President and CEO of NB Power Gaetan Thomas answers straight forward questions from Pain in the Ass Blogger about Tropical Storm Arthur 10 days after it left the area!!!!!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Could these rings cause Cancer???


Collector's Item???

Charlie my boy,

the Nordiques will indeed be back one day in Quebec City where they so rightfully belong, as will the Jets be back in Winnipeg as well as teams in other cities such as Halifax, Hamilton, Regina, Saskatoon and Victoria into what was once the great Canadian past time.

What the Nordiques were the most notorious for, of course was being such a humongous pain in the ass of the much hated team down the road known as the Montreal Canadians.

And if that categorizes me as an anti Montreal Canadians bigot, I really don't give a rats ass.

What we witnessed in the recently played World Hockey Championships is the highest caliber of Canadian hockey that exists, for as is clear and evident, the game at the professional level has been taken south and become another all-American and all-European game with token membership in a handful of Canadian cities.

The NHL was founded in the autumn of 1917 with four teams; the Montreal Wanderers, Montreal Canadians, Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Arenas, later renamed the St. Pats, later renamed the Maple Leafs.

And even the very Stanley Cup itself was donated to Canadian hockey by none other than the Governor General of Canada (no, you didn't meet this one).

As it stands now, we are afforded but six Canadian franchises in a league with a grand total of thirty teams, some playing in the dessert where the tumble weed blows, a league which, indeed, is under the control and ownership of American owners, and under the domain of American lawyers and an American Commissioner, funded by the almighty American dollar and each team being staffed with players who amount to nothing more than spoiled brats and crybabies demanding and receiving multi-millions of American dollars.

The up and down, back and forth game is far and away, superior to anything the pros have to offer.

They can take their fighting, gladiator, roller derby game and shove it up their ass where it belongs. And, indeed, if this classes me as an anti American bigot, then so be it. This started out as our game and damn well should still be our game.

They need a pain in the ass blogger or two to run things for them because, as usual my good friend you continue to do one helluva fine, fine job. Keep up the good work.


A letter from a Broken Hearted Mom!!!


I said it before and I will say it again!!! You never know what I'm going to blog about???

Here's a new one!!!

P.S Try to be nice!!!


Hello Charles,

I'm writing about something I've never seen on your blog before. I don't want to offend anyone but I'm sure some of your readers might take what I have to say to heart. This isn't about everyone else just about myself.

What do you do when your daughter goes out for an evening comes home the next day as a lesbian? I'm against same sex relationships I feel it's wrong,

God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. My daughter is a beautiful young lady and has a lot going for herself, and I love her with all my heart.

She hasn't had very much luck with the men she has had in her life and I've been there for her.

I feel there's no excuse for her to turn to another woman. There are many good men in this world who would love her for who she is. As a mother I think to myself where did I go wrong?

My husband and I were divorced when my children were two and four years old. As a single parent I did the best I could to love and protect my children while they were growing up. I have always been there for both my children, but I just can't except what my daughter is involved in it's just wrong.

I truly believe this is a sickness and people in this kind of relationship should seek professional help. This other person has ruined a mother and daughters relationship, my daughters reputation is also at steak.

And what will this do to my grandchildren? I'm feeling so many things I'm sick and heart broken over all this.

And again I apologize if I have offended anyone. Hoping some of your readers can offer a little advice.

I want to try and turn this around not just for my daughter but for my two beautiful innocent grandchildren. What's a mother to do?

From a broken hearted mom.

Guess where this shot was taken???


In Fredericton? If you can't used the sidewalks? Use the busy streets!!!!


Merci Beaucoup to the City of Fredericton to clean the walking trails!!!


Premier David Alward’s itinerary!!!!!!!!

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Premier's itinerary

EDITOR'S NOTE: Following is the public itinerary for Premier David Alward for Saturday, Feb. 12, and Monday, Feb. 14:


- Morning: Premier Alward to attend the Team New Brunswick competitions at the Canada Winter Games in Halifax.

- 6 p.m.: Premier Alward to participate in the Valentine Gala - A Night of a Thousand Stars, for Hospice Greater Saint John, at the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre

MONDAY, Feb. 14:

- Meetings in Toronto

MEDIA CONTACT: Office of the Premier, communications, 506-453-2144.


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40 weeks without a smoke for the Blogger!!!


For the first time, I noticed while walking around the bridges the other night that I had my second wind.

Takes time to have it when you smoked for 30 years!!!

But sometime I do get that urge for a smoke but I quickly drink water.

I always carry a bottle of water with me everywhere I go.

When you quit smoking? You can do this -

Tim Andrew is confronted by the Blogger!!!


This guy is good!!! He ran for Mayor during the last Municipal Election.

As a matter of fact? He was one of the first guy I interviewed for my Blog!!

Click below for an oldie - < Taken in August 2008 >....it's funny...

Now....I made this one yesterday!!!


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Why won't Fredericton MP Keith Ashfiled allow this Cross Dresser some protection????


Just doesn't make any sense!!

Is the MP telling the people in his riding that these people are not human and should be assaulted????

Something is wrong here and I'm going to find out!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011



I left the Soup Kitchen and was waiting for the Walking sign on Smythe Street.

I felt someone was glancing at me?

I turned around and behold!!! A R.C.M.P. Cruiser with two Fascist members staring at me.

I turned my back and pretended they weren't there.

I was going to tell them to take a hick like I did at the Legislature.

Click below for that story -


I wasn't happy so minutes later, I waved down a member of the Fredericton Police Force and asked - If a R.C.M.P. officer approach me in the City of Fredericton? Can I tell them to Fuck off and take a hick?

The Officer told me any Police officials are Police Officers of the Province of New Brunswick.

That was the end of that!!

I wonder why the R.C.M.P. are following me around?

I might disappear off the face of the Earth?

Stay tuned!!!!

Can the Fascist members of the R.C.M.P be trusted of the arrest of Romeo Joseph Cormier from Shediac???


I guess family members were very upset in the Court room in Moncton!!!

Why are we allowing this Fascist Police Force to do what they do to New Brunswickers?

It's just a matter of time till a citizen gets murdered by a member of this Fascist Police Force.

Which reminds me? I better email Minister of Public Safety Robert Travers for a meeting.

Stay tuned!!

Minister of Education Jody Carr and Blogger chats about the issue of Autism!!!


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Part one -

How much snow in your area????


Email me a picture at


Jack MacDougall on the Atcon Bailout "They saved a Bank!"

How come we don't hear about Atcon lately???

Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside staring in Anti-Smoking campagn???

Blogger interviews citizen who found dead body under the Westmorland Bridge!!

There's lots of stories out there about this sad case.

Many people believed that the poor guy just walked on the ice and fell asleep.

I bumped into the guy who found the body.

Click below for interview -