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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tony sits down with Blogger!!!


Many in the City of Fredericton have heard or noticed a guy with a gray beard walking around in a Female Dress!!!

A few would have noticed this guy at the Superstore.

Well, I have heard a lot of stories about this guy but never met him.

Remember a few weeks ago went I made a little speech to a group?


Tony asked me to speak and I only noticed he was wearing dress once we left his vehicle.


I emailed Tony a few days ago for an interview?

He agreed!!!

Here's Part one!!

Part two -

Part three -

Part four -

Part five -

Part six -

Final Part -


I like wearing my wifes panties said...

I see Tony walking often on my way home. I always think to myself good for him.

I had the pleasure of working with a doctor who attended this fellowship and explained what the "church" was all about. True christians indeed.

There would be less hate and war in this world if we could all accept each other for who they truly are.

Anonymous said...

Bullsit! No animal kingdom accepts those who are a detriment to their survival as a society. Genetics has a code, animals have codes, plants have codes, and we have codes. And one of the codes, is true or not true christians is a fantasy invented for explanations for early sanity, and control of the masses. Just as the resurgence of Islam is now. If I don't want to wipe the s from my nose do everybody have to tolerates it? Because of truly who they are? Etc,etc!

Anonymous said...

Extremely well done interview Charles.

Informative and sensitive. More of this kind of blogging and less of the "fascism", "everybody is out to get me" stuff could draw a lot more people to your blog.

Mike Hunstings said...




Anonymous said...

And the award for poor understanding of evolution goes to the guy above.

Phil Miup said...

Act like a weirdo and you get treated like a weirdo. That will never change nor should it.

Charles LeBlanc said...

So? You don't believe it's in the Genes???

Charlie said...

Agree with Anonymous/"well done": I think you've found your niche, Charles. The people who have no problem with your differences are generally much more interesting/informative/helpful than the usual politicians. Maybe no surprise, a more accuarate picture of New Brunswick can be found at ground level (or 'street level'), unfiltered by political or editorial bias. Hope to see more interviews like this one. :)

Charlie said...

Possibly "Phil Miup" doesn't understand that people who hate are the new 'weirdos'. [shrug]

Not politically correct but still true said...

Don't hate at all. Do what you want. Doesn't make this he/she any less of a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

skinheads are still weirdos.

mikel said...

Anybody who has spent any time with ANY person on this earth knows that EVERY person is a weirdo. Some just are not afraid to show it.
How exactly is an older man a threat to the survival of a species? For the way our species uses resources we should have only about one quarter to one half the population.
Plus, what about women who you think are 'weird' or who may actually prefer men who are different. Actually, the opposite is true, in high school the guys who acted 'different' always had girls who gravitated towards them. It was the poor normal schmucks who were out of luck and had to resort to getting girls drunk. Perhaps thats why so many of them grew up to be such angry white men.
Jesus loved the weirdos, ever notice how much nicer he was to them than to his idiot disciples?

Evolutionarily speaking, the fact that somebody dresses in a certain way or even is gay has NOTHING to do with the chances of survival of even a culture, let alone a species. Most of the greek societies were gay (by our definition), but it didn't hurt their chances of survival. Even today in Canada, immigration answers the problem of a lowering birthrate.
In today's society it wouldn't even matter if EVERYONE was gay. So long as you had some women who would like to carry a child, they don't have to have anything to do with a man, just the consequences of his interaction with a magazine.

So God, and Darwin bless the weirdos. Particularly the ones with the kind of guts it takes to be 'different' in public (as opposed to not even wanting their name on a comment they make). If anything it is the so called 'normal' people like Bush, Cheney, Harper, Blair, etc., that are a threat to our species-although its often said that politicians have far weirder proclivities than most people-they just have staff to hide it.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading mikel's non-sensical rants. Goes to prove Tony isn't the only weirdo, mikel is competing for the crown too.

Anonymous said...

mikel, you finally coming out of the closet? Good for you. It's about time you accepted who you are. I salute you.

Charlie said...

"It's often said politicians have far weirder proclivities than most people-they just have staff to hide it" - Huzzah! I wasn't gonna say it but I'm glad somebody did. When appearances and 'comportment' are everything, true human nature goes underground, yep.

Dan F said...

Quite an interview Charles - my dad's no coward, eh?

You should ask him more about politics sometime.

Anonymous said...

danf's dad huh? Well that explains a lot. Mystery about danf solved. Thanks for this Charles.

Charles LeBlanc said...

What mystery?

Charlie said...

That's baiting/subtle antagonism, Charles (no mystery there). Would like to hear Tony's views on politics, absolutely. And how about some science interviews too? (seems religion and politics have a monopoly-by-tradition in NB; balance would be nice...)...

Anonymous said...

This man sounds like a wonderful, kind, gentle loving human who wants nothing more than to be himself. It amazes me that society has determined that only "women" should wear a dress and men pants. The fanatical religions have it so women "can't" wear pants cause the men said so. What does your attire have to do with who you are. I wear pants and I am female, but society says it's okay. He wears a skirt and he's a male, and somehow it's wrong.

I would love to meet this man and talk to him about who he is, not about what he wears. Grow up for god's sake.

Well done interview.

Boy named Sue said...

The hippies have really come out for this one. Above had it right. The guy's a weirdo. Answer about danf proves the adage that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. With that said do whatever you want. Wear a tutu all over town but he's only doing it for attention. He wants people to stare and think he's a weirdo. He's getting what he wants.

Charlie said...

Always interesting when anyone claims to 'know better' what another person's thoughts and motives are - beginning with the assumption that anyone who's different also lies about their thoughts and motives. I think this kind of 'mindreading' is less reliable than a first person account.

Charles, possibly this also applies to your original arrest (Saint John), ie. the officer was 'certain' he knew your motivation for being there (and acted on his 'certainty'). This is off topic but a friend sent a link to the decision, this one (for anyone who's interested): http://www.canlii.org/en/nb/nbpc/doc/2006/2006nbpc37/2006nbpc37.html

Anonymous said...

The portion where quoting that god hates gays and cross dressing proves your mental inability to decipher text the bible says hate the sin not the sinner. God only hates one thing and that is sin.

Anonymous said...

Great interview,
You all need to stop judging. My mother always said until you walk
a thousand miles in someone elses shoes, you have no idea who they are or what they deal with. Tony, you sound like a very genuine man. Good for you! Our choice of clothing does not hurt anyone. Each one of us need worry about ourselves and leave others alone.

Hodge said...

Thank you for this interview, Thank you tony for being who you are. Also, I wish to apologize- before I met people who were cross dressers I didn't understand at all, and I was one of those people who stared at you walking down the street. But now, if you ever see my staring its out of great respect- because you are what a strive to be- authentic.