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Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is pretty good!!!!

It's only for one minutes and 40 seconds.....

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Who was Doris Acquin???


Friday, May 21, 2010

Blogger Charles LeBlanc is in St.George for the long weekend!!!!

I needed to escape from the City for a while!!!

Even a Blogger needs a break!!!

I'm not on a break for too long because someone approached me with an issue already...this is a good one...I'm going to the Town Hall this morning and will be asking a few questions?

Stay tuned!!!

Remember this Blog from last year???

Enjoy -


Here's a youtube of my interview with the Pilot -

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To understand where this all began? We must go back to the month of April.

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Charles meets Minister Rolan Hache and Tim Foulkes

I met Tim Foulkes. He's a very active activist in the St.Andrews area. He's very concern the Rock Quarry in Bayside will destroy that beautiful area.

I quickly found out that Tim wasn't your normal activist.

He told me he flies a small plane so he can keep a close eye on the Bayside Rock Quarry.

He's like the Red Baron of Charlotte County.


I can see it now? Circling the Rock Quarry and the workers looks up in the sky and say - LOOK UP IN THE SKY!!! IT'S THE ASSH@LE!!!!


After our little meeting in April, I heard that the Liberal Government denied the Owners of the Rock Quarry to expand and all the citizens < not the workers > were very happy.

On August 1st, I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday with my cousin in St.George.

A couple of days later, I went on a 15 miles walk.

Click below for blog - < Nice pictures >

Nice walk around the coast in Charlotte County

I don't know why but the face of Tim Foulkes came to my mind while I was at my Cousin's place.

I knew I had his email somewhere. I found it and emailed the guy.

He invited me for a plane ride over Charlotte County.

We met the next day.


So off to St.Stephen we went. I quickly realized this wasn't no normal Airport. No security or stuff like that.

It's just small Airport.

Tim Foulkes had his small plane in a Warehouse.


He began to inspect his little pride and joy.


I asked- What are you looking for?

He told me he was doing a normal routine check up but mainly looking if someone has sabotage his plane because the Rock Quarry is run by the mafia in the States.

I said - OOOKKKKKKK!!!!

It was at that point that I almost chickened out from my ride over God's Country.

This plane is located in a small Airport with no security and the owners have just lost a Billion dollars contract to expand their Rock Quarry and Tim is the main individual responsible for this. I might add the door is lock by a small lock so it wouldn't take much for a professional hitman to sabotage his small plane.


Tim always bring his dog for a ride in the plane. The dog was looking forward for a ride with his Master.


Tim asked me how much did I weight?

I replied - 205 < For once I wasn't going to lie about my weight >

He taught about it for a second and said- Nahhhh...we better leave the dog here.

Again? I said to myself- Is this plane safe????


So finally!!!! Inside we went!!!!


He droved at the end of the runway and made some final checks. We both had a pair of Headphones so we could communicate with each other.


Tim had an opening on his side for taking good pictures.


There was none on my side but the pictures turned out ok!!!!

I had my two cameras and I made some videos and pictures.


Yes, Charlotte County is indeed God's Country!!!


I was looking for some Clear-Cutting done by the Irvings!!!! But I was distracted by the beauty of the Ocean.


Tim always take some pictures of the Rock Quarry in Bayside as evidence to show the Government and the public.


Right on site for the Rock Quarry!!!


This is Simpson Hill < I never had a clue that I would walk this huge hill hours later >


This is Shamcook Lake!!!


A very important part for the citizens in this area. With the many blasting being done at the Rock Quarry? This Lake is the drinking water for the people in St.Andrews. Once the water is polluted???

It's all over for the citizens in that area.

Does the issue of the residents in Sussex ring a bell?

Think about it!!!


After circling his pet peeve? He asked me - Where do you want to go now?

I said- St.George!!!

He had a map and began looking at it.


It was at that moment that I had great respect for the Airplane bombers during the second world war.


Can you imagine looking for a place to bomb at night in a different enemy country?

So? Off we went towards St.George!!!


One concern, I witnessed was the huge Fishing farm in the area.

From the ground we see this -

garden 2009 829garden 2009 875

From the sky -


There are thousands of them in the area of Charlotte County. Just a environmental disaster waiting to happen!!!


While riding over the blue sky? One concern came to one of my five ADHD minds?

I asked Tim- How old are you Tim?

He answered- 71 years old!!!

Ehhhhh...What would happen if you took a stroke while flying?

He quickly answered- You will probably die!!!

OKKKKKKKK...But it was too late to chickened out!!!


He asked me if I wanted to take control of the wheel? Nahhhh....I wasn't interested!!


So? Our target came to light!!!

The area is Canal < near St.George >


My cousin hears the plane circling over her place and ran outside. She told me afterwards it was sharp the way we circle her place at 800 feet!!!


and away we went toward Blacks Harbour!!!


Hard to believe I walked all this area a few days earlier.


Click below for blog -

Long walk in Charlotte County


We are now approaching Beaver Harbour!!!! < BEAUTIFUL VILLAGE!!! >

garden 2009 868img_5015img_5016img_5019

More Salmon Farms!!!


Many Salmon Farms on our way toward St.Andrews!!


I believe this is Deer Island.


I never been to Grand Manan Island but it was too foggy!!!!


Now we're heading towards St.Andrews!!!


More Salmon Farms!!!!


I might be wrong in this one!!! I believe this is a Native village in the United States.


I was concerned once Tim told me we were on the States side.

I asked him he was concerned we would be surrounded by the U.S. Air Force????


He wasn't worried because he was listening to all the conversations on his headphones.

This area is being debated BIG TIME!!!

The U.S. want LNG tankers to travel in these parts.


The great Town of St.Andrews!!


The famous Fairmont Algonquin hotel!!!


Finally we made back to St.Stephen safe and sound!!!!

There was a little bump in the wind while approaching landing but we made it!!!


His dogs were happy to see their Master come back in one piece!!!


Here's some youtubes. We really could only communicate via our headphones.


Part one - < Flying over the Rock Quarry in Bayside >

Part two - < Flying over the Rock Quarry >

Part three - < Flying over Charlotte County >

Part four -< Flying over St.George >

Part Five - < Flying over Beaver Harbour >

Part Six - < Flying over THE SALMON FARMS >

Part seven - < In the area of the LNG!!! >

Part Eight - < Flying over Charlotte County >

Now? You would believe that a 71 years old man would go home and relax after this plane ride?

Tim had other plans for this Blogger.

He drove me to Simpson Hill.


I will admit it's a beautiful spot!!! Tim have been in this area close to 30 years.

garden 2009 206garden 2009 207garden 2009 208garden 2009 210

This is a memory to Tim's daughter..

garden 2009 211garden 2009 213garden 2009 216garden 2009 217

Tim offered me a stick. I really needed this helpful tool to go back down the Mountain.

garden 2009 219garden 2009 220garden 2009 221

Here we go with the long climb on top of Simpson Hill!!

garden 2009 222garden 2009 225garden 2009 228

Time to cool off!!!

garden 2009 230

Tim took the time to make these little water pools on the Mountain.

garden 2009 233garden 2009 234garden 2009 236garden 2009 238garden 2009 243garden 2009 245garden 2009 248garden 2009 247garden 2009 250garden 2009 252garden 2009 253

Great place for a Bonfire. On top of a Mountain in nowhere land.

garden 2009 255garden 2009 256

Of course you have some jerks around...

garden 2009 257

Almost to the top and this is a little Memorial of Tim's daughter.

garden 2009 259

He told me one day he came along and kids were throwing the stones over the mountain.

After shaming them, they put the little reminder together again.

garden 2009 243

The Rock Quarry ruined this one peaceful area. The noise of the Rock Quarry ruins it!!!

garden 2009 262garden 2009 264garden 2009 272garden 2009 274


garden 2009 265garden 2009 264garden 2009 263

His daughther who died in a crash at a very young age used to hang around this area.

garden 2009 277

People come here from all over and leaves their names or souvenirs in a little box.

garden 2009 281garden 2009 283garden 2009 288

One question came to my mind?

I wonder if Samuel De Champlain and our Natives friends sat down in this spot 400 years ago?

garden 2009 28678661-004-5d219312novaesvecia

A great memory to his daughter...

garden 2009 291

It was time to head down the Mountain but in a different route....

garden 2009 292garden 2009 293garden 2009 295garden 2009 297garden 2009 300


garden 2009 302

You can barely hear the noise from the Rock Quarry!!!

Just beautiful!!!!

garden 2009 305garden 2009 313garden 2009 314garden 2009 316garden 2009 317

Then we were back where we began!!!

garden 2009 319

We went over Tim's home located in the deep woods!!

garden 2009 322

You would believe my travel with this guy would be over right???

Not from a long shot!!!!

We went for a walk down the river...

garden 2009 326garden 2009 324garden 2009 327garden 2009 328garden 2009 329garden 2009 331garden 2009 352garden 2009 357garden 2009 360garden 2009 361garden 2009 364garden 2009 362garden 2009 347

Here's a video -

garden 2009 369garden 2009 373garden 2009 378garden 2009 380garden 2009 382

Tim has a little home on his land.....

garden 2009 391garden 2009 392

His daughter ashes are located in this area.

garden 2009 397

I found it strange that it was the only area the sun shine?

garden 2009 400

Well? I will admit I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!!

garden 2009 345garden 2009 404

It was back home!!!!

garden 2009 402

Waved to the dogs bye bye and home I went!!

garden 2009 405

I wish to say A BIG MERCI BEAUCOUP to Tim Foulkes!!!

It was quite an experience and I wish I was in that area during the next two weeks because the colors of the trees on Simpson Hill will be something to see.

Tim should be congratulated for a job very well done in keeping an eye on the Rock Quarry.

But one question? What will happen if the sad day arrive when Tim is gone?

Well? At least our future generations can witness this blog for years to come.

Thank you again Tim for a very good experience.

That evening, I sat with Angus with a few beers reflecting on the day I just had.