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Friday, August 05, 2011

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside once again flies the Gay Fly!!!


Myself, I wasn't going to cover it because I'm still upset over the remarks of a few Gays Activists once Brad Woodside received the Honorary Doctor DEgree.

Click below for story -


I followed a journalist to the area and quickly noticed all the journalists were there so what the heck!!!

Must handed it to the Mayor? He didn't let that Episode at St.Thomas to stand on his way to raise the Gay Flag.

Here's a few videos and pics.


Global Maritimes working alone!!!


The City of Fredericton paid $500,000 for the North Start but the land could be worthless???


I heard last night that there was an Old Texaco Gas Station in that Location and the land could be contaminated!!!!

Can you imagine if this was true????


A warning to Pain in the Butt Blogger from a U.S Marine Vet!!!!

So true eh???

Dominic Cardy Leader of the New Brunswick NDP have a funny feeling???


Tyrant Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres is still moving his office around Fredericton!!!


Premier David Alward is confronted on the issue of Fracking in New Brunswick!!!


Click below -



I must go to the Police Station this morning with these pictures....


Since the Police believe in a third Party of giving them information.

I haven't protested this week because I have a sore throat and the death of my cousin didn't help matters.

But I'll be there next week.

Charlie police station

Thursday, August 04, 2011



Many people are wondering - What's the next move?

Well..I can tell you that the machines will move ahead and the R.C.M.P. will no longer be the nice policemen to the Protesters.


They will order the Protesters to move or be arrested because a Judge ordered the Machines to destroy the Environment!! < In a matter of speaking!>

The Protesters will be told to hold their objections in Court while Shale Gas are removing the Gas from the Ground.

This procedure could take months!!

Now....if the Protesters stood their ground and the Police are force to shoot or arrest New Brunswickers protesting to save their land? That would be different.

This would gain National Attention!

Another way would be the Natives Population to move on the ground of the New Brunswick Legislature in the early hours and set up Tee Pees!!!


That would be a great way to showcase the issue of Fracking to the World!!!

Yes...these are extreme measures but this is the only way to stop Fracking in New Brunswick.

The Government want you to challenge them in court because it takes lots of time.

The White Population kicked the Natives from their land and they're coming back to save it!!!


Any other ideas????

Our Emergency Response Team are a busy bunch in Fredericton!!!




I first heard yesterday that they were in trouble!!

Should they help the Newspaper???

We have good hearted Drug Dealers in Fredericton!!!

While walking the streets this afternoon, I noticed this chap.


Click below for his sad story with the Drug Dealers of Fredericton!!!

Tyrant Sergeant-at-Arms of the New Brunswick Legislature Dan Bussieres is a huge waste of time to the Fredericton Police Force!!


Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick might join the Charles LeBlanc and Dan Bussieres Show????


It's strange that I have been leaving this person alone in my blog but I know for a fact that Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly is involved in New Brunswickers being banned from the Legislature.

I can't call her a Racist but pretty darn close.

A showdown almost happened at the Delta yesterday morning.

Tom Mann invited me to attend his News Conference and WHAT A DIFFICULT TIME LOCATING THE ROOM!!!


I was looking for the sign of the Legislature.


Then I saw this one -


I walked at the door and noticed lots of people. I said to myself - My God??? This little group is sure attracting a lot of people!!!..lol


Then Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick told me < in a nice way > that the public wasn't invited!!!

Well with the News of the death of my cousin only hours earlier? I wasn't in a good mood to liston some snob from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!!


and continued looking with Tom Mann!!!!

I decided to take a picture but she walked away.


After 20 minutes of searching with the head office at the Delta? I finally found the room.

Yes, Loredana Catalli Sonier Clerk of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick might be an added character in this Blog so stay tuned!!!!


The Day Bricklin Canada LTD shut down!!!


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paul LeBlanc from Saint John will be resting at Brenan's Bay View Funeral Home and Mass will be Saturday morning!!!


It is with great sadness that the family of Paul Joseph LeBlanc of Saint John, husband of Cathy M. (Chase) LeBlanc, announce his unexpected passing on Wednesday, August 03, 2011 at his residence. Born in Saint John on April 18, 1966, he was a son of Alphonse and Theresa LeBlanc. Paul worked as a boilermaker at Jacobs Catalytic at the Irving Oil Refinery, and was a member of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. He was an avid hunter and fisherman, and enjoyed watching television. His Wednesday evenings were often spent with the "Shed Night" group, working on motorcycles or other things. He would volunteer to cook lobster for anyone, and had a great love for animals and enjoyed the company of his cat Shady. He was a loving husband and father; a loyal dependable friend who will be missed by many. He was a member of St. Rose de Lima Parish.

Paul is survived by his wife, Cathy; his parents, Alphonse and Theresa of Saint John; his daughter, Gillian LeBlanc and his son, Jarred LeBlanc; brothers Alfred LeBlanc of Saint John and Ronald LeBlanc of Moncton; a sister, Cecile Delaney (Kevin) of St. George; several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins; and numerous good friends.

Resting at Brenan’s Bay View Funeral Home, 1461 Manawagonish Road, Saint John West (634-7425), with visiting on Friday, August 5, 2011 from 12:00 Noon to 9:00 PM. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Saturday, August 6, 2011 at 10:00 AM from St. Rose de Lima Church. Interment will take place at a later date. For those who wish, remembrances to the Autism Society or the Saint John Cerebral Palsy Association would be appreciated by the family, in lieu of flowers.


Citizen or Citizens paid for my fine!!!!


This morning I received a check in my Mail Box.


I wasn't sure what it was but I was surprised to see a check for $90.00 from the City of Fredericton.

Must have been for the fine work I have been doing promoting this City to the tourists. < I charge a very cheap price >

But I was wrong....Someone paid my $140.00 fine that the Cops gave me a Couple of weeks ago.

Here's the story -


Last night, I heard an accident on my Police Scanner so I grabbed my bicycle and away we went.

Click below for video -

Afterwards while riding my bicycle towards home. A Police Cruiser beeped his horn many time to grab my attention near the Legion.

At first, I didn't know what to do because I just entered a sidewalk and I still don't have a helmet.

Should I put my camera video on? Would it be Fascist Cop Fred L'oiseau?


I decided to keep my camera in my pouch.

The Police Officer asked me if I wanted to be served in French or English?

With a smile, I said- En chiac!!!

French or English? He asked again!!

I wasn't sure what was going on???

I continued to answer - En chiac!!!

He had a smile on his face.

He offered to call in a French cop.

I knew the Cops were a busy bunch last night so I told the officer that I agree to be served in English.

He gave me a ticket that was issue at the end of June.

I was really confused and sort of apologized to the officer because I needed to get my camera out.

Click below -

He told me that someone went to the Police complaining that I was on the sidewalk.

I was very confuse. I asked- Who is this person?

Hew couldn't tell me but if I wanted to know who this individual was? I will have to go to court.

No warning at all on this one. Here's a $144.00 fine!!!!

I have 20 days to pay it and we all know that I'm on Social Assistance so therefore I can't afford to pay that money.

The cop left and I was still very confuse.

Who would go out of his or her way to do me harm???

Then it hit me!!

Tyrant Fascist Dan Bussieres!!!


I remember sitting on my bike and we crossed path at the corner of King and Regent.

I didn't know the Fredericton Police would act on his orders without even investigating!!!

For you newcomers? Here's a video of Dan Bussieres a few months ago in front of the New Brunswick Legislature.

I'm going at the Police Station on Monday morning and put in a complaint against Dan Bussieres. Will the Police charged him for assault?

Things are getting ugly with our Police Force and it's all because of these Maudit Quebecois!!!

Or could the Police go after me because the trial of Stephen Stafford is over and they want me because of that video?

Click below -

So something is going on and I don't like it!!!

The Fredericton Police Force seems very anxious to place me in Jail or they want me to take a stroke because of the stress?

Who knows????

I seriously didn't know a citizen could called in with a complaint and the Police will fined the individual without an investigation?

This is insane!!!!

Oh well...maybe they will against Dan Bussieres Monday afternoon after I put the complaint against him.

I must also put a complaint of assault or sexual assault against Fred L'oiseau for placing his knee on my private part.

I'm not going to be stressed out over these issues because I find them funny.

Why do they want me in jail?

To murder me???


Truly stay tuned!!!!

P.S. The Cop came to my house and wanted to do a correction on my ticket and told me that it was indeed Dan Bussieres who made the complaint.


Now..the fine when down to $50.00 for they sent me the 90 bucks!!!

Well....I could have cashed the check and put the money in my pocket and tout fini!!!

But that would be admitting Guilt right????

No deal!!! I went to City Hall and was met by two very nice counter girls!! < Sorry no pictures >


They were a little confuse when I said that I didn't want my fine paid.

I want my day in Court!!!

At the end of the day, I received this email -

Mr. LeBlanc
It is my understanding that someone paid the above bylaw ticket issued to you on your behalf. It is also my understanding that you do not wish to pay this ticket, that you would like to contest the ticket. We will return the money to the person who paid the ticket and you will receive a notice and summons in the mail with your court information.

If you have any further questions, please contact me
Thank you.

Madonna Peddle
Summons Clerk
Parking Services
City of Fredericton

I went home to get the other ticket to find out if this one was also paid off???

Here's the story on that issue -


Last Thursday was a very hectic day for this Blogger. I got up early and covered the Protest against Shale Gas at the Fredericton Inn.


Click below for story -


I was dropped off in the Downtown area and walked home to upload the many pictures and videos!!

I received an email from Cons Rick Mooney asking me to drop by in the afternoon.


Click below for a funny story -

Const.Rick Mooney from the Fredericton Police Force fooled Blogger BIG TIME at the The Easter Passion PLay at the Smythe Street Cathedral in Fredericton!!!

The Fredericton Police Force acknowledge me as media. Once in a while? I blogged something they don't agree with so it's like going to the Principal office.

Before going at the meeting, I decided to cover a Protest at the New Brunswick Legislature, It was the Canadian Postal workers and other Unions.

I got my videos and pictures < will blog later >


I went for my meeting at the Police Station. Once there I noticed an R.C.M.P. cruiser in the Parking lot.


Rick Mooney came and I asked - What is the Fascist R.C.M.P. doing here???

He never said much and continued to his office.

Once there, I was introduced to the R.C.M.P. officer. < Very nice guy >


I will not disclosed the issues that was debated < hot in there I was sweating > After close to one hour, I went home.

I was a little stressed out so I decided to go for a ride on my bicycle.

Once in the area of King's Place, I noticed three Police Cruisers lined up in the area. Everyone was staring at the situation.

I stopped the bike and took a quick picture.


An officer < I think > was shouting at me- CHARLES...CHARLES...CHARLES!!! COME HERE QUICK!!!


I didn't know who it was but I noticed a Ghost Car.

I began my trip across the busy street and the guy was still shouting - COME ON CHARLES!!!

I said to myself- This must be an Emergency!!! Maybe the person the Cops are looking for someone who escape? They may need my Blog to release some Emergency News quickly?

Before crossing, two mean looking individuals were standing near Wilmott Church and said- Hey??? Don't go ratting us out!!!

I turned around and shouted - LISTEN!!! GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! I'M NOT A RAT!!! I'M A FROG!!!

Scares me sometime when the Cops shouts at me in front of could be drug dealers. Sighh....

I stopped the traffic and once across the street. I noticed it was Quebecois Fred L'Oiseau!!

I recognized him by his tattoos on his neck!!!

I was surprised that he would hauled me across the streets so fast!!

I asked - What's up????

He said- Oh Charles? You're driving a bicycle without a helmet....

I said - WHAT????

I quickly went for my camera!

Here's the videos -

Part one -

I wasn't angry!!! I WAS FURIOUS!!!! While he was in his car writing my ticket. I noticed close to 75 people were watching the scene and I don't like to be degraded in public.

I decided to leave but was quickly told by two officers to stick around.


The Cops were polite but I was very very very upset!!!!

I continued on my tirade for 5 minutes. One Cop was listening and maybe used it against me in court but that's OK because people with ADHD always think aloud anyway!!!

The Cops tried to changed the subject < just to calmed me down >

Finally Fred L'Oiseau came and he put his ticket to my camera while putting his knee on my private part!!

I was surprised but I didn't say a word!!!

Here's the video!!!

Part two -

If I don't pay the ticket, I have to show up in Court on August 25th.

I went to the Police Station and wrote a complaint against this Quebecois!!!

Now? Am I above the law?

Of course not!!!

If the situation would have been that he stopped me on the sidewalk and all alone?

That's a different issue all together!!!

But to hauled me across the street that I believe was a crime scene? Sorry...he caught me off guard.

There's no love lost between me and this guy!!!

He approached me at the Legislature in April 2010!!!

He was very arrogant!!

I asked why am I banned?

He answered in a very rude manner - I don't have to tell you!!!

A cop supporting a system that's convicting People without providing the evidence is not a good thing!!

Here's the video -

I don't like the guy because he comes across by being very very very arrogant!!!

Then came my famous video of Stephen Stafford.

I noticed in Court that when Fred L'Oiseau took the stand? The way he speaks English is very arrogant. So? Maybe he wasn't arrogant! Maybe it's his way to speak English.

So I gave him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he wasn't a bad Quebecois after all?

A Police Force is like any other Workplace. People gossip about issues!!!

I let it known that we need more Despres and less L'Oiseau in our local Police Force.

Meaning we need more Acadians and less Quebecois!!!

Yves Despres is from Neguac!!


So going back to the issue of day? I guess it was payback time!!!

Was I upset? YEP!!!

It was scary because he wasn't in uniform and the way he was close to me? I could have done something stupid such as pushed him away.

This was like sending a Black Police Officer to arrest a member of the KKK!!!


It was heated and I'm certain that he went out of his way to confront me.

I don't believe it's a good idea or precedent of asking the citizens during a Crime scene to step forward and give them a ticket!!!

I'm surprised he didn't give me a ticket for jay walking????

But this wasn't a Cop doing his duty? This was a Cop who made it his duty to go after a very outspoken Anti-Quebec guy!!!

One friend after watching the video said - You lost there Charles!!!

After I told her the story? She said - The important Blogger believe the Cop hauled him over because he wanted him to cover a story for his Blog!! The important Blogger ego was slaughtered!!!


I believe that's exactly what happened!!! I never saw that one coming!!!

Was it good work from a good Cop or was it Payback from a Bad Cop???

Did he tell Dan Bussieres that he will handle this pain in a butt blogger?


I wanted a ticket anyway to get my day in court but I didn't want it this way!!...sighh.....

As a former cyclist who rode a Ten speed Bike across Canada and The States? I was always against this helmet law.

Picture 002

I don't believe it's good to jail people who don't wear these Capitalist Helmets!!!

I will blog more of this issue in weeks to come!!

But as for Fascist Cop Fred L'Oiseau?

But as the old saying goes - PAYBACK IS A BITCH!!!

While standing with two citizens, L'Oiseau gave a very arrogant wave and smiled while leaving.

The people found him very arrogant!!!

Another issue is my language est Le Chiac!!!!

I couldn't understand some words he was telling me. Don't we Acadians have the rights to be served in our Language!!!

Lots of questions???

But I will continue to say that the Fredericton Police Force are doing a fine job in keeping our City safe!!!

P.S. Why were the four cruisers in that area?

I guess they had problems with one panhandler!!!

4 cruisers???

I was told to go to Service New Brunswick for that one!!!

I contacted Public Safety and they didn't received the papers yet!!! So I don't know what's going to happen with that one???

Stay tuned!!!!