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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flowers at the Farmer's Market!!!


Fredericton is the place to be this summer!!!


A panhandler with a Cellphone????


They sure don't make panhandlers like they used too eh????

Playing Ball in Fredericton!!!



I'll write more on this issue later....grrrrrr


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Can you imagine this one????

The wind was pushing the smell of juicy hamburgers towards the Dog!!!

The animal was going nuts!! BARKING LIKE CRAZY!!!!!

Some people...sigh.....

Wasn't that a party!!!!




I interviewed one of the Mothers a few weeks ago....:(

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I was in the Downtown area and I noticed all the Police Cruisers taking off towards Woodstock Road.

I knew it must be something very bad.

The next morning we all found out the shocking News!!!

I received a Police Scanner weeks afterwards.

The next day was Acadian Day and the celebration was held at Officer's Square.


I didn't feel right to celebrate knowing that three youths got killed the evening before across the street. So, I went home.

This is a very sad day for the Families.


Here's some Blogs I wrote last year -


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Around 2:20am while in the Downtown area. I noticed two Police Cruisers quickly left the area.

I mean they were moving!!!! Sirens and lights on!!!

I heard on KHJ Radio News three youths died after their car went into the Saint John River.

Does anyone out there have more info???? *

Local News
Here are today’s top local stories from KHJ News:

Posted 9am
August 15, 2009

Three people are dead after a car went into the St. John River early this morning. Fredericton police say the car was driving north on St. Anne's Point Drive around 2:40 a.m. when it went off the road. Four people were in the car - three males and a female. All three men died. The woman was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police say they don't know yet if speed or alcohol was a factor and are continuing to investigate.


I guess the youths were from STU!!!

I made a little youtube of the scene...Will post pictures and video later.....

My God? They must have been flying!!!!


The car came down Regent Street. It's a big easy left hand turn by the Lighhouse.


They droved over the Walking Trail. Thank God???? There were nobody walking in the area.


They continued right till the Saint John River. No signs of Brakes....


They must have hit these rocks very hard...


Stay tune for the news conference of the Police and a video of the scene.

My deepest sympathy to the Families.


I saw the two cruisers racing from the Downtown area but never taught more about it. I need a Police Scanner to catch the news. Just like Ray Richard from Moncton.

He's all over the place....

Update -

The Whole Province is in a News Blackout and the media had a difficult time locating someone who would speak from the Fredericton Police Force.


Fredericton Police Officer held a News Conference.


Click below for the youtube of the conference -



I went back to the area trying to figure out what exactly happened < I should have stayed away > People are driving by looking at the area.

People are also walking by glancing at the tragic event.

I was enjoying an Ice Cream under the hot sun. Someone showed up and began telling me the details of what just happened.

I guess the driver pass a flagman at 70 milles per hour. Construction is very much alive at night.

He kept on going full speed. I guess they just came from the Tannery.

I guess one of the guys text someone to tell his friend that he hitch a ride with a guy.

Anyway, the car didn't make the turn. I guess the car flew in the air and hit the ground. The woman was thrown from the car.

The vehicle went back in the air and land 15 feet from shore without hitting the rocks.

I guess they died before hitting the water of the Saint John River.

The woman ran toward to the River watching the car sink in the water. She was helpless. She couldn't do anything. My God, she'll live every moment of this tragedy for the rest of her life.


So sad....

Then suddenly, three people showed up at the scene with tears in their eyes asking - What happened here???

It was the Father of one of the boy who got killed.

There I was enjoying an Ice Cream while this was going on.

What can you do or say???

The Father believe this was just an nightmare and everything will be ok.

He told me that his son was a good quiet boy and he worked at Gilbert's washing cars.

If he would have driven the car? All three males would be alive today because he was a good driver..

Very sad!!!

I told the family that I was sorry for their lost..... < What else could I say? >

One guy, the brother < I believe > of one of the boys killed said - The driver is better off dead!!!

The family just look at the scene in disbelief.


I know I should have not taken a picture but I just wish to show the readers the facts.

Yes, lots of emotions.

The two males just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They just hitch a ride with a very bad driver. So sad.....

I really feel for the Parents who are going to be asking themselves many questions during the next few days.

Kiss your love ones tonight because you'll never know? It could be for the very last time.



As for the area where the tragedy happened?

Life goes on....


Here's an little update...The guy didn't want to have his face shown...

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I took these pictures tonight...


Global Television used my video on their news cast -

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Snobs should stay away from area where the three youths got killed in Fredericton!!!


I was keeping an eye on the area this afternoon. I would go down and have a look.

I noticed three youths watching the death scene very closely.


I decided to have a closer look. One of them recognized me so a little debate followed. < Surprise? >

I was told this UGH story!!!

These three citizens arrived on the scene.


They asked the youths if they knew the individuals who got killed?

The three guys told the curious people they were their best friends.

The snobs quickly shot back- THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

...and left the area.

Mind you, the three youths were very upset by the snobs attitude!!!

Some people????? GRRRRRR!!!!

Ok...never mind the snobs!!!

I learned a few interesting stories of the hour before the deadly car crash.

The boys who died were at the 20-20 Club and a fight broke up.

There weren't no fist fights but the boys quickly left the 20-20 in their car.

Many questions? Were the guys chasing the guys they wanted to fight with? Were they being chased down Regent Street?

The three friends insisted the driver would not show off for the girl.

Many unanswered questions?

But these youths are looking for answers of why their friends died?


The driver had a three year old son.

Something tells this blogger that we haven't heard the end of this sad tale.

On another sad note?

One of the guys left a bouquet of flowers yesterday.


Someone walked by and grabbed the flowers. They flowers are gone.


My God? This City is full of Jerks!!!!



This afternoon, I was invited by some friends of the youths who were killed Friday night.

I didn't tell nobody. I was a guest and they wanted some pictures for their Facebook.

Hey? It would be a good emotional story and the media wouldn't even know about it.

But I was wrong!!!

I showed up and CBC and CTV News were also present.


This is the first time I ever saw the media working on a Sunday evening.

Jeff Harrington was there with his camera and this was a good thing because once the sun dissapears? My camera is no good for pictures.

Jeff video camera would add some light on the scene.

But? Right before the Candlelight began? A few people asked us to leave them alone so they could mourned in private.


Well? That was the end of that story!

The media left and the guy who invited me told me that I could take pictures but I wasn't interested because it just wasn't the time or place.

I decided to call it a night.

Very sad days ahead in Fredericton.

I did manage to do a little youtube -

Here's another -

Another -

Last one -


I found it very fitting tonight's sunset sure showed the mood of many citizens in Fredericton after the last youth was buried today. They were killed near the light house in the picture.


I will admit, this issue wasn't an easy one to blog.

Not since I covered the Coroner's Inquest in Bathurst have I witness so much emotion.

inquiry,may 14  09 (176)

I took it a little hard when the father of one of the youths killed showed up at the scene where his son got killed.

Click below for blog -

Three youths killed in Fredericton

I quickly found out that Fredericton is indeed a small town because many of my friends knew some of the individuals who got killed.

They either knew a friend of a friend or members of the families.

Yes, lots of emotions.

The Capital haven't witnessed something like this for a long time.

I hope we don't see it again.

What was strange that it happened in the Downtown Core.

I quickly found out that rumors or stories can really take off!!!

Especially on the information Highway.

I even received some emails from people connected to the accident telling me the facts.

So? It's over!!!

Matt Swan,Joe Bourque and Jesse Schur are gone forever from this world but they will live in many people's minds forever.

I had many conversations with my Priest about death. Why do some die so young while others live a longer life?


His answer - It's not for us to understand now but we will truly understand later. < I sometime wondered about that line? >

But I'm a believe so their loved ones will meet again....

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Families and I pray that you find the courage to move on with your lives.

In closing, I have to give credit to one individual.

The accident happened last Friday night.

CTV Journalist Andy Campbell was on the job at 6:00am.

Global News was nowhere to be seen and CBC had a few minutes of news at the hour.

The Irvings journalists had two days to work on their story.

KHJ Radio had the story early Saturday morning.

People wanted some answers and many ended up in this blog looking for info.

Andy Campbell worked very hard Saturday to tell the world what just happened in Fredericton.


..and he continued for the newscast on Sunday. It's such an emotional issue that many will not talk to the media. Andy had to extra hard to locate some friends of the guys who just got killed.

Here's a little youtube -

Click below -

I might add that his sidekick Jeff Harrington cover the Vigil on Sunday night.

Andy Campbell should be congratulated for a job very well done.