Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Blogger needs a break.....


Can't wait....


Should I or shouldn't I???

Came home and this was outside!!!


Is Blogger having a helluva of a time????


Well Charlie my man, your sure havin' one helluva time.

No man that has ever lived or set foot on this God-forsaken earth of ours has ever had so much popularity and support as you have been building up over the last couple of weeks or so. And all, of course, my friend, due to the absolutely insane and idiotic antics of our dear and beloved posse.

Hell, that ranks right up there with Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane chasin' the hell out of the Duke boys all thru the back roads of Hazzard County. WEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Ole Boss Hogg would be damn proud, wouldn't he???


But at least in Hazzard County, the whole damn sheriff's posse didn't show up on Uncle Jesse's door step billyclubin' there way in thru his front door, helpin' themselves to anything and everything and makin' a complete and utter arse of themselves.


Fox TV could come to town and do a long running TV sit-com on this shit with none other than you yourself, ole pal, as the lead actor.

They'd have your name in lights all over hell, CHARLES LEBLANC; ESQUIRE, BLOGGER EXTRORDINAIRE, STAR OF THE SHOW!!!!!!

And the antics of Sheriff Roscoe certainly didn't have the grimy finger prints of one Daniel Bussieres all over it.


I am completely and totally convinced as well ole pal, that if you do happen to end up in the slammer because of this whole damn fiasco that everybody's favorite hero Clint Eastwood would be on the first flight here most ready, willing and able to star in a sequel of "Escape From Alcatraz".



Stunts and shinigans such as what they had the gall to pull off are absolute and total gobbledegook and should be considered as nothing what-so-ever short of absolute totalitarianism.

Go git 'em ole buddy, you've been thru a helluva lot worse than this before and come away unscathed and a helluva lot better person for it.

However it ends up, my good friend, you come away smellin' like a bed of roses.

You're still doin' one helluva fine, fine job buddy, keep 'er goin'. WE'RE ALL ROOTIN' FER YA!!!!!!!!

Who does this girl remind you of???


I couldn't stop looking at her!!

Then a guy arrive with a black eye. Hmmmmmmmm...maybe this wasn't a good idea to take a picture??


Who does she remind you of????

Please tell!!!

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside getting some much needed advice from Premier David Alward before facing the public this week!!!!


The smell of money....

Picture 096

One of my first real job!!!

The building of these ships in the early 1980s!!!

Picture 099

Now....how's this for a coffee at Tim Horton's???

Picture 132Picture 131

I met a girl a couple of days ago and asked her if she wanted a coffee?

She replied - Give me an extra large with one cream and seven sugars!

I almost fainted when she said - 7 SUGARS????

The cashier at Tim told me that one person orders an extra large coffee with 10 sugar and 10 cream!!



The calm before the Storm!!

IMGP0102Picture 133

Collecting a few bucks in the snow in Fredericton!!

Picture 145Picture 143

Officer's Square in Fredericton is a go!!!


The old Paul Harpell ain't as fast as it used to be!!!


This former Global Television News Journalist took a bad fall.....

Friday, February 03, 2012

Dick's Grocery Store at 480 Westmorland Street in Fredericton was robbed a couple of hours ago!!!!


 Click below -


Around 7:45pm, I noticed three Police Cruisers racing pass my place!!

I quickly put my scanner on and heard that there was a robbery at Dick's.

This really grabbed my attention because my buddy Josh works there....


He's a very friendly guy so I quickly hurried out the door to see if my friend was ok?

I noticed a few cruisers in the area but I kept on trucking till the store.

Once there, I noticed two Police Cruisers in front of the store and you should have seen the look and raction from Josh's face once he saw me climbing the steps. He made a sign of me to turned back!!!

A Cop came outside and told me there was a robbery therefore the store is close.

I asked Josh if he was Ok and he told me that he was fine!

He also added- Charles, Could you please leave the area because the Police Dog is going to search for the robber and I could confuse the scent.

I said to myself - POLICE DOGS???? YIKES!!!! I'M OUT OF HERE!!!


A blogger that have been calling the Fredericton Police Force Gestapo for the last two week??

In the dark?? I quickly left the area to check on some friends to see if they were ok and went home.

P.S. Maybe Josh can leave a note in this blog to tell the readers what happened?



Not one of of best interviews...I wasn't sure if I should post this one!!


Click below -



I'm going in the area...will it be safe???

Stay tuned!!

J.D. Irving is interviewed by the Moncton Transcript!!!! This Blogger would love to interview the Billionaire!!!


While waiting for someone today, I saw this story -


This must be the biggest horseshit interview I ever heard of!!!

Can you imagine an Irving Journalist asking straight forward questions to his Boss???

Here's my views  -


Of course, I would be nice as I was with his Father < J.K. Irving > last summer!!!


Click below for the interview with J.K. Irving -


So? Come on James???? Lets sit down for an straight forward one on one interview!!!


Merciless in Fredericton!!!


I would say Charlie, my good and decent friend, that this chap kooks to me like an excellent, excellent candidate as your executive assistant.

You sure as hell look like two of a kind to me.

The rest of the media world in Fredericton would be absolutely green with envy.

You could have him covering the proceedings of Danny boy and the band of merry puppets at the New Brunswick Legislature, freeing up more time, of course, for you to give more time and far, far more extensive coverage to the Gestapo Police Force with Gestapo Police Chief Barry MacKnight and the Gestapo Posse at the Gestapo Police Headquarters up at the Gestapo end of town.

Sounds like one helluva fine, fine, fine idea to me ole boy. You'd make one helluva fine, fine, fine team, an excellent team indeed.


I work on my first shift last night!!

Click below -

Blogger looking for answers on who gave the key of the building to the Fredericton Gestapo Police Force????


I went around and asked a few questions after the Gestapo Police Force raided my place.

Click below for video -


I guess the Cops were ready to bust the doors down if NB Housing didn't give them the keys!!


With all my problems with the Fredericton Gestapo Police Force? It's amazing that I never began smoking!!!


Stubborn eh????

Friendly but must never be trusted by the citizens in Fredericton!!!


Why did Fredericton Gestapo Police Chief Barry MacKnight decided to send fear to the Citizens in Fredericton???


I believe the message is very very very strong!!!

If you see something wrong the Fredericton Gestapo is doing such as beating up a soldier of the Canadian Army???


Turn your head and don't complain because if you do? Your home will be raided and you will be arrested!!!


Gestapo style of policing in Fredericton???

Thursday, February 02, 2012

No Ground Hog Ollie in Oromocto!!!!

Here's a blog I wrote last year -

I believe the Ground Hog Day done them in!!!!


and the stupid mistake of not leaving space for the next Premier.


Click below for story -

New Brunswick Capital Commission in action!!!

Zealand Robbery on Video!!!

It was exactly 2 weeks ago this morning at 10:30am that the Fredericton Gestapo Police Force raided my place!!!

IMGP98803022287953_132ac7ff32_z297437_10150915938080640_689150639_21406253_2052390643_n CLICK BELOW FOR STORY OF FREDERICTON GESTAPO POLICE FORCE RAIDING MY PLACE - Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Gestapo Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!! I haven't been the same since...:( Every instance, I hear noise outside and the door bell rings? I quickly put up my guard. It's been nice to hear the public support but I don't understand why the Gestapo is keeping my computer? They took 2 of my external hard drive which has close to 200,000 pictures inside. Are they going through every picture looking for pics like Child porn and any naked photos? I got news for these Gestapo Officers? There's nothing in there!!! I was planning to give my hard drives to the Provincial Archives so in 100 years from now? Those videos and pictures are going to be priceless!!! I do have one question? Who's paying for these cops to go through my computer? The citizens property tax could go up next year because of this? I believe it's time that we bring the R.C.M.P. to run our Police Force. Barry MacKnight made himself very clear that there's a double standard in this City and the less fortunate will be jailed and escorted to the Saint John Jail. One inmate died a few days ago but nothing in the media. Inmates are dying but the Provincial Government don't care. Something is wrong here!!! Here's a view - Charles, All this cr@p started with Dan Bussiere and his vendetta against Charles. Since he banned Charles from the leg. Charles has made him look like a fool time and time again. He is now using some FPD officers to do his dirty work. He gives them overtime work and they do his dirty work. Now this time the 3 stooges Dan Bussiere, officer Loiseau and officer Boobie are made to look like fools and are making the whole police force and Fredericton look bad. I bet they now regret messing with Charles now. I wonder how much this whole mess will end up costing the city once its all done? Not just money but it has made Fredericton look real bad in the media. If it wasn't for the Sgt at arms Dan Bussieres and his anger management problem then nothing like this would have happened.

Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton might not have the most perfect attitude but the food is great!!!

Picture 141 Best Lasagna in the City!! Picture 140 Ever had Chocolate Chip Banana Bread? Picture 138Picture 139

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Canadian Civil Liberties Association Concerned about Criminal Libel Charges laid against Blogger Charles LeBlanc!!!!

Picture 148IMGP1191Picture 150Picture 151Picture 153Picture 155 This is going to be big News across Canada!!! Just got this a few minutes ago!!! February 1st, 2012 http://ccla.org/2012/02/01/ccla-concerned-about-criminal-libel-charges/ The CCLA has recently learned of the arrest of a Fredericton blogger under the Criminal Code’s criminal libel provisions. The blogger is alleged to have defamed a member of the Fredericton Police Force and was subsequently arrested and had his home searched and computer equipment seized. Criminal libel charges are very rare in Canada and one of the Criminal Code provisions dealing with this offence has been found to be unconstitutional by lower courts in multiple Canadian jurisdictions. The section allows for criminal sanctions to be imposed on individuals who have no intent to defame and who may even be speaking the truth. It places a severe and unreasonable restriction on freedom of expression which is protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is deeply concerning that a police force is still laying charges under this section. CCLA’s concerns are heightened because the subject of the allegedly defamatory statements in this case is a police officer. CCLA has written to the Chief of the Fredericton Police Force asking for clarification regarding the charges, the role of the officer who is the subject of the statements in the investigation, the kind of independent oversight that is available when police officers are complainants in criminal matters, and information about the use of criminal libel charges by the Police Force. Read a copy of the letter here! Picture 148 Click below - Canadian Civil Liberties Association Concerned about Criminal Libel Charges laid against Blogger Charles LeBlanc! CANADIAN CIVILL IBERTIES ASSOCIATION 360 Bloor Street West, Suite 506 TorontoO, N M5S1 X1 Telephon(e4 16 ) 363-0321 FAX( 416)8 61-1291 E-mailm: ail@ccla.org ASSOCIATION CANADIENNDEE S LIBE RTECSI VILES 360r ueB looro uestB, ureau5 06 TorontoO, N MsS1 X1 T6l6phon(e4 16 ) 363-0321 T5l6copie(u4r1 6 ) 861- 12 91 Courrie:l mail@ccla.org Barry MacKnight Chief, Fredericton Police Force 3l I Queen Street FrederictonN, B E3B 1B1 Fax: (506) 460-2316 D(ECIJTTI'E COMMTTTEE coMrrE EJGCUTIF P6t Presidents Pr€sidents pr€c€dents JOHN NELLIGAN, Q.C. HARW W ARTHURS WAITER PITMAN MARSM|NEN Ilesident Pr6sident RICIiARD W POUND, Q.C. Vice-piesidents Vice-pr€sident(e)s FREDERIC BACHAND JAMIE CAMERON MARIYS EDWARDH KATHERINE GOVIER EDWARD L. GREENSPAN, Q.C. PATRICIA JACKSON MAHMUD JAMAL JOHN D. MCC,A,MUS DELIA OPEKOKEW ,THts HON, HOWARD PAWLtsY KENNETH P SIVAN DR. JOSEPH WONG Secretary secr€taire February 1,2072 SENT VIA FAX AND MAIL Dear Chief MacKnight, I write on behalf of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) to seek more information on the arrest of Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc and to express CCLA's concerns about this case. We understand that Mr. LeBlanc, apparently a vocal critic of the police force, was arrested on a criminal libel charge for comments he posted on his blog about a city police officer.' The CCLA is a not-for-profit public interest advocacy organization that has existed since 1964 to promote and defend the fundamental freedoms of all Canadians, including freedom of expression as guaranteed by s. 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. CCLA's work also focuses on the protections the Charter provides for those accused of criminal offences and on police independencea nd accountabilityi ssues. We understand that the Fredericton Police Force executed a search warrant at Mr. LeBlanc's home and that his computer equipment was seized in connection with the libel charge referenced above. This situation raises a number of concerns and questions and we would be grateful if you could clarify the following: 1. Have criminal charges been laid against Mr. LeBlanc for defamatory libel and were thesel aid on the recommendationo f the Crown? 2. Is the officer who is the subject of the allegedly defamatory statements involved in the investigation of this matter? Was that officer present during the execution of the search warrant and/or involved in the process that led to a search warrant being issued? 3. What type of independent oversight is available when police officers are involved as complainants in a criminal matter? 4. What are the Fredericton Police Force's procedures for investigating and laying charges with respect to defamatory libel under the Criminal Code? We also request that you provide us with information on the number of charges that the Fredericton Police Force has laid under each of ss. 300 and 301 of the Criminal Code in the last five years, along with information regarding the disposition of those charges. We understand from media reports that Mr. LeBlanc's charges fall under s. 301 of the Criminal Code which, as you may know, has been found to be unconstitutional by at least three courts in the jurisdictions." In our view, s. 301 cannot withstand constitutional scrutiny and it is problematic that charges under this section continue to be laid. This offence places severe restrictions on the fundamental freedom of expression of all Canadians and can have the result of chilling expression on important issue so f public interest. Section3 01 doesn't appear to require an intention to defame and could allow for a conviction for statements that, though defamatory, are true or that are false but were made in good faith. This violation of s. 2(b) of the Charter simply cannot be justified as a reasonable limit unders . I . Furthermore the context of this particular charge,involving a police officer as the subject of the alleged defamation, is quite concerning. Even if this matter doesn't proceed or Mr. LeBlanc is ultimately acquitted,t he use of police resources in this kind of investigation may place a chill on expression and discourage members of the community from speaking out on public issues that matter to them or criticizing the police even when such criticisms are valid and may ultimately benefit the public. In light of the specifics of this case, the Fredericton Police Force should be making every effort to act with transparency to address any apprehension of bias head-on.T he use of arrest powers by a police force against a critic on charges involving his expression is risky territory for a democracy and requires that the Force act with the utmost openness to ensure Iegitimacy,regardless of the merits of the case. We would be pleased to discuss this issue with you in further detail and await your prompt reply to our questions above. Sincerely, Sheetal Rawal Articlins Fellow c.c. The Honourable Marie-Claude Blais, Q.C., Attomey General (via email) I .c bcc. alnewslcnaa da/new-bnrus wicUstorv/210 " R. v. Giil (1996) 29 O.R. (3d) 250 (Ont. C.J. - Gen. Div.); R. v. Prior (2008), 292 D.L.R. (4n) 412 (Nfld. & LabradoSr. C.- TrialD iv.)a; ndR . v.L ucas(1 995)1, 29S ask.R5.3 ( SaskQ .B.).T hel attecr ase ultimatewlye ntt o theS upremeC ourto f Canadaw hichu pheldth ec onstitutionaloitfy s . 300o f the CriminalCodheo, wevetrh eQ ueen'sB enchd ecisionth ath elds . 301u nconstitutionwaals n ota ppealed / ,-fr &* /ta-*- U Nathalie Des Rosiers General Counsel