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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beautiful Native might have saved Blogger life when Fredericton Gestapo Police Force raided Blogger's Home!!!


Ok...I believe it's time for this Blogger to write a little Blog about the Fredericton Gestapo raiding my place last Thursday!!!

January 19th started very good. My Native friend knocked at my window and asked me if I wanted to go at Tim's Horton for a coffee?

Away we we went!!

I suggested to her that she comes inside my place? It would be the very first time she has ever been over my home.

Once inside, she sat in a cozy chair.

She was relaxed and we chatted. It began to get warm so I went to open the curtin of my window.

I sat down and minutes later, I said - WHAT THE FUCK?????

I noticed 8 to 10 plain clothes and uniform Cops walking very fast past my window.


I never saw so many Cops in the area of the City!!

I quickly went for my weapon...


Opppsssss I meant my camera and quickly proceeded to video the action outside of my place.

But little did I knew that I was the action.

They had the key of the building and proceeded right to my door.

Here's the short video -

Well....it must have been a rush for my Native friend because she quickly stood from her chair and out the door she went.



Don't blame the poor girl....

So....there I was alone with 8 to 10 cops in my little place.

If I would have been alone? I could have been seriously injured. I'm surprised they never assaulted the Native girl because I did hear the Fredericton Cops were racists against the Natives.

These guys reminded me of the Gestapo!! They were Stone-face like the Nazis!!

It was like I was the enemy!!

I asked - What is this all about???

They told me that it was a Libel charge laid by Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau against the Blogger!!

I quickly shot back - Isn't this suppose to be a civil matter??? You know...a lawyer would send me a letter in my mailbox???

With a smile Racist Cpl. Bobbi Simmons-. Beauchamp told me that it was a Criminal Charge and they have to search my place!!!


I asked - Listen???? Can you bring my neighbor from upstairs in here so she can watch you guys??? I don't want you people to post Child Porn pictures on my computer!! I DON'T TRUST THE FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE!!!!!!!

They answered - Nope!!!

They proceeded to put the handcuff behind my back but I reminded the cops that I had a bad shoulder.

They said - Since we know you? We'll handcuff you with your arm in front of you.

< Polite Gestapo Police Force >

Once again as my arrest with the blowhorn last summer. It was the same cop in charge of my arrest.


It was racist cop Cpl. Bobbi Simmons - Beauchamp!!!

She asked me if I wanted my rights in French?

I answered - You know what? In a situation like this? Yeah!!! I'll have my rights en Francais!!!

This stone-face gestapo cop came along with the name - Carter on his jacket.


I said to myself - Carter???? Francais????

He took a deep breath and began reading my rights. I quicky stopped the guy and said- EN CHIAC!!! JE PARLE LE CHIAC!!!


They wouldn't allowed me back inside my place!

I asked my my medications!!! At first, they wouldn't give it to me but I'm certain they remembered of the public uproar once Staff in the Jail in Saint John denied my medications.

They allowed me to have my medications and to jail we went!!!

It was embarrassing to be escorted in handcuff where everyone can see ya!

Once in jail, they explained to me the charges and put me in a very cold cell!!!

It was like a Gestapo style Squad at the Police Station. Guys like

Martin Gaudet -


Danny Copp -


Matt Myers -


They guys used to talk to me but this time around they were Stone-Face like Nazis!! They looked brainwashed! They looked at me as I was a piece of shit!!!

Very strange......I will never respect these cops again in my life.

I told one cop and I truly apologize for calling them - Racists!!!

The Cop replied - That's good Charles...

I shot back - You're not racist....YOU'RE GESTAPO!!!!

To the cell I went....

So what do you do with a person with ADHD in a jail cell?

This was beginning to be a habit!!!

All this because of a bicycle!!!


Hours went by and I was wondering what just happened??? This must be a huge nightmare??? Nope!! It was the real thing!!

Others were in Jail for some break and enter issues.

I began to do some sit ups in the cell. Hey? What better way to get in shape?

For hours, nobody came and talk to me until one Acadian Yves Despres came to the scene to speak to me En Chiac!!!


He bought me to a room on the 3rd floor and began asking me questions!!

Such as - Who asked me to become a Blogger??? Who has my user name and password??? What was the name of the girl in my place when I was arrested?

All these questions are useless anyway because the minute I was arrested and bought to jail? I said on camera - Anything I say cannot be held against me because I have ADHD and I speak before thinking. Therefore you can't use what I say in court.

He continued by saying that I should have called the Cop a bad word???

I shot back - HE SHOULD HAVE DID WHAT HE DID!!!!!!!! < More in details >

I felt like I was in China!!!! Bloggers are shot in that country!!!

So...at the end he bought me back to the Jail cell!!

I laid down on that cement bed and suddenly I got huge pain in the the left side of my side!!!

I quickly called for the guard and she quickly came.

I had my arm up and couldn't move!!!

5 minutes later < took a long time > Matt Myers and others came to see what was going on???

I said - I guess I'm going to die a martyr Blogger!!!! You guys have been trying to killed me since last summer!!! Bye bye cruel world!!!

I felt like Redd Foxx taking the big one!!


You should have seen the looks on these Cops face. They changed from Stone-Face to concern. Can you imagine if the Blogger would have died behind bars?


At the end, it was muscle spasm < I think? > on my side from doing these sit ups!!!

Minutes later, I was escorted to an area where I was finger printed and photograph like the criminal the stone-face gestapo Cops believed I was!!!

Then we came to the part where the cops forced a person to sign papers to the point that you'll be release from custody!!

Conditions are important in this case such as the last time the Prosecutor wanted me to signed papers not to be at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street. I told Judge Julian Dickson that I wouldn't signed those papers because I have to cross the Westmorland Bridge to go to the North Side. I had to used the Westmorland Bridge.

The Judge ordered me in Jail for two days and the Gestapo ordered my medications be cut off. I could have taken a stroke.

Conditions in this case? I can mentioned the name Fred L'oiseau but I can't used his picture or condemn him.

I started to walk toward the cell and said - Lets go to Saint John < Jail > I guess? I'm not signing any papers with conditions.

After around 20 minutes of debating? With no lawyers around to help me decide? I signed the papers.

Someone called the cop and asked if I agreed to the conditions?

The Cop replied- IT'S DONE!!!!

I left the Police Station and made an interview.

Click below -

I arrived home and I was surprised that all my stuff was gone from my place. They took everything!!!

IMGP9821 (Large)

A code on the wall, hard drive, keyboard, external hard drives, speakers and modem!!

I was confused of the reason they would take all these items???

I returned to the Police Station and demanded some answers???

They told me they could keep all my items after my case is done in court.

Well....I was like a lost dog without its bone.

I came and felt that my privacy have been invaded.

Then I began to think about what the Gestapo Police Force could see in my computer.

All my contacts with the Government, friends and foes.

Will the Fredericton Gestapo begin to arrest my friends???


Will other charge follow????

The word soon spread on the information Highway that the Blogger was once again arrested by the Fredericton Gestapo Police Force!!!

Someone showed up over my place and told me that I could have his computer!!

I reminded the guy that I didn't have a modem! It was no good to me.

The next morning the arrest was all over the News.

Different people from the media circle showed up over my very dirty place....


The Irving Blogger made a visit -


Occupy Fredericton showed up -


Purple Violet Blogger -


People began confronting me on the streets with their views and they were very very very upset with our local police.

My answer was always the same - Thank God that I don't smoke Marijuana or into Child Porn!!!

Yes....I might have visited a few Porn Site? < I'm human > but there's no Child Porn on my computer.

They took my external Hard drive with close to 170,000 pictures in there. Are they going to look through all the pictures?

That could take weeks!!!

Who's paying for all this anyway???

Friday evening, I didn't have a computer in my place and I felt like a lost puppy.

A buddy figured that I would be having a hard time so he invited me over his home for a meal and beers!!!!

Even sent me home all drunk up with two bottle of wine for me to enjoy!!!

Very nice...

The next morning, I arrived at the Farmer's Market a little late. < Some vendors were worried because they believe the cops arrested me again >

I quickly found out that many people asked me if I had a computer? People wanted to help. The citizens were very very very upset with the Cops!!!

From the high profile people to the less fortunate. Everyone wanted to help me get back on line so I could continue blogging.

Someone came over with a modem with a message to the Gestapo Cops!


People were giving me money on the streets!!

Picture 225

I told the concern citizens that I was ok and lets see what's going to happen?

The stories was in all the media!!

Monday came and people were still talking about the arrest, They just couldn't believe it.

The media once again came over my place to do a follow up!!!

Picture 197Picture 201

I received many emailed from people who wanted to donate a computer and money!!!

I was told to go at the Post Office at Shopper's Drug Mart at Kings Place.

Once there, there was a little lined up. I asked the Pharmacist if the media could video me for a few minutes inside the drug store. He agreed!

I noticed a male snob in front of me. He looked very uncomfortable with all the media in the area.

snobPicture 204

I said - Can I go ahead of you. It will only take a few minutes.

He said- This is just bad timing from my part. I believe that I'll come back another time and he left the area.

I was surprised when the Postal worker told me there was $300.00 in there!!!

Picture 212

It's issues like this that keeps this Blogger going!!!!


I was surprised to noticed Fredericton Councillor Jordan Graham coming in with his support.

Picture 267

Picture 229

Here's an interview that I made!!

Click below -

Click below for his views -

Musings from Jordan Graham of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Libertarian City Councillor!!!!!!

A female showed up and I was back on line at around 5:00pm on Monday evening!!!

Picture 206Picture 217

People been stopping me on the streets and giving me some money but I didn't want it.

Monday evening I showed up at City Hall and joined a Media Scrum asking questions to Racist Police Chief Barry Macknight about the arrest of the Blogger!!

Picture 231Picture 233

I even joined the scrum and asked a few questions!

Click below -

One individual told me that I should tell the Police - If you dropped all charges? I will leave the City!!

Why should I leave??? I always promoted this City!!!

Lots of questions and I don't know what's going to happen?

Many suggested that the Cops might post Child Porn on my hard drive?

Could they do that? Once you have a Gestapo Style of Policing? Anything can happen???

I am very grateful to all the people who have step forward with their support, gifts and money.

It's action like this that keeps this Blogger going!

All this could have been settle over a cup of coffee last summer but the Police style of racism of not communicating with the less fortunate bought this issue to a point of no return.

I'm willing to forgot all this and move on in continue to promote this City of being the best place to live in Canada but I don't believe the people in power will want to sit down with me.

This is where this awful mess all began. I made a complaint and the Cops refuse to sit down and talk to me.

Sadly...be ready to see this image in my blog for many years to come.


I don't scare easy but I feel traumatized!!!!

I heard stories from people who are assaulted on the streets and they say that they are not the same again.

I was told that I shouldn't walk alone at night!!! But that don't bother me anyway.

But when i hear foot steps in front of my door? I get edgy!!!

I feel like I'm living in North Korea or China.

I do not trust the Justice system in Fredericton. They have failed the less fortunate and the Judicial Council said that People with mental disabilities who asked questions in court will be jailed!!!!

Nazism in our Court System???

There's something VERY VERY VERY wrong with our Police and Justice System!!!

Stay tuned to what's going to happened!

It's going to be very interesting!!!


Eric said...

IF they put things on your computer in an attempt to convict you of something worse, careful scrutiny by anyone who knows his way around a computer can prove it was placed there AFTER being taken by the police.

Anonymous said...


If you know your way about collecting evidence, you'll know that the original Hard Drive is never touched; only copied. That is done by a 3rd party, not the cops.

Before you spew that it sounds like alot of work to prove, think about what I said and how easy it is to prove

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that they will plant some illegal stuff on your hard drive.
10 years ago they might have seized your computer but not nowadays.
What they do now days is copy all the contents of your hard drives.
Usually they give you condition of lets say, don't talk about this or that.
A few weeks later they come back and copy the contents of your hard drives again and then charge you if you talked about something you weren't supposed too.

The only reason they usually seize hard drives is to analise the disk to retrieve all info that was deleted.
In case you don't know, even if you have formatted your hard drives all info can be still be retrieved. So If you got those hard drives used and were formated (erased), all the info from the previous owner of the hard drive can still be retrieved. The cops them self are not bright enough to do that but they can send the drives to get analyzed.

I'm telling you that the cops are up to no good to get you.

I hope you have changed all your passwords.

I would love to see the iron horse step up to the plate once more. He would expose all the corruption that is going on.
This case could make him famous.

Anonymous said...

Re: 8:58 PM
Then who collects the evidence? L'Oiseau? his friend Dan Bussieres??
It wouldn't surprise me one bit.
Dan, that Boobie cop, L'oiseau and co. That bunch are all in it together to jail Charles one way or the other.
There breaking the law to do it also.

Anonymous said...

Right or wrong, I believe a pattern has developed, that the Fredericton City Police are going to have to appologize for.

They have allowed the emotions of one of their clearly unstable officer's to boil over into this mess.

Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau appears to have first confronted Charles at the Legislature... That didn't go well and Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau had egg on his face and his face on Charles' Blog. That's no fun, "It's an Ego Buster"..

At a later date, Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau pulls the bicycle caper and tricks Charles into crossing the street. Ticket time and that doesn't go well for either party and guess what? "Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau ends up on Charles Blog again... "A real bad Ego Buster" and a complaint against the officer for kneeing Charles in the privates. That's not looking good for the policeman.... He's pissed now. I'm not sure but he has likely been off on some sort of administrative or medical leave.

Freddy olde boy has no doubt been blaming this whole thing on Charles and has been stomping up and down that he was called a pervert, a quebecquois, a facist and a guestapo, but is totally unprepared to take any heat for his actions. He got off on the complaint that was made by Charles that he kneed Charles in the privates, but he knows this is going to come back up in court on traffic ticket day....

NEXT: Charles got nothing for his blowhorn deal and who was Charles blowing off about? "Officer Freddy L'Oiseau"

Now... How does Officer Freddy L'Oiseau have that much clout over the FPF for them to pull last weeks escapade???.... That is an answer for the courts I guess... Over zealous police forces or police officers are crusified in the courts on matters like this and the Dept of Justice knows that. Do they think all of the evidence won't come out? The police may think they can compartmentalize these issues, but the truth is everything will come out and regardless of how and what Charles looks like, the police look just as bad.

Not a good case to take to court, I assure you, and on the balance of probability as to conviction the DOJ will shut this down, if they haven't already..... I know they don't run the investigations but they don't like the bad publicity. They will likely wait until April for the court date to arrive and then try and plea bargain with Charles.. "But not this time".... More later..

The Fisherman

Anonymous said...

OMG 9;44 pm... You are one paranoid fellow..poor you.. You have no clue how this work do you ..And so does your other friends ..You have seen to many movies.

J.D. said...

Charles, Please go to Google and type in Holocaust and the definition of Nazi and read them. You are doing yourself and history a disservice. To use those words and definitions when referring to the local Police only trivializes a horrible and tragic time in human history.

Charles LeBlanc said...

They looked like Nazis...Stone-face!!

Wait till you read my next blog of what they did in our Schools???


Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:44

First kid, go back to school and work on your spelling and grammar

2nd. Do you really think the Sargent at Arms, or the accuser would work on the computer, or have the know-how to do it.

Actually son, go back to grade school and learn some logic and think about what you said and ask if it makes sense. You're not worth answering

Anonymous said...

Dan Bussiers, that Loioseau cop, that Boobie chick cop and the others that are out to get Charles.
Now what do all these people all have in common?
It all goes back to Dan Bussiere and the Leg.
There all working at the Leg and make lots of money with overtime pay working for Dan Bussieres.
Dan has been trying to get Charles for a long long time.
All Charles needs is a lawyer that wants to make a name for himself.
Then all those that lick Dan Bussieres butt to get overtime pay will be out of a job.
Your playing a game that you cant win because Charles wont back down.
Dan! Your time is coming and as usual Charles will make you look like fool again but this time you will be out of a job and finally you will tuck your tail between your legs and run back to Quebec where you belong. You wont be able to be a cop anymore because we all know that you don't have the balls to go back to that job.
Speaking of balls,
Is there any lawyers out there that want to make a name for themself?
Come on Iron Horse!
step up to the plate and make things right.
There is too much corruption going on.
Come on Iron Horse!
You did it right once, do it once more.

Anonymous said...

Man, I've never heard so many conspiracy theories in my life. I'll be checking behind telephone poles when I go for my walk later today.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:13
Yes do that! some say that theres even wires that carry sound and dem dare poles but i dont believe that kooky conspiracy stuff.

Bob Sacamano said...

RE: Anon 12:04

Maybe YOU should go back to school.

It's spelled "Sergeant", you moron.

Anonymous said...

1 Fred L'Oiseau with the direction of dan peed on charles at the leg.
2 Charles peed back on Fred L'Oiseau in the blog
3 Fred L'Oiseau felt great insult and waited then peed on charles with a ticket.
4 charles peed on Fred L'Oiseau with a complaint which did not go anywhere.
5 charles was pissed over this protested furiously, was arrested and peed himself over jail.
6 charles just about peed himself the morning of the court and caved in.
7 freddy police seeing weekness and since charles gave in got together for a golden shower on charles with 8 or 10 joining in.

Who`s gonna pee next??

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to that occupy dude?!

Anonymous said...

Poster 11:24, thats quite a tale! In true Frederciton style, one would think that perhaps Mumbles or some other musician, will start the ballad of Charles and Sgt Dan. Id love to hear it put to music!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. does MacKnight look a little uncomfortable to you? Go home Barry and squeeze that pimple on your forehead. I think that Police Chief MacKnight might have to answer to this.

Steve in BC

Anonymous said...

Be carefull what you say at home as they might have bugged your home when they were in there Charles.

Steve in BC

Anonymous said...

Does everyone realize the significance of Chief of FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE WAS OR STILL IS ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE ! ?


Anonymous said...

Well here we go again. First the police force in Saint John who almost killed Mr. Charles LeBlanc.

Five years ago in a Saint John location while the blogger was attending a quiet demonstation to take pictures an army of police officer jumped an innocent Canadian citizens and tackled Mr. LeBlanc on the ground being broadcast live on TV.

A a few police officers held Charles down while one put his knew on his temple. Putting 200 lbs. of pressure on Charles skull on his temple could have killed him. I truly believe God protected Mr. LeBlanc that day.

Almost like the Vancouver incident where 4 police officer tazered a man who came from another country.

From the time I first saw the broadcast from CBC I have not been able to erase the awful images of the worst cruelty broadcast from NB. The incident is believable for China, North Korea, Russia, Ian, Irag etc but not in NB. Wow! How could politician allow such actions on a citizen of NB who was doing nothing wrong. Why no apology? In NB?

Charles has requested an investigation of the episode that occurred in Saint John 5 years ago but Mr. LeBlanc did not receive justice or an apology. Saint John police do have a terrible reputation.

With all the good police officers in Fredericton this last action is tarnishing the good guys in the police force. Fredericton does have a huge problem and it's not the soldiers who do the work but seems like the upper level of management.

The City needs to change their attitude towards Mr. LeBlanc and all French speaking individuls. All minority group living in Fredericton could also be a target.

The City of Fredericton is acting like a Nazis communist country and I hope that no other City in NB will ever follow the terrible example that the city of Fredericton is showing towards Mr. LeBlanc.

I feel proud that one councilor was man enough to stand for a democratic society rather than stumbling towards communist Nazis regime.

I would hope that some day our provincial government would step in and punish any city in NB for acting so irresponsibly towards a good standing citizen who has been harassed and abused for too many years..

I am also happy to see Liberty group asking questions on this army of officers storming in on Mr. LeBlanc resident. This could happen to anyone of us in the future.

Very concerned that not more politician is getting involved in a sure case of cruel treatment towards Mr. LeBlanc.

What is more important than to protect citizens of NB from such blantant abuse from the city!

Concerned citizen of NB 20

Anonymous said...

"I feel like I'm living in North Korea or China."


Ever heard of tiananmen square? People much less annoying and much more justified than you were SHOT for voicing there opinions. North Korea? You get sent to a labor camp. And comparing your life to the the Nazi oppression is the epitome of why you disgust me Charles. Do you enjoy being the Fox news of Fredericton?

Oh, and racist: Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Ahhhhhh 9:39am..you know what you are?

An Idiot coward jerkface....if this is not china or North Korea?

Why don't you use your name Coward?

Yes...this is a different style of China and you wouldn't know any of this until 10 racists cops raids your place.

Time to get rid of this Police Force and bring in the R.C.M.P.!!!

Anonymous said...

A lot of abuse on Charles and it is shameful. I am glad to see many people are friends to Charles and see him as a good guy which he is.

From comments from 1123 2012 I wonder why no investigation on the abuse of almost killing Charles in saint John by the saint John police force. I also saw the incident live on CBC and it was horror for this to happen in NB. Why would those in power allow this to happen? Where are the real men?

I must commend the young man Jordan Graham that was interviewed. If we had a few men like him the abuse on citizens would not continue in NB like it presently happening.

In my book Jordan your a real man your parents can be proud.

Charles sorry you have to be abused by those in power but remember those that abuse their authority must meet God on judgment day.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Here's the latest....


Anonymous said...

Enough with the Nazi talk Charles. It's bullshit and anyone with any sense should be able to understand that. Your responses are harsh nonsense most of the time and your rants are even worse. Get your shit together a little more and people might be less justified to criticize you.

Charles LeBlanc said...

To the last coward comment.....you saying Police Officers falsely telling your internet provider that you're into child porn is a good thing???.. You have to be a Cop...:(