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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blogger to be be immortalized?????



Give it to 'em Charlie my boy, these fascist communist liberal snobs obviously just haven't gotten the message yet.

Each and every one of us knows, all too well, that the only sensible and plain speaking politician that this province has ever had, and in all probability ever will have, is our old buddy Abel Leblanc.

He wasn't a bit afraid to put it out there straight and to the point to those who really matter , THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

You ARE the voice of the people my friend and don't you ever, ever forget it. God put each and every one of us here for a damn good reason and, indeed, my friend, your purpose is to route out fascism, communism and snobism to it's very core.

You will, indeed, be immortalized, my good friend, by those in the Conservative party, who will be in power in this province for a long, long, long time to come. I look forward, very much indeed, to the unveiling of your statue on the front steps of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick.

You're the only one who has the balls to tell it like it is pal, keep it goin'. You're doin' one helluva fine, fine job and if anyone tries to tell you any different, to hell with 'em. Just tell em to stick it where the sun don't shine.

Part one -

Part two -

15 years old loves the Blog!!!

I said it before and I will say it again!!!

God knows who reads this Blog!!!


Like you said, many people feel you are a snob. You really aren't. I find you very interesting to talk to.

As for what I like about the blog, maybe it is just that I agree with a lot of the things you post. I enjoy reading the things you post making fun of Shawn Graham (I paid close attention to his mistakes during the last few years of his reign and he got further and further on my naughty list and his nose grew 10 feet at the same time). I do agree with the bad things you post about him. Understandably, I am not a big fan of his because of the mess we were in when he left office. I couldn't agree more with the things you posted making fun of the crooked pension increases. I don't agree with why our MLAs are allowed to take home $70,000+ for pensions yearly. How stupid and greedy!

I also agree with the anti-Liberal stuff you've posted. Its nice to see someone who hates Shawn as a leader as much as I do! I also am Tory through and through and coming from a Tory family, I love any anti-Liberal stuff I see!

Its so nice to see someone I can so easily relate to on so many issues. Maybe its that aspect of your blog that I enjoy so much. I used to be an amateur blogger myself, posting local news and stuff, but then I found it to be very time consuming so I stopped posting things.

I also enjoy your blog because you really are a reliable source of news. As for the anti-Irving stuff, especially the media monopoly-I have done some freelance writing with the Bugle-Observer of Woodstock. They used me alright as a writer and their general manager and editors I deal with are very nice and good people. However there are some aspects of their media/business ownership I do not agree with, which is a natural thing to say about major corporations I guess.

Keep up the good work on the blog!



Conor is 15 years old today!!! Bonne Fete!!!

Conor's 15th Birthday 021Conor's 15th Birthday 027Conor and Dad c

The sidewalks in Fredericton are TREACHROUS!!!


Rick is not a Drug Dealer, Pimp or Junkie!!!!


Fredericton has always had their unique characters walking in the Downtown area.

Years ago, I guess there was a guy walking around banging a shovel and someone else shouting quack quack quack!!!


Then the regular panhandlers!!!


or someone telling the citizens that the Earth is Flat!!!


These last few years, there's a pain in the butt Blogger cruising the streets of Fredericton.


Another character is Rick!!!


I first noticed Rick a few years ago and yes as many other people? I believe he was some sort of Drug King Pin!

He lives in a Rooming House and walks to the Soup Kitchen every day.

I might add that he has ADHD!! So therefore he needs to move!

Then one day, I decided to chat with the guy and I found him a very nice guy.

I also noticed many people asked me if the guy with the long pony tail with his many jewelry was a Drug Dealer?

I even received a few emails asking me the same question?

I would always come to the defense of the poor guy.

Well, this morning Rick approached me and he was a little upset of people accusing him to be a Drug Dealer, Pimp or Junkie!!

I got the camera out and interviewed the guy!!!

Enjoy -

Next time to see Rick?

Say - ALLO!!!

He won't bite!!!

Invasion of privacy????


Blogger receives a gift to change his image and attitude!!!

While walking the streets this week someone handed me this gift!!!

I guess the individual is trying to change my image and attitude!!!


Where should I wear this wonderful gift???

Official Make Bay of Fundy a New 7 Natural Wonder of World Group!!! GO CAST FOR VOTE!!!!!


Click below -

Official Make Bay of Fundy a New 7 Natural Wonder of World Group

Voting for the Bay of Fundy is now as easy as sending a text message from a mobile phone. Simply text the word "FUNDY" to "77077." Each text vote costs $0.25 and counts as one vote in the campaign. This text voting number allows people to vote as many times as they like.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Fredericton Police Officer chats with Blogger about stand off near Kingsclear Consolidated Elementary School in Fredericton!!!


A Liberal was so happy of my action at the meeting??? They bought me some beers!!!

Originally uploaded by Oldmaison
Personally??? I never expected this act but it will calm the nerves!!!!

Merci Beucoup to the Donor...


Premier's itinerary!!!

Originally uploaded by Oldmaison
Premier's itinerary - Friday, Feb. 18

EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is the public itinerary for Premier David Alward for Friday, Feb. 18:

- 7:30 p.m.: Premier Alward will join Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter to promote the Bay of Fundy as part of the New7Wonders of Nature campaign, at the gold medal men's hockey game at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax, an event to be broadcast on TSN.

MEDIA CONTACT: Office of the Premier, communications, 506-453-2144.

Fredericton City police officer Const. Stephen Stafford trial is adjourned till April 1st!!!


Click below for video -

Thursday, February 17, 2011



Very scary stuff for a Party who wants to rebuilt!!!!

Old hands are still in control of the Party I guess???


I showed up at the Liberal Meeting and decided not to record my little chat. I would say there were 75 people present.

They opened the floor and I was the first one to speak!!! < Surprise? >

Every since 2007, the issue of what happened to me at Sweetwaters has really been bugging me.

You newcomswers can click below for story -

Liberals sent thugs after Blogger at Christmas Party

I might add that the Ban for life from the New Brunswick Legislature is also an issue.

Liberals support Blogger being ban for like from the New Brunswick Legislature

Everything was going fine for 4 minutes until I mentioned the ban from the Legislature.

Chris Baker stood up and demanded that I have no say because I'm not a Liberal member!!!

Who is this Chris Baker???


Let go back to the year 2006 when I was ban from the Legislature.

Saint John MLA Abel LeBlanc told the media that he didn't agree with the Ban!!!


Click below for stories -

MLA Abel LeBlanc speaks out against ban!!!

Abel LeBlanc don't support the ban

Now...Once Abel LeBlanc went inside the Legislature after chatting with the media.


Chris Baker approached Abel LeBlanc during a caucus meeting and told Abel LeBlanc - You shouldn't have told the media that you didn't support the ban. You should mind your own business!!!

Well...the situation turned very ugly!! Abel quickly when to undo his tie and said - Nobody Fuc....g tells me to mind my own Fuc....g business!!!!

It took a few MLA'S to hold Abel from Destroying Chris Baker!!!


So? That was then and now is now!!!!

Here's the same guy from Manitoba telling the Liberals that I'm not a member of the party so therefore I shouldn't have a say!!!


But little did the little fat Jackass knew? I was indeed invited.

Here's the letter I received a few weeks ago!!!

REMINDER: New Brunswick Liberal Renewal Commission / RAPPEL: Commission du renouvellement de l'Association libérale du Nouveau-Brunswick
Vivianne Martin
Add to Contacts
To: Vivianne Martin

2 Files Download All
Terms of Reference Renewal 2010[1].doc (26KB); Terms of Reference Renewal 2010 FR[1].doc (28KB)
Dear Members,

On October 19th an e-mail was sent to the Liberal Party membership asking
for ideas on how to rebuild the Party. Along with this request, people were
asked and encouraged to nominate themselves or someone else to sit on a
Commission for Party Renewal. Based on the names that were submitted over
two months, Table Officers of the New Brunswick Liberal Association selected
the membership of the Renewal Committee.

Members of the Commission will be visiting your area and would very much
like to have input from Liberals on how the NB Liberal Party can become a
more effective organization.

Attached for your benefit are the Terms of Reference for the Commission.

The meeting will take place:

Date: Thursday, February 17th
Time: 7PM
Location: Stepping Stones Senior Centre, 15 Saunders St., Fredericton

The Renewal Commission encourages all members to attend this very important

I decided to go for my weapon


...opppsss I meant my Camera.

This is the exchange!!

Click below -

Well???? Part two???? I did spoke ABEL LEBLANC STYLE!!!!!


Click below -

..and here's mine!!!

Click below -

So? The Liberals only wish to listen to Part Members only????

I have been speaking out against this issue since I was surrounded by the thugs at Sweetwaters!!!

I am never going to go away!!!

If the Liberal Party don't suspend some members over this issue?

I will be protesting the next Provincial and Federal Election AGAIN!!!!


I was surprised of the many people who supported what I said at the meeting. Many were disgusted of the attitude of Chris Baker.

But as I told the meeting? They better take my demands seriously because the next Provincial Leader, Liberal Candidate for the riding of Fredericton-Silverwood and Federal Candidate better get ready for this Blogger!!!

Very scary stuff!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

Not wanted in Fredericton???


Bumped into the guy yesterday!!!

I must admit that I missed my interviews with the guy because he funny to interview!!

Click below -

Fredericton Soup KItchen delivering food to the hungry in the North Side or the City!!!!

This is a first for this City and the Fredericton Soup Kitchen!!!

Many people know they are many less fortunate people in the North side of the City.

Sure is a long and cold walk across the Westmorland Bridge for a nice Meal.

So? The Fredericton Soup Kitchen and The John Hoard Society got together to help feed the less fortunate!


During the week, the will deliver 35 meals to the Building of the John Howard Society!!

Click below for a story I made a few months ago -

John Howard Society in Fredericton

I made a little interview with one of the workers at the Soup Kitchen!!


Click below for interview -

Once word spreads about this good gesture from the Staff at the Fredericton Soup Kitchen? I predict the numbers will climb up to 100 meals per day!!!!