Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about possible Pedophiles in the Police Force???

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dream Street Pictures Inc is going to be followed by the Blogger in Bathurst!!!!!

Bathurst 081Bathurst 088

I landed in Bathurst tonight and the first thing I came face to face with was the Bathurst Police.

Why am I here????

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Continue to educate the public about Shale Gas at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!


Stubborn!!!! Just doesn't understand the meaning of the word - QUIT!!!!

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KHJ Radio covers Blogger's Trial in Fredericton!!!


Click below -


Charlie will leave this City for good next Tuesday!!!

Picture 042

We have a new guy taking over!!!


Cold at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton this morning....


Evelyn Greene problems with Racist Fredericton Members of the Police Force!!!

More and more people are stepping forward with their sad stories of abuse by the Racist members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!

Two women stepped forward when I was chatting with the media after my Court Appearance.


So...I let me me me on one side for a minute and proceeded to do an interview!!!

What was the name of the Officer who murdered his wife???


How long ago was this????

Is he out of jail????

Two pieces too many???


Jumping through the Halo....


This guy is going to be dress as a Blogger on Halloween Night!!!


With a big Bullhorn with that costume...

He has better watch out for the Racist Cops because they will shoot first and asked questions later...

Bonne Chance mon ami!!!

Fredericton's First Dog Kirby died this morning.....


It was the Mayor's pride and joy....


Protest in support of Occupy Fredericton is set for today!!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc didn't know Friday morning was the begining of his Trial!!!!


It's funny that I went to bed at Midnight and woke up at 3:00am!!! I can't sleep!!! :)

I may as well write of my Court Experience that happened on Friday Morning....

Here we go -

Friday morning, I showed up in Court and I must admit that I was surprised.

First, I showed up with my medications < Just in case the Judge remanded me in jail pending my trial >


I decided to take one Pill before the Court case so I can concentrate on the issues in hand.

Once there, I noticed a lot of people in the hallway outside of the Court Room.

I told a friend - There must be a few more cases beside mine?

I noticed Judge Julian Dickson leaving his office in his robe and giving me a stern look.

He was heading to the other Court Room so therefore I may get lucky and not have him as a Judge?

I also noticed the Cops coming in with their box of evidence.

It was a big box and I asked - Are these all papers from my Blog???

I was told it was the Blowhorn.

I sat down in the corner of the Courtroom. I always sit against the wall.

A Sheriff < very friendly > came between the seats and handled papers.

It said - Conduct of a trial.


My friend said - Ohhh great....you're giving this minutes before a trial???

I was asked by some people what was going to happened during my session in Court?

My answers was - I don't know!!!

A Judge walked in and I never recognized this guy before.

So my fear of having Judge Julian was over.

He called my name and I waved that I was present. I believe he was just calling the names to see if all were present in Court but I was wrong.

He asked me to step forward in the prisoner Box.

I was surprised once he told me that my Trial was going to start today.

I told the Judge - I asked Judge Julian Dickson for a Prosecutor from outside of the City and he told me everything would be decided on October 28th.

So? I believe Friday morning was set for this issue.

I also added that I was given some papers of how to conduct myself during a trial. I didn't even bring my reading glasses with me.

You could clearly see that I was caught off guard.

The Prosecutor told the Judge that she had some DVD's that she wish to show as evidence.

A lot of other issues were raised such as the Fact that Have ADHD and Legal New Brunswick told me that I had no rights to a lawyer and I had to represent myself.

I made myself very very very clear to the Judge that I have ADHD and he must be very patience with me. I don't trust the Judges in this area since Judge Julian Dickson ordered me in Jail for two days because I was questioning what the Prosecutor wanted me to sign as conditions.

I might add that I denied my Medications while I was jailed.

I could have easily died from a stroke.

After a while, I realized that all those people didn't show up for their own cases. They were all witnesses and many of them looked like snobs.


It's going to be interesting to find out what these people do for a living?

Once outside, I gave a little interview to the media. They all know who I am and it's different to be labeled as a accuse who might be going to jail for years?


Click below -

So? I must return to Court on November 2th at 9:30am. This is not for the beginning of the trial.

This will be a day that I can asked questions and get ready for the real trial that suppose to be called on that day.

I'm very uncomfortable with a few issues and these will be debated on Wednesday.

The Judge seem very understanding so I can feel at ease in that Court Room.

I believe the Cops are pushing this issue so in the future? Nobody will be allowed to protest during a long period with a Blowhorn.

Also..only in New Brunswick that the system with tell a citizen who suffers with a mental Disorder that he has to represent himself in court. < No lawyer >

Then again? If T.J. Burke can do it with his ADHD? Why not moi????...:P


Stay tuned.....

Here's a piece on KHJ Radio.

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Members from Occupy Saint John joins Occupy Fredericton for a few days!!!


Made this one late tonight!!!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogger in Deep Thought???


Who are these people???? Does anyone know???


Hero or Loser???



Maybe I`m just a bleeding heart whatever, but I`ve been following charles blogs for a couple years now, and I feel bad for the guy.

Someday hopefully he`ll be regarded as a local hero, and a champion of human rights.

There are a lot of people with a lot more education and training in these types off matters, and I think Charles is doing a tremendous job for the resources he`s got.

Good luck to you Charles you have all kinds of supporters across the province, hope things turn to your favor.

A trial date will be set at 9:30am on November 2nd, 2011!!!


It's on KHJ Radio -

Facing the media!!!

Click below -

Leaving for Court in 30 minutes...


Darn idiot, I had too much coffee....:(

I just had a coffee with a member of the media and we chatted about what happened and what could happen in Court today.

I took one of my sleeping prescription so I can stay calmed during the proceeding. This is the first time in my life that I ever took one during the day.

You can't clearly hear what's going on in Court and they move fast. Too fast for this ADHD guy! < Must be really fast >


I don't know what's going to happen and don't exactly know what's going on???

Wish me Bonne Chance...


The Province of New Brunswick to push Double Standard charge against Blogger Charles LeBlanc Today at 1:30pm!!!

I decided to post all these stories on the Blog just in case that the Courts and Police remands this Blogger in Jail for months < I would never leave that jail alive >

Enjoy -

Here's a comment - Click below -

CBC Political Panel on Blogger Charles LeBlanc -

The Fredericton Police Station will have a new painting on their wall after he's gone from this world!!


What can you do when you have a Police Chief who acts like Marie Antoinette????


Someone left this comment last night -


A lot of progressive minded people are concerned about the number of Charter issues raised by Charles' court appearance tomorrow.

Freedom of speech is one important issue, and a second is that of equality before the law - there appears to be a blatant double standard when it comes to enforcing the law in Fredericton and sorry Mr. Policeman, you have to treat every equally according to our constitution. For god's sakes, Charles has video of politicians jaywalking, which may seem petty and inconsequential, but is it not against the law? Make up your minds Mr. Policemen. Are politicians above the law? Seems so.

The poor be damned, or as Marie Antoinette used to say, "Let them eat cake" - but not for very long because they chopped her head off - cut off her nose to spite her face one might say Mr. Policemen. The same fate may await you if you continue with this charade.

We're also very worried about the Charter issue raised by Charles' lack of representation in a court of law where he may very well be criminalized and sent to jail. Do the mentally disabled have the right to a defense? Last time I looked, they do.

Hmmmmm, so there is more to this story than meets the eye and we are all going to be watching this case very closely. I think the police would be doing themselves a favour by dropping this case because, like a scab that has started to heal, all you have to do is scratch the surface and the whole bloody story starts to get very very messy indeed!!

Here's me again < Blogger >

It should be interesting in Court today and we all know that this verdict will set a Double Standard in this Province for people who wish to fight for what they believe in.

In my case the only reason that I continued my protest in front of the Police Station is because we have a Racist Police Chief Barry MacKnight who strongly believe the Rich should be ignored by the law while the Less fortunate will be given tickets in trust of a third Part complaint.

I heard that the Prosecutor with the support of the Racists members of the Fredericton Police Force might asked a Judge that I should be remanded in Custody for months pending my trial.

Racist Fredericton Police Office Sean Clark made himself very clear that he wanted me remanded in custody!!


This racist cop has tattoos all over his body. Maybe he has connection in the Jail system to have this Blogger harm???

Another issue is New Brunswick Legal Aid told me that I had no rights to a lawyer.

So therefore, I am all alone in court facing the Racists members of the Police Force.

Another issue is - Who's going to be the Judge in my case in today's hearing?

Will it be Judge Julian Dickson who I put in a complaint a few weeks ago because he ordered me in jail for two days?

We need a Judge who has patience with people with mental disorders.

Here's a video -

Myself, I still don't understand why I was arrested in the first place? If the Chief would have given tickets to the rich? I wouldn't have protest in the first place.

I was going to put a complaint against the Prosecutor but at the last minute I decided against it.

I am VERY VERY VERY concern that she < Prosecutor > wanted me to sign papers during my first Court appearance that I shouldn't be allowed at the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street therefore I wouldn't be allowed to cross the Westmorland Bridge.

Maybe another individual would have signed those papers and be quickly arrested and jailed if he would have been at the end of the Westmorland Bridge.

Why would the Prosecutor order the Judge to signed me a tricky papers knowing that I would have to walk the Bridge someday? It's the only way out of the City.

I might forward a complaint yet!!!!

Just in case that the Court works against me and ordered me in jail? I have given my username and password to an individual who will continue the Blog.

The time I was in jail? They denied my medications and I couldn't breath. I could have take a stroke and that would have been that!!

A prisoner died while in jail but not a whisper from the media.

Very scary stuff. Lately there has been riots in our jail system and I believe it's because there's no food and the inmates are denied their medications.

I never took the time to write my stories during my 48 hours in jail. I must do it soon.

Will the Judge be upset that I dared to put a complaint against him and jailed moi???

Who knows?????

I am a little afraid because I wasn't allowed to questioned the conditions in Court. I have ADHD and had a very difficult time following the procedure in Court.

We need a Provincial Judge who has a lot of patience with people with mental disorders because this could be a very long trial. While I be able to cross-examine the witnesses? Can I order the people at the Police Station in court as witnesses?

I was told that the Courts are for the rich and not the Poor and this was proven when I was sentence to two days in jail last month.

I am one of the lucky ones. If I'm sentence or remded to jail? At least the media will be there so the public will know about it.

It's a very scary process when you are told that you have no rights to a lawyer and you're going against professionals that have no patience with people with mental disorders.

Ok....I'm going to post the stories of why I was protesting in the first place. < Just in case the system orders me in jail pending my trial. Something is VERY VERY VERY wrong with our system and the Federal Government should launch an inquiry of the way the Less fortunate are being denied a lawyer and jailed!!! All began with the day Pervert Quebecois Fred L'Oiseau gave me a ticket. Here's the story - The ticket - IMGP0434cop3ticket-01

Last Thursday was a very hectic day for this Blogger. I got up early and covered the Protest against Shale Gas at the Fredericton Inn.


Click below for story -


I was dropped off in the Downtown area and walked home to upload the many pictures and videos!!

I received an email from Cons Rick Mooney asking me to drop by in the afternoon.


Click below for a funny story -

Const.Rick Mooney from the Fredericton Police Force fooled Blogger BIG TIME at the The Easter Passion PLay at the Smythe Street Cathedral in Fredericton!!!

The Fredericton Police Force acknowledge me as media. Once in a while? I blogged something they don't agree with so it's like going to the Principal office.

Before going at the meeting, I decided to cover a Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature, It was the Canadian Postal workers and other Unions.

I got my videos and pictures < will blog later >


I went for my meeting at the Police Station. Once there I noticed an R.C.M.P. cruiser in the Parking lot.


Rick Mooney came and I asked - What is the Fascist R.C.M.P. doing here???

He never said much and continued to his office.

Once there, I was introduced to the R.C.M.P. officer. < Very nice guy >


I will not disclosed the issues that was debated < hot in there I was sweating > After close to one hour, I went home.

I was a little stressed out so I decided to go for a ride on my bicycle.

Once in the area of King's Place, I noticed three Police Cruisers lined up in the area. Everyone was staring at the situation.

I stopped the bike and took a quick picture.


An officer < I think > was shouting at me- CHARLES...CHARLES...CHARLES!!! COME HERE QUICK!!!


I didn't know who it was but I noticed a Ghost Car.

I began my trip across the busy street and the guy was still shouting - COME ON CHARLES!!!

I said to myself- This must be an Emergency!!! Maybe the person the Cops are looking for someone who escape? They may need my Blog to release some Emergency News quickly?

Before crossing, two mean looking individuals were standing near Wilmott Church and said- Hey??? Don't go ratting us out!!!

I turned around and shouted - LISTEN!!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! I'M NOT A RAT!!! I'M A FROG!!!

Scares me sometime when the Cops shouts at me in front of could be drug dealers. Sighh....

I stopped the traffic and once across the street. I noticed it was Quebecois Fred L'Oiseau!!

I recognized him by his tattoos on his neck!!!

I was surprised that he would hauled me across the streets so fast!!

I asked - What's up????

He said- Oh Charles? You're driving a bicycle without a helmet....

I said - WHAT????

I quickly went for my camera!

Here's the videos -

Part one -

I wasn't angry!!! I WAS FURIOUS!!!! While he was in his car writing my ticket. I noticed close to 75 people were watching the scene and I don't like to be degraded in public.

I decided to leave but was quickly told by two officers to stick around.


The Cops were polite but I was very very very upset!!!!

I continued on my tirade for 5 minutes. One Cop was listening and maybe used it against me in court but that's OK because people with ADHD always think aloud anyway!!!

The Cops tried to changed the subject < just to calmed me down >

Finally Fred L'Oiseau came and he put his ticket to my camera while putting his knee on my private part!!

I was surprised but I didn't say a word!!!

Here's the video!!!

Part two -

If I don't pay the ticket, I have to show up in Court on August 25th.

I went to the Police Station and wrote a complaint against this Quebecois!!!

Now? Am I above the law?

Of course not!!!

If the situation would have been that he stopped me on the sidewalk and all alone?

That's a different issue all together!!!

But to hauled me across the street that I believe was a crime scene? Sorry...he caught me off guard.

There's no love lost between me and this guy!!!

He approached me at the Legislature in April 2010!!!

He was very arrogant!!

I asked why am I banned?

He answered in a very rude manner - I don't have to tell you!!!

A cop supporting a system that's convicting People without providing the evidence is not a good thing!!

Here's the video -

I don't like the guy because he comes across by being very very very arrogant!!!

Then came my famous video of Stephen Stafford.

I noticed in Court that when Fred L'Oiseau took the stand? The way he speaks English is very arrogant. So? Maybe he wasn't arrogant! Maybe it's his way to speak English.

So I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he wasn't a bad Quebecois after all?

A Police Force is like any other Workplace. People gossip about issues!!!

I let it known that we need more Despres and less L'Oiseau in our local Police Force.

Meaning we need more Acadians and less Quebecois!!!

Yves Despres is from Neguac!!


So going back to the issue of day? I guess it was payback time!!!

Was I upset? YEP!!!

It was scary because he wasn't in uniform and the way he was close to me? I could have done something stupid such as pushed him away.

This was like sending a Black Police Officer to arrest a member of the KKK!!!


It was heated and I'm certain that he went out of his way to confront me.

I don't believe it's a good idea or precedent of asking the citizens during a Crime scene to step forward and give them a ticket!!!

I'm surprised he didn't give me a ticket for jay walking????

But this wasn't a Cop doing his duty? This was a Cop who made it his duty to go after a very outspoken Anti-Quebec guy!!!

One friend after watching the video said - You lost there Charles!!!

After I told her the story? She said - The important Blogger believe the Cop hauled him over because he wanted him to cover a story for his Blog!! The important Blogger ego was slaughtered!!!


I believe that's exactly what happened!!! I never saw that one coming!!!

Was it good work from a good Cop or was it Payback from a Bad Cop???

Did he tell Dan Bussieres that he will handle this pain in a butt blogger?


I wanted a ticket anyway to get my day in court but I didn't want it this way!!...sighh.....

As a former cyclist who rode a Ten speed Bike across Canada and The States? I was always against this helmet law.

Picture 002

I don't believe it's good to jail people who don't wear these Capitalist Helmets!!!

I will blog more of this issue in weeks to come!!

But as for Fascist Cop Fred L'Oiseau?

But as the old saying goes - PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!!

While standing with two citizens, L'Oiseau gave a very arrogant wave and smiled while leaving.

The people found him very arrogant!!!

Another issue is my language est Le Chiac!!!!

I couldn't understand some words he was telling me. Don't we Acadians have the rights to be served in our Language!!!

Lots of questions???

But I will continue to say that the Fredericton Police Force are doing a fine job in keeping our City safe!!!

P.S. Why were the four cruisers in that area?

I guess they had problems with one panhandler!!!

4 cruisers???

Couldn't asked about the issue because I was still upset!!!


Here's the story that I received a $140.00 from a complaint of a third party one week and a half earlier that I was seen riding my bicycle on the sidewalk. This complaint was from Fascist Dan Bussieres.

Here's the story -


Last night, I heard an accident on my Police Scanner so I grabbed my bicycle and away we went.

Click below for video -

Afterwards while riding my bicycle towards home. A Police Cruiser beeped his horn many time to grab my attention near the Legion.

At first, I didn't know what to do because I just entered a sidewalk and I still don't have a helmet.

Should I put my camera video on? Would it be Fascist Cop Fred L'oiseau?


I decided to keep my camera in my pouch.

The Police Officer asked me if I wanted to be served in French or English?

With a smile, I said- En chiac!!!

French or English? He asked again!!

I wasn't sure what was going on???

I continued to answer - En chiac!!!

He had a smile on his face.

He offered to call in a French cop.

I knew the Cops were a busy bunch last night so I told the officer that I agree to be served in English.

He gave me a ticket that was issue at the end of June.

I was really confused and sort of apologized to the officer because I needed to get my camera out.

Click below -

He told me that someone went to the Police complaining that I was on the sidewalk.

I was very confuse. I asked- Who is this person?

Hew couldn't tell me but if I wanted to know who this individual was? I will have to go to court.

No warning at all on this one. Here's a $144.00 fine!!!!

I have 20 days to pay it and we all know that I'm on Social Assistance so therefore I can't afford to pay that money.

The cop left and I was still very confuse.

Who would go out of his or her way to do me harm???

Then it hit me!!

Tyrant Fascist Dan Bussieres!!!


I remember sitting on my bike and we crossed path at the corner of King and Regent.

I didn't know the Fredericton Police would act on his orders without even investigating!!!

For you newcomers? Here's a video of Dan Bussieres a few months ago in front of the New Brunswick Legislature.

I'm going at the Police Station on Monday morning and put in a complaint against Dan Bussieres. Will the Police charged him for assault?

Things are getting ugly with our Police Force and it's all because of these Maudit Quebecois!!!

Or could the Police go after me because the trial of Stephen Stafford is over and they want me because of that video?

Click below -

So something is going on and I don't like it!!!

The Fredericton Police Force seems very anxious to place me in Jail or they want me to take a stroke because of the stress?

Who knows????

I seriously didn't know a citizen could called in with a complaint and the Police will fined the individual without an investigation?

This is insane!!!!

Oh well...maybe they will against Dan Bussieres Monday afternoon after I put the complaint against him.

I must also put a complaint of assault or sexual assault against Fred L'oiseau for placing his knee on my private part.

I'm not going to be stressed out over these issues because I find them funny.

Why do they want me in jail?

To murder me???


Truly stay tuned!!!!

P.S. The Cop came to my house and wanted to do a correction on my ticket and told me that it was indeed Dan Bussieres who made the complaint.


I filled up a complaint against the Politicians....

Here's the story -


Here's the file number!!!


I'll check with them on Thursday and if nothing is done? < They gave me the tickets in days after Fascist Dan Bussieres made the complaint >

I'll approached the Government Premier and Justice Minister and asked to dissolved this KGB style of policing!!!

Here's the evidence with Paul Robichaud -


Here's the Speaker of the House Dale Graham!!!



Police admits mistake but ticket remains -

Here's the story -


The stories are beginning to break!!!

I was given a ticket...watch video live!!!

and the story on the News -


July 28 - Beginning my protest in front of the Police Station.

Here's the story -

Sorry...not my best!!!!

One guy was standing there watching me.....I will do another one....

My signs fell apart but everything is ok now!!!

Going back there at 4:00pm to continue to educate the public!!!

Click below -

Charlie police stationIMGP4621

August 8th -

Someone paid my fines -


This morning I received a check in my Mail Box.


I wasn't sure what it was but I was surprised to see a check for $90.00 from the City of Fredericton.

Must have been for the fine work I have been doing promoting this City to the tourists. < I charge a very cheap price >

But I was wrong....Someone paid my $140.00 fine that the Cops gave me a Couple of weeks ago.


August 15th -


Story made KHJ radio a few weeks ago!!!

Click below -

I met with a member of the Police Force last Friday and I was told the files or complaint by me of giving a ticket to Dale Graham and Paul Robichaud are still on the Chief Desk!

Therefore the Chief is supporting the way the less fortunate are ticketed in this City!!!

I'll be protesting for a couple of hours this morning with my new Blowhorn!!!



If the Chief don't wish to take the complaints of the less fortunate seriously? I believe he should resign as Chief!!!!


Here's a old Blog I wrote!!


My new signs just arrived last night!!! Pretty eh???

The Police won't move on my issues so I have to educate the Public on what's going on.

Last night, I tried to locate someone to do a video on me in front of the Police Station but everyone is afraid of this KGB Police Force.

Number one Dan Bussieres ordered the Police to give me a $140.00 ticket.

Click below -

They never even talk to me! They just handed the ticket!!!!

I went to the Police Station and order the Police to give a ticket to the Speaker of the Legislature Dale Graham and the Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud for JayWalking!

I showed them the pictures and videos.

But they didn't do anything!!!

Who's in charge? Police Chief Barry McKnight or Dan Bussieres???


Another issue is the way Const Fred L'Oiseau touched my private parts!!


and my arrest at the Legislature! I never got the whole story on that one!!!

So? Since the Police don't wish to move on my issues and they are set to go and arrest the less fortunate in this City?

I have to fight back!!!!

Stay tuned because this is going to get ugly!!!

P.S. 90% of the Cops in OUR police Force are good guys but it's the few Jerks who ruins it for everybody!!!!

Here's a blog I wrote last week -


Here's the file number!!!


I'll check with them on Thursday and if nothing is done? < They gave me the tickets in days after Fascist Dan Bussieres made the complaint >

I'll approached the Government Premier and Justice Minister and asked to dissolved this KGB style of policing!!!

Here's the evidence with Paul Robichaud -


Here's the Speaker of the House Dale Graham!!!


Continuing the protest ===


I had a difficult time keeping a straight face after this one!!!!


While listening to a citizen who had his own complaint against the Police. < I'm finding out that I'm not the only one >

One Officer came and wanted to talk to moi??

I went and he asked- Are you using bad language???

I replied- What would be considered Bad Language?

He didn't answer at first but 20 seconds later he came out with the word - Whore!!!!


I shot back - Listen!!! Tell the people who called and complain to clean their God Dam Ears!!!

I shouted in the blowhorn - FROM THE FILTHY RICH TO THE FILTHY POOR!!!!



What does it sounds like Poor or Whore?

Click below -

Too funny....I had a very difficult time shouting via the blowhorn afterwards...lol

Might continue the protest around 4:00pm???

Stay tuned!!!


Protest continues -


I find it strange that the Chief didn't ticketed Dale Graham and Paul Robichaud for Jay walking but they gave me a ticket of a #140.00 for riding a bicycle on the sidewalk!!!

Sometime is not right here!!! Oh well...if the Fredericton POlice don't wish to talk to me? I will continue my little protest!!!!

Click below -

< Not pretty >


I'm hearing some more bad stories of the Police Force.

Of course, there are people who agreed that the less fortunate should be jailed at any cost!!!!

Too bad that Chief Barry MacKnight decided to turned against the less fortunate in this City!!!

Stay tuned!!!!


The battle continues -


Some people don't understand the reason that I'm protesting....

I'll try and explain AGAIN!!!!

Make a long story short....

Police gave me a $140.00 for riding my bike on the sidewalk.

Watch the video -

The bad part of this story was the complaint was over 9 days earlier.

Dan Bussieres phoned the Police and ordered them to give me a ticket.



This was a ticket given from a complaint from a third party....




Now...here's the part that got me going!!!!

The next day I showed up at the Police Station and showed them a picture of the Speaker of the New Brunswick Legislature and two videos of the Deputy Premier Paul Robichaud Jaywalking!!!






DO YOU????

The Chief of the Fredericton Police Barry MacKnight ordered the tickets on his desk and NOTHING WAS DONE!!

I expected them to handed the tickets to the Politicians as fast as they did to me!!


So this is why I'm protesting!!!

SHIT!!! I just looked outside and it's raining!!!

Oh well there's always tomorrow morning or later this afternoon!!!

Now..also the second part is Fascist Quebecois Fredericton Police Officer Fred L'oiseau the way he gave me the ticket and touched my private part. < This case should be in court this Thursday >



The Chief decided to begin this Racist style of action against the less fortunate and everyone should be very concern of this new style of KGB style of policing.

Maybe Chief Barry MacKnight should resign????



August 24th -


This is getting ugly but what can a person do when you have a Police Chief that's Pig headed???

I protested yesterday close to two hours in front of the Police Station.

I was 20 minutes away from going home until a Police officer came and chatted with me.

The officer < nice guy > told me that someone from the Toronto Bank phoned the Police and made a complaint about my Blowhorn.


So...my action against the noise by-law could result in a $250.00 fine!!!

We chatted about the issue and the poor guy had to listened to me for 20 minutes.

It was funny...I noticed six kids with their mountain bike driving on the sidewalk with a few with no helmets.


Only good cops wouldn't bother with such a small offense.

Only Jerk Quebecois such as Fascist Police Officer Fred L'Oiseau would go after the citizens in this City!!!


I had a chat with someone just last week about this issue.

The individual suggested that I wait till my court date to fight the ticket that was ordered by tyrant Dan Bussieres.


But I told the guy that the Court is not interested of the case that I gave evidence of Dale Graham and Paul Robichaud Jaywalking!!




You see during a Protest? Cops acts like moderators in issues. They try to find a peaceful resolution to a problem.


But in this case? The problem is the Police Chief.

He gave orders that the Tickets not be served to the MLA'S!!! The files are on his desk!!!

So??? I'm protesting for Justice that there's no double standard here! From the filthy Rich to the Filthy Poor!!! EVERYONE MUST BE TREATED EQUAL!!!

I'll keep on protesting with my blowhorn against this mis-justice against the poor.

There's no way that I can afford a $250.00 fine. My court date will be ordered in one month and a half from the date of the ticket.

I might add that I will be very angry and continued the protest because the Chief will go against my freedom of expression therefore supporting Fascism!!!

My fines could total up to $5,000 till I'm done???

But at least it will give me the chance to have my day in court and asked a Judge of why there's a double standard in this case?

and if I'm proven right? The Chief might be forced to resign his post!!!

To think? This war all began because a citizen wanted to exercise on a bicycle.

Sigh....what a system we live in???

I'll be there this afternoon!!!

Stay tuned!!!

P.S. The snob who made the complaint? Don't he/she have to step forward in court???


Should be very interesting????


Going to court -


But I went there today and we can't locate the ticket because someone paid the fine!!!

I want my day in Court because this Quebecois is in a lot of shit!!!!

Nobody treats me like dirt and gets away with it!!! < Especially touching my private parts >

I'll be in the Justice Building at 1:00pm!!!


Protest continues -


Too bad that we have a Police Chief that might be a Racist against the less fortunate in this City!!!

Maybe he should resign???

We might have to make an application to appear in front of Council to denounce the tactics used by the Chief???

Tickets are issued to the filthy poor but the Filthy rich get nothing!!

Wish me Bonne Chance!!!


September 13th..the ticket is given -


Part one -

Part Two -

Sure looks like a couple of Fascist Cops eh???


Sgt Matt Myers is one of the best. He's just following orders from the top.

This is getting real ugly!!!

Orders from someone of the Toronto Dominion Bank or an employee in there!!!

Hey no wonder we always have protest against the World Banks!!!


I have the videos...stay tuned!!

P.S. The Cops know that I can't afford the fine! I have 20 days to pay it!!!

I'll return and protest this afternoon!!!

I predict a Blogger will be murdered in Jail during the next few weeks....


The more I think about it? The angrier I'm getting!!!!

I'm returning there this afternoon and continue my protest.

Fascist style of policing must not be tolerated.

I might end up in jail tonight but Freedom of expression must remain alive and no FUCKING < Excuse my language > BANKER or Bank employee is going to stop this Blogger!!

I can't wait to see who made the complaint in Court!!!!

Must be a Snob???

HEY?????? Maybe she/he is a memnber of the Harvest and Jazz@Blues Festival????

I will find out!!!! That individual better get ready when they appear in court. Hey? I might protest in front of their home????


I'm returning there this afternoon!!!!

A person has to be jailed to prove a point but once you singled out the less fortunate?

The Provincial Government must get involved in this one!!

Stay tuned!!


Snobs made the complaint -


Can't wait to have my day in Court on this one!!!

Noise by-law in the Capital of New Brunswick????

No more protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature???

Very scary stuff!!!!


Here's a view -


Anonomous, 6:53, I gather you be the first to sign off you civil rights. Whether you admit it or not, you feel somewhat superior and that you needs are better then the common good.. "The common good is that everyone is to be treated equally under the law" no exceptions. You complaint demonstrates that you support a class based society.

In order for protests to be effective they have to draw attention. Charles has a point, that has to be addressed.

He was given a ticket via third party, a citizen not a police, the police acted on it and issued the ticket. People policing people, no matter what you call it, It is common practice in authoritative and Totalitarianism states to have citizens police each other, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and others.

From what I understand Charles did a little experiment to see if a double standard existed, he made a complaint against some prestigious members of the community. The Police ignored his complaint, yet did not ignore the complaint made against him by a person who may be perceived of being in the upper strata..

This is a case that the same policy is not applied evenly and it does indicate that we do in face live in a class based society, where some some are treated differently than others.

Double standard laws cannot be tolerated.

Rather than lodge complaints against Charles, you should be putting pressure on the police chief to at least public justify why his staff acted on the Complaint against Charles and why they refused to act on the civil complaint that Charles lodged against the politicians for Jaywalking.

Don't take this personally but TD like every other bank are like the counterfeiter, they create money from no money, The create debt to create money. The Fractional Reserve Banking System. Maybe it is the banks that should be protested against. Could you image how miserable you life would be if that were to be the case.

The Banking system is the ultimate scam. You should asked yourself during this period of austerity, why are Banks still making huge profits, The answers is that they loan trillions of non-existent money to Countries, provinces, municipalities, and collect interest on non existent money.

Ask you self how much of your tax dollars goes to pay for interest on money that was virtually created.
Virtually creating money is counterfeiting.

Last note, on your quote "I'm not a snob and I don't have a lot of money" It appears that you are financially being exploited by your employer, and I would support your cause. Look at the banking system over the last 20 years as ATM came about, they fired 3/4 of their staff, and installed user fees. These ATM, are not paid a salary, they don't have families to support like the workers they displaced.

So what happens to these displaced workers.

Supporting Charles protest, supports the concept of protest, because you may in the future be in a position to protest against, your employer, your government and so on.

We need a check and balance in the system, Charles is serving that function.


Blogger arrested!!!


Blogger Charles LeBlanc released from jail

By Purple Violet Blogger!!!!

Her Blog -


Blogger Charles LeBlanc was in court in Fredericton this morning for a plea on the charge of disturbing the peace after his arrest by Fredericton City Police on Wednesday, and subsequent 48 hours in jail at the Saint John Regional Correctional Center. In response to Judge Denis Lordon, LeBlanc pleaded not guilty to a charge under section 175 of the Criminal Code of causing a disturbance and released on an undertaking promising to keep the peace and be of good behaviour, appear in court on the charge when next required and to refrain from using any voice enhancing device causing excessive noise in the Fredericton area. LeBlanc will return to court on October 28 at 1:30 pm for trial.

At the time of his arrest, LeBlanc had already been protesting for a few weeks on what he perceived as unfair treatment by Fredericton City Police. He used a bullhorn on the sidewalk in front of the station to loudly profess his frustration at being issued fines for minor by-law infractions when others breaking the same laws had not been. LeBlanc felt a victim of discrimination by police and the target of public officials with whom he's had ongoing disputes the past few years.

Looking tired and disheveled, LeBlanc told media assembled after his release that he'd had no sleep since being jailed and was denied medication by medical staff in the Saint John facility. He said he signed the papers agreeing to the undertaking in order to leave jail because without his medication over a long period, he said, "I would be dead."

Leaving the grounds of the Justice Building, LeBlanc was accompanied by supporters and given best wishes from bystanders. He was off to enjoy his first real meal since the meager offerings of jail.





Irving Blogger views on my arrest!!!!


Check out her Blog by clicking below -

Irving Blogger website!!!!

I call him "CrazyMan Blogger" because he's outrageous. He calls me "The Irving Blogger" because its ironic. And, well, for a short stint, I published a blog on their media website thinking this was a good thing. And, he's never let me forget it. Like I had paid off the devil or something. When God made Charles, he threw away the mold. Thank God he is in my life, this man who is who he is........ one of the most intelligent, politically astute, emotionally driven crazyman I have ever met. He's the Jerry Lee Lewis of blogging! Shake Rattle and Roll!

Most days, he checks on me through a chat pop up on facebook .......... Sometimes we swap quick opinions, juicy news, clips of stories, maybe even an email or two. And every now and then, we have a chance to catch up live and in person. But by then, so many stories, personal experiences, events have flowed under that darn Westmorland Street bridge that its almost impossible to get to a point in the conversation when there's nothing left to catch up on. Our discussions have no ending......... it just continues where we left off after we've hugged and said our goodbyes.

Charles Leblanc is a constant in my life. A good friend. Someone who cares and someone I care about deeply. It's a mutual respect thing........ but goes deeper than that. I think we get one another. Two misfits who see the world through similar eyes............ well, at least the political swirly world. And the man cracks me up!!!! Sure we are very different. Our upbringing couldn't be more opposite. Even now from a surface perspective, our lives appear to be very different. But, we have much in common that allows us to connect cognitvely, emotionally and spiritually at a comfort level that I don't share with many others. We have shared the vulnerable stories that make up our spirits, as well as the piss and vinegar side of our selves. How many people can you say that about in your life??

The majority of what we discuss never ever makes it to either one of our blogs. Blogger secrets!!! I know he's shared stuff with me that will allow me to go to my grave laughing. I have done the same! I love it when I can share something with Charles he hasn't heard yet. That is a feat in itself because the man is EVERYWHERE and knows the dirt on most people in this whole freaking province!

My God, the man is wired into the pulse of this place and it scares many! However, people knock on his apartment window night and day to find out the dirt, and to share some dirt. Dirt swapping. It's good journalism, because MOST of the dirt is news. Sadly, this province's media is predominantly tied up with one family. The Irvings. Charles, "Crazyman Blogger" has a love/hate relationship with them that is healthy, wealthy (for them) and wise (for both). He has the same relationships with paid journalists too. They know where to go to seek out some facts. Fiction too. 'Cause sometimes he has facts that go beyond the realm of what really happened. This isn't a surprise given that so many people are in touch with him. But, I got to say, the majority of information Charles acquires is the honest to God truth.

Some of it is heartbreaking. Some of it is butt slapping hilarious. A lot of it is eye popping. Can I just say it's a breath of FRESH air to talk to someone who is the salt of the earth and who sees it in the others around him and writes about it? He also sees the pontificating phonies too and they know it. That's a threat eh?

So, why am I writing about my friend tonight? Well, he's had a momentous week. He spent 70 hours behind bars (without his medication btw!) for going TOO far with his megaphone antics in front of the Fredericton police station. Drove everyone batty! Created havoc in the boardrooms within listening distance. Irritated the throngs of folks who work in the area barking out his mantra about being treated differently than others. All over a ticket for riding his bike on the sidewalk. They arrested him for disturbing the peace. Hello? He's been disturbing, shaking, challenging and rattling the peace all his life. And good on him! More people should be like Charles. But then, he wouldn't be as unique, as effective if others were like him.

Charles is one smart fella! Never one to keep his opinions, nor his feelings on a matter to himself, he lives above the radar. Can you imagine always living above the radar? But, that's where he has chosen to remain. What an advocate he is too! Think about how many stories have been revealed by this man, many of which would never have made the light of day.

For the past couple of days, this "place of honour" has foisted him into the "first news item" time slot in the media. Good God, he even usurped the Harvest Jazz and Blues headlines by becoming the top headline in the local Irving paper. People are talking either about the headliners at Harvest OR about Monsieur Leblanc. It's a hilarious combination.......... but I'm heard both discussed at the Market today, and on the radio. Now, this is ironic given that he normally skips town when the Harvest takes over his downtown. You gotta laugh at that one Charles!

As much as he was probably striving for this, it is still stressful. But, believe me there are more folks out there who admire and appreciate Charles' work as a journalist blogger than the folks who find his antics beyond the realm of acceptable. But, he has a point too. His choice of driving everyone batty on the police station end of Queen Street in this anal retentive conservative city of stately elms may not be "acceptable" to the folks who have to sit in boardrooms in strategic planning sessions. Loud speaker phones are comparable to screeching brakes on a transport going downhill. But, because he has chosen to live above the radar actively documenting the political, personal, and community based events in this part of the world, Charles is now treated differently than others. He's a marked man. He's pissed people off. He's created a power struggle and by doing so has exposed the hierarchical hypocrisy of our system. Who else gets a ticket for riding a bike on a sidewalk for God's sakes?? Unjust. Simple.

No, I am not seeing him through rose tinted glasses. I see his real-ness because he has shown that to me. I am well aware of his previous shit disturbing, most recently his over the top ADHD/OCD sandwich board messages during the last election. He made the local MLA sitting member's life miserable! And he lost too! I probably would have been irritated if I had to work in the area while this madman was barking out his mantra over a speaker phone. (who the hell gave him that piece of equipment anyways???) However, I believe it could've been handled very differently than it was. Like everyone on this planet...... Like Charles does himself for others......... he wanted to be listened to. Why wasn't someone listening to him instead of simply dismissing his message as noise? He HAS been treated differently than others.

I call him "CrazyMan Blogger" because he's outrageous. He calls me "The Irving Blogger" because its ironic. More importantly, we call each other friends. Will someone please listen to this human being? Drop the charges and lets all move on before it becomes even more ridiculous than it already is!

ps.......Charles? Thank God for you. Yes, you are a marked person and you've known it for a long time. You've chosen a life of shaking, rattling and rolling. But, that doesn't mean that anyone can treat you any differently than someone else. You always have my support and I hope you will always know that. The gift you gave me when I needed it the most? I will never forget it. Neither will dozens of others who have experienced the hurting side of life and found you by their side walking a mile or two with them as they struggled to find their footing again. You sir, will find your footing again. Keep on walkin'! Keep on talkin'!


Another view -



@ agent green you fit the profile of an automaton as described by C.W. Mills, actually it probably woudn't hurt you to read "The Power Elite"

In the 50's Mills stated that the future society will have a new type of slave, not one that is has become a slave through force but one who voluntarily becomes a slave, The Automaton, who without question will accept anything and do anything that they are told.

According to your belief in following the law is. If there were a law ordering you to Jump off a bridge, would you? Being a rational being you would defy that an no F&@ken way, that law is ridiculous.

My position is that any bad law should not be followed, however I am not an automaton.

There is a new wave of consciousness that is happening globally Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, UK, France, USA and just a matter of time Canada. Where riots, rebellion, and civil disobedience against the Ruling class is happening. Within the last two days, massive demonstration on wall street, against the Fucken Wanker Bankers.

Finally people are recognizing that "The Dirty Fucken Hippies, WERE RIGHT" - Unknown. and acting accordingly.

As the Late Dr. Dan Hurley (Law professor Ludlow hall UNB) once said "A law that is in place just to generate revenue is not a good law" and should be defied. Charles is doing the right thing by defying these "boner" laws.

Charles as AC/DC lyrics goes "You got the biggest balls of all".

By throwing you in Jail they just open a new can of worms, "The treatment of inmates in the provincial jails" as your story unfolds I can see the possibility that you will get Amnesty international's attention.

Let the Party Begin.


Taking a very deserve rest in Woodstock after a very hectic week in Fredericton and Jail!!!!




She wanted a Judge to keep me in jail till October!!!

She works at the New Brunswick Legislature for Dan Bussieres!!!

Something is not right here.....

Every instance Fascist Sergeant At Arms Dan Bussieres phoned the Police? It counts as a criminal complaint against me!!!


You should see the make up charges in the Show cause hearings.

I will post them in this Blog,,,,Stay tuned!!!

Very scary stuff!!!


I never expected this one!!!

All the instances that Dan Bussieres called the Police? It's known to go on my record as a trouble maker.

The KGB Members of the Fredericton Police Force wanted me remanded till my trial.

Look what they showed the Judge!!!

Background of accused -


So I have to defend myself all alone against these false charges????

What a system!!!

Fascist Dan Bussieres might get his wish that I land in jail for years???



Did Fredericton Female Cpl. Bobbi Simmons-. Beauchamp have this all plan when she arrested me???


I might add the Cops wanted me remanded in jail for months until my trial. Without my medications? I would have died.

So? It's just a matter of time till the cops get rid of this Blogger!!!

It's a story that will be talked about for years to come!

Lets start the bid at $100.00!!!



Send cash at

Charles LeBlanc
145 Westmorland Street
New Brunswick
E3B 3L4


Here's a blog I wrote on August 19th!!!

What can you do once Notorious Quebecois with authority turns against New Brunswickers????


Yes....if a New Brunswicker would turn against a Quebecois in Quebec? There would be an revolution!!!

We New Brunswickers always had a way to deal with our own little problems.

Slowly but surely we became to enjoy each and respect each other.

But these arrogant Quebecois are something else.

Dan Bussieres for years have been ordering the Fredericton Police to arrest me.

Sgt Andrew MacDonald followed his orders and look what happened to him.

Click below for video.

Fascist Quebecois Fred L'Oiseau did the same at the Legislature.


Click below -

Fascist? Look what happens when I asked him - Why am I banned?

A Police Officer who supports a Fascist Agenda against New Brunswickers?


But what happened to me during these last few weeks really got me going and I'm going to be protesting in front of the Fredericton Police Station this week.

Who's in charge? Fredericton Police Chief Barry Mcknight or Fascist Quebecois Dan Bussieres????

There's a lot of my confrontation with Fred L'Oiseau than a ticket.

It's going to be a very interesting trial!!!

By the way?

The Fredericton Police gave 9 tickets to the Citizens of cycling issues and I got two of them!!

Private vendetta against the Blogger???

Two tickets by orders of two Maudit Quebecois!!!

Stay tuned!!!



WOW!!!! I heard the Fredericton Police Force were racists against the Natives from St.Mary's First Nation but this is ridiculous!!!!

This young Native is under House arrest and he's doing good. Working at night and getting his life back together again.

One hour after I posted the interview? He received a phone call asking why and where he was during the interview with the Blogger???

I have a message to the Racist members of the Fredericton Police Force???


Siigghhhhhh........The R.C.M.P. must take over the duties at St.Mary's as soon as possible!!!!

These are the interviews -

Part one -

Part two -

An inmate died a few months ago...The Medical Staff could be responsible for his death!!!!

Click below -



1- Trial of third party info < Dan Bussieres > of riding a bicycle on sidewalk.

2- Trial of Pervert Police officer Fred L'Oiseau of not wearing a helmet.

3- Trial after being fined $250.00 for protesting with a blowhorn.

4- Trial after being arrested for protesting with a blowhorn.

My God??? The Province must have lots of money to pursue these cases in Court?

Stay tuned!!!



At least I'm on record that the Medical Team denied my medications while I was in jail.

It's just a matter of time till someone dies and I'm certain that many inmates have attack the nurses or Doctors because they are using the inmates as Genuine Pigs.

When someone dies? I'm on record in voicing my concerns!!!


This could be a first in New Brunswick????



Isn't that something now??? I don't have the right to a lawyer for that Blowhorn thing?



They really want to lock me up eh???

Stay tuned!!!


Blogger files complaint against Judge Julian Dickson -


Click below -

Here's the letter -

To whom it may concern:

On September 12th, 2011 at approximately 1:00pm, I was arrested for protesting with a blow horn in front of the Police Station on Queen Street in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

I was asked if I would agree to sign a piece of paper stating that I would promise to keep the peace. I was not sure exactly what this meant and didn’t want to sign it as it was not explained well. Because of this fact I was arrested. I told the Police Officers that I wanted to appear in front of a Judge.

Close to one hour later, I was once again asked to sign some papers and I again refused to sign them. The reason I refused is that I have a police scanner and I often hear of people being arrested by breaking some conditions they agreed to prior. I didn’t want my civil liberties taken away. I am a blogger and didn’t want to be barred from doing things that may be mistaken as not keeping the peace.

I was escorted to the Court house in handcuffs, and then jailed. I was escorted to a duty council and he told asked me to sign some papers. Once again, I refused. I made a request to appear in front of a Provincial Judge. Around 30 minutes later I appeared in court and I noticed it was Judge Julian Dickson on the bench.

The prosecutor suggested to the Judge that I shouldn't be allowed on the corner of Westmorland and Queen Street. I told the Judge that I lived on Westmorland Street. I couldn't hear what was being said because a woman was typing everything that was being said in the courtroom. I told Judge Julian Dickson that I had a difficult time hearing and that I was being distracted by the sound of the noise from the typing on the keyboard. I told the Judge that I have ADHD and I'm easily distracted.

I could tell that the Judge wasn't too pleased through the raising of his voice. The prosecutor told the Judge that I shouldn't be allowed in the 300 block area of Queen Street. I objected and told the Judge that I was a Blogger and I'm in that area. I asked if this also included City Hall. I needed to be told exactly where I could and couldn't go.

The female prosecutor present suggested that I shouldn't be allowed on the corner of Queen and Westmorland Street. I told the Judge that I couldn't agree to that suggestion because I walked the Bridges every night and I have to walk across the Westmorland Bridge to go home.

I asked “What will happen if I'm at the corner of Queen and Westmorland Streets during my walk across the Bridge?” I said that I couldn’t sign that piece of paper. The Judge replied- “Oh? You don't want to sign that? No problem! You are remanded in jail ‘til Friday morning!”

He even laughed about it while figuring out what time and date to appear back in court. This was demeaning and very unprofessional.

I asked for my medications and he told me, before the Court, that the team in Jail should take care of me. Once in Jail, the Staff denied my prescription, instead offering me an alternative medication in lieu of my family doctor issued prescription. Not being able to consult with my family doctor on the potential negative effects of this "New Drug", I refused to accept the prison-issued drug.

I am an asthmatic so I asked for my inhaler SALBUTAMOL SULFATE (APO Salvent) which was in my coat pocket which was stored at the facility. The staff refused to get it for me, instead providing me with their own, which was different than the one my doctor prescribed. I tried theirs and it did not work as it did not ease my breathing difficulties.

My complaint is that after I told the Judge that I have ADHD, he should have been more patient with me. He should have taken the time to explain the details within my release papers. He found this a funny situation but it isn’t funny when you have a mental disability and have to deal with everything, including a Judge that doesn’t understand.
I have never been in jail for 48 hours before and it wasn't a pleasant experience. I am asking to have this Judge’s conduct investigated, because of the way he treated me. In the future, I would like to see the court more tolerant of people with mental disorders.

I do not want people with mental disorders to have to go through what I did and be denied help and medication.

To conclude: the judge failed to recognize that an adult with ADHD may have difficulty following directions, remembering information, and concentrating. If these difficulties are not managed appropriately, they can cause associated behavioural, emotional, and social problems.


Charles Leblanc
145 Westmorland Street
New Brunswick
E3B 3L4

Email - oldmaison@yahoo.com


The Judicial Council ruled that people with mental Disabilities will be jailed if they asked questions in Court!!!