Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about possible Pedophiles in the Police Force???

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cameron Bowie from Leo Hayes High School made me proud last night!!!


Who's Cameron Bowie?

You probably wouldn't know the kid.

I first met him during my Six months protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature in 2003.


His Mother bought him over and he was a cute little fella. He didn't say much but he was curious of what I was doing?

Picture 020

But there was some personal problems within his head and all hell would break loose during the next few years.

There was some bullying. Problems in the class and other issues.

The Parents were at the end of their ropes with the kid.

Of course, I had the same problem with my Parents so I knew it wasn't easy living with a child like Cameron. < ADD >

In January 2006, I told them to drop the kid over my place for the afternoon.

Cameron never said much. I think he knew that he was in shit and he knew that I was very straight forward.

We went on to my favorite walk!! Around the two bridges and conversations we indeed had. I was direct and very straight foward.

I always repeated - Did you hear what I just said???

He knocked his head in a yes mood!!!

One issue was if he knew the difference between a social outcast and a socially accepted?

He didn't know....

I told him that as we speak? I am socially Accepted!!!

The minute I pushed you? I become an Social outcast!!

I shouted - Do you understand what I'm talking about??? DO YOU????

He told me that he understood so we continued our walk around the bridges.

and more conversations we had....Cameron could react with me because we seem to have the same problems.

I decided to bring the kid at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen.


Once in the area, A drunken huge bully told another drunk - YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! POW!!!! ALMOST KNOCKED THE GUY'S LIGHTS OUT!!!


They were fighting over a bottle of wine.

I turned to Cameron and said - Now? That's your social outcast!!!!

We walked by them heading towards the kitchen. I noticed Cameron was staring at the guy with fear.

I gave Cameron an Apron and he loved to run the Washing machine.

Picture 030Picture 033Picture 027

I told Cameron to examine the facial expression of each of the people in the lined up.

He did and he was a little worried!!!

I might add that he's a very fast learner and he did a good job!!!

Picture 032Picture 035

While walking home, I reminded the kid that if he continued on the same pact as he's going? He'll be in that lined up at the Soup Kitchen in a few years!!!

I told the guy - The next time we meet? I'll show you where these people live. There are no bed or nice pillows.

I bought the kid home and he seem relax while watching television.

His parents picked him up and away they went!!!

A few days later, the mother emailed me asking me what I did with her son??? He was having bad nightmares ever since they left him with me!!!

The kid changed overnight and he was grateful to the Fredericton Soup Kitchen that gave him a huge WAKE UP CALL!!!

Years later, he joined the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra!!!!


Found a nice looking girl!!!


Life is great!!!

A couple of years ago, he returned to the kitchen.


This week, he emailed me and invited me to his graduation Party at the Aitken Centre for Leo Hayes High School.

I denied because my ADHD just can't handle these big ceremonies.

The next day he showed up while I was doing an interview with a Pnhandler.

Click below for video -

He showed up at my door with ticket in hand and really wanted me there.

He left me his Graduation Picture.


The message was very nice. It's issues like this that keeps me going.

I decided to go and it was good!!!

To top it off??? Last night he was standing front and center on the Stage of the Graduation ceremonies at the Aitken Centre giving a little lecture to the pack House!!


Here's a video < not clear > I was far away!!

I had some tears in my eyes witnessing this one...:)

and the moment of truth!!!


Here's a video -

Yes, Cameron is moving with his life in a very good way and we're all proud of the way things have worked out for the kid.

But there's a lesson to be learned here. Every kid should go and work at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen for a few days.


I believe it could be a huge wake up call for many!!

Felicitation Cameron and Merci Beaucoup for the invitation!

We all love ya!!


Here's a video I made of the students from Leo Hayes High School marching by!!!

Zack Philips got drafted in the first round of the NHL draft tonight by Minnesota!!!.

Good News for Fredericton I guess????

Friday, June 24, 2011

Minister of Energy Craig Leonard gives Blogger a tour of his new office at NB POWER!!!


Gave me a tour early this morning!!!


Culture Expressions Festival at Officer's Square in Fredericton for this weekend!!!


CEF Poster En

Actor Peter Falk is dead at 83!!!


Actor Peter Falk, who rose to fame on a rumpled raincoat and a shambling manner as the TV detective Lt. Columbo, has died at 83.

Falk died peacefully at his home in Beverly Hills, California, on Thursday evening,

May he rest in peace...


Videos of Red Neck Police Officer Fred Oiseau goes after Blogger!!!

Many citizens saw what happened yesterday and wor is spreading fast on the streets.

Someone told me after listening to the story that I should contact the Irving's Paper.

I'll write the whole details of my story later...LOts of twists to this one!!!

Here's the videos -

Blogger Charles LeBlanc covers protest against Shale Gas at the Fredericton Inn!!!

I was asked to cover the protest so I did! I would say that 150 protesters showed up to voice their anger or concern against Shale Gas!!

Click below for a few youtubes -


I showed up and noticed just one individual at the main entrance to the hallway.

I proceeded to the Meeting Room.


The names were clearly marked.


I had a chat with Bruce Northrup Minister of Natural Resources about Fracking!!!


I was soon asked to leave the area. < In a polite way >

So I went outside!!!

I believe most of the Protesters are fighting for our future generations.


Denis Landry showed up for the meeting for I decided to interview the guy!!


Click below -

St.Mary's Native Alma Brooks showed up!!! She will and did educate the people at the meeting!!!


She's the best!!!!

Click below -

I continued taking pictures.

All have to do with our future generations.


We have a new Blogger in the City and a very good one at that!!!


Click below for her blog -

The Purple Violet Press

Minister of Energy Craig Leonard came for the meeting!!!


Click below -


Native Susan Levi Peters denied to attend meeting pf Shale Gas in Fredericton!!!


Click below for her story -


The Protesters decided to march toward the side of the Fredericton Inn. The Cops tried to stop them but there were too many protesters.


Some protesters crashed the meeting!!!

Click below < You will only see in this Blog >


The Police decided to move the Protesters on the sidewalk!!


Texting the action to outsiders!!!


The old days of praying for the media to show up are over forever!!!


Native and Fredericton Police having a chat!!


I was told that Ministers Bruce Northrup and Margaret-Ann Blaney were chatting with the Protesters.

I squeezed myself in the middle and took these shots on my knees. I was surrounded.


I interviewed Minister Margaret-Ann Blaney after she met with the Protesters!!!


Click below -

I met a new Blogger in the City!!!!

Click below -


Bruce Northrup Minister of Natural Resources chats with Blogger after meweting Shale Protesters!

Click below -

OK...THAT'S IT!!!!