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Wednesday, September 05, 2012



There's three Parts!!! < Happened late today >

Part one -

Click below -

Part two -

Part three -

The guy just came to my door!!!

Orders from the Fredericton Police Force.

So the Cops are still using Code 300 and 301 from the Criminal Code to silent Canadians eh???

This one here is from Dan Bussieres!!!!


Of course, I have the whole conversation on video...

Stay tuned!!!!

Update -

What I don't understand is that part of the Criminal Code is for Police Officers only.

Why is Dan Bussieres allowed to used this Code against me???

Why did the Fredericton Police Force allowed this???

Just doesn't make any sense.

Yes...we need a Provincial Public Inquiry!!!!!

Media should investigate this one.....The Fredericton Police are going to raid my place AGAIN???


Anonymous said...

Silence Canadians? No. Silence you? OH YEAH!!

Anonymous said...


Charles LeBlanc said...

uploading.....30 minutes???

Anonymous said...

Watched the video. Your screwed. http://www.cba.org/bc/public_media/criminal/206.aspx

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:52

You are so right.

You're full of shit LeBlanc that you're "Not a bad guy", I see defamation all over this blog, and the FPD are doing the right thing by asking the Edmunston police, who you have no run ins with, to do the investigation. This time LeBlanc, you are not going to get away this time

Charles LeBlanc said...

You people are not concern that a private citizen is allowed to use a session of the criminal code that's for Cops only????

Section 300???

Oh well.....

5 years in jail I guess.

Can't wait to get Dan the Man on the stand and asked him why the Fredericton Police agreed to this Charge????

Anonymous said...

Section 300 or 301 is for everyone! Police or not. Read it and stop trying to misslead people..we dont believe you anymore...

Charles LeBlanc said...

WOW!!! I'm going to lay a complaint of 301 not 300 < because I'm a nice guy > against Dan Bussieres tomorrow!!!


Charles LeBlanc said...

Edmunston Police investigate Blogger of complaint Criminal Code 300 from Dan Bussieres
Edmunston Police investigate Blogger of complaint Criminal Code 300 from Dan Bussieres
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Pierre Prevost c'etait trilaingue francais , chiac ,anglais
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Charles Leblanc c'est un brayon....
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Scott Veysey OH MY GAWD, CHARLES... WHAT A MESS! Why is a Edmunston cop down here getting involved in this?
24 minutes ago · Like · 1
Charles Leblanc The Fredericton Police asked them. They just want to cover their ass!!!!
20 minutes ago · Like
Scott Veysey Freddy Police must give piss poor instructions cause this cop seems lost!!! What a waste of time!!
8 minutes ago · Like
Charles Leblanc Yep!!! Dan Bussieres have cost taxpayers a lot of money because of the Blogger...should be close to half a million bucks!!!..He's nuts!!!!

mikel said...

He's far from nuts. Come on Charles, how would you feel if somebody was posting stuff like this of YOUR picture every single day?

But police have to take complaints seriously, and it makes sense to ask another police force, since you don't like the RCMP and there really isn't anybody else that can conduct an investigation.

Section 264 is ludicrous. It was designed to protect women from violent ex's. Ironically, in a charter challenge the supreme court said its being vague "wouldn't allow for a 'standardless sweep'" by police or the courts. However, IF Charles were to be charged with it, then clearly it WOULD have no real standards. The main ingredient for the victim here is that they have to 'reasonably' fear for their safety. Charles is a pain in the butt, but there is certainly nothing physically to fear.

Section 300 isn't much different than 301 except that the crown has to PROVE that the person who made a claim KNOWS that that claim is a lie. Knowing a bit about Charles, well, all I can say is good luck with that.

I don't know why Charles made the claim that he wasn't going to mention Dan again, or why he's started back with a vengeance, but readers are certainly aware that the intensity has increased for SOME reason.

And sadly, there is really no reason for it. For most of these charges I've really felt for Charles, but now I think I have more sympathy for Dan. However, he really should use his energy more constructively and sue his employer-the government, for millions, since they are the ones that have brought this on. It is remarkably easy to just ignore the blog, although its true, he might have to hear about from his co-workers even if he did.

For charles though, you may think its a 'game', but there are stories of people who are REALLY oppressed by police through no fault of their own. Those are the stories we should be hearing about. This stuff is just silly and distracts you from again having some social relevance. I'm not sure what you think you are accomplishing with the posts, but again, it accomplishes FAR more to have a single accredited fact based story about police operations than the pictures will ever accomplish. Hopefully it gives you some joy to do it, because it does little else.

mikel said...

Forgot one thing-just because a court in another province says something is unconstitutional, people should realize that that doesn't necessarily mean it is unconstitutional in another province. It is completely up to the judge in the other province to determine whether its constitutional or not. Only when the canadian supreme court makes a ruling does it apply across the country. And they almost always seem to try to avoid making concrete statements about ANYTHING.

Anonymous said...

Dan Bussieres is a child with too much time on his hands and way too much power. We don't need to hear his words to know that he is out to get you as it is so obvious. Yes you are a pain in his ass but he is just as guilty of wrong doing. It is time for him to retire.

Anonymous said...

There is no way F'ton police can get involved in this because of the nature of their own relations with Charles. Dan has too much power. It is time for him to retire!!

Anonymous said...

There are 300 Bloggers in Toronto alone, the police there don't even bother with them. Guess the Freddy police are bored, they should cut some positions if they have time for this!

Anonymous said...

Well said...to much time on their hands. Time for some lay-offs.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this isn't the court of public opinion you have to worry about, and it's why your screwed. I suspect that this is how it's going to go down:

1. He did a "knock and talk" to confirm you posted the blog posting. You confirmed so. Never talk to cops.

See this for why: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z7NC5sgik

2. He proceeds to a Judge and provides him/her with a statement that on the balance of probabilities you did post these "Dan" postings, and gets a search warrant and charges against you. This is a no-brainer for a Judge — calling someone the terms that you did for as long as you did, THEN refer to it as a war on video? Really?

2.1 He might have to get it past the crown attorneys beforehand as a quality check before proceeding given your profile. This will make the case stronger.

3. You get hauled to court, and since your blog currently is 80% "Dan" postings you have to sign a peace bond to stay off the internet other than for work purposes. Since you don't work and are on Social Assistance, your muzzled as they again go though your computer. This was the mistake the Fredericton police force did the last time.

4. At some point, 8-18 months later you get a trial, regardless how good your pro-bono lawyer is; and I suspect you'll lose, appeal, lose, appeal, etc… All with the initial restrictions placed on you from the peace bond and the laying of the charges. No Blogging for years!

The gears have stared turning on the machine to screw you over. Even if today you removed ALL your "Dan" postings AND apologized your still on the road since the complaint was provided in good faith in May by "Dan." Enjoy blogging while you can.

Anonymous said...


You told me just a few days ago that it's just "parody". Who opened your eyes?

Anonymous said...

Swap out your drive and back up your blog to multiple sites.

The Devil is at your door again.

I think Dan should be charged with section 264CCC ,also he is a public servant and is subject to scrutiny especially when he is criminally enforcing unsigned orders of politicians.

KARMA eventually comes around.

What behaviours comprise stalking?
Stalking can include a number of different behaviours intended to control and frighten
the person being stalked. Most commonly, this can involve:
- repeated telephone calls (the caller may hang up or remain silent on the line) to
your home, cell phone or workplace in order to “track” your whereabouts
- repeated letters or stealing mail
- repeated emails [threatening or obscene e-mail or text messages; spamming (in
which a stalker s ends a victim a multitude of junk e-mail); live chat harassment
called flaming; leaving improper messages on message boards or in guest
books; sending electronic viruses; sending unsolicited e-mail; and electronic
identity theft]
- sending unwanted gifts (flowers, candy, etc.)
- showing up uninvited at work or home
- following, watching, tracking
- threatening harm to the person being stalked, her family, friends, pets
- harassing her employer, colleagues or family
- vandalizing her car or home
- harming pets
- assault (physical, sexual, emotional)
- kidnapping, holding hostage
Emotional impact of criminal harassment
Feelings that may arise when one is being criminally harassed:
- fear
- alienation
- confusion
- isolation
- powerlessness

mikel said...

Pretty sure I never said 'parody', but it can be called 'satire'. Again, Dan is just doing his job as security, Charles REAL enemy are elected officials and bureaucrats (if ANY of the legal stories here are true).

It ALL depends on the judge. IF the media covers it like they did previously, then I don't think any judge is going to buck the claims of four other provincial judges who maintain 301 is unconstitutional. Don't know about 300, but to prove Charles is a liar who KNOWS that he is lying is a lost cause. Likewise, trying to get the judge to 'stretch' 264, a law meant to protect women, into 'protecting' the head of security is laughable, and even in NB its doubtful.

Nobody should construe my statements as 'supporting' any criminal charge against Charles. I think he shoots himself in the foot enough that most people don't take his attacks on police any more seriously than if he were attacking some cartoon scientist.

Believe me, I'm a huge fan of parody and satire. What is unfortunate is that CHarles aims his 'comedy' at those who in some cases haven't done anything wrong, and in others have only followed orders. And in only serves to isolate himself from those who are capable of making real change-the public.

As for 'opening my eyes', it was the increasingly vehement and general comments about Quebecois that did that. And while the pictures will hardly have the effect that the poster above thinks they will, if CHarles increasingly targets people from Quebec then they CAN shut down his blog and put him in jail. Freedom of speech is no defense in such cases, so really I"m mentioning this for Charles own good.

Finally, I think they are always testing the public waters. Charles always 'gets a little worse' each time the police visit him. And each story in the CBC turns the public off just a little bit more (given the state of the comments). If it IS a 'game' to Charles, there is really no way for him to win. Dan could take early retirement and move to British Columbia and winter in Mexico while Charles would still be in the same situation he is in today.

Anonymous said...