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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Blogger welcomes The Members of The Bacchus Motorcycle Club to Fredericton!!!


I just heard last night that The Bacchus Motorcycle Club have set up shop in Fredericton

Yes...this could be wonderful News for this City and the Province.

Once the President of the Saint John chapter of the Bacchus Motorcycle Club Matthew Thomas Foley  was convicted in Saint John.

A few people who were neighbors of this Bike Club told the Media they had no problem with the Bikers. As a matter of fact? They said they were good neighbors in the Community!!!

Must be better neighbors than the Racist Members of the Fredericton Police Force.


These Racists Cops or Tax Collectors do not killed people!!! They hunt them down on the streets and jailed the citizens for years.


Of course once you announced a Double Standard policy to the citizens? You lose all credibility with the Public.


As far as I'm concern it would be a great benefit to this City if we had The Bacchus Bike Club to protect the Citizens from harm.

Think about it???   

Since this is the Capital,  they would make certain our politicians follow the rules and I'm certain if our Government crossed the line and bought a deficit to the Taxpayers?

There would be a price to pay.

These Bikers do not believe in waiting 4 years to kick a Political Party from Power.

They would act on this issue in minutes!!!

The just pay the Government a little visit!


Afterwards, the MLA'S and Bureaucrats will always make sure the Provincial Finance are in order!!!

It's as simple as Bonjour!!!

The Citizens especially the less fortunate would once again be free to ride their Bicycle on the Walking Trails.

These Bikers would be too occupied in making certain there's no Competition < Drugs > in this City.

They wouldn't waste their money on chasing the less fortunate who are riding their bicycle without a Helmet.


In the long term? The Bacchus Members would take into consideration the cost of Health Care would go down because people are no longer over weight. They are free to exercise.

I might add there would be no need for Bouncers in the Clubs because once you're drunk? You will make certain you will behave because these Bikers have a habit of bringing these drunken fools for a one way ride!!!

Another issue would be the people being caught and jailed for Marijuana possession would become a thing of the past.


They would force our Government officials  to legalized Marijuana in New Brunswick therefore adding a tax to this drug!

Pain Killers would be a thing of the past. Local Pharmacies would sell pure Cocaine and the Tax collected would eliminate the Debt.


They would order all medications for ADHD children away from the School area and replace them with Marijuana!!!!


The Members of the Bacchus Club are not stupid people. They are strong supporters of the Environment! They know WATER will be very valuable in future years so therefore they made an offer to the big Oil Industries  they couldn't refuse.


These destruction of the Environment Business People left the Province in days.

Shale Gas would be a thing of the past!!!


Of course The Bacchus returns to Saint John and gave a choice to the Irvings.


Either you live and die in New Brunswick or Bermuda???

The days of shipping their money to Bermuda are officially over!!!

Of course, our legal system will be force to make some changes. The days of jailing panhandlers for months and other issues will come to an end!!!


Our Bikers Friends will make sure that everyone is treated equally!!!

No more special treatment for the Filthy Rich!!! If the Justice system shows they are supporting a certain breed of snobs? The Bikers will pay a visit to make sure the rules are followed.

Not everyone would be happy of the Biker Gang replacing the Police.

One individual was Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside!!!


The Bikers visited the Mayor in his office and gave him an offer he just couldn't refuse.


The Members have strong connection in the Nation's Capital.

One quick call and the Mayor was appointed to the Senate. He quickly moves his family to Ottawa and rarely comes to Fredericton!

He's set for life and the Bikers get rid of this critic in an good way!! They got rid of the Mayor without violence and both parties are happy!!!

Another issue would be locating missing persons.

The Racists members of the Fredericton are way out of touch with the Citizens of Fredericton such as the time they couldn't locate the bodies of Rick Champion and Elisabeth Fellows!


These Members of the Bacchus Club  know the way of thinking of these people and with their contacts in the underground world.  It wouldn't take long to locate these people.

The Taxpayers would save a lot of money!!!

Of course, there would be a few dead bodies on the streets on a weekly basis but it's for those people who refuse to follow the rules.


You just mind your own business and everything will be just fine!

Bloggers and Irving journalists would be history. No need to cover stories because everyone is treated equal!!    

As  long there's no problems? Everything is fine!!!

So I welcome the Members of The Bacchus Motorcycle Club to our great City and as the people in Saint John said - They are wonderful neighbors!!!

Everyone loves them because their system is fair to everyone!!!!


They sure can enforce a equal system for all the citizens then our Local Police Force can!!!


They should be welcome as saviors in Fredericton!!!


Better than dealing with Bastards Cops like River Rat Matt Myers that will lie and jailed the citizens in this City!!


I might add that the Bacchus Motorcycle Club hates Games!!!

They will settle the problems at the New Brunswick Legislature.


Dan Bussieres suddenly decides to return to Quebec!!!!

But seriously???? What's the difference????


Anonymous said...

Postings like this just go to show how absolutely out to lunch LeBlanc really is. LeBlanc cares nothing for the safety of the citizens of Fredericton....just is own twisted hates.

Anonymous said...

Dont start false rumours Charles.

Don Corleone said...

Bacchus compared the City Cops.

- Both travel in packs
- Both wear uniforms signifying their allegiance to the group
- Both have hierarchies with a top dog in charge
- Both lie and cheat their way to success
- Both will lie to protect their own, no matter what they did

The only difference is one works for the crooks that write the laws.

Anonymous said...

Now that Chief Barry MacKnight is gone, Mayor Brad Woodside can hire the Bacchus members to continue his bullying at City Council.

Charles, good luck with your presentation to the City Committee this Tuesday at noon. And I hope they don't get one of the Bacchus members to toss you out!

mikel said...

That's pretty funny Charles, I KNOW you don't actually believe that.

I think you KNOW what the difference is....since you are one of the people who has a hard time 'following the rules'. And a blogger with more than a few complaints.

So one of the first 'bodies' showing up on a weekly basis would be YOU. I think that says it all, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You really need to seek some help. If you think or anyone for that matter thinks the "Bacchus" are a small time two bit operation you really need to open your eyes. They are getting bigger organization wise, with more money than you would believe.

Anonymous said...

One major difference Charles....the city has to allow you the right to free speech....bring too much unwanted attention to the 1% MC club or post to many unflattering post about them and you may be the next one the Fredericton City Police Force does not look for after you go missing.
No worries Charles....a outlaw motorcycle gang will not last long here....the government hates competition!

Anonymous said...

10:25 AM

Charles has a right to free speech even with a MC club,and like Freddy PD hasn't already legally tried to kill Charles by stressing him?? there's consequences to both.

That is how Government uses its courts to silence dissent,by stressing a person to death,id sooner take a beating or bullet and go out shouting.

Anonymous said...

Well done Charles! I thought satire was a lost art - obviously those who are critical of this have no idea what satire is :)

Anonymous said...

Very good satirical story,well done indeed. Poster 10:42's last comment line is also humourfull,..."the government hates competition".

Anonymous said...


The bacchus club is two doors down from me here.

They keep our neighborhood safe.

Anonymous said...


Until you accidentally back out of your driveway and hit a motorcycle.

The thing is that neighborhoods eith biker gangs are safe. As LNG as ou do what they expect and want you to do.

Personally I'd prefer a corrupt legal system like we have, than me based on terror,

Greg said...

LOL! Have you lost your mind man? This is maddness!
Your talking about taking the human race back about 500 years. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Support your local BACCHUS MC.... not this idiot blogger

Charles LeBlanc said...

Would you rather have an idiot Blogger or an Idiot Coward who are too scare to use their names????


Anonymous said...

Please take advantage of our medicare system and seek professional help! It must be hell living with all your mental disorders. I'm certain there are medications out there that could help return you to good mental health.
Take care Charles

ron said...

lol Charles that's funny you truly are brilliant