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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Unknown girl with Hydro Quebec and NB Power facts hits over 4,300 viewed!!!

Who is she anyway???? She's from Fredericton!!!

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I believe the new readers of this blog might enjoy this one.

I might add that this is not over! The R.C.M.P. covered my complaint BIG TIME!!

I'm suppose to meet with them during the next few weeks.

The Liberal Government < especially Minister of Public Safety John Foran > went an extra step further by giving orders to the Police that they can lie in court to convict New Brunswickers.

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KHJ journalist Randy McKeen views of the huge R.C.M.P. cover up!!!

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Enjoy a blog I wrote three years ago!!!

Pictures 056
Originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

I finally decided to write a blog about my experience since the verdict came down on my court case more than two weeks ago.

It’s strange that I didn’t jump on the blog and write my views on the verdict but there were so many things happening that even with a person with ADHD < five brains > that I just couldn’t settle down and write my views.

While the Judge read his verdict, I sat up front and thinking to myself that it was indeed a part of history.

A blogger on trial in New Brunswick and what would the Judge say?


Before we entered the court room, I told my lawyer that I wanted to say something to the Judge after he read the verdict.

The point that I wanted to make was I appreciate his patience before my lawyer came into the scene.

The Judge listened to me and let me explain that this was a very important case.

I remember the prosecutor told the Judge in an ignorant way that the trial would only last half a day.

I quickly stood up and said - Your honor? This will take at least one week!!!!

The Judge look at me and said - This should be very interesting?

You know what? I wasn’t far off the mark because if I had called my side of the witnesses? It would have been close to one week.

It was nice to see my family in the court room. They were very concern that I would be found guilty.


My uncle Al who is in poor health ordered me not to take the stand.


My lawyer also suggested the same thing.

I wasn’t afraid to go head to head with the prosecutor because I knew that I didn’t do anything wrong.

I took the stand years ago on a few occasions but maybe they believe that I would lose my temper?

Nahhhh..... I would have done ok.

But we didn’t have to because the Judge made it clear once the prosecutor rested their case that he wasn’t amuse with their presentation.

My God? He was very straightforward.

Once he showed the picture of me walking side by side with Sgt. John Parks and said - Does this looks like a man who is resisting arrest????


I almost took my camera and took a picture!!!..lol...

The Judge went on and on.


I believe he was giving a chance to the prosecutor to drop the charges right there!!!

But all she said was- But?...but....but....She didn’t back down and the Judge was force to give a verdict on my case but the sad part was we had to wait till the end of the week so up to Fredericton we went again.

I truly believe there are very powerful people in the back rooms who pushed the prosecutor.

Question? Why did she insist to pursue this case? I guess we’ll never know the answer to that one?

If I had represented myself?

I would have tried to put the prosecutor on the stand and asked some questions? Was it because she knew me and wanted to jail me? Why? Many questions?

Especially after the Police admitted in the disclosures of deleting a picture from my camera?


That should have shown her from red flags that there was something very wrong here?

Once in the Capital? I heard many people telling me that it look good for me. I had nothing to worry about.

My lawyer asked me not to blog this issue so I didn’t.

It drove me nuts!!!!! < Short drive for me anyway. >..lol

Once in Saint John for D-DAY.

I noticed the media was there CBC, ATV and CFBC but there was no Irvings or Global News in the area.

Picture 032
Picture 025

As for the Irvings, it didn’t bother me but it just proves my point that the Irvings will only cover court case that favours them to the public eye.

They were there at the beginning of the trial but once the ball fell on my favour?

The Irvings quickly disappeared.

Why? I really don’t care but I will send a letter to the Senate. < Waste of time >

The Irvings cannot begin to cover a trial and escape halfway.

They dare to call themselves journalists???


The point that I wanted to make with the Judge was I wish to thank him for his patience and thank God that Harold Doherty showed up to represent me because it would have been an impossible task to represent myself.

As a reward for the Judge’s patience?

This issue made me a strong advocate for more money toward Legal Aid.

Help is on the way Your Honor I would have said.

The Saint John Police Force can grab anyone from the streets and charge them with obstruction.

These poor people are force to represent themselves in court.

In the end, they are found guilty and put on probation.

But the catch is if they break their probation they will end up in jail!

How many poor people are in jail because of this system?

That’s what I wish to know? I am very concern about this issue.

My lawyer told me this wasn’t the place to be political so I kept my mouth shut.

After the verdict was read. Everyone was happy and we went home.

Pictures 114

Once downstairs, I was confronted by the media and this is a good thing because New Brunswickers and the world must know what happen in Saint John?

Pictures 115

My first statement was the issue of Legal Aid but they never covered those concerns.

I might add that T.J. Burke told me that he’s looking into improving the system.


The interviews went well and a friend gave me $40.00 for I could buy some beers and celebrate.

Pictures 124

Once over Tim’s place, I received an email from CBC that they wanted me on Shift < CBC Live program > in the afternoon so therefore the celebration had to wait.

I was asked to be polite because this is LIVE radio. I told the guy not to worry because I’m becoming a pro in this line of communication with the media.

I was ready to go but I received an email from the New York Times asking me for an interview?

Well, the way CBC has treated me during this case?

They had to come first.

Thank God for Roger Cosman for filming the arrest and Robert Jones for his reporting. They educated New Brunswickers and the world of what was going on here?


The New York Times had to wait....lol...

The host Paul Castle almost took a heart attack when I told him what happen with the Times?...lol....

You can listen to the interview by clicking below -


I had lots of interviews. I was even on a show live in Western Canada.

The interviews went well.

I put my message across that Blogging is the new way of journalism.

The case was debated around the world and this was a good thing. I was surprise the way this issue took off.

I found out one thing? The public was really watching this issue very closely.

Many strangers approached me to congratulate me on winning my case.

IMG_3785IMG_3622IMG_361768Pictures 430Pictures 333

In the past after taking a picture. I would ask - Do you know what a blogger is?

Close to 90% of the people wouldn’t know.

These days, they say - Are you Charles LeBlanc???

So the word is spreading....lol

I am very surprise that the Irvings haven’t written about this issue in their editorial?

That’s right??? They are too busy brainwashing the readers of the Irving way of thinking....lol

I would always answer thank God for my lawyer Harold Doherty.

It would have been an impossible task to represent myself and this is the reason the system must change.

This was a different case because the Saint John Police Force has arrested a blogger.

Usually once someone is arrested?

The individual remains silent till the trial but not this guy. I blogged the Saint John Police Force all summer long and at the end, my concerns were proven right.

I was getting very tired of talking about it but I had to do what I had to do.

I stayed in Saint John for five days and poor Tim? He had to have me around his place. I was so sick of talking on the phone that once I got to the Capital? I never phoned anyone for five days.

I met with the Saint John Police Chief Allen Bodechon..

href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/httpoldmaisonblogspotcom/312336059/" title="Photo Sharing">11

The meeting lasted for around 10 minutes.

I expected some kind of apology but I never got it.

I was told a Police Force from outside of the Province will investigate my complaint.

Maybe an apology will follow afterwards? Who knows what’s going to happen in this case?

I showed up at a Town Hall meeting and it was funny...I noticed Noel Chenier < very nice guy > and John Mazerolle


I asked John if he was still working for the HERE Paper???

I was surprised once he told me that he covers issues concerning City Hall for the Telegraph Journal.


I quickly replied - So???? The verdict of my trial wasn’t important enough for the Irving paper????

In a low voice he said - It’ll be in the paper in the morning?

I quickly shot back- Really??? You mean that I’m going to make the Evil Irving Newspaper??? By any chance would it be because my court case was in the New York Times this morning ??? ...lol.....


I must say this about all the Irving employees who works for the papers in this Province.

They are not bad people. They take a lot of abuse from me but they all take it in strides.

My concern is freedom of speech and we don’t have it in the Irving newspapers.

The public are not allowed to write critical letters of the Irvings and this is not right!!!!

Once in the Capital, I was once again approached by many people congratulating me on my victory.

Pictures 319Pictures 132

I even surprised myself by not blogging any of the issues because I took many notes during the trial.

One issue that I find very funny is everyone is suggesting to me that I should sue the Saint John Police Force?

Well, I did asked the opinions from a few lawyers on this issue.

My lawyer Harold Doherty let it known very clearly that he wasn’t interested in a civil suit against the Police Force because it takes lots of time to reach a decision.

I found out that this is Canada and not the U.S.A.!!!!

A case like this one down the States? Lawyers would run to you begging the right to represent ya so they could make a few bucks.

This is a case were the Police have broken the law so the lawyers would step forward right?


It would cost me $4,000.00 to hire a lawyer and at the end? I would maybe be granted $1.00!

I really don’t understand the system but this is what they tell me.

I’m not into a civil suit for the money? It’s the principle of the issue.

The Saint John Police Force falsely arrested me. Assault me!!! < The ambulance came over to see me in jail >

I had two lumps on my head and they deleted 200 pictures from my camera.

Here in Canada, we should just be glad that we won in court and move on?

As one lawyer told me the other day? The Police and bureaucrats have deep pockets and a good memory.

From this day on, once there’s a protest or event? The Police knows who I am so therefore they won’t bother me. I accomplish to be known as a blogger and they have to respect this.

The Police Force are looking at me in a different way now. I believe they will respect me once I’m in an area of conflict.


But if I cross that thin line? I’ll be in deep trouble.

One issue I taught about during these last few days is that I don’t have to confront these bureaucrats or MLA’S on the issue of the banning of the Legislature.


The whole world is watching this issue very closely.

I believe I’m going to back off from Dan Bussieres. < Just a little > I got nothing to prove.

I was going to get myself arrested with assault < If I set foot on the ground of the Legislature? I would be charge with assault! > therefore bringing the issues to the court system.


The Government has spent lots of money of trying to silent me.

The trial cost thousands of dollars and it was a huge waste of time.

Myself, I never hitch a ride so many times to Saint John in all my life!

Lets not forget that Dan Bussieres have spent thousands of dollars to prove that he was in the right to have me fired from my job.

Look at all these booklets?

Picture 019Picture 017

A lawyer made a lot of money.

I told Premier Shawn Graham a few days ago that I have to meet with him in his office to discuss the ban.


I whispered in his ear one of the reason I was ban and he looked surprised that I knew?

Well, I never went public with this one but if I have to? I will!!!! It’s dirty and very emotional!

Many will be very hurt by this one so stay tuned.

I believe I have proven myself not to be a threat to nobody so therefore I’m ready to put this issue like water under the bridge and move on.

But I truly understand that we’re dealing with a Quebecois Dan Bussieres and there’s no way in the world that he’s going to back off.


One thing is certain? He’s the most infamous Sgt. at Arms in Canada!

People or kids get their information on the information highway these days.

Go to Google and write Dan Bussieres or go to image.

He’s famous till eternity!!!...lol

I must blog a jab once in a while so the public is always reminded what happens to me at the New Brunswick Legislature.

All I wish to know is the reason I was ban and I will take the next step.

To evict New Brunswickers from the People’s House without telling the individual the reasons is a system that’s done in China or other third world countries.

This is Canada! I am ready to forget this awful situation and move on but I don’t believe the bureaucrats will see it that way because they don’t wish to see poor people hanging around the Legislature. < ESPECIALLY BLOGGERS!!!!! > ...lol..

Can’t blame them because there’s lots going on in there?

I have a huge concern of the way Tom Mann’s attitude < Union leader > against the poor in New Brunswick.

Pictures 001

Ok...never mind that!!!! Stay tuned....


There’s a few people I would love to say Merci Beaucoup!

One of them is definitely my good friend Tim Smith.

Pictures 111

You have to understand that Tim is the type of individual who looks at an issue from different ways.

Anyone who enjoys the television program Survivor must really looking at the personalities of an individual.

I HATE THAT SHOW!!!! ..lol...

Anyway, I remember the first day I was arrested by the Police Force. I didn’t truly understand what was going on?

I was very confused of the charge of obstruction.

Tim confronted me and said- Listen? You are involved in an issue that’s way over your head!!!


You don’t understand what’s going on here!!! This is going to make international news!!!

Tim noticed that when I told someone the story? I didn’t mention the issue of deleting the pictures right from the start?

This is the number one issue. He kept on driving issues in my head especially once Harold Doherty asked for the disclosures of the Police Force.

Myself? I didn’t even know what a disclosure was? Goes to show you how far I would have gone in court if I had to represent myself?


One funny part was when the Police wrote - Charles said - Je suis
Acadien! Je ne comprend pas Anglais!

They wrote - Earlier I heard Mr.Leblanc speak perfect English.

Tim pointed that part and bang his fist on the table and said- THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE!!! I HAVE KNOWN YOU FOR TWO YEARS AND NEVER ONCE HAVE I HEARD YOU SAY ONE PERFECT WORD IN ENGLISH!!!! THAT IS A BIG LIE FROM THE POLICE OFFICER!!!..lol.....lol...lol...

I don’t know if I was just insulted by Tim Smith...lol

Pictures 034

Of course, Harold Doherty? Well, I blog enough about his service and he sure is the Iron Horse! He’s good.


I must thank all the people who supported me in this blog also.

I have lots of more issues to write about this case but we’ll just wait and see what’s going to happen?

Stay tuned!!!


Click below for New York Times story -

Blogger makes New York Times

I found it funny the verdict of my trial had to made the New York Times before it made the Irving's papers.

Many people were phoning the paper asking- WHY IS THIS STORY IN THE NEW YORK TIMES AND NOT IN THE IRVING'S PAPERS????

The scary part in this one is this?

If I would have been found Guilty?

The Irvings would had print a big headline - IDIOT BLOGGER CHARLES LEBLANC FOUND GUILTY!!

Very scary stuff!!!

But thank God for the Harold < Iron Horse > Doherty!!! I was acquitted!!!


Originally uploaded by Oldmaison.
Police will investigate blogger's complaint

Acquittal Charles LeBlanc found not guilty of obstructing a police officer

Candice Mac Lean
As published on page C2 on November 28, 2006

SAINT JOHN - A complaint lodged with the Saint John Police Force by Charles LeBlanc is being revisited now that the Fredericton blogger has had his day in court.

LeBlanc was acquitted on charges of obstructing a police officer on Friday after a lengthy trial. The charges stemmed from a demonstration in June at the Atlantica business conference in Saint John.

"We can't do a parallel investigation so we wait until the court trial is finished," Sgt. Pat Bonner of the Saint John Police Force said Monday.

Bonner said in these kind of circumstances, some people choose not to go ahead with their complaint after a trial, but LeBlanc is insisting on pressing ahead with his. Bonner couldn't provide details on the complaint.

LeBlanc's politically driven blog, and his trial, gained much attention, and was covered by The New York Times Monday.

The judge in the trial of the self-styled Internet journalist said Leblanc was just trying to do his job when he was arrested by police during a rowdy protest at the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre.

Evidence presented during LeBlanc's trial showed the blogger was simply snapping pictures of the protest that spilled into the lobby of the convention centre when Saint John police officer Sgt. John Parks pinned him to the floor and arrested him for obstruction.

While Judge William McCarroll praised police officers at the demonstration for their bravery in controlling an unruly mob, he said LeBlanc clearly was not part of the protest and there was no good reason to arrest him.

"He was simply plying his trade, gathering photographs and information for his blog alongside other news reporters," said the judge.

The judge also was critical of Parks for deleting at least one photograph of himself from LeBlanc's camera following the arrest.

McCarroll said the officer needed a search warrant to look through the images on the camera, which he did not have.

"He had no legal right to erase a picture from Mr. LeBlanc's camera."

Parks testified during the trial that he had only deleted one picture but LeBlanc says more than 200 were gone when he got his camera back.

Outside the courtroom, LeBlanc, tears in his eyes, praised the decision.

"Charles LeBlanc don't lie," said the blogger who has raised the hackles of some New Brunswickers with his intrusive pictures and strong opinions. He also promised to ask for an inquiry into police conduct in his case. He said if he doesn't get it, he would be blogging about his unlawful arrest for years to come.

Asaf Rashid found guilty in Halifax!!! Could be sentence to six months in Jail!!!

Asaf was arrested during the Atlantica Protest in Halifax in 2007.

Originally uploaded by Oldmaison

Click for an interview I had with the activist days after he came back from Halifax. I saw the guy and quickly turned on my audio. I wanted to know what happened first hand.

Click below for the interview -

To give you an idea how the trail went?

Click below for Asaf Rashid blog -

Atlantica Protesters on Trail in Halifax

Nothingon the CBC Website in Nova Scotia but I did find this story in the Halifax paper.

Click below for story -

Protesters found guilty

George Dalli is the one on the right.


Sadly all Activists must be arrested after a certain time.

IMG_9432IMG_647114Pictures 055