President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas answers straight forward questions from Pain in the Ass Blogger about Tropical Storm Arthur 10 days after it left the area!!!!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Story went around last night that a Group was going to attack Occupy Fredericton!!!

Some tense moment last night!!! Someone sent an S.O.S. for protection!!! If you can fight with your fists? Come at Occupy Fredericton right now!!!

I went!!!

Click below -

Spending Christmas Day at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!

Best Christmas song ever???

Click below -

What's yours???

Beautiful or ugly????


Spending My first ever Christmas Eve at the Fredericton Soup KItchen!!!


I decided to go have a look.


Same regular volunteers but some new ones.

Father and Son -


Mother and daughter -


Teaching the Rookies how to serve -


One guy came in and began crying to the Chef. I guess his buddy died from Cancer in his late 40s. Sad....dying on Christmas Eve...:(

One guy began counting the people coming in....


I would say around 40 people went at the Soup Kitchen tonight. That's a good thing!!!!..:) Numbers are usually much higher...

Brenda was there with her sweets....


Good hot meals!!!


Congratulation to the Volunteers on giving their time on Christmas Eve....:)

My very first Christmas Eve in Fredericton New Brunswick Canada.....


Premier David Alward and wife Rhonda wishes EVERYONE a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Charles LeBlanc 3IMGP9038IMGP0802


Friday, December 23, 2011

St.Mary's Native gives gift to Blogger so Evil Racists Police Officers will be kept from Blogger's Home!!!!


Very nice!!! Lots of talent at St.Mary's First Nation...:)..:)..:)


5 DAYS LEFT TO VOTE ON POLL!!!! Is Brad Woodside doing the right thing booting Occupy Fredericton from Phoenix????



Here's one view -

Charles the following is a post that put on the Evict Occupy Fredericton Facebook, their response was to remove the post, which is not uncommon for that group to. The Page has suggested and encourage violence to Occupy Frederecton.

Can Evict Occupy Fredericton state your reasons why you have such a hardon against Occupy Fredericton. If occupy Fredericton had a skin color, the attitudes showed against them would be racist. Whether you accept or not your Facebook page is actually promoting hate propaganda. On the serious side we have received threats both to persons and to facility, is that what you really want?

In the early Seventies, I was caught in race riot between those whites who believed they were superior to blacks, fortunately there was no fatalities, as I type is can still vividly see the intestines rolling out of one of my black friends abdomen as the knife slashed through the skin. I was only 17 at the time, Yes panicked to the state of paralyses where I could not do anything about the circumstances. Over 200+ whites attacking 30 some blacks, Why, because they were "Niggers", The personal attributes didn't matter, whether they were musicians, students, professionals and other the qualities that defines us as humans, following the experience I did become involved with the BUF (Black United Front), only to be referred to as a "Nigger Lover" by those that seen being superior.

The way the Anti-Occupiers conduct it's self is really no different than the white supremacist of the past. Like the white supremacist anti-occupiers make judgments on the superficial traits, Such as they are Homeless, druggies, hippies, and every other negative trait, but the arguments have absolutely nothing to do with the intrinsic qualities, at no time have they argued against the issues of inequality, economics and so on, In essence the anti-occupy pass judgment on the "skin color of occupy"

Tim Arbeau who has been down at the camp, has gotten to know the people there. Knows firsthand that those involved are made of an assortment of people, from all walks of life, from the financially secure, to the homeless and everything in between, all understanding the complexity of the social, political and economic system, yet you and the other anti-occupiers don't even put forth an argument on those issues, instead produced hate propaganda against the Occupiers.

One last note, the Kent State University Massacre, which resulted in the death of four students, Jeffrey Glenn Miller; Allison B. Krause; William Knox Schroeder; Sandra Lee Scheuer, by the national guard because of the student protest against the American invasion of Cambodia which went against the grain of the ultra-conservative mindset that existed at that time. Unfortunately these kind of consequence happen when ones, ego and ethnocentrism prevails over rational thinking.

ADHD Blogger going after a wanta be ADHD Drink???


Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force going after another citizen on a Bicycle???


By the time I arrive at the scene? He left!!!

Christmas at Molly's on Queen Street in Fredericton!!!!


Click below -


Jolly good old falla....


Irving employee and Father...


Saint John???


I don't give a darn what anyone says? I still say that Jogging is bad for ya!!!


Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside means business this time with Occupy Fredericton!!!


Santa is not please with Fredericton Blogger!!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc is very much alive!!! I'm not dead!!!


Young woman 18 year old dies after car crash in New Brunswick!!!


Sometime life just isn't fair.....

Blogger Charles LeBlanc Christmas Video to the readers!! MY BEST VIDEO!!!

Blogger will stay in Fredericton for the Christmas Holidays!!!


Yes....this will be the first time in 20 years that I will spent Christmas away from my family in Saint John.

I could have went but decided to stay here in Fredericton.

Why? My Uncle Al had a major Open Heart surgery a few weeks ago and just got home a few days ago.


He turned 80 last week. He's a tough old bugger.

I noticed lately, I have been sneezing a lot. I walked the bridges and I feel that I might be coming down with a cold.

Might or will have a cold? I'm not sure but I can't take the chance of going there and my uncle catches a cold from his nephew.

It would be deadly for Alphonse if this happened.

I even had a guy who stopped by yesterday asking me if I needed a ride to Saint John? < Nice > But I just can't take that chance.

I called my Aunt and they were disappointed that I wouldn't make it but totally agreed once I told her the reason.

I decided to stay home for the Holidays. I'll go and visit them when he's in top form!!!

Staying here in Fredericton won't be that bad.......:)

Merry Christmas to all the readers of this Blog < Even the Coward ones >

P.S. I wrote this one fast and never re-read the darn thing...sorry for the grammar....

Close up of where the JUmper from the Westmorland Bridge was located???


I heard he wasn't from this City????

Where was he from???

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pictures taken TO THIS DAY one, two, three, four, five and Six Years ago!!!

Today -


One year ago -


Two years ago -


Three years ago -


Four years ago -


Five years ago -

Pictures 025Pictures 028IMG_1357Pictures 029

Six years ago -

Picture 027Picture 024helping handPicture 018Picture 013