President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas answers straight forward questions from Pain in the Ass Blogger about Tropical Storm Arthur 10 days after it left the area!!!!!

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

FAPO: Christmas Knick Knacks


FAPO: Christmas Knick Knacks
We have Christmas angels, Santa Claus cups, golden wreaths, scrolls, dish sets, Saint Nicholas statues and just about every knick knack you can imagine. This and other great deals are available year round at FAPO's Yard Sale Store at 242 Gibson Stree

Bathurst begins Memorial Park for the Boys in Red!!!!!

Made in October -

Made this one on Remembrance Day!!!


FAPO: 1894 Antique Treadle Singer Sewing Machine



This antique treadle Singer Sewing Machine, serial number 12234166, was manufactured in 1894 according to the Singer Sewing Machine website. It has a wood frame with gorgeous drawers with gold design and a box cover that you can remove to reveal the sewing machine. It still has the metal box for parts and needles with the word "Singer" stamped on the front. Beautifully decorated with an Egyptian theme, this machine's only flaw is a worn circular area on the top left of the wooden frame. Otherwise, it's in fantastic shape. A real find and would make someone with an interest in antiques very happy this Christmas!

This and other great deals are available year round at FAPO's Yard Sale Store at 242 Gibson Street and, weather permitting, at our Anti-Poverty Warehouse at 140 Canada Street.

The Fredericton Anti Poverty Organization (FAPO) is a registered non-profit organization that has been part of our community since 1983. Support FAPO and the work it does in the capital region by shopping at our Yard Sale Store at 242 Gibson Street and the FAPO Warehouse at 140 Canada Street.

We are open seven days a week at 242 Gibson Street on Fredericton's North Side. Our Anti-Poverty Warehouse at 140 Canada Street is open on a seasonal basis, weather permitting.

Our hours are:

Monday to Friday 10-5 pm
Saturday 10-4 pm
Sunday 12-4 pm

We can be reached by phone at 458-9102.

ADHD Dog meets ADHD Blogger!!!!


BREAKING NEWS FROM FREDERICTON - Judge Dickson would rather jail blogger then let a wife beater go to jail!!!!!



The Natives are the only ones who can save the Enviornment in New Brunswick!!!


Montana's Restaurant in Fredericton has the best Ribs I've ever eaten!!!!


Now...that was almost one week ago and I have a craving for those BBQ Ribs...

It was the best meal I ever enjoyed for a very long time!!!

Racist New Brunswick Clerk Loredana Catalli Sonier making certain there's no Black People on the Ground of the Legislature???


All kinds of nice words around the People's House eh?

I guess the Clerk wants to join the show -


I'm fight fighting back with her lies against me!!!

Click below -

Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and legislature blast Blogger!!!

Here's my views -

Blogger fights back against Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick!!!

This year Christmas is a little special for Fredericton Councillor David Kelly!!!


Dec. 3 is the International Day of Disabled Persons!!!!


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Friday, December 02, 2011

One true Journalist on the job tonight at City Hall in Fredericton!!!


Can you guess which one???

What's going on here anyway???


Occupy Fredericton well behave at Lighting of Christmas Tree at Fredericton City Hall!!

Lighting of the Christmas Tree at the New Brunswick Legislature and Fredericton City Hall!!!

Marching from the Legislature to City Hall!!

Arriving at City Hall -


Darn shame the Racist members of the Fredericton Police Force had to be there!!!



Premier David Alward is confronted by Blogger about next weeks free Vote on Shale Gas at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Good interview Charles, my only complaint is that while you do a good job getting past the usual political blather, once you asked the question you hardly let him get a word in edgewise.

The great thing about politician's is that whenever they talk, if you give them enough rope they always hang themselves with it. That's why they rarely go off script or talk about anything of substance.

Once you ask the question, always give them a chance to dig that hole. You went off track when you mentioned Alwards petition on the hospital closure and let him get back onto safer ground. As fascinating a person as you are, the public really wants to hear the voice of the interviewee, not you. I think you did more talking in this interview than he did. That may be one reason why Alward probably doesn't mind doing interviews with you-he doesn't need to talk much.

This is a HUGELY important issue and should not be understated. What really should be asked is whether the free vote is a SECRET vote. Ironic that when we vote in elections, the assumption is that free votes MUST be secret in order to be valid, because people would vote a certain way because of peer pressure. But in the legislature, no such assumption is made.

Hopefully both you and the media will cover this vote extensively. It will be interesting if any tories vote away from their party, and just as telling if they all vote the same way.

If they all vote the same way, then we'll know that 'free votes' are meaningless when the party line is that important. The federal tories made a big stink when two northern ontario NDPers dared to vote against their party on closing the gun registry.

In a way the whole thing is a sham because no riding has held a referendum, so they really can't say, as MacDonald did, that they are 'representing their riding'. Until every person in their riding votes, they have no idea how the majority feels.

But this will be interesting because its the first real 'pseudo' democratic issue Alward has faced. Whichever tories vote against the motion, they can expect the media to be asking them a lot of pointed questions. If they DON"T, then they should be asking ALWARD a lot of pointed questions. Namely, if your majority government has NO variety of opinion, then how can it really be representative of New Brunswickers? They can of course say "well, thats what the opposition is for", but that boat won't float in a majority government. For all intents and purposes IF your party ALWAYS votes on party lines then the liberals might as well not be there at all.

Premier David Alward turns 52 years old today!!!!

Hmmmmm...I just learned that I'm exactly 4 months older than the Premier....

Bonne Fete Mr.Premier.....:)


Nice walk around the bridges in Fredericton last night!!!


STU Journalist doing a story on the Blogger in Fredericton!!!

Justin Marshall followed me around yesterday after to get a feeling of what the Blogger does all day?

I always say that I just follow the wind and who knows where that will land?

I met the guy at Tim's Horton.


We noticed this passing by us.


so we headed towards the Legislature.

I first met Journalist Andy Campbell.


Click below -

Michel Corriveau Journaliste de Radio-Canada est demander de son opinion des Blogger??


I approached Telegraph Journalist Chris Morris on views on Bloggers?


L'Acadie Nouvelle Journaliste Philippe Murat est demander de son opinion sur les Blogger?


The Nadeau Poultry Farm were protesting in front of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


I decided to interview the protesters -

I had enough of the Protest so I decided to hunt down some politicians!!!!

Executive Assistant Mike Holland was standing near the Legislature.


I explain to the young student that they is where I get my stories. The main stream media waits inside in the hallways to interview the politicians.

I love to hunt them down on the street.

Minister Sue Stultz, Paul Robichaud and Martine Coulombe was my first one!!!!


I told the student that I like it better waiting across the street by the Centennial Building because it gives me more time to questioned the Politicians.

It didn't take long until a Minister came towards us.

Minister of Justice Marie-Claude Blais -


Minister of Transportation Claude Williams -


The student was getting impatient so we walked towards the Legislature but something told me to stick around and sure enough the big cheese came out!!!

Premier David Alward!!!


I wanted to show the student how I questioned the Premier but this time around he was in a hurry!!!

We left the area of the Legislature and the student asked me - Are you welcome everywhere???

I told the student that one place I had a problem with was the Fredericton Convention Centre!!!

We walked inside and were escorted out!!!!


That Convention Centre is something else. They always stopped people at the door. I would suggest any ready to used the Delta or The Crowne PLaza.

Why not asked most Notorious citizen for his views on Bloggers???


Click below -

Then I bumped into Fredericton Councillor Stephen Chase!!!


Click below

We return at the Legislature and confronted some protesters!!!!!


Click below -

and a final interview with the Journalist student....


Click below -

That's it!!!

It was fun!!!!




Click below -

STU Journalism goes public with his report of following the Blogger all day!!!

What do you think???