Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about possible Pedophiles in the Police Force???

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deep thinker....


Bike broke down today!!


No more running around for action in the City!!!

Anyone with a extra old Bike out there???

No T-Shirts for New Brunswick Day this year!!!



Having fun at the Tannery in Fredericton!!!!

New Brunswick Liberals promise to listen...


Going back in time....


More stories from my Six Months protest in front of the New Brunswick Legislature in 2003!

charlesCharles and Brad 003

My God? It's sure nice to bring back those memories. Time sure does fly. I'm going to try to blog all the stories.

For you new readers? Bernard Lord was in power and the Liberals were in opposition.

The year was 2003.

The citizens were walking late in the evening and I continued to preach about the issue of ADHD. I felt bad for one individual. Marc sat in his chair and listened to me saying the same story over and over.


I’m very surprised he could listen to me repeat myself over and over. I said to Marc that he could help me by confronting the people about ADHD, now that he knows what to say. My god! After
listening to me for many evenings in a row, he should be able to.

Pere Brien would picked me up, I would give him my petition and my diaries every Sunday. Besides
writing my updates, I wrote another little diary on the side.I couldn’t keep all the names in my tent because it could be stolen.


I did this from the first day that I met Emery and I’m certain that the papers were pilling up. It was a very good system. Hey, If you cannot trust a Priest, Who else could I trust? I had the support of Pere Brien, this is what really kept me going.

I noticed that a lot of people enjoy exercising in this City. At first, I would confront the citizens on the sidewalk beside the Legislature. After awhile many would avoid the corner
of Queen and Saint John Street. They knew they would be confronted by "me" the protester.

Many Frederictonians would use the walking trails to let off steam. I didn’t believe that they would be in a good mood to sign my petition so therefore I was smart enough to avoid that part of the City. I soon found out that people love their dogs.

I had many emotional periods. Once I saw a dog who reminded me of my dog Zeus.


Zeus was the only one who's really made me happy during the last few years.

He was a pittbull.

I would see a dog that looked exactly like Zeus and ask the owner if I could hug their cute little animal.

After 5 minutes of cuddling the little creature, I could tell the owner was getting impatient. It was time for me to let go and let the dog go with their Master. It was a very difficult time
for me and I was sad. My dog had died a few months ago. I missed Zeus dearly. I saw many dogs in this City walking with their owners. I saw many that were with little puppies and at the end of my protest, they would have grown alot.

While the Legislature was open, I noticed a man protesting against the Government on the
issue that handled the problem with mental health in this Province. Robert McKay is Bi-Polar. Just like me, he decided to speak out on this issue.

I seen Robert eating at the Soup Kitchen. He sure enjoyed his food. Little did anyone know that Robert would hit the National stage during the next few months. The media did chat with him and once again it proved my point that the media controls what message will be given to the rest
of the Province.

On August 20th, Dan Bussieres came to chat with me. He told me that I had to leave the
Premises as soon as possible because the students were heading to U.N.B. and S.T.U. I guess in the past, they had problems with the kids and he was afraid that I might be in trouble if I stayed in my tent. I told Dan this is exactly what I needed was the young people because they really understood the issue of ADHD.

He told me many of these kids are bad, it sure felt like the cartoon of the Flintstones.
Remember the time Fred went for a vacation on the beach and they didn’t know that the college kids would be there?

Little did I know those kids would help me reach the amount of 10,000 signatures during the
next few months.

I knew Dan's way of thinking. He’s a former R.C.M.P., he knew the new Lieutenant Governor will be sworn in on August 26th and my tent wouldn’t be a good view for the audience who would attend this historical moment.

I knew that things were going to pick up during the next few days. I still didn’t receive my
items from Dan Bussieres. He was still upset over the situation. Maybe I could ask the new
Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday if he could get my stuff back.

As Dan said-"I’ll give you your things once you leave the premises" But being Charles, I wasn’t going to give in to the Government.

On August 22nd, I said to myself that I was going to hit the 2,000 mark which I did. Sure makes my protest easier since the media covered my story.


Last evening, it was very cold in my tent. It went down to 10c. My God! It was cold but
I’m a protester and I’m very determine to carry on the fight for the 7,000 kids.

On August 26th, the new Lieutenant Governor will be sworn in. I guess I’ll have to join the Anglo Society and demand the return of my items. Maybe his Royal Highness will have the power to
return my blanket, Who knows?

I had a very interesting confrontation on the evening of August 23nd, I noticed a man with a fancy suit leaving the Hotel. He just attended a wedding ceremony and he looked like he was in a good mood. This all change once I confronted the gentleman with my petition.

He asked me if I was French?

I proudly told the guy – Je suis Acadien!

His face turned to anger. He began to condemn Mario Charlebois.

Mario is a guy who’s lobbying in different Cities in this Province to translate all their by-laws in both Languages. I am a fighter for my rights but this is carrying the issue
overboard. I don’t agree with Mario’s approach on this one.

At first, the fancy dude was upset but at the end, he signed my petition. Yes, Tuesday < August
26th > will be a very interesting day when this Acadian joins the bigot Matthew Glenn. Can you imagine? Both of us shouting through a blow horn? It’s going to be a day that will not be forgotten for a long time.


I’m looking forward to the confrontation. The Bigot on the right and the guy with ADHD on the other side. I noticed at the end of August, the ground was starting to get bumpy and it was very hard on my back. I needed the foam for my tent but Dan stood his ground and told me that
I would receive my items once I left the grounds of the Legislature.

It could be very interesting. On August 23rd, I once again went to the Farmers Market to
collect some names and I met the Mayor of Fredericton Less Hull.


I found this particular politician very ignorant. On a few occasions, I tried to chat with him but he always managed to ignore me.

As with Mike Murphy, I asked the Mayor why he was ignoring me? He quickly walked away and I shouted- You are ignorant!

That evening, I noticed the Sergeant At Arms was chatting with a couple of soldiers in uniforms in front of the Legislature.

At first, I believed Dan called in the Army to have me removed. Hey? Maybe this is exactly what I needed? They were discussing plans for the big celebration for the new Lieutenant-Governor.

On August 24th,after the Church service , Pere Brien invited me over to his home for a good
home made spaghetti. He made his own personal sauce and it was great. We chatted for a while and of course he gave me a tour of his new home.

I quickly asked Emery if I could have a nice hot shower and shave? TRUST ME!! IT WAS GOOD!!! It’s bad enough inviting someone in your home but now you feed and wash him? Talk about

One woman who has a son with ADHD shouted from the sidewalk - GO AND GET THEM!!! People
are not protesting beside me but they’re always giving me signs of encouragement to continue the battle against the Government. Lets face it here, if I had a family and a mortgage, I wouldn’t be able to do this because it would put my family in harms way. I have no house or family so therefore I am in a position to fight a public battle.

I noticed twenty young kids standing at a corner. I quickly jumped in the middle and shouted —"I HAVE ONLY 3 THINGS TO SAY - ADD? ADHD AND RITALIN?"

Most of the kids would say - "You’re the guy in the tent?" and they all lined up to sign. A woman
walked by, I asked her if she read about my protest in the local paper.

She told me with a smile that she doesn’t get the paper. The Paper boy won’t deliver the Daily
Gleaner because my dog has ADHD! I laughed at that line. You have to admit a dog does move fast

I e-mailed this note on August 24th - "If you wish to email the Sergeant at Arms, asking him to return my blanket, sleeping bags, pillow and the rest of my things? You can email him at…… dan.bussieres@gnb.ca.

I often wonder how many e-mails he received. He never told me.

August 25th was a quiet day and I did manage to gather around 100 names. During the last few days, I would walk around downtown and confront the citizens on the streets. It’s the young people who really understand what Ritalin is all about. Thank God, because these kids are our future taxpayers and they should be concerned on the drug issues that live in our school
system. A couple told me their young child was told by a teacher that he has ADHD.

The school counselor met the child for twenty minutes and he also agreed with the teacher. This was done in a short meeting. The doctor said the same.

Finally a specialist stepped in, and told everyone that they were wrong. The awful crime the child committed was that he moved a little too much on his chair in the classroom. The Government with the racists members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission are saying that if a child moves too much, they need Ritalin or other kinds of drugs. I am the man on the
streets and these stories give me more strength to continue my battle with those evil bureaucrats in the Capital.

The Sergeant at Arms introduce me to the future Lieutenant Governor and this was the first time
that I ever talked to the new guy.

Herménégilde Chiasson is going to be a different breed of appointed official because he looks like a hippie! My god, the guy has long hair!


While I was chatting with the new Lieutenant Governor, I noticed his surrounding was listening to my every word. He was closely followed by around ten different workers. I felt uncomfortable but I did manage to make it out pretty well. I had to speak that fagot language from Quebec and I’m starting to get tired of it.

I’m from Memramcook and I speak - Le Chiac.


Je vais allez au store me cherchait un packet smoke! Anyway, I told the Lieutenant Governor about my issue for the 7,000 kids with ADD/ADHD. I
forgot to give him a copy of my column but I’m certain a few people told him about me anyway. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall and hear what they told the new appointed person about
this protester.

While sitting against the pillar of the front steps of the Legislature, I noticed this big
guy in a fancy suit leaving the house. He was walking with his head very high while holding the hand of a woman.

I quickly called for Dan and asked –" Who’s the fancy dude walking like his sh@t don't stink?"

He quickly answered – "Oh…That’s the chief Justice". I guess his name was Drapeau.

On August 25th, I saw many high class people leaving the Legislature with their head very high. I
came to a decision.

I told Dan -"History will be made tomorrow at the Legislature". Pictures are going to be taken from all over the place. The army is going to be present and the streets are going to be blocked. Citizens with their fancy suits and dresses are going to gather around the Legislature. I would respect their ceremony, and remove my tent from the front of the Legislature.


Dan was very happy. Maybe after this good gesture, he’ll return my items. A person gets more with sugar than vinegar I guess. Who knows what can happen in front of the Legislature? A few supporters told me to keep the tent on the grounds but, I didn’t believe it would be the right thing to do.

That afternoon while having a smoke in front of the U.I.C. Building. I noticed this beautiful young girl talking on her cell phone.

She wanted two pills and after a short conversation with the young girl, She told me that she was on Dilaudids! She lost her husband and her kids because of this dangerous drug! This
girl was prescribed those awful pills by her doctor and she’s debating to sell her house so she can have her drug.

Pictures 246

Dilaudid is a major problem in this province. Fredericton has a waiting period of six
months and that’s terrible.

I hugged the girl’s arm, told her to seek help because she’s going to end up ugly and on
the street. I know all about this emotional issue because my girlfriend’s son in Saint John is
ruining her life with this dangerous drug.

My prayers are with her. On many occasions, it starts with Ritalin and in many instances they end up on Heroine, Cocaine or Dilaudid.

On August 26th it was the big day and I have 2,142 signatures. I removed my tent from the
Legislature. I asked Bob < The most polite Commissionaire, I’ve ever met. > if I could put my
tent in the back of his truck?


He told me it wouldn’t be a problem.

I reminded Bob if Dan Bussieres orders him to take the rest of the day off with pay and take off with my stuff, I’ll be a very ugly protester.

He said - "I give you my word and a person who cannot keep their word, are no good!" Sure was different seeing the lawn without the tent! It look empty, but it was a time period, the Grounds looked fantastic. The people from Supplies and Services worked very hard during the past week to clean the front. They removed the weeds and I noticed many new baskets of beautiful flowers on the front steps. For the first time since the protest began, it was the most beautiful area in
the Capital.

The German couple would have been proud.

I sat on the stairway on the right side of the Legislature. I know this is hard to believe but I sat in that location for 60 minutes watching the ceremony from a distance. I never moved an inch. Before the ceremony began, I noticed Bernard Lord with two other individuals. I
approached the Premier and told him I removed the tent on my own as a sign of respect. Bernard said- "I noticed that Charles! That’s very nice of you!"


I replied- "No Problem but the Tent goes back up at five o’clock sharp!"

I should have kept the tent in that location because it was a moment in history. Just think about it, In 100 years from now, the people in that era would have looked at this picture of the
front of the Legislator through the achieves. The Army present and they would have noticed this little tent.

After making an investigation, They would have said- "MY GOD!!!!! THOSE PEOPLE WERE GIVING YOUNG CHILDREN RITALIN???? WERE THEY NUTS????"

A person never knows.

Many politicians showed up and I had a chat with the Mayor of Edmunston and Miramichi. You should have seen the look on their faces once I mentioned the word- Dilaudid! They told
me there’s a major problem in their cities with that drug. I’m telling you that the Province must wake up and do something about this Drug, because it’s getting out of control big time. Maybe one day these politicians will listen to the people. All the soldiers were lined up on the street then suddenly I heard a noise and it wasn’t the sound of a cannon.

It was a couple of workers loading beer kegs in a large truck. My god! You could hear the noise one mile away.

You would think they could have shown a little respect for the ceremony.

While Bernard was standing in front of the soldiers,many tourists came to chat with the Premier. They even asked him for his autograph.

Only in New Brunswick this could happen. It’s good the public is allowed to meet the politicians without having body guards all around . I strongly believe that we’re the last part of the Western Hemisphere that would allow this to happen.

I’ll say one thing,

There were around 100 visitors present for the fancy affair. One soldier told me that I should put my tent under a tree. Doesn’t the Army know tree+lighting+tent=suicide? I did notice alot of
security people around the area. I bet they wished that someone would do something stupid so they could have a little excitement.

I read the invitation booklet,

In one paragraph it quote - The Lieutenant Governor will say –" It is my pleasure!" The question was if he wants his new job, Sure would be my pleasure to accept a position like this one. Can you imagine? Rent free, Free car, Good money and lots of good food. What a waste of money and we can’t even get a methadone clinic in Saint John.

What the hell is wrong with our system? I also noticed the Mayor of Fredericton Less Hull walking around in a show off mood. Boy! What a ignorant individual he is.

I’m proud to have told him face to face at the market. I cannot stand people like that.

Marilyn Trenholm Counsell received a polite applause from the audience once her reign was officially over.


Once the swearing in was done. I noticed many people with their fancy suits standing in front of the Legislature. With my back pack in tow, I walked in the crowd of dynasty. At the beginning of the ceremony, I left those people alone this time - IT WAS TALKING

The Premier asked me- "Charles how come you weren’t inside?"

I answered- "Ask the man behind you?"

Present behind the Premier was the Sergeant at Arms dressed in his fancy suit. You see? I’m not allowed in the Legislature while I’m protesting but I knew that if I pushed the issue, I could have gone in.

My tent was gone and I knew that I could have witnessed the ceremony inside. I didn’t wish to cause trouble with all these high class people around.

I had a chat with the out going Lieutenant Governor - Marilyn Trenholm Counsell . She thanked me for removing my tent. I told her I did it on my own and it wasn’t proper to have a tent in front of the Legislature during the ceremony.

I asked her if she could do a last duty for me. I told her to asked Dan Bussieres to give me my sleeping bag and items back because it was beginning to get very cold in the evenings. She turned around and there was Dan with a big smile on his face. Hey, Maybe it’s that Quebec Blood that’s refusing to give in. I’m certain I’ll receive a few items since I took my tent away out
of respect. I might add the former Lieutenant Governor agreed with me, about the problem with Ritalin in the school system. Too bad that people agree with you once they leave their office.

I would test the new Lieutenant Governor during the next few months. I also met the former Governor General Romeo LeBlanc and Louis Robichaud.

It was funny, I met the MP Dominique LeBlanc < Romeo’s son > and I always remind Dominique of a letter I wrote ten years ago about him. He first ran for public office and he just parachuted to the Valley of Mermamcook. I didn’t believe that it was right. I wrote a letter to the editor < The good old days > saying I respected the King < Romeo >but the Prince has alot to learn about the normal worker and he lost the election but he did move in the area and got re-elected four years later. He is a nice guy!


He noticed Bernard Lord standing beside him and he quickly said - "Ohhh Charles? Do you want to meet the Premier?"

The Premier with a smile and his eyebrow upwards said- "That’s ok! I know Charles!"

I replied- "Yes! How long have we known each other Bernard?"

He answered-" Too long."

Dominique seemed a little surprised, but the old saying is so true -" A person learns something new every day". He quickly learned that the Premier is very familiar with this Acadien.

I saw former Premier Louis Robichaud standing against the Legislature.

He told me- Lasse Pas!!!!

Which means - Don't give up!!!

I went to the soup kitchen. I bet the dinner those dignitaries were eating was better than the soup kitchen, but I didn’t complain because the food was good at the needy place.

I once again put up my little home at 5:00pm and Dan suggested that I only put my protest signs on the lawn. His idea was to set up the tent in the evenings and hide it during the day. It was another nice try from Dan.

I must admit that he’s a fighter and it was a battle of the minds. Many citizens on the street are asking me if I got my tent back?

One couple from Quebec heard the story on the French CBC radio station in Cape Breton,
and another guy from Ontario heard the news on English CBC Radio!

Someone from out west told me that he saw my story on the Canadian Press. So the word is getting around.

Many citizens in this area are asking me if I was ordered to remove my tent for the ceremony?

I told them I removed my part-time home on my own.

The citizens might not be beside me protesting, but they’re watching my situation very closely.

Someone sent me an e-mail that my good gesture was mentioned on English CBC Radio. I guess that the reporters told the audience that I should be congratulated for removing my little tent. Hey, maybe? I’ll finally receive the respect that I deserve?

Later in the day while sitting on the front steps of the Legislature. I heard a flat
sound behind me and it was my leather bag, blanket and it few other items.

I guess that Dan paid attention to the look of the former Lieutenant Governor.

On a another matter, Matthew Glenn < Anglo Society> didn’t show up for the ceremony. I was very surprised by his actions. I had a chat with the Bigot yesterday morning < He always
stopped by to chat with me and it’s nice to chat about the French issues for awhile. I’m getting sick and tired of talking about ADD/ADHD> public must continue >

I heard a story some bureaucrat is laughing with the others saying that he hopes that I freeze to death. You see? That’s when I get really upset! I see those appointed people walking around like their shit don’t stink. The politicians have no say and they’re voted by the people. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I had a chat with the new appointed person from the Premier’s office - Rodney Weston!!


He told me he’ll come and chat with me. I believe he’s a good man compared to the rest. Maybe that’s the problem because months ago, I did write a story in my column about Etienne Allard. He’s a assistant to the Premier. This guy is really is a big show off.

Maybe, Because I condemned a bureaucrat months ago.

This is the reason no one came to chat with me.

On the evening of August 26th, I decided to take a break. I sat on a bench in the centre of the City. A handsome man sat beside me. He had a black turtle neck and he was tall. I noticed that he
had a huge cross around his neck. He told me that he was a Priest and he was 19 years old. His name was Father James.

I shook his hand to congratulate him for serving the public. I might add he’s Catholic and I was little confused because I didn’t know that the Catholic Church ordained Priests at such
a young age.

Something just wasn’t right because he was too nice. But he had the cross around his neck and
was very polite. He invited me for a free coffee, I told him I was too busy collecting names.

Hours later, I seen the young Priest sitting at a table in front of a restaurant. It was nice out and the costumers took advantage of the nice weather. I sat down with the nice young man. Suddenly, one guy showed up to signed my petition.

He asked his friends to come and sign Charles’s Petition. I didn’t know the guy and asked him how he knew me? He said - "Remember me Charles? You don’t recognize me without my sunglasses!

You asked me months ago if I was gay?" It was the same gay guy I met on the trails at the
beginning of my protest.

Minutes later, four other gay guys showed up around the table. The young priest told me he forgot to add that HE was gay too! At that point, I was very confused!

A gay priest in a Catholic Religion??? Sorry something isn’t right here.I have to have a chat with Father Brien on this issue.

Hey, You meet different walks of life on the streets! C’est la vie!

Setting up little Entrepreneur at the Farmer's Market in Fredericton!!!!


Almost wrecked my Bike on the Westmorland Bridge in Fredericton!!!

Heavy rain in Fredericton!!!

Guess what this is called?? You'll never guess...



Here's a video - Close to 6,000 viewed so far!!!!


Will Fascism still hold at the New Brunswick Legislature with a new Government???


Premier Shawn Graham making money while we sleep!!!

Tannery Square in Fredericton was China's Tiananmen Square last night!!


There was a little more people but not much. The City has been very very very quiet lately.

I noticed around 8 visible Police Officers and two undercover ones.

If they saw a vehicle in the area? They would quickly asked for registration etc etc...

On one occasion, a fight began but the Cops were there in seconds.

No fights and the Police cleared the area.

No need of the Ambulance...


After taking this picture around 1:40am.



In the alley they ran.

The race was on. I tried to follow in the dark like a Edwin Moses!!! < STILL OUT OF BREATH!!! >


Click below for video -

Everyone was in the area of York Street < outside of the Tannery >

The Police caught one guy who I guess tried to grab a Female Hand bag. Pretty stupid of the guy especially with all the Cops around eh???


Here's a video -

The story I was told a Private security held on to the thief till the Police came to the scene and arrested the guy.

I looked at my watch and wondered if all the Cops would stay on York Street because the Bars were about to shut down.

So? Everything is going fine at the Tannery but there are still not a lot of people like it used to be.

The Cops, private security and bar patrol are all doing their job but it would be interesting to see what would happen if they were more people?