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Friday, July 24, 2009


OK....Since the story hit the National and International stage? I feel that I have to share my views on this issue.

If you don't wish to read my long winded blog?

Here's the youtube -

Lets go back a little. During the last couple of years, I hung around the Downtown area. I met a buddy who was selling hot dogs in the area during the busy evenings of the Club scenes.


After a year of asking me to give him a helping hand? He said - You have ADHD, a big mouth and you're bilingual!!!! why don't you try it???

I did!!!

I dealt with many people while selling hot dogs and sausages.

Of course there are some benefits....lol


I noticed that many of my customers were people from the Army in Quebec.

I witnessed many many many fist fights. I saw blood all over the place.


I blogged over and over that the Fredericton Police Force must...I repeat MUST be in the uptown area during the Club scenes.

I honestly believe someone was going to get killed.

I saw the Fredericton Police Force on many occasions and they were doing a good job.


They knew I was taking pictures and took it in stride.

I remember on one instance. While walking in the Downtown area. A couple of cops came to me and shouted - CHARLES WHERE'S YOUR CAMERA??? THE PLACE IS NUTS!!!

I didn't have my little toy with me. < One of a few rare occasions >

The Fredericton Police Force knew if the situation got out of control? My pictures would come in handy.

But it goes both ways!!! If someone punches a Cop? I got the evidence. If it's the other way around? Same evidence!!

On one occasion, someone was beat up real bad and I took a picture. The Cops thanked me because the guy was arrested 30 minutes later because of my photo.

I took many pictures and there wasn't any problem.

I noticed many of the drunken people were from Quebec and the Fredericton Police Force only have a few Frenchmen on their force.

Often these Quebecois would say- Je suis Francais!!!

It would cause some problems.

Now we come to last Friday night. I met a girl on the streets and we went for a walk. I walked by five to six police officers who were stationed in their normal place across the street from the Clubs.

They're always in this area -


They do a good job. They watched the situation very closely. If someone gets out of control? They quickly jumped in to avoid future problems.

Click below for a blog I blogged about them one evening last year.


Click below -

Fredericton Police Force after Club hours

I walked around the Block with the girl and went back to the area of the Clubs.

I bumped into Andrew Bedford in front of the Victory Meat Market.


It was around Midnight.

I noticed two Police Officers walking toward Sweetwaters near the sidewalk.

I didn't really pay attention to the situation because the area was quiet.

In the past, once the Police arrive on the scene. You would hear screaming and loud noise but not in this case. It was very quiet.

So myself and Andrew continue our little chat until the peaceful gathering turned loud. I saw the Cops escorting the guy away from the Club.

I shouted to Andrew - HERE WE GO!!!!

I was located across the street so I knew my pictures would be no good. I quickly turned my camera to video. I was a couple of seconds late because it was dark!!! I needed my glasses!!! I'M GETTING OLD!!!...:p

So, while filming the video I heard some people around me telling me that the Cop hit the guy in the face.

I didn't have time to look at the action. My job was to concentrate on the event in hand.

JOB???? If I was paid for this? I WOULD BE A MILLIONAIRE!!!

Anyway, my video was done and they took the guy away to the Drunken tank!!

I really didn't understand what I had in my camera.

Andrew asked me if I took everything? I told the guy that I had part of it!!!

Being the good journalist that I'm truly am? I decided to go and get some info of what exactly just happened???

I asked Andrew to follow me.

I noticed three to four officers walking away from the scene. We followed the Cops for over one block.

Once in the alleyway of Dooley's. I shouted - Hey Guys???

They turned and knew me. < I'm the only guy who's on the 10 most wanted list that never committed a crime >...lol

I asked them if they could tell me what just happened at Sweetwaters?

They told me that they arrive late on the scene.

I told the Cops that I had a video and if they would be interested in watching it?

They weren't interested and that was the end of the conversation.

I went home and blogged the video and this headline - < Click below for blog >

Blog of the arrest

I didn't really think much of it. I saw the leg of the cop flying but I believe he was pushing the leg of the guy on the ground.

This all happened on Friday night!!

Days later, I received this anonymous email.


I am visible in this video and gave you no permission to videotape me- as this violates my right to privacy I have already been in contact with youtube to have this removed. I would appreciate it if you would do so yourself just by my askeing instead of having to have it removed for you.

Thank you

Well, I didn't enjoy the tune of the writer style so I blogged the letter asking the readers if I should remove the youtube?

Click below for blog -

Someone asked Blogger to remove youtube!!!

In the past, I did remove a video of an officer after they asked me politely < face to face > You know polite and I knew the face of the individual.

Wednesday night while watching the CBC News at Six. They had a breaking News. CBC journalist Jacques Poitras told the listeners that a soldier got beat up last weekend and he filled a complaint with the Police Commission. < that Commission is a BIG Joke!!! >


I emailed Jacques < He's a reader of the Blog > asking him if he saw the youtube? Maybe it was the same guy?

Jacques quickly contacted the individual and it was indeed the same one.

The next morning CBC was over my place.


I told the guys - MY GOD??? ANOTHER FIFTEEN MINUTES OF FAME????...lol

Jacques wanted a copy of the video but we couldn't do it because I have Linus and neither of us are educated enough to do it. I don't have Windows.

He quickly called a computer geek from CBC and he quickly came over.


CBC interviewed me and out the door they went with my video.

One hour later, I noticed the other media in front of Sweetwaters covering the same issue.


I told CTV and Global News that I had a video of the event they were covering. They didn't seem to be interested.

I told the journalists - Check my blog and if you used my video? Write on the screen - Courtesy of Pain in the Ass Blogger Charles LeBlanc!..lol

I had a chat with a couple of officers of the Fredericton Police Force and we had a nice conversation.

I will not disclose our chat but I will bring up one issue.

The Military Police must join the Police during the Club hours.

I used to be in the Army and these MP's have a lot of power.

You have a bunch of drunken Quebecois with an attitude and the Cops cannot speak le Francais.

The MP's will handle the situation!! TRUST ME!! I KNOW BECAUSE I WAS ONCE IN THE ARMY IN QUEBEC!!

I'm sorry but that's the way it is!!!

The Fredericton Police must be present during the Club hours BUT WITH THE MILITARY POLICE beside them.

Ego must take a back door in this issue.

I don't wish to see a Bunch of Quebecois hired as Police Officers in Fredericton.

It's bad enough we have the R.C.M.P. full of Quebecois!!!


Then came last night, I had my camera on to video the News on Television.

I was surprised that all the Stations had this issue as their front headline.

I videoed the CBC station because they interviewed me so it would be a good souvenir.

Click below for the youtube-

My interview on Television was never shown!!!!

I got bumped by a quickly called news conference by Police Chief Barry MacKnight!!!


I'm still waiting for my apology!!!...lol

You newcomers can click below to read the blogs I was arrested by the Fredericton Police!!

Blogger arrested by the Fredericton Police

The charges were dropped!!!

Click below -

No charges against Blogger Charles LeBlanc

The story of the youtube I took last weekend made the National News on CTV and they used my name on the screen.

BUT GLOBAL TELEVISION???? BOOOOOOOOO!!!! They said - A video surface on Youtube!!!




I was sadden that someone could lose his job over this one. Many more people could follow the same route?

I felt bad. I was getting a little hyper so I decided to go for an early walk.

I was down and all ready to go for a much needed walk.

Guess who I saw in my window heading towards my home?

I believe this individual grabbed my attention more than Dan Bussieres and the rottweiller.


Click below for funny but true story -

Blogger almost took big one!!!




Sure was nice to see him visiting me in this hour of need!!!

I always say that someone is watching over this Blogger. < I should have been dead a long time ago >

So? The story is out there and the public are a little angry.


I said it before and I will say it again!!!!

Once society loses faith with their local police Force? It's the end of Democracy as we know it!!!

I don't like the nasty comments in this blog or other websites.

They are very nasty!!!

As I wrote in the past, the Fredericton Police Force are doing a wonderful job in keeping this City safe.

I know this for a fact. I SEE IT!!!!

They are making certain the citizens in Fredericton can walk freely around the City in a safe manner.


I still don't agree that the Fredericton Police Force should be located at the New Brunswick Legislature. This is the only beef I had with them.


A few rotten apples shouldn't ruined it for everyone.

Now? I do have a problem or concerns.

The New Brunswick Fascist R.C.M.P. are going to investigate this issue!!!


This is the same Police Force who told the Government that New Brunswickers can be assaulted and Cops can lie in Court to convict New Brunswickers.

Before this all happened? I was going to write a letter to complaint Division of the R.C.M.P. in Ottawa and demand an investigation of the first Fascist Police Force in Canada.

These actions have the Backing of the Shawn Graham Government.


Check a youtube I did with the big boss Minister John Foran!!!

This is scary stuff!!!

Many citizens told me that I should be afraid for my life. The Government and the Police have ways to get rid of troublemakers!!!


Am I worried? A little but I'll still be around in the Downtown area keeping an eye on things.

This weekend should be very interesting!!

Stay tuned!!!

Update -

Many people asked me today if I made some money for that video.

Why would I charge the CBC anyway??? They saved my neck in Saint John.

You newcomers can see the youtube of the time the Saint John Police Force arrested me and deleted close to 200 pictures from my camera.

Pictures 055

Click below for the youtube --


Anonymous said...

good for cbc not using their interview with you, you've got too many beefs with the police, there is no way they could use you in that story, even if you did witness it

Ed A. Tor said...

Hello Charles

This story that you broke is the initial story on our new website:

Local Blogger Local Blogger Catches Cop Assaulting Soldier

We have given you credit and think you are a champion for fighting the good fight.

Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Well said. Strange that the victim is named but not the assailant in all the news.
That the individual police officer was not named is very interesting. If he was a "bad apple" as it seems since he has been suspended without pay as a result of your video, the police force should name him. Not identifying him means that they are standing behind him, and by extension his actions were and are representative of ALL officers of the Fredericton Police. With no public identification it is much easier to cover up the whole situation and quietly un-suspend the mystery officer with their union's blessings while we are not looking.

vieux soldat

Ed A. Tor said...

To Anonymous 3:41

It is standard practice in Canada to not publish the name of a suspect until that suspect is actually charged.


Charles LeBlanc said...

I deleted some comments.

Bring your anti-french comments elsewhere!


Anonymous said...

Great work on the videotape Charles. I am outraged by what happened and I’m proud of you for going to the media with this. just watch your back, OK? they are still gunning for you.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a serious happening. Whether this man was a soldier, butcher, or candlestick maker, he should not have been beaten. That was and is totally wrong. This is Canada, and we are not supposed to act like that in this country. Let us await the outcome of this investigation. Lets let cooler heads prevail. I remember when it was not uncommon to see a MP jeep, i think, in Fredericton on buzy weekends. Obviously oficials must have felt there was a need for it. Maybe it is needed again. But, i dont think we have a bad relationship with the folks employed at CFB Gagetown. These men and women are great people, have families and are a big welcome part of our communities in this area. So are are men and women and families of our police force. Let us all chill, and await the investigations outcome. Lets hope the man, Mr. Begin has a speedy recovery and has a better night out on the town next time he realaxes with friends. And yes, thanks to our Police, and our Military for the extremely important jobs they do to keep us safe. Tax Payer John.

mikel said...

The Mayor gave a bad analogy,if a player acts brutally then OF COURSE you 'blame the team'. They pay him, they trained him, they are responsible for him. The onus is then up to the team to 'show its colours'. I'd agree that suspension WITH pay is hardly appropriate (isn't that a vacation?). So so far the 'team' hasn't exactly excelled in its responsibility.
I grew up in Oromocto next to the base, and its demeaning to objectify ALL members of the military OR police with statements like "they". These are huge organizations full of varied personalities who can act any which way under pressure. They are also rigid hierarchies with obvious tendencies toward violence (its a necessity).
So these things need CONSTANT analysis and shouldn't just be swept under the rug (good for Charles for raising them-although Quebec military personnel isn't any different than any other).
The man was resisting arrest, there is no doubt about that-even if you 'aren't the man', at the time of an arrest that is irrelevant. The police also used unlawful force, that is also readily apparant. The questions are why, and what to do about it.
It's sheer lunacy to have only six months training to become a police officer. This is an incredibly difficult job, and the idea that you can be trained for it in less time than a hairdresser shows a serious lack of priorities. The fact that Canada doesn't even have a 'national' system of regulating police training-let alone police regulations, is a sad comment on our 'national' status. That New Brunswick doesn't even have a school for them is sad as well.
But for Charles, consistency matters, you can't deride the St. John police force because of a single officer and then defend Fredericton's in spite of it. That's blatant hypocrisy.
As for the 'it happens all the time' crowd, Fredericton police incarcerated 708 arrests in 2008, that's about two a day. MOST of those we hear nothing about, and if it were 'all the time' then obviously we'd hear at least SOME more, at least Charles would cover it. You can download the police annual report from the city's website and see just how busy the police are.
The problem is not police officer but systemic patterns within police forces. Even the RCMP came out with a report underlining the serious problem with 'police culture'. There are often changes that we don't hear about from media, but again, for policy changes, look to Manitoba where new Citizen's groups are being empowered to conduct investigations and enforce new regulations.

Anonymous said...

Cops should not investigate cops? Who else is going to do it? Gas station attendents? I agree a police force should not investigate itself but I don't see a problem with bringing in an outside force. People who say cops shouldn't investigate cops want to create some other level of bureaucracy to do police investigations but even if that happened it would simple be retired or ex-police officers since you need someone who knows how to do a criminal investigation. Haven't thought about that have you Charles?

Charles LeBlanc said...

You got me going so I posted a poll on the issue.

Many Provinces are changing to an Independent Body to investigate complaints.

But here in New Brunswick? Cops can arrest you and you don't have the rights to a lawyer.

With the backing of the Liberal Government Cops are lying in court.

How can an individual win against lying cops???


Anonymous said...

If you go through a yearbook of whos who with the Police you will find that many of these police Chiefs were either classmates,went through academy together or had worked the same cities together at one point in time!
I do not see much hope in Police investigating Police unless someone at the top dosent like the person in particular! and that sames holds true for any kind of complaints against lawyers and judges!
Dont expect much to come of it!

Your idea of MP`s patrolling though does sound good,its either that or the Military should boycott any of these watering holes and thier owners of such businesses.

Anonymous said...

Gee Charles who do you wants doing policing. Nobody? Or a bunch of your anarchist friends?

Anonymous said...

I dont think thier anarchist,rather just tired with the lies and want real changes not a band aid on a gaping puss filled wound.

The Mad Ape said...


A bit of a technical note here. I see that the reporter got stuck downloading your video from your linux box.

There is a very simple way to grab YouTube videos

1) Install Firefox on your computer from www.mozilla.com

2) Install the Firefox plugin DownloadHelper available at www.downloadhelper.net

Then all that you have to do is go to the YouTube and click the DownloadHelper Icon and you have a copy of the video on your computer.

They could have done it right from their office.


PS All of this software is Free.

Anonymous said...

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