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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Asshole threatened to smash Camera across Blogger's Face at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!


......and I have everything on video....Sure is getting dangerous to be a blogger these days!!!...Siiigghhh....

My God...and it's so close to Noel....:(


Truly stay tuned!!! HERE'S THE EXCLUSIVE!!!! KIDS DON'T WATCH!!!!


Anonymous said...

You act like a dick, Charles, you get treated as such.
You bring it on yourself with your attitude.

Anonymous said...

He looks the part.

Anonymous said...

My my, he's a real tough guy. Charles, these types just want to intimidate people who are either minding their own business or who are standing-up for what is right.

Anonymous said...

Someone should have called the police on that bully. What an ah.

Paxo said...

That's really sad...he interrupted you interviewing the shale gas opponents, and in doing so it took away from their message.
He was no different from a school yard bully.
I wonder if he talks to his kids the same way? Hey! Maybe, just maybe, he is the father of the girl a few weeks back that jumped in your shot saying I don't consent to being filmed and went to that cop LOL!


Long Chains said...

I will be one of the first to shit on Charles when he deserves it. In this instance he did nothing wrong.

The ignoramus interrupted Charles' interview with Mark. He then threatened Charles.

In common areas, where privacy can not be expected, whether private or public, you can video or record to your hearts content. It is your right and it is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution.

This guy assaulted Charles (yes a threat is an assault). Charles, you could charge him if you want to. He is guilty and your video is your evidence.

Anonymous said...

Wow,direct threat. Guys stupid as their gonna have to charge him?

Anonymous said...

704. It is not enshrined in the Canadian constitution the right to photo or video tape anyone.

Nor can you show me where, because it does not exist. But I'm sure you will twist some clause to fit your agenda.

Long Chains said...

@8:15 shows how much you know about your own country. Idiot!

Anonymous said...

If this uneducated prick don't want his picture taken Charlie, you know, as well as everybody else, he shouldn't go around stickin' his damn nose in places where it don't belong. Obviously, his Mama couldn't do anything with him (and he probably beat her up too), because he certainly don't know dick all about the basic facts of life. Shootin' yer damn mouth off in the middle of somebody else's conversation proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, in one foul swoop, that this boy jist don't fit in today's society. If he don't like ya, then stay ta hell away from ya and go bully his boyfriend er somethin'. Ya shoulda left the damn camera right on him and let him prove, for all the world ta see, jist what a tooty fruity really is. The boy's gay, my good friend, and it shines through, LOUD AND CLEAR!!! And he probably ran home real quick 'cause he had a major snag in his pantyhose, which, more than likely, was what pissed him off in the first place.
Keep doin' 'er, Charlie, ole buddy, ole pal, you've always, always done, and will forever continue to do, one helluva fine, fine super fine job. And don't ever let any fairies, like this dork, tell ya any different. Next time, jist give him a damn good punch in the mouth.

Long Chains said...

@8:15 And I am not twisting a damn thing you idiot. My right to freedom of expression, under the Canadian Constitution, trumps your right to privacy when you are in a place where privacy can not be expected.

The Supreme Court of Canada has already dealt with idiots like you. If you want to test it...tell me where you will be publicly tomorrow and I will film you and put you on YouTube.

Then you can take me to court to see how I am 'twisting things to fit my agenda'

Kiss my ass!

Anonymous said...

The Market is not public property. It is private property, and the patrons there should expect some measure of privacy from knobs with cameras.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the guy did anything wrong, I would have done the same if you pointed the camera in my face. Some of us dont want to have our faces posted on the internet, is that so wrong?? As for ruining charle's interview....if he was interviewing the shale gas fella, why was he filming the guy that told him off. Get out of town Leblanc......Back to SJ for you.....

Anonymous said...

This guy clearly knows who charles is and was itching for conflict,he came out of the market and was on the sidewalk @12:52 you dummy. he could have just said"charles do you mind" and i think charles would have respected his wishes!

mikel said...

They weren't IN the farmers market, they were on a public sidewalk-the farmers market isn't going to allow shale gas protestors in there.

I would also dump on charles when he's being a dick. You can clearly hear this guy walking up and saying "I guess you guys don't want jobs". I would agree that a person SHOULD be able to talk to these guys without being filmed, but all you have to do is wait five minutes for CHarles to leave.

If you walk up to a protest booth and can clearly see a guy filming or photographing and you are dumb enough to walk over and say something to them, then what can you expect?

In fact, after a split second you can see Charles makes a point of not filming him anymore until he walks away, so there really isn't that much you can fault Charles for. The guy really does a disservice (along with some commentors here) to the public because it actually puts Charles in the right and makes him look moderate. Those that are criticizing Charles just go to show that CHarles will get attacked no matter what he does, which means he doesn't have much reason to modify his behaviour (and lots of times he definitely has a reason:)

Good interview, although Charles is still trying to buddy up to his pal David Alward and make him look as good as possible. However, both of you guys are a little off-because Alward is actually STRENGTHENING the environmental regulations which were downright horrible before. They are still bad, so he doesn't deserve much kudos, since clearly it was public protest that brought about those changes.

But it certainly isn't true that the government will have to water down the clean air and water act in order to allow a shale gas industry. There already IS a shale gas industry, its just pretty small. But the clean air act, come on, just ask somebody who lives by the refinery. The province practically NEVER does air quality testing and has been getting rid of testing stations for years. They dont' need to water down an act that does little in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Wow Charles, this guy is a major bully. If he ran for mayor he'd sure give Brad Woodside a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

Has this person been charged for uttering threats,since the police clearly frequent this blog I`m wondering if they have acted on these threats yet??

Long Chanins said...

@12:52 It does not matter if it is public or private property.

That has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The litmus test is whether or not privacy can be expected.

In the great outdoors, swarming with people, do you expect privacy?


Now owners can demand recording be stopped, it is their property BUT any recording up to that point is fair game.

Also the market is a public place since it is owned by the government.

Learn the facts because you are looking like a tool on here!

Anonymous said...

8.15 - it is enshrined in law and case law that any person can film or photograph anything in a public place. There was a recent court case where police had confiscated a man's camera and film of them caught in inappropriate acts and the judge ordered them to return his property, since it happened in a public place.

As mentioned above - this man is as dumb as the pro-choice woman publicly protesting and ordering Charles to not film her.... dumb as could be.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Nahhhhhh....I'm from the Old School!!!

I settle my battle on the street.

The only time I put a complaint if when the Racists Cops comes after me because you can't touch them on the streets.

Now...if this guy would have taken a swing at the Blogger???

UGH!!!! It even scares me just thinking about it.

The guy could have got himself killed.

Anonymous said...

Long chains.

Instead of spewing this and that, prove it. Show us.

Quote the relevant law with references. Quote the relevant laws and cases that support your assertion that anybg filmed in private til the time you say stop is public.

Why not? Because you can't. Because you are full of shit. ESP in regards to the issue of private filming is okay until told to stop.

Long Chains said...

@3:05 You need to improve your reading comprehension skills.

I won't waste my time proving shit to you.

I am right and you are lost. Kiss my entire ass!

Tim Scammell, PTech said...

That's funny. I write a blog and it never seems dangerous to me. :D

Anonymous said...


My reading skills are just fine. My knowledge of the law is exemplary.

As I said, could you prove your case, you would have.

Anonymous said...

Gee Charles.......what do you mean....CALL THE COPS.... funny you hate them but when some guy scares you a little you hollar for the police.....WEINER

Anonymous said...

He would not want to come into my space and get my camera across the face,especially when is on the end of a neckstrap being swung at his head! He would find himself coming back next month. definitely had a temper issue! Must be a former police officer.

Anonymous said...

How IS Pretty Boy these day's, Charlie??? Ya wanna ask him if he's gittin' his rocks off. He's gotta be gittin a little diddle every now and agin.
No doubt in my mind whatsoever, ole buddy, that this freak of nature is a Dan Bussieres operative. Dan's position of great child-play and overly inflated self importance does not permit him to walk amomg us lowly peasants, so he must resort himself to payin' off a low-life such as this bastard to do his dirty work for him. Now is that stoopin' low, or what. A sobering, sobering thought indeed.