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Saturday, October 24, 2009


My God? It's sure nice to bring back those memories. Time sure does fly. I'm going to try to blog all the stories.

For you new readers? Bernard Lord was in power and the Liberal were in opposition.


Before I began the long return trip to the Capital, I met an old friend of mine, we were chatting about my protest. Another friend who I haven’t seen in years, was standing by. His name is Delbert and he’s a very very talented musician in Saint John.

I noticed that Delbert was paying close attention to my stories. He was very surprised once he
heard about what I was doing. He told me that he has a son with ADHD and the school system isn’t treating him with respect or understanding.

He continued by saying that one morning his son was a little out of control. The teacher stood
up in front of the class and shouted- "Young Jimmy? Did you take your Ritalin this morning?"


I told the musician that I’ve heard this story on many occasions and that’s what I’m all about. I’ll fight till my dying day for the rights of the kids.

I didn’t like my little vacation in Saint John because my girlfriend Pat was still taking care of her son, and his drug habit was getting worse every day. He was out of control and I didn’t have the patience to deal with it.

People with ADHD are well known for their quick temper, this was the main reason that I was
protesting. I took a bus to the Western Part of the City and began to hitch a ride to the Capital. It was hot and I had a very difficult time getting a ride.

I said to myself, "am I ever going to make it." I love hitch hiking because I can relax and you meet some very interesting people on the road. This time around, I wasn’t so relaxed because I knew that my tent was gone and I didn’t really know what to expect once I arrived at the Legislature.

It was over two months and no media coverage and I wasn’t going to give up my hope now. After over one hour and thirty minutes, I finally got a drive and they were driving right to the
front of the Legislature.(Lucky for me!)

They were a couple from the North Side and they were very friendly. We made a stopover at a store and I saw my story in the Daily Gleaner. Heather, interviewed me on the Friday
before I left and we chatted for over an hour. I didn’t trust the Irving media, so I told her
to do me a favour before she left, I told her that when she does the story, "Don't write
about Charles, write about the kids."

Would she follow my advice?

I bought the Daily Gleaner and I was on the second page and she did a wonderful job. I could no longer condemn the local media because my story is finally out to the public and little did I know that it would make myprotest much easier.

Once at the Legislature, the e-mail that Dan Bussieres sent me was true. My tent was gone. I looked around and it sure looked empty without my little part-time home. I walked to the
Legislature and asked the Commissionaire to see the Sergeant At Arms.


He told me that Dan left early and he wouldn't return until morning. I was down and

I decided to go and check my e-mail at the Post Office. Someone shouted at me, it was Kevin
Bissett from Boardcast News.


I’ve known Kevin for over 10 years, he told me that he had seen Dan and three other guys from Supplies and Service remove my tent.

He asked me if I knew where my tent was?

A few minutes later, I was surrounded by more media personnel. They also asked me where my tent was.

I answered- "You tell me!"

They told me that a homeless guy was seen in my tent. I told the media that I have a buddy named Marc who lives under a bridge and he’s been keeping me company for 40 days.

I was very grateful for that! He stayed in my tent over night. I asked him to watch my little
home while I was gone.

Shannon Hagerman, a Reporter asked me what was in my bag?


I told the reporter from the Daily Gleaner that I brought some clothes with me from Saint John. I did my laundry, even a protester has to stay clean!

I noticed someone watching all the excitement, it was my old friend Hylene D’Aigle.


She’s the girl who gave me the key to her apartment while she visited Montreal. I mentioned her to the media but they seem more interested in my tent.

Thank God that Kevin Bissett witnessed the entire incident because this gave me more media attention.

It was the Sergeant At Arms from Quebec against Charles the Acadian. Sounds like the battle of the Plain of Abraham all over again. But it’s the battle of the French cultures, just like Fort Latour! I knew that Dan, just came from a Sergeant At Arms convention in Ontario. Maybe while drinking some cheap wine with other Sergeant of Arms, the issue of me came up and the others advised him on what to do with me. All my belonging were gone and I felt helpless.


Dan could have stuck around to talk to me, but he was gone and he had all my belongings. Marc came to the scene and told me that he was told to leave the grounds of the Legislature.


He added that Paul (Wanna be Jesus) was also present.

The sun set in behind the mountains and I was sitting on a curb with Marc. It was there
that I realized that they took everything. I mean everything! He never even left a chair for me, so that I could take a moment to figure things out. I was getting very upset and the girls who cleaned the legislature,(Tammy and Ethel) knew it.

All I said was,"YOU WAIT TILL THE MORNING! YOU WAIT!!" I noticed a vehicle parked in front
of the Legislature and there was Jason and Colleen.


I could tell by the looks on their faces that they were very concerned that my tent was gone and prayed with me to continue the battle. This couple have a 4 year old, and he's being assessed by the so-called system at this current time! Suggestions of Ritalin use have been mentioned. They were great supporters of my fight for the kids. They pleaded with me to continue and gave me a tent.

It’s about the same as the old one. I thanked them very much and I couldn’t wait to see the look on Dan’s face once he saw a new tent in front of the Legislature.

My old tent was green, this one was blue. Hey, I needed a change of color! That evening of August 18 was very cold. Dan could have left me with a blanket.

I didn’t sleep good at all and I was wondering if the media was going to cover the story that my tent had been removed.

The next morning, I woke up with the Crow. I didn’t need a alarm clock with that noisy crow around. I had my coffee and waited to see the Sergeant At Arms. I know that I have a bad temper and I was going to remain calm, cool and collected. It has been quite a last 24
hours and I’ll admit that I am very tired at that point.

Pretty hard to sleep when you don’t have your blanket. I guess that I’ll have to go at the
Salvation Army and explain to them what happened to me. Hey, you never know, maybe the media will return if they met those honest volunteers at my tent. I noticed a few people are honking their horns in support of me, and many people are coming to my tent.

It was a different approach now, because the public finally knew about me and they came to visit me with their concern about ADD/ADHD! L’Acadie Nouvelle made another good story about my tent being stolen and this time it was directed to the fine couple who gave me their tent. I felt guilty to take their tent, but they told me to continue the fight! The picture in the French Paper was the couple son Michael. He’s a young child who’s teacher suggested that he be assessed because of his high energy. we all know where this will lead...to the recommendation of Ritalin. The mother refuses and to use Ritalin on her child, and that's good.

Paul Harpelle a reporter from Global News gave me his card and told me that if The Sergeant at Arms-Dan Bussiere pulls another stunt like that again, I should call him as soon as possible.


I like Dan, he’s a good guy but he has a job to do. What the heck was he thinking when he
took my tent?

Finally the moment arrived when Dan walked out of the Legislature. My first pharse was-"MA
MAUDIT RAPASE!!!" (Don’t even ask me to translate.)

He had a smile on his face and he knew that I was upset. He told me that the reason he removed my tent was because there were two homeless guy around my tent. I told him that Marc was a friend of mine, and that I asked him to stay at my tent and take care of my things for me, while I was away.

Dan told me that there was another guy around.

I asked Dan if by any chance, if it was the guy approaching us us from behind him. He turned and said- "Yes,That’s the guy!"


It was Paul, AKA Jesus and I know that Dan is a Religious man so I knew this was going to be a very interesting meeting. I introduced them to each other while I was sitting on the front steps of the Legislature. Dan continued to talk to me encouraging me to leave.

Of course, he wanted to know where I got a tent so fast, I told him that there’s more tents where this one came from that if he chose to remove this tent as well. I was in negotiation with the Native to built a tee pee.

He asked me if I was joking, I told him "with me you never know." While Dan pleaded with me to leave, Paul, AKA Jesus, came out with this Phrase. "You said that the Government owns the land but this isn’t true because God owns the land."

Dan quickly turned his attention to the preacher. I said to Dan- "Hey Dan? He’s good eh?"
The look on Dan’s face was funny. Dan decided not to debate with the stranger and continued
by telling me that no campers are allowed on the ground of the Legislature.

Paul,AKA Jesus, said- "That man isn’t a camper! He’s a protester for the children!"

Once again, Dan stared at the guy. I repeated myself and said- Pretty good eh Dan? I like this guy! I told Dan that I bet that he believed that he was a homeless guy but now he should have known that he has nothing to worry about.

Marc and Paul,AKA,Jesus are allowed around my tent. I am very grateful to Dan Bussiere because he attracted the media like no one did. I waited over 40 days to spread my message and Dan did it in a couple of minutes. I have to give credit where it’s due. The media had ignored me but
once the staff at the Legislature interfered with my freedom of speech, They moved in for the kill!

I am certain that Dan never expected this reaction from the media and I must admit that I didn't either. As long media watches over Government, everything should be ok.

I could no longer say bad things about the Evil Irving Papers because they did a fantastic
job covering my stolen tent.

On August 19, I had close to 1,700 names but with the media coverage, I was certain that I could reach the 2,000 goal without any problems. Dan met the guy who preached to me about God and it was funny!

How could he cause any debate now?

I noticed that Dan stared at him with a surprised look on his face trying to figure out what was going on here. I pointed to the guys shoulder with a blank look on my face and said- "I
like this guy! He’s good!" It was funny! Well…That’s about it, God knows what is going to happen. I didn’t sleep good at all and I think that I might go asked the Salvation Army for some blankets,

I can no longer go to the soup kitchen, Pray that my new tent is still there!! LETS HOPE THAT OUR RIGHT TO SPEAK OUT ISN'T GONE IN THIS PROVINCE!

40 days for life protest continues in Fredericton in the heavy cold rain!!!

Determine little bunch aren't they???

Early in the freezing rain or snow at 8:00am!!


Till the evenings at 9:00pm!!


It's for a good cause!!!

Praying for the ones who never stood a chance for true life.....


Here's a youtube I made!!!

Click below -

Daily Gleaner Journalist Alexandra Davis covering a story in the rain in Fredericton!!


I think that's her last name. Please tell me if I'm wrong???

Nice girl!!!

350 International Day of Action on Climate Change in Fredericton!!!!

Here's a youtube I made!!

Click below -


I showed up in the heavy rain and there they were!!


I have one youtube. Will post later....



Diane Bormke died one year ago this week!!!..:(..:(..:(

Here's a blog I wrote about this fine woman. Yes, I sure miss her straight forward talk!!! She is truly missed by this blogger.....:(..:(...:(

Click the video below and continue reading the blog. Diane always loved this music.

Picture 316

I'm writing this blog with tears in my eyes.

I've just heard on CBC radio that Diane Bormke just passed away from a long battle with Cancer.

Who's Diane Bormke????

Diane ran the bi-weekly paper River Valley News in Grand bay - Westfield.

She also published a few books of old pictures of the small towns.

Diane was a very straight forward individual with her views.

Either you loved her or hated her guts?

The were no in between!!!

Diane gave my own little column in her newspaper for a couple of years.

I would be allowed to write about any issues.

I remember when I wrote a series on the Irvings.


It was called – The Good < The Irvings >, the Bad < Irving's Management > and the Ugly < Yours truly >

Many Irving employees were very upset that Diane would allow me to write my views about the Irvings.

Diane answer?

You don't like it? Just write a letter to the Editor and I'll print it!!!

At the end, they didn't write their concerns.

I remember in that series I wrote that J.K. Irving told me that smoking was bad for my sex drive!!!


One week afterward, I was approached by the famous Billionaire that he wasn't please at all!!! < Won't go into the details in this blog >

The small paper was being read by the Irvings!!!! < Not bad for a small paper eh? >

The River Valley News was one of the only a couple of by-weekly papers that wasn't own by the Irvings and Diane would put a lot of work and effort in her paper.

She would spent hours and hours cutting ads and stories.

She would attend every events with her camera in hand so the people in her area would know what's going on in their community.

My column in her paper came to an end a few years ago.

Elvy Robichaud just announced that he was retiring from politics.

Charles 04_07_05 061

I wrote a column that was titled – Good Bye and Good Riddance!!!

Diane being the true Conservative that she was????

She wouldn't print my column.

I told her – Hey? Aren't you following the steps of the Irvings???

Picture 317

You should respect my opinion!!

She never printed my column and I never wrote to the little paper again!!!

I would asked her months afterwards - Have you heard from the readers if they missed my columns???

Her answer - I never received one single comment!!!!


Nice to be wanted eh???

After this being said, we still remained good friends. It was just two stubborn individuals going toe to toe.

During my six months protest.

Charles and Brad 003

She tried to talk to the New Brunswick P.C. Party that they should take the time to chat with Charles LeBlanc about his issues on the drugging of our kids.

Bernard Lord choose to ignore me.

Charles 04_07_05 071

The Party should have listened to Diane's suggestions because if they would have taken the time to work on my concerns? I would have return to Saint John and never moved to Fredericton.


Diane was a smart cookie and a very determine citizen in helping others.

Of course with her straight forward attitude came enemies. I was surprised that Bernard Lord never appointed her to a job.

Diane would always tell me – GET A JOB!!!!!

Yes, Diane was the mother and father that I never had.

She wanted me to succeed in life but she knew I had issues.

A couple of months ago while in Saint John, I decided to give Diane a call.

She was glad to hear from me.

After a few minutes, she said - < In true Diane style >

If I tell you something??? CAN YOU KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT???

Diane knew how to talk to this ADHD Activist!!..lol

I agreed and she said - I have cancer in my brain and it's spreading to my lungs. I might only have a few months to live!!!

In one of only a few moments in my life. I became silent. < What do you say? >

I just wish her the best and told her that everything will be OK.

After a week or so, I emailed her explaining that I didn't feel comfortable in asking this question?

I asked Diane if she would be interested in answering a few questions and I would print the interview once she passed away? Which should be in 10 to 20 years from now!

Diane wrote me back and told me that death is a private affair.

So true but it would have been nice and very interesting to read her straight forward views on certain issues.

A couple of weeks ago, I phoned Diane and her sister answered the phone.

She called for Diane. It took a few long minutes for the sick individual to come to the phone.

Diane told me that she was doing ok. She knew about my fight with the Government about the way I was treated by the Saint John Police Force.

She said - I spoke to someone who was in court during your trial and he said that it's definitely wasn't right the way they treated you!!!

My God!!! Diane agreeing with me??? Sure made me felt good!!!

Diane quickly followed with a statement. I'm standing up at the phone and I'm tired. I got to go to bed.

My final words to Diane was – I love you!!!

and hung the phone.

I knew by the tone of her voice that death was near and she died a few hours ago.

So sad.

Yes, I lost a great friend and foe.

She was the best!!!!

Behind that straight forward attitude was a woman with a heart of gold.

She's in heaven with her husband George who passed away four years ago.


Diane will be missed by many!!!!

Too bad I'm in Fredericton because I won't be able to attend the funeral.

I love you Diane and my deepest sympathy goes out to her family.

Hard to continue...tears in my eyes.

Good bye Diane

Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins
as we forgive those
who sin against us.
Lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
[For the kingdom, the power,
and the glory are yours
now and for ever.] Amen.

Notre Père qui es aux cieux,
que ton nom soit sanctifié,
que ton règne vienne,
que ta volonté soit faite sur la terre comme au ciel.
Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
Pardonne-nous nos offenses,
comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés.
Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
mais délivre-nous du Mal.

Maybe this song will make me feel better?

I just found this on the net.



Diane is on the left on the front row.

J. Diane Bormke, Board Member
Representative for the Government of Canada

J. Diane Bormke received the Chamber of Commerce Citizenship Award for Community Service for her extraordinary commitment to the communities she has lived in, their history, their people and their business. She volunteers for several organizations, including sitting as Chair of the Grand-Bay Westfield Heritage Committee. She is a member of the Provincial Assessment and Planning Appeal Board and has taken the role of treasurer of the Greater Saint John Region Economic Development Commission. As Master Official in swimming, Ms. Bormke organized the Canada Games in Saint John and has worked on many other international meets. She has long been associated with the Kiwanis Lodge and with the Lower St. John River Promotion Association. Ms. Bormke is the owner and editor of the River Valley News, the community newspaper of Grand Bay-Westfield.

Ms. Bormke has three children Marta, Tom and Janet, six grandchildren and has just become a great-grandmother for the first time.

Ok....here's an update!!!!

One member of the P.C. Party emailed me asking me if I wanted a drive to Saint John so I could attend Diane memorial.

That was very nice of the guy.

We left for Saint John.


Once at the Legion in West Saint John, I noticed the place was pack with cars!!!


There was a huge line up at the door.


It wasn't a place to take pictures but I did mange to take a shot just to show the amount of people who paid their respect to Diane on a Monday afternoon.


I would say around 300 people showed up for this memorial.

Her daughter Marta greeted the guests after they signed the Guest book.


It was emotional.

A table was set in memory of Diane.


There was also a slide show of Diane life.


Then suddenly, I heard someone playing the bagpipes to the music of Amazing Grace. I taught they were practicing outside. The ceremony was set to begin.

I love and hate that song. Once they play the bagpipes at a funeral? I always get emotional. Does it to me all the time.

I controlled my emotional and decided to give Diane's daughter my deepest sympathy.

Once it was turn, i began telling Marta that when it came to Diane? Either you loves her or hated her guts?

There were no in-between.

Then suddenly???? The song Amazing Grace began to played again so my emotion once again took over my soul.

I had tears in my eyes and told the daughter - I guess I'm not good at this!!! I once again left the building to calm down!!!

I decided to go back inside and wait for the ceremony to begin.

The bagpipes that played the song Amazing Grace was not live. It was record that played over and over while the slide show was showing the pictures of Diane life.

Diane loved that song so therefore that's way she wanted it!!!

I noticed the pay wishers were mostly members of the P.C. Party.


Former co owner of the River Valley News Linda Aiton was there.


Sure was nice to see Linda again!!! I might add the same goes for Denis Knibb.

At these memorials there are no funny stories. People just gather around and talk about the individual who just left this world.

In this case, it was about Diane and of course she would love to chat about politics.

Well? I do have a funny story.

With all those members of the P.C. Party in the audience. The room was full of Blue!!!!

But I did notice one little red spot in the area.

It was Liberal Minister Jack Keir!!!


I approached the Minister asking him if he felt a little out of place?


Of course a conversation soon began. I will not disclose what issue we chatted about but any readers of this blog knows exactly what we talked about.

I began to give my views. Then suddenly, I said- What Am I doing? This is not the place to debate my concerns but then again?

I continued by saying - Diane is watching me and saying- GO AFTER THOSE LIBERALS CHARLES!!! GO FOR IT!!! THAT'S MY BOY!!!


I noticed after one hour and a half. People began leaving the building.

I was confuse! < Not the first time >

Where's the ceremony? Where's the speeches praising Diane?

I was told by Marta there would be no speeches and this is the way Diane wanted it.


People would just show up and signed the Guest book.

They gathered and talk about issues. Just the way Diane would do.

I asked Marta if she would mind that I took some pictures of the memorial?

She gave me permission so I went on a mission. < Diane style >

I had to move fast because people were leaving the building.

I didn't know Diane was a painter?


I decided to leave and gave my Good Bye!!!

The Memorial was in West Saint John so I asked newly elected MP Rodney Weston if he would give me a ride in the City?


Hmmmmm...I just noticed in the picture that the Saint John Police Force is located in the background? Where they waiting for me???..lol New Stephen Harper orders? < Just kidding >

The man is not stupid!!! He knows how to treat a Blogger???..lol

Better than former MP Paul Zed eh?

Here's the youtube -

That one was for Diane!!

Hours later, I would find out by CBC investigative Journalist Robert Jones the Carleton FreePress was closing its doors for good!!!

Diane would have been upset about that news.

She always believe in independent media!!!

That evening it rained very hard. I stayed over my uncle Al place.


He's doing well after his heart operation a few months ago

The next morning, Saint John was flooded!!!


My uncle suggested that I stayed one more day. I could have gotten a ride with Abel LeBlanc the next morning to the Capital.

But I wanted to leave so I asked Al for a drive on the highway.

I made a little sign and surely someone would have some sympathy and give me ride.


It wasn't raining so I was safe!!! I'm listening to my music from my recorder so therefore it's not that bad.

Then suddenly the rain began. My God!!! It was terrible!!!


I got a ride till Grand Bay. While looking towards the town of Grand Bay. My recorder played the music of Amazing Grace.

It's one of hundreds on my disc. Was Diane sending me a message? Was she saying Good Bye?


Sorry....I can't make up these stories.

The rain began again and my little sign was getting wet!!!


Then suddenly, a guy stopped and I said - I might be a Frog that like water but not this much!!!!


The guy was a Acadien from Stanley and he droved me right to my front door!!!

Well,,,,this is finally the end of this long winded blog but it was worth the time and effort because Diane Bormke was a great person.

She'll be missed by many.

I wish to thank Jason who drove me to the memorial.

I will link this blog and it will stay there until it's my turn to leave this world or when the Irvings shuts down this blog like they did to the old blog. < Sorry... I just had to add that one! >

The citizens of the area of Grand Bay-Westfield have lost a great fighter and they will not witness the likes of her for a long time to come.

I will miss you Diane.

Good Bye and thanks for the many advices you have given me during these last 15 years.

She's in heaven and everything is fine!!!!

IMG_9894_editedPicture 316