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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

River Valley Footwear on Queen Street are the unsungs heroes in Fredericton!!!

Best place to buy your sneakers for the summer months.


Last week, I received a nice pair of brand new books!!!

The boots were giving to me by River Valley Footwear on Queen Street in Fredericton!!

Of course many readers were surprised I got a hold of such a nice pair.

Some suggested I advertised on my blog in exchange of a free pair?


I learned something yesterday and I feel that I just had to blogged the truth!!

The owner of River Valley Footwear David Traboulsee noticed the sticker on the shoes in the blog.


He said- Brand new pair??


I just took these boots because I was wearing the ones I was given...lol

This is when I learned something about River Valley Footwear?

They sell good high quality products from that store.

Such as my boots which will go for as high as $150.00!

During these past few years, they would have people returning their purchase boots for different reasons.

They could have just put them in the garbage or sent them back to the company.

This is what they do!!!

They go on the street and asked the homeless or people such as myself that does a lot of walking.


They asked - What size do you wear?

If they locate the right person? They bring the individual to the store and give them a nice brand new pair for the cold winter months.

I might add they give them a good shine before going out the door!

As for me? One worker asked me on the street - If I wanted a pair of shoes?

At first, I wasn't interested in shoes but then again? I might need them for a funeral.

Once at the store? I was shock to find out the brand of shoes or boots they were willing to give away to this blogger for free.

I quickly and proudly wore them and before leaving the store I thanked them very much.

I showed up one hour later feeling guilty that I never took a picture so I could give them a little advertisement.

I was very surprise to witness such a good gesture from the owner of a shoe Store in Fredericton.

It was there that I insisted for an interview.

These are the unsung heroes of the City.

They help the less fortunate and don't asked nothing in return.

Here's my interview with the owner of River Valley Footwear David Traboulsee!!

Click below -

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BlUr3xyheg&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0]


Anonymous said...

lets just give them everything. place the money into theyre drunken hands to watch them waste themselves away. we are too tolerant of these people in fredericton. ignore them. i find them harassing and intrusive.
12:55 AM, November 11, 2009
Anonymous said...

I had bought a pair of 250$ at regent mall, took them back to exchange a week later and they would do absolutely nothing for me, so glad to hear of a decent place. Thanks
6:01 AM, November 11, 2009
Charles LeBlanc said...

I see a snob is reading this blog.

Right 12:55 AM?
7:11 AM, November 11, 2009
Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,

I have been purchasing my footwear at River Valley Foot Wear ever since they opened in Fredericton. Without a doubt they are the best shoe store in the city. The quality of the shoe has always outweighed the costs. I always thought they were very nice people, but I had "no idea" just how nice they are. I applaude their generosity. I am also very pleased to see you did this story. These are the real kind of people of the community..... BRAVO

I Spy, the Camera Guy
10:24 AM, November 11, 2009
Shoeless Joe said...

@ 12:55 AM - I bet you attend church and listen to a 1 hour sermon, deposit a few bucks in the tray as an offering and then head home thinking that you are a good little Christian.

But all the while you ridicule people because in your mind you are better than they are.

If you were a good Christian or for that matter a decent person you would be helping people in need instead of ignoring them.

People like you make me puke. You say that there is no place in society for people like this. I say there is no place in society for people like you.

Hats off to the store owner, Thanks for bringing this guy to my attention Charles. I know where my next set of shoes are coming from!
10:40 AM, November 11, 2009
Anonymous said...

Not only a snob but also a fascist
11:22 AM, November 11, 2009
Robert Sewell Fredericton said...

To the poster of the comment that "we are to tolerant of these people in fredericton" let your own words be your condemnation. Your probably the same person who likes to call the handicapped retards. Enough said.
4:29 PM, November 11, 2009
Dan F said...

I've bought shoes there twice and gone in to look a few times - really great people and top quality shoes.

Would definitely recommend for someone with feet.
5:53 PM, November 11, 2009
Anonymous said...

so in other words you blogged about them and they gave you free shoes. why can't you just admit it? just like that subtle hint you dropped a couple weeks ago that you wanted a new computer. get a job and earn money to buy one yourself.
6:49 PM, November 11, 2009
Charles LeBlanc said...

Is that you James??

You fighting with the wife again?

I never gave any hints. They asked and I accepted.

Who am I to deny a free pair of nice boots.

I could have taken the boots and never said a word but I decided to give them a little publicity?

New Computer?

Do you have one?

I could blog faster for ya so you can continue reading this blog for free!!

7:00 PM, November 11, 2009
Anonymous said...

No, actually you wrote something about them first...then your got your free shoes...then you wrote another post about them. The first post about the store was an obvious attempt to get some free product out of them.

You want to be treated like a journalist, but you should know that journalists don't take handouts for doing stories. Altho, I would hardly call your work professional.
2:00 AM, November 12, 2009
Anonymous said...

What journalists, and what stories? Charles is no grade 10 dropout irving worker, and unlike all the other faces on the news today, CAN"T BE BOUGHT! Thats why people love his Blog. You may as well go back to irving and tell them you are ineffective, AND unqualified!
Many people donate to Charles because he is Honest, while slime like you wallow in jealousies! lol
9:09 AM, November 12, 2009
Charles LeBlanc said...

The guy is right!!!

I did post a few pictures of the store during these last 8 months!!


I bought a nice pair of New Balance Sneakers last year at that place.

The Staff are really nice people so once in a while I would post their products in my blog.


9:17 AM, November 12, 2009
Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm really impressed. I will most certainly buy my shoes there from now on.
8:04 PM, November 12, 2009
Anonymous said...

Just bought my wife a pair there today, and all because of you Charles signed L.J>... thanks
7:23 PM, November 14, 2009
Charles LeBlanc said...

Yeah......I was told that at the store!!!

Thanks for mentioning my blog!!!

12:40 AM, November 28, 2009
Anonymous said...

Very amusing opinion
5:23 PM, December 26, 2009
Caroline said...

What a wonderful story! A locally owned store that values all people in our community.....

It restores my hope that we are not living in a fascist town after all, or should I say that, despite the powers that be, a lot of us still know what it is like to be human. MBTSNEAKERS

Not bad at all!!!


Need them to run from the Cops!!!


All this by River Valley Footwear on Queen Street in Fredericton!!

One pair of sneakers last me a couple of months because that's all I do is - WALK!!!

Well...I finally found a pair of sneakers that I really feel comfortable.

Take a look of the way the sneaker is not flat but rounded in the front.

Great walk!!!

Go try it out!!!

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