Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about possible Pedophiles in the Police Force???

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Saturday, April 25, 2009






It was just beautiful last night for taking pictures!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Pictures taken of me are from the CBC Website!! Thank God for the CBC again!!!


If you new readers wish to read an old blog the day I was ban for life from the New Brunswick Legislature?

Click below -


Media coverage the next day

Here's the letter Dan Bussieres gave me -


To be honest with ya? I don't feel like writing a blog but by the amount of interest this blog is attracting? < Close to a 1,000 hits today > I feel that I must force myself to tell my side of the story of what happened today at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I must go back to yesterday < Wednesday > I walked toward the Legislature looking for a MLA'S to question about Cops investigating Cops!!!

I stayed in front of the Legislature for about 5 minutes but decided to go back home.

While walking on St.John street, I almost bumped head on with Premier Shawn Graham.

He was alone and he noticed I was wearing the blue Vest that he gave me.

Click below for blog.

Charles received a gift from the Premier

I noticed a member of the Fredericton Police Force walking on the sidewalk toward us.


It was this guy -


I continued to tell the Premier - Sigh...Those darn Cops!!!

We chatted for a few minutes and I walked with the Premier across the Street.

I took this picture.


I always enjoy chatting with the Premier when he's alone because we can talk about issues and it stays between me and him.

Afterwards, I began to think? Why would a member of the Fredericton Police Force look out for the Premier when I'm chatting with him?

Does he believe that I'm a threat to the Premier?

I decided to go at the Fredericton Police Department to filled a complaint against this officer-

I told the receptionist that I was there to make a complaint. I won't mentioned no names but the cop taking the complaints waved at me. Another Cop walked by and said - Hello Charles!

The time was 4:30pm! I said to myself - It's quitting time for these Cops so I'll make a complaint tomorrow < Thursday >

But I did blogged the Cop picture Wednesday night telling the readers that I made a complaint to the Police Force against the guy.

Click below for blog and take notice of the date -

Fredericton cop harrash Blogger

Thursday morning, I received a email asking me if I wanted to do for a drive towards Zealand and Mactaquac?

Away we went and I took some nice pics.


I knew there was a protest set for Thursday at noon to save the Mactaquac Park.

I told the guy to drop me off at the Legislature. I noticed two Ministers walking toward the Legislature.


I put down my window and shouted- FASCISTS!!!

lol...They read my blog and know exactly what I'm talking about!!! Especially when they sent three bouncers to harm moi!!!

I was dropped off and began walking towards the Legislature.

I noticed the Cop who I complained about the day before was heading toward me so I took a quick picture.


He was heading toward me like a Bull seeing red. I'm certain the Quebec security staff teased him about his picture on my blog so therefore it was payback time!!!

I quickly swift my camera to Video.

Here's the youtube -

A student < Who is also banned for life from the Legislature > quickly grabbed my camera and began filming.

With all the excitement he must have pressed a wrong button because it never filmed.

The Cop grabbed my vest and quickly called the Fredericton Police Force to have me arrested.

I asked him to let me go! I wasn't going nowhere! The student gave me the camera so I made another youtube -

He was grabbing my vest and wouldn't let go!

My God? Fredericton is a small City and how many people do you know who walks around with a Blogger jacket on?

It wouldn't take long to locate this Blogger!!!

Some people shouted at the Police Officer to let me go!!!

But he remain calm until an officer came to the scene!!!

I wasn't getting anywhere with the Cop so I asked - Tell me in French why you're arresting me? I want my rights read in French!

He quickly replied- You'll get a French Cop at the Station.

A young guy < Cop > came to the scene and they escorted me half a block to the vehicle.

I wasn't handcuff and still had my camera in my hand. So why not take some pictures behind the scenes eh? I wanted to take pictures of the Protest for the Mactaquac Park but this will have to do I guess?


The young officer who I'll call - Rookie!!! Began to chat with me. I never said a word because I knew it could be held against me in court.

That all change when he asked - What's your name???

Well....I knew right there and then and he must be a new guy.

The Rookie is from Regina!!!

Once at the Police Station he walked ahead of me to open the door. < I don't believe he was scared of me >

I told the rookie of a place outside of Regina call - Q'appelle Valley!!!

It was beautiful!!

I told the guy that I rode a ten speed across Canada in 1977!!!

I was directed to a room and told that the audio and video was on.

Everything is being recorded.

There must have been 10 cops looking behind the screen. I wonder if Tyrant Dan Bussieres was there?


All my ADHD brains were racing but I remained very calm!!!

The rookie filled in the papers and I was looking at the pictures in my camera on a counter.

I asked to use the washroom < I'm surprised I didn't pissed in my pants on the front lawn of the Legislature >..lol

A few Cops walked by going to work and said - Hello Charles!

The rookie soon understood that this blogger was a popular guy!! < For all the wrong reasons >


Then came a senior officer! I will call him - Big Boy!

Big Boy asked me if I had a lawyer?

I reminded Big Boy that I was on Social Assistance therefore I can't afford a lawyer.

I added - I don't have the right to a lawyer anyway!!!

He reminded me that everyone had the right to a lawyer.

But this isn't the case in New Brunswick.

Then suddenly the French guy came to the scene.


I have known this officer for a couple of years. < nice guy > I asked him if he saw the blog I wrote about him a few weeks ago.

He told me that he never saw it and asked me for the link of my blog site.

There were three officers around watching the monitor.

Here's the story. Click below -

Chiac don't work with Quebec Dog


I decided to once again used the washroom.

They must have been surprise to see a picture of the Cop who just arrested me on my blog.


The French Cop began to read my rights en Francais but after a while I said - Arrete avec ton language de Tappette!!

My God? It's very difficult for this Chiac Acadien to understand those fancy french words.

I said - I just want to make certain that you know in French that I was covering a protest!!!

I told the Cop who arrested in English but he didn't understand me!!! Maybe my English is bad???

After we settle that issue, I was directed to a room where a French lawyer was at the other end of the phone.

He told me - Just signed the papers and you'll be outta there in minutes.

I told the lawyer that I wasn't going to sign any papers.

He reminded me that I will just make it harder on myself!!!

That was the end of our conversation.

Once in the room another officer reminded me that it would be much easier for me to sign those papers and I'll be out on the streets again!!!

Big Boy came in with papers. There were conditions attach to the papers.

ONE - I will not set foot on the ground of the Legislature until my next court appearance.

TWO - I will have no contact with any MLA'S until my next court appearance.

I quickly said- YEEEEAAAHHHHHH RIGHT!!!!

You long time readers know that I blogged on many occaasions that if I'm arrested? They would force me to sign papers of a no contact order of the MLA'S!

Sure enough!!! It was right in front of me waiting for my signature and I would be a free man.

I told Big Boy - I am not signing any papers!!! I would say hello to a MLA and quickly be arrested!!


I heard some bad stories about the situation at the Black River Road Jail in Saint John.

What better way to find out then being inside?

Big Boy asked me if I was on medications or allergies?

I reminded the officer that I used a puffer < Not as went I lived in Saint John> If I'm in Cell I might need it!!!! I was in a Jail Cell in Saint John and the Cops refuse to grant me my puffer. Someone died months after I lodge a complaint.

I added that I take sleeping pills so make sure I get my pills from a doctor.

Then someone in a suit and tie showed up and he had a Law Book in his hand.

He asked Big Boy to chat with him in private.

So the rookie Cop asked me to put all my items on the counter.

I put all my changes, blogger hat, jacket.

I asked if I could keep my cross with me in Jail? I need to make a prayer!!!..lol

Sorry no dice.

I removed my boots and told the Rookie that the floor was cold!!! Does he have a pair of slippers!!!...lol

He said - I'll see what I can do???..lol

Then the rookie began to feel me all over in search of a weapon.

He began under my neck on the back of my shoulders. It was just like a massage on my shoulders.

I said- OHHHHHH...Don't stop!!!! ..LOL

My God? I was a stressful blogger and that sure felt good!!!!....lol

So? It was all done and I was ready for the ride to Saint John!!!

Big Boy came back and asked me - When was the last time you were in trouble?

I replied - I was in trouble in 2006! I was arrested by the Saint John Police Force. I reminded Big Boy that I had pictures in my camera. I don't want those pics deleted!!! I want you to get a search warrant to go into my camera.

The Liberal Government gave orders to the Cops that if they arrest the less fortunate? They can destroy all evidence!!!!

He reminded me that they didn't need a search warrant since I'm arrested.

Big Boy asked the Rookie Cop - Is there anything on his record?

The rookie cop told Big Boy that I was clean!!!

Big Boy looked a little disgusted and you can tell by the look on his face that I should have never been arrested in the first place.

At the end, he asked if I would sign the papers but with no conditions. Just the promise to appear in court.

That was fair to this blogger so I signed -

But I did make myself very clear on one issue with Big Boy!!

I said - I have around 500 to 1,000 readers that reads my Blog per day. Now? Before I get out of here? Are you telling me that your Police Chief Barry MacKnight agrees that if a citizen makes a complaint against a Certain Cop? That same officer can arrest the Complainant the next day???? Is this the message the Chief of Police is sending to the public???

He never answered me.

The rookie Cop walked me out the door in the garage while telling me the Cops were doing a BBQ to help Police officer three year old who was in poor health.

I shook the guy's hand and went to filled out my complaint against this officer -


I was going to make a complaint today anyway. But I wish that I would have gone at the Police Station on my own then in a Police cruise.

Once in the room, the Cop which I will call - Old Guy!

Old Guy gave me a piece of paper to fill.

While I was filling the paper, the phone rang. The conversation was quiet but Old Guy was giving short answers.

Such as this one - The complaint is for yesterday!!

I knew they were talking about me. What's the matter? They couldn't wait till I was gone for the Police Station.

I wrote the complaint and never bothered to re-read it!!!

I gave the officer the paper and went home.

So? That's about it!!! Sorry for the long winded story but the story must be told I guess?

I know for a fact that Dan Bussieres had tonnes of booklets waiting for me.

I can't wait to asked for the disclosures!!! I might get a truck load!!!!

If I was the Police Chief Barry McKnight? I would hauled me in the office and apologized and the case drop!!!

I believe there should be an investigation. Could this be a new style for the Police Force? If you dare to make a complaint of the action of a Police officer? You can be arrested by the same officer the next day???

Very bad precedent!!!!

I'm doing to wait to see what's going to happen???

I might have to subpoena Premier Shawn Graham as a witness?

It's a darn shame because I always had a good relation with the Fredericton Police Force < NOT A RAT!! > Sometime I was in the middle of a crime scene and they were always good to me.

Click below for one of them -

Stabbing on York Street

What's going to happen?

Truly stay tuned!!!