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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jenn Wambolt reacts to intimidation by an R.C.M.P. officer only to be surrounded by Sheriffs and Members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!!


I just seen the videos of the action in the Justice Building and it's very bad!!!

I might add that these videos were edited by the cops so they wouldn't looked bad!!!!

Here's Part one of the video -

Here's Part two -

But this video is the best!!! You clearly see R.C.M.P. officer Todd Pugh intimidate Jenn!!!

This jackass could have used the many washrooms in the building but choose to walked between her and her husband.

But the sad part is when he stops at the door and makes fun of her. All hell breaks loose seconds afterwards.

Any woman who meets a man who had force her to remove her clothes months or years earlier would have reacted the same manner!!

Of course the Fredericton Police laid a false charge against her. Very sad!!!

Watch this video!!!

Now....what's going on in the Justice Building in Fredericton anyway????

Racist Cops such as River Rat Sgt Matt Mayers and Cpl.Bobbi Simmons-Beauchamp???? are doing their dirty work in the Court Rooms????


But now we have Cops causing trouble in the hallways of our Justice system???

Media should do a story on this one!!!!

What do you think???



Here's her story - Click below for her Story -

Click below -

Here's the rest of the interviews -


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Here's the rest -


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Anonymous said...

If the video evidence was not correct the judge should have asked for another copy or the original to be produced! Crooks covering up for Crooks! It is also easy for a camera to record a monitor screen to make a copy almost if not just as clear!

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand what precipitated the whole thing. It seems this whole thing started because an officers asked the woman to move away from the pay phone.


So why then would an officer accost you? You were asked to move and suddenly you she decides to take names? Something is amiss, and it's not just the cops.

It's too bad there's no audio, because I think there's a lot more to this story than is being presented—that's just my gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

If it takes 9 to 10 officers to subdue this slip of a woman, it is little wonder there is so much distain for the legal system

Anonymous said...


There is more to this story than just 3 mounties chasing a man? Am I to believe what comes out the mouths of a gang of criminals? I think they got exactly what they went looking for and got exactly what they deserved ,All of them!

Hope it happens more often maybe they will take a good look at themselves and see that there the cause of their own injury.

Karma is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

@9:56 AM

Something is amiss(the video)Stupid!
No its cops,also the sheriffs too. They just want to crap on her in any manner possible even if they have to break the law,that's what criminals do!

They act just like Government but on a lowly level.

Go get another bulb because your has apparently burnt Einstein!

Anonymous said...

Charles: It is UN-imaginable that it took 9-10 cops to take down this slip of a woman after one of them pointed a finger at her in intimidation. In the light of what happened at Emergency at the Hospital, it is time for a full inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Judges here will rule against anyone just to make the cops or Sheriffs look "right". I don't recall seeing any sign saying people are not allowed to stand by the pay phones either. Since when was that a crime?
The video shows a terrified woman trying to get away from a rat pack of uniforms. Quite disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Wow, such scathing language from the peanut gallery. When critical thinking fails, resort to personal attacks. LOL.

I guess some of the folks didn't watch the video. Her husband was there as well, but I guess that's not as sensational.

Here's something that'll really piss off some of you folks: How do we know she didn't edit the footage? :)))

Anonymous said...

My questions on this Jenn thing would be,

Did the police, "peace keepers" - do everything they could to prevent this


Did they do anything to instigate this situation??

Anonymous said...

Charles, poor reportage, piss poor journalism, a pathetic attempt at reporting. What was Jan Wambolt's son's name? How old is he? Was he a "young offender? What was he charged with? Was he eventually found guilty? Why didn't you interview any of the Sheriffs or cops? If you only have one narrow side of a "story"...you have no story. It's called journalism Charles. Fair and accurate reporting!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 3:14 p.m.

Did you see Jenn or her husband have a camera and take videos? I didn't think so. The videos came from the Legal System. How could she edit the footage? She was is in the hands of 9-10 police/sheriff's men. To my mind this is where the Irving media leaves a lot to be desired. Jenn Wambold's son has nothing to do with this abuse of justice and should not be used as an excuse for the absolute unprofessional behaviour of the police/sheriff's departments.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 9:56 It is not that Charles is trying to mislead anyone. It is simply that he has not done the best job telling the story. There are facts missing that would explain the situation so much more. I am sure if you knew the full story you would sympathize with this woman.

To Anonymous 3:30 The details of her son are not relevant. We do not need to know his history as the story is not about him. It is about a woman who claims she was manhandled by this officer at an earlier date. Then he tries to intimidate her at the court house. I am not sure how I would react to a man who had forcefully removed my clothes but I am sure it would not be a pleasant situation.

It is very clear these tapes have been intentionally edited to leave out important scenes. How many officers does it take to remove one woman!? As for the female officer who said she was afraid …. Bullshit!!

I do not know this woman but if her claims are true about this officer then I do sympathize with her.

Go after them. Don't let anyone get in your way!!! Maybe you should also include the place where the original incident happened.


Anonymous said...

There is 2 sides to every story,unfortunately there seems to be 3 to 5 sides to this one.I would suggest you ask more questions to people other then Jenn.Why isnt Jenn's husband speaking out if his wife was so mistreated by the R.C.M.P,Sheriff's Dept., Fredericton Police and then sexualy assaulted by an R.C.M.P officer at hospital (D.E.C.H)?

Suggestion #2 would be for Jenn to fill in the blanks that she is not telling,cause the truth always comes out.


Anonymous said...

JAG Although I am not sure where you are getting the "3 to 5 sides", I do agree that there is 2 sides to every story. With that being said, it does make a person wonder why the tape was edited in the areas it was. What were they trying to hide?

Don't be so quick to think she is not telling all. I do realize that you being a man does make it very difficult for you to know what this woman is thinking or how she may feel. There is no way you will ever know what she has/is going through.

Under no circumstances should those men have restrained and taken this woman's clothes off. Totally inappropriate behavior that should never have happened.


Anonymous said...

Looks simple to me.

RCMP officer points a finger at jenn, he shouldn't have done that.

Jenn in return starts yelling at the RCMP officer. Jenn shouldn't have done that.

The one thing I learnt as a kid? Don't talk back to official people. It never ends good for you.

Jenn was really stupid. Nothing would have happened had she just kept her mouth shut. She didn't though, and will pay the price for or just shutting up.

Anonymous said...

Jenn had every right to stand in a public place doing nothing but wait for her son - who was a teenager in a traumatic situation. As we read above there was no sign saying you cannot stand by the public 'phones and what is shocking is how many Sheriff's were already there. That was not normal - there is never such a large group of Sheriff's on that floor. Since their entire focus was on the Wambolt's - and Pugh, who assaulted her in before - just happened to be there? It doesn't look like a co-incidence at all, but a very planned and organised attack on someone who uncovered and experienced extreme wrong-doing by these peopl. I have seen a grown man removed from Provincial Court by one female and one male Sheriff. They are trained to take people down and so many Sheriff's picking on one very small female was intimidation and assault. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

2.54 am - if you were just standing in a public place such as this , doing nothing offensive or harmful and with an honest reason for doing so, and were told or instructed to move, without there being any necessity at all, I have no doubt you would have asked why. This building is paid for by tax dollars, as are the sheriffs. Their conduct was despicable.

Anonymous said...

This is cracked and is so is Wambolt et al... I love the part where she says they thought I would stab her with a pen. I didn't even have one and yet earlier she says that she was writing everyone's names down. Obviously it was a crayon. Anyone who supports this nut and her associates no doubt supports the second shooter theory on the grassy knoll in Dallas...Get a life the lot of you.

Fed Up With Wambolt et al...

Have a nice day!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I am having a VERY nice day Idiot Coward Jerkface but one question?

I had many people asking the same question on the street.

Why is the RCMP Officer Pug interminating her???

Charles LeBlanc said...

One more question?

If you're tired of our views? Why do you return???


Anonymous said...

1 Jenn's version

2 sheriff's version

3 fredericton police version

4 R.C.M.P version

5 Reporters version

6 Jenns husband's version

Somewhere in there is the truth,i never said i didnt believe her or know what she is going through.But if its true the R.C.M.P officer and who ever else involved at D.E.C.H should be charged for rape.


Anonymous said...

I think JAG hit the Nail on the Head! (should be charged with rape)but they wont,hell they shoot handcuffed people in the back and get away with it~

Anonymous said...

About the pen, yes I did have a pen when I was writing their names down however in the video it shows one of the sheriffs picking up my pen over by the phone and the video shows my hands are up and open in defense when she was coming after me. It's clear that Ashley Broad was making the story up after the fact or was told to say that I had a pen.


Anonymous said...

A police force is no different than a motorcycle gang, street gang, or mafia.

Well there is one difference...their Dons write the laws.

Nothing more than shakedown thugs in their gang clothes.

I have zero respect for anyone who joins the police. Especially Fredericton.

There is one cop on the police force known by his fellow gang members as 'steroid man'. He is a supplier and a user. Want his name? I will tell you in an email and you can chase him down like you do with the politicians.

He is also known to have used violence, planting evidence, and fake charges as a tool to do his shakedowns.

I know a lot about this FPD. Enough to guarantee that they will be replaced by the RCMP. But are you sure that is what you want?

After all the RCMP are the Federal Mafia and have even more thuggery tools in their arsenal.

While FPD are bad, they are incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Yes MS because a male could never ever be raped.

Typical female reaction and view though. Clearly a male if it were somehow miraculous to to happen and be raped would enjoy the experience and would never be traumatized as a female would be.

It's people like MS that are the problem. It's people like !S why we have a female centric female only sexual assault clinic in this city. Only females can work there and answer the phones. A ,ale calls, gets a female! Imagine the uproar if it were the opposite, a female rape victim calling. Help line and getting only males!

We need to get rid of people like MS and their views, it's holding us back from soling the real issue. Rape. Not female rape or male rape. But Rape.

Anonymous said...

I'd go as instructed. I'd find someone in charge and get details and reasons.

Anonymous said...

When a man speaks up against his mistreatment no one asks what his wife thinks about the miss justice. So why is it necessary to hear from my husband. The fact that he is my husband indicates he loves and supports me fully and completely.


Anonymous said...

Your husbands version isnt important,but no two people see the same thing.Its like the video Charles posted of the soldier getting beat up by the police,ask ten different people what they saw when the watches the video and each version will different.


Anonymous said...

First of all, let’s get something straight. What this woman went through at the hospital was absolutely horrible and should never have happened but she was not raped. However, she was physically restrained while a bunch of assholes forcefully removed her clothes. As terrible as that was, it was not rape!!

To Anonymous 1:35

Get your facts straight...I never said a man cannot be raped. Nor did I say they would not be traumatized. They most certainly can be raped and traumatized as much as, if not more so than a woman. Since you are not smart enough to figure it out, what I am saying, is that absolutely no one who has not gone through this can understand what or how any victim feels.

You seem to think you know my views. Just for the record, you got my views wrong so I guess you are not as smart as you think. You are generalizing whereas my comment was meant for this one particular situation. Not for every situation out there so don't be so quick to attack Jerk.

Maybe it is people like you, who turn a bad situation into something else, that we should get rid of!!!


Anonymous said...

10.48 - you didn't listen. This woman is not a criminal; she was attacked and persecuted and then charged by the criminals in uniform as many ordinary people in this City are by corrupt cops and Sheriffs. This has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

I want to bring everyone's attention back to the facts: Jenn and Rusty Wambolt were not "criminals" during this episode, had no charges laid against them but they were at this time victims of wrong doing by lawyers and high up members of the Fredericton "establishment". What is clearly seen in these videos is that their son, who was in custody on allegations, was released into this area without one single Sheriff or cop even in the vicinity yet Jenn was chased around by ten or more sheriffs and cops without any crime having been committed. The Criminal Code requires there to be some credibility to any threat uttered and, given Pugh's size and previous assault of Jenn,him being surrounded by ten uniforms and the efficiency those uniforms showed in taking Jenn and Rusty down and out there was no threat. Pugh should have been charged for uttering threats instead of jenn since we all saw his body language confirming that is what he did.
I am really disgusted we are paying these bullies with tax dollars.

Anonymous said...


Two wrongs don't make a right. Pugh shouldn't have done what he did. Jenn shouldn't have mouthed off back, nor run around when told to stop.

Anonymous said...


Yet you completely missed the point. You have no idea if the person you told they would have any clue what jenn went through, actually does or not. You assumed they did and told them off.

Anonymous said...


Yet you clearly did bring up the gender issue and a male not possibly being able to understand.

I quote from your earlier post
"I do realize that you being a man does make it very difficult for you to know what this woman is thinking or how she may feel"

Your attitude is the reason we still have a female only sexual assault clinic in this city.

Anonymous said...

12:06 AM, October 29, 2012

I did nothing wrong first of all. Second I was not mouthing off. I was never asked to stop or to leave the building there was no verbal communication between me and the many thugs that pursued me like prey. The only people in the wrong once again where the bastards in uniform.
NOT ME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

First, I don’t believe MS has missed the point at all. He/she clearly stated in their second comment that no one (whether it be male/female) can understand what someone goes through unless they have gone through it themselves. I completely agree with that statement.
Secondly, I have watched all of the videos and did not hear or see anything about rape. Miss Wambolt certainly did not refer to rape. As MS said, why are you turning this into a rape case? Her rights were violated in so many ways but thankfully rape was not one of them.
After reading all of the comments, I believe that you and MS actually agree on some points. The difference is the way the two of you are saying it.
Please stick to the issues. The situation is bad enough without the public making a bad situation worse.
Since I have voiced my thoughts, I suppose you will attack me now, just as you have MS.

Anonymous said...


I don't give a crap what MS may have said later. It's what MS said first.... You must be a male and can't understand.

That's sowing on so many levels, yet prevalent and sadly accepted in society.

Thanks very mch, but I'd rather address the very serious issue of a sexual assault clinic that panders to females only, rather than whatever garbage jenn is up to.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 11:07 Thank you for your support, I do appreciate it. However, I have chosen not to respond to comments like those of Anonymous 12:08 or comments about rape as it has nothing to do with this story. You cannot have a conversation with someone who wants to knit pick at every little thing. They have also shown, by their own words, their lack of compassion for this woman whose rights were violated more than once. As a matter of fact, they are rude towards her. To quote them “Thanks very mch, but I'd rather address the very serious issue of a sexual assault clinic that panders to females only, rather than whatever garbage jenn is up to.”

Anonymous 12:08 not that you will, but if you want to talk about sexual assault clinics, find a story it is related to or just write a letter to Charles, ask him to post it but get it through you head, it is totally irrelevant to this story. NO SEXUAL ASSAULT IN THIS SITUATION

Go ahead, attack again, but I am done responding. Not worth it!!


Anonymous said...

First this woman is basically wacked,with years of trouble making.the video's prove nothing because there is NO sound.there is a reason she went to the hospital with the police escorting her and there might not have been female police but i guarantee there were female nurses and or doctors present.such a bogus storey by a couple of police haters and thats the bottomline really!!!

Anonymous said...


Jenn talks extensively about her alleged assault at the DECH.

Alleged because nobody has come forward in court to support her stance and has not been proven in any court.

Sounds relevant to me for this topic.