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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Walking from Bonny River to Canal!!!!

Made the walk today...I'll let the pictures and videos do the Blogging!!!

Here's some videos -

Today < Sunday > I'm going to walked from Canal to St.George. I would love someone to explain to me the Dam and the Irvings!!!

Anyone care to show me some sites? Please email me at



I received this email but I don't have a car...Take a picture and write the story...send it to me and become a citizen journalism11



The only legitimate voters are the locals and they have already spoken. They DO blame Irving and addressed concerns with them long before this flood took place. They warned Irving that what happened would happen and, unfortunately, the locals were 100% right. Now Irving, being Irving, said they followed all guidelines and laws as written by the government, you know, the same government that is pro big business and says to hell with the 'Commoner' except at election time. Now Irving must have been feeling guilty because they shut down their local sawmill and had staff work helping the community doing repairs. So your blog poll has no basis because the bulk of people voting will not understand the facts of the situation. You need to do a story on how Cooke Aquaculture, the Red Cross, regular folks, and Fundy High School have helped out in a BIG way. Also do a story on the 2 tractor trailer loads of 'stuff' sent to Zealand, NB by the St. George - St. Stephen locals. It is amazing how these communities gave when they needed help themselves. This is a huge WOW factor and show that the human spirit of giving, compassion, loving thy neighbour is still alive and well. This is the true spirit of Christmas. The people of St. Andrews stepped up to the plate too. Check out the Algonquin Hotel. They have provided rooms, complete with decorated Christmas Trees, for those that have been displaced. Hey, also the Red Cross will be putting on a BIG Turjey Dinner today. You should cover that.

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