Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Leader of the New Brunswick Liberal Party????


Friday, November 25, 2011

Will the Natives return at the New Brunswick Legislature????


Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup is confronted by the Blogger about Shale Gas

Made this one today!!!!

Bloggers says thanks to Hillbillies!!!


This was given to me during the Protest at the Legislature.

AS I said many times- The pay sucks but it's good gestures like this that keeps this Blogger going!!!



I need a break!!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc finally found a friend who will listen to his problems!!!


Very nice...:)

New Brunswick MInister of Public Safety Robert Trevors is ONCE AGAIN confronted by the Blogger of the Death of Jeff Ryan from Pocologan by the Medical Staff at the Saint John Regional Correctional Center!!!


MY GOD??? HE'S FAST!!!! I must move fast with my questions...Darn shame he won't meet with me....oh well.....

Yesterday -

Today -

Fascist Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres in deep thought!!!


Premier Shawn Graham gives his Throne Speech!!!

Click below -

Premier Shawn Graham gives out Throne Speech!!

Guess where???

pleit 026

Blogger will be the Racist Station at the Fredericton Police Force at 10:00am this morning!!!

This is where the trouble began!!!!

I was giving a ticket without even asking me if it's true???

Click below -

Crazy eh???

Wish me Bonne Chance!!!

I have a picture and video of Wayne Steeves Jaywalking.


Here's the video -

Were the Racists members of the Fredericton POlice Force offered LARGE OVERTIME PAY in return to give Dan Bussieres the rights to assault New Brunswickers???


Click below for video!!

We must get rid of our Racist Police Force!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011




Friend hit by car while jaywalking Regent St. Hurt badly, on stretcher, handed ticket for $172.50 by police. Welcome to F'ton young lady.

My first youtube to hit 100,000 hits!!!

...and it's not much.....I was surprised...

Blogger makes a stop at the steps at City Hall before going to make a complaint at the Fredericton Police Station!!


Fredericton Transit Bus hit a pedestrian on the corner of Queen and York???

Is this true????

Just hear....a girl got hit...minor injuries....hurt her elbow.....

Premier David Alward is confronted by the Blogger about visit to Tee Pee on the Grounds of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


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Monks returns to Fredericton!!!



How you doing? I was told by another monk you've met us again. Just wanted to mention to you, that if you want, you could come to our gathering on Saturday. And also you could share invitation with others
through your famous blog.

Here it is:

Hello everyone! We are group of Hare Krishna monks. Hare Krishna is an ancient tradition, which gave birth to such traditions as Buddhism and Hinduism.

We are visiting Fredericton from time to time. And usually in the end of each visit we make programs for people. Programs are on spirituality, eastern philosophy, transcendental meditation, elevation
of consciousness and bhakti-yoga. With music and vegetarian snacks.

Programs are free, although donations are highly appreciated. This time we will make program on Saturday, 26-th November at 384 Queen st. (Mazerolle Gallery, 2-d floor - Marylin Gallery). From 6 p.m. till 9p.m.

For many people it is a life-changing experience, so please come if you can.

If you would like to know more about us you can visit our website:


New Brunswick MInister of Public Safety Robert Trevors is confronted by the Blogger of the Death of Jeff Ryan from Pocologan by the Medical Staff at the Saint John Regional Correctional Center!!!


Jeffrey Nelson Ryan

Unexpectedly at the Saint John Regional Hospital, Saint John NB on March 8, 2011, Mr. Jeffrey Nelson Ryan of Pocologan NB. Born at Blacks Harbour NB on May 14, 1973, he was a son of Mr. Nelson Ryan and the late Mrs. Margaret (Boyd) Ryan. A loving father, son, brother and nephew, he is survived by two daughters; Rebecca Flint and Cathleen Flint both of Saint John NB, his father, Nelson of Pocologan NB, three brothers; Wayne Boyd (Theresa) of British Columbia, Shawn Ryan and Jamie Ryan both of Pennfield NB and by several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. Jeffrey was predeceased by his mother, Margaret.

Jeffrey was a hands on type of guy who worked as a Clam Harvester. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved to both hunt and fish. He will be missed by his family and friends.

A memorial service will be held at the Gary E. Waycott Memorial Chapel from the St. George Funeral Home & Crematorium (755-3533) 26 Portage Street, St. George NB on Saturday at 2:00 pm with Rev. Reg Ward officiating.No visiting hours will be held at the funeral home. The interment will take place at the Pennfield Rural Cemetery in the spring. In Jeffrey’s memory, donations to a charity of the donor’s choice would be appreciated by the family.

All that was told to the media is that someone died while behind bars and that was that!!!

I didn't know the guy but I guess he was no angel but that's no excuse.

Once the inmates at the Jail saw me on the News < When I was arrested >

They quickly came to me with their stories of what's going on behind bars.

I was told that Jeff Ryan came to jail and I guess he took lots of pills before entering the prison system.

He began feeling sick and the medical staff just offered him a Advil.

I guess he died hours later!!!!

Shouldn't there be an inquest of his death???

I asked and asked for a Meeting with the Minster but I was ignored. < I don't have much luck with these Ministers from Public Safety >

I confronted Minister of Public Safety Robert Trevors this Afternoon!!!

Click below -

So? Inmates are being totally ignored even if they die while behind bars???

Wayne Steeves MLA for Albert will be reported to the Fredericton Police for Jaywalking!!!!


This is a very serious pattern that Fascist Sergeant At Arms Dan Bussieres began with our Racist Police Force.

He called the Police and told them that he saw me riding a Bicycle on the sidewalk.

The Racist Fredericton Police Force approached me and never asked me - Is this true Charles????

They gave me the ticket < $140.00 > and told me that I had to represent myself in court to fight it!!!

Now....I did the same action.

Two days later, I reported Dale Graham and Paul Robichaud for Jaywalking.

Racist Police Chief Barry MacKnight said that the Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature Dale Graham looked very afraid of the Notorious Blogger!!

Look at the facial expression on the Speaker's face -


The Chief said that he was very frighten of the Blogger so he quickly jaywalked across the street to escape the mean old Blogger -


So the Racist Chief believes he has a very good reason to jaywalk.

As for the Deputy Premier of New Brunswick Paul Robichaud???

Here's the videos -

The excuse he gave me was if they ticketed the Deputy Premier? They would have to ticket me!!!

I told them to go ahead!!!!

Coming back to Wayne Steeves? I'll be making a complaint to the Racist Police Force this week.


It will just show me there's a Double Standard in this City!!!

I'll be taking more pictures during the next few weeks!!!

P.S. Does anyone know the name of the woman who's always in court representing the City to push for these Racist By-laws infractions????


Click below -


They met this morning at 10:00am!!!


They agreed that the tent will be smaller.....take less space and Mayor Brad Woodside promised that the Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force will not bother them!!!


Click below for video -

Malecite Melissa Augustine from Burnt Church First Nation chat with Blogger after living 5 days in a Tee Pee on the Grounds of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!


I love this girl!!! True Warrior!!!

I gave her my camera during her stay so we could take some pictures.


I also love the way she finished this interview!!!

Click below -

Blogger spends $200.00 gift from Dan Bussieres on new camera!!!!


I could have went and bought myself some well deserved BEERS!!!!! It's been a very hectic week.

I showed up in Court and I wasn't in my right frame of mind.....very tired...

But I needed a new camera because my old one is over one year old!!!

For you readers who missed this story -


I opened my mailbox today and....


Open it up!!!!


and VOILA!!!


I was so happy that I made a video -

Racists Members of the Fredericton Police Force were intimidating the Natives at the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Many people felt intimidated by the large present of Police Officers.

Who pays for this? Province or City????

Click below for video -

Lieutenant Governor Graydon Nicholas is confronted by Blogger about Tee Pee on the Grounds of the New Brunswick Legislature!!!


Click below -

CUPE marches towards the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!