be News!!!


Click below -

Blogger didn't know he had two Towers in his place!!


I just re-read the article and I have forgotten that I had another computer tower in my place. I'm not even sure if it was mine or someone else???

Could be interesting.....

It's sad because the Cops told me if I mentioned the Officer's name I would be jailed < like in North Korea > Freedom of speech? Of course not!!!

Then I'm told by my supporters to leave the Fredericton Police Force alone....


It's not easy!!!!


Fredericton FireFighter Shawnee Main received medal from Governor for helping Muscular Dystrophy!!!!


She received her medal for the great work the Firefighters are doing in raising money for Muscular Dystrophy!!!!


I always call her - Mrs.ADHD!!! She always full of energy!!


Click below to find out of how much energy??

I interviewed her yesterday on the Bridge...she should be congratulated for a job well done!!!

Click below -

The BIG difference between Blogger and the Mainstream Media covering a Fire in Fredericton!!!


Click below -



I just noticed this one in my stats!!! I must have hit the one million mark last week!!

Charles LeBlanc
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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Singing away in Fredericton!!!!


What does this mean???


Beautiful Day in Fredericton!!!!!


Rooming House on Fire at 72 Regent Street in Fredericton!!!

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside and Blogger met for close to one hour today!!!


Poor guy just came from a Vacation and he had to listen to me yak..yak..yak!!!!

Meeting went good!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc makes the Front Page of the Irving Paper AGAIN but this time Fredericton Police Force are lying to the Judge!!!


It's funny that I don't have the right to blog of what happened or mentioned the officer name because I would be jailed!!

I was told to get ready for stories like this because the Cops are doing damage control!!

I must hold my head above water but I will say one thing!!! Jail or no jail!!!

The Cops claimed that I called an officer a Homosexual via my Blowhorn?

That is a complete lie!!!

Sexual Pervert yes!!! Homosexual No!!!

They don't go hand in hand!!!

I hope that I made myself clear!!!


P.S How can Cops get away with lying to a Judge???


and I still haven't received my computer back!!!

Another Citizen's Views on my arrest by the Fredericton Police Force!!!



The above poster seems under the presumption that I wrote the letter to the AG. While the above talks like a prick, I agree with the AG as well. Which doesn't make me a hypocrite, but certainly makes the above...

Again, it doesn't take a lawyer to read Charles blog and read the libel law and know that the crown has a case. The law is there, and actually I don't really have that much trouble with the law, I think its good there is a remedy beyond civil law, which can take years, often accomplishes little, and has no effect for people like Charles who have nothing to sue for.

However, the devil is in the details. Of the three recent cases I could find, two were used by police against those critical of police, and the other was a public servant. So while the law may be there, it seems that it is only used to protect police. Maybe others haven't complained to police, but since the law is used so rarely, it could be true as another commentor said, that police simply tell people "thats for civil court". THAT is hypocrisy.

But so far 'by law', nothing has been done that 'shocks the community' so much that the AG needs to get involved. Most people I've talked to think its a waste of time, mostly because most people seem to think Charles has a few screws loose so should be given some leeway. I'm not sure that 'mental illness' should be an excuse though. Of course its often the case that Charles is 'making fun' of people, and that no 'reasonable' person would really take it seriously, in which case 'satire' has a special protection in law, otherwise virtually every canadian comedian would be in jail.

The big test will come IF Charles is charged. Then the CCLA questions will need to be answered (although a couple need to be answered NOW). In Calgary when the police were the libelled victims then the RCMP took over. IF the Fredericton police stays in charge of this file, then it SHOULD 'shock the community' because that is an involvement far worse than the AG getting involved in individual cases

As for 'hypocrisy', Charles rights WERE infringed in Saint John and I told him he should sue and regularly posted that on his blog. I even told him to talk to a lawyer, who offer initial consultations for free. Charles was adamant at that point that he 'go through the system' and launched several complaints which of course went nowhere.

If I had money or was a lawyer I would have been first THEN to launch a lawsuit both on the grounds of what happened in Saint John and the ban from the legislature. Those were both things that DID 'shock the community' and the AG did nothing even though a police officer committed perjury, something that was even mentioned by the judge in the case.

This stuff with the Fredericton police is far different. From Charles own videos most 'reasonable' people have seen that the police behaved professionally, even TOO professionally towards him. It was 'creepy' the way charles was ticketed by 'he who we will not name so charles doesn't get into more trouble', but much of that got blown up simply by Charles. And again, why charles bullhorn was not simply taken from him has never been answered.

That, of course, is the opinion of a non lawyer at a particular point in time. I also would like to see the answers that the CCLA has. I didn't even know there was a libel law in canada-as clearly charles did not, otherwise I would have pointed that out when charles really started the nasty stuff against the police-something I criticize as often as some of the most determined critics of charles.

Revolution in Fredericton in the near future???

Someone left this link...I watched the whole thing....same corruption that is happening here....

Click below -

The French Revolution!!!!

A citizen views on my day in Court on January 16th, 2012!!


This individual saw the whole thing!!!

Here's one view -


January 16, 2012.

The atmosphere was definitely different.

No resemblance to the number of trials attended in the past. The murders and violence against women trials, the sexual assault cases against men, woman and children.

No, this atmosphere was different.

“What are you going to do Charles, a uniformed policeman asked?


Several more came to join us, all wanting something, all deceptively pleasant.

I had never seen police so curious. Charles wanted to speak to someone about what he should do. No legal aid lawyer was supplied because this would be a summary conviction, a fine; legal aid did not apply, he was told.

Eventually, a group of us were taken up stairs to talk to the Crown handling the case.

Kept saying he could not give advice.

He didn’t.

He explained the procedure and left.

Charles is a proud man.

He asked his supporters what he should do; asked us if he pleaded guilty would he still be able to hold up his head.

We all agreed he could.

In the courtroom, two rows of seats were filled with police, uniformed and plainclothes, and witnesses, over eleven, all told.

Charles changed his plea to guilty for the use of a blowhorn, during his protest against the police.

When the judge said she would read the victim impact statements, Charles objected. (Charles did not understand this was necessary for the record and no one had told him.)

The judge recessed the trial.

A female police officer, with a man’s first name, raised her hands and said ‘it’s all right Charles, it will be all right”.


The trial quickly resumed.

When it came time to sign the probation papers, Charles began to have doubts about his guilty plea, as did I.

Something didn’t smell right.

Four days later the police arrest Charles, and seize his computer.

The female officer, (with the man’s first name) is first at Charles’ door to execute the search warrant.


Here's a video -

The atmosphere was definitely different.

The Truth Sayer

A historical photo of the Blogger to be remembered for many years to come!!!


When I'm shot? This could be a photo to be remembered by!!!

or would it be this one?